The confessions of a high-rise vampire

A moment of truth for a high-rise vampire. Yes, like a vampire needs fresh blood regularly, I am addicted to high-rises and construction. This is not a perfect world. I have done some soul searching and I have reached a decision.

I claim to be on the customer side and that may be a truth with modifications. The truth is that I love the projects more than I love the customers. I cannot be that independent advisor that the customers deserve.

Nova Group and Rony have been here too long and I could never write a critical article about their projects.

Tulip Group and Kobi have a lot of wonderful projects that I love – they are untouchable.

Heights Holdings has the Wong Amat Tower that I love and that gives them immunity.

I must treat Raimon Land and Matrix Developments and all the other developers the same way as the aforementioned. They must be treated equally.

I fully understand that the real estate agents have to walk the thin line between serving the customers and the developers. In a world where money rules they are left with little choise.

I may not be 100% on the customer side but at least I am honest about it. I don’t love the developers or their money, I love their projects.

In my world the projects must have first priority.

Published by the writer 19 september 2012.

Big Bang – I am not a monster.

I didn’t say this but it is all part of some whacked up conspiracy. Nothing more than a show off of power, a sign of disrespect, a sign of what is going to happen in the near future. The symbols of the d****** are missing on both sides and it is a bad omen for the future. A battle awaits and when that day comes, the day they are waiting for, may god have mercy on us all. Many don’t know, for them ignorance is bliss. Then there are the ones that know but don’t care. I’m scared to death, I know what they are planning, by then this place will not be safe anymore.

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