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14 September 2014

Forgive and forget
Yes surely, all the little things
Everybody can make a mistake
No problem
It is a different story
If you have hurt me so badly
Then there’s just one thing to say
Once bitten, twice shy

13 September 2014

We take it for granted that we see the world as it actually is, but in fact, we do not. Our perception of the world is the brain’s best guess at what is actually happening, based on the information it receives through the senses.

13 September 2014

Three inventions that have transformed the world: the compass, gunpowder and the internet.

12 September 2014

After this, how can you expect anybody to take you seriously?

12 September 2014

I think an alien species has dumped me on this planet to punish me. This is the only possible explanation I can find.

These humans are crazy, I am glad I am not one of them.

Calling intergalactic space control, I need you to pick me up immediately. Come in, space control. This is an emergency. Do you read me? Hmmm, that’s strange. They don’t answer….

12 September 2014

Amari Residences beats Waterfront and The Palm.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you may all clap your hands.

And no, this is not a bad joke.

12 September 2014

People keep a low profile, that is why nobody is talking whenever there is an issue of some kind. It is best not to talk or have any opinion at all. Having an opinion can cause a loss of business opportunities so it is best to stay neutral and avoid upsetting anyone. Just wait for the storm to pass and hope it will all be forgotten soon.

This way of behaving may be the norm but it is totally fake. When everybody is pretending, when everybody is so scared all the time, then what is the point? Then who can you trust?

They live their lives only saying what is expected of them because they are scared of the consequences.

Being fake is good for business. The rules must be obeyed. I say F*** the rules. Say what is on your mind if you believe in it. If you stand alone with your point of view, then so be it.

People will clap their hands if everybody else is doing it.

You need character to stand up.

11 September 2014

Today’s hot news: A new 17-storey hotel on Central Pattaya Road + an 8-storey car park + something else + something unexpected.

Having an outgoing personality does have its rewards. My secret is that I talk to people in their own language.

11 September 2014

Been talking for years
Every day something new
Will the day ever come
When all is said and done

11 September 2014

Look at the newly launched Pacific Bay Jomtien. Situated next to Dusit Grand condo and The Grand AD, both high-rises currently under construction. We will have 3 residential towers in the same area. You will find Acqua, Laguna Beach Resort and The Maldives in the same area. That is how the system works. Buildings attract other buildings. An experienced developer will know these things.

11 September 2014

Want to know a secret? I will tell you how it works when a city is born. It is like gravity. Buildings attract other buildings of the same type. Tall buildings attract other tall buildings. Skyscrapers attract skyscrapers. The end result is a cluster of buildings. A galaxy in which each star is a skyscraper.

You can observe the same pattern in cities all over the world. Of course someone has to be the first to venture into uncharted territory. After the first couple of high-rises have been established in an area others will soon follow in the pioneers’ footsteps.

10 September 2014

Dodge City had more famous gunfighters working than any other town in the West. There was the usual array of saloons, gambling halls, and brothels. From its founding, Dodge City had a reputation for corruption and was known as the wickedest city in America.

It is strange times in Pattaya. Or perhaps I should say Dodge City. Also in Pattaya you can hire someone to do your dirty work.

10 September 2014

Lately I get the feeling that I seem to attract trouble. It seems like bad fortune has come out of nowhere and struck without reason. Perhaps it is karma, after all in this part of the world karma is taken seriously. It could be an enemy performing black magic rituals that have caused my troubles.

10 September 2014

A lot of stuff seems to be going on at the moment. There are not all that many places to go if you want to be kept informed. Projects disappear silently, companies disappear silently, NOBODY is talking about anything.

That’s how the big guys want it. Keep people in the dark, this is the key to staying in power.

10 September 2014

Pattaya is booming. All locations are dream locations. There is just one message to tell: The property market in Pattaya has never been more healthy. And not a word about projects going down. That is what you are allowed to say in this city.

10 September 2014

Well well, someone has complained to Google about a link to an article of mine and had it removed from the index.

9 September 2014

Someone talked about having bad neighbours that can ruin the quality of life. Usually the more you invest the better quality of neighbours you will get. A room worth less than 2 million baht will increase the chance of getting noisy neighbours. Educated neighbours are more likely to behave well but there are no guarantees. The son of a wealthy businessman can be a nightmare and constantly party and play loud music.

A rule of thumb, invest more than 5 million baht and you should be safe. Poor people in general drink a lot of whisky and have too many people living in a small room. Many thais don’t worry too much about noise and they certainly never complain about noise. The Europeans are different, they complain.

Drunk neighbours are never fun, they don’t go out to drink, they drink at home and invite a lot of friends to join the party.

9 September 2014

There’s a downside to having an opinion
There’s a downside to being curious
There’s a downside to sticking your nose out
There’s a downside to being in love
There’s a downside to being passionate
There’s a downside to being in great shape
There’s a downside to being in demand
There’s a downside to being in control
There’s a downside to being too smart
There’s a downside to being the best
There’s a downside to being in the public eye
There’s a downside to being in the spotlight

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen
I understand those that keep a low profile
I understand those that work quietly behind the scenes
There are lots of sharks in the waters
There is a price to pay

9 September 2014

They say you must end your career when you have reached a certain level. Stop when you reach the top and proceed no further.

Others say DON’T stop when you reach the top because there are no limits and you can always go further. It is the start of a new beginning, a new adventure.

It is fun when things work out, fun seeing new names and faces.

Just know, there is a downside to to being in the spotlight, there is a price to pay. There are always battles to fight behind the scenes and I end up wasting time and energy dealing with stuff I don’t like. Someone told me to stay strong for the wee lads.

I really need a long holiday with no online activity. This bloke is tired of trouble.

8 September 2014

5 units at Waterfront sold to thai buyers during this week, worth approximately 100 million baht.

8 September 2014

Running a facebook takes skills. The same skills you need as an author or the editor of a newspaper. Some people can do it, other can’t.

Tired now, The Guru is going to bed. The curtains are drawn.

8 September 2014

For your information, at the moment there are millions of huge jellyfish in the water between Pattaya and Koh Larn.

If the boat sunk we would not survive. There were simply too many of then and they were everywhere. I kid you not.

8 September 2014

I saw a farang father in Big C yesterday, probably around 65 years old, he was there with a severely handicapped little girl, probably around 10 years old. I was watching them for about half an hours time.

I was thinking about a Phil Collins song from 89, ‘just another day for you and me in paradise’. It happened yesterday but it made made quite an impact on me. I felt the love between a father and his daughter. I also felt the pain. It is always so much worse when children suffer.

I will think twice before I complain about anything. There are more important things in this world than real estate.

8 September 2014

Rumors are always fun, especially if what is said sounds very unlikely. There has been a rumor that what seems to be a very successful local business will be closing its doors this week.

This company is very well connected, have had lots of new contracts lately and the money seems to be pouring in.

Close its doors? I say no way. That is, unless the owners disagree on something. Successful and famous pop bands often split up so you never know.

I haven’t bothered to investigate further but if it is true there will be something to talk about.

6 September 2014

Sometimes some people in Pattaya make me tired and depressed.

Things are starting to make sense. Unanswered questions from the past seem to have been answered. Not answers that brings happiness or joy.

They say you know people by the company they keep. I believe there is some truth in that. With a little help from facebook I believe I have found the answers I was searching for.

Know people by the company they keep…..

6 September 2014

I read these words somewhere:

Jomtien and 2nd road is as good as any other location; perhaps not for what has been developed or is being developed. Every location has got potential…a large and nicely designed shopping center is what is needed. The right development, not for quick money, will change this place.

I totally agree with all said above. A large and nicely designed shopping center will change everything in no time. Central Festival Pattaya Beach did exactly that for Pattaya. I believe it is the excellent dining opportunities on the 5th and 6th floor that make the difference. They come from the lands afar to enjoy Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Western food.

Some people say it was the new Suvarnabhumi Airport that did the trick. I give the honour to Central Festival Pattaya Beach. People love to dine in beautiful and comfortable surroundings.

6 September 2014

I have to admit that I am very tired of certain people in Pattaya. I try to do something good with no hidden $$$ agenda and then somebody tries to put a knife in my back. Do what they want or else…

They say you know people by the company they keep. I believe there is some truth in that.

4 September 2014

You’ve got a friend in me
You wake up in the morning
Looking for information
Perhaps some advice
Looking to be entertained
Perhaps some gossip
Sometimes a little poetry
Sometimes a little philosophy
All the latest projects
All in one place
Only one place to go
You know it already
I do it differently
I do it better
Nobody can beat passion
I do it with style
Just remember this
You’ve got a friend in me
At least sometimes

3 September 2014

I am off to dreamland but first I need to say that I am not in a position to answer the many questions that I get. I get emails from people from all over the world, asking questions like:

How do I find transportation to Pattaya Sheep Farm
What are the opening hours of various venues
How long will it take for me to get from here to there
Any hotels I can recommend
Any family friendly hotels
A lot of questions regarding property investment

There are too many questions and I don’t have time on my hands. For some reason thousands of people think I am somebody that just sits here with nothing better to do with my life than to answer all kinds of questions from people from all over the world.

I am NOT an online provider of various free services. I think they ask me because they have no one else to ask.

I write about property but I am not a property consultant.

3 September 2014

I asked the security guard at D Varee Jomtien Beach hotel if there were any hotel guests.

His answer: Quiet, quiet, quiet, no foreigners at all. (มีแต่คนไทย)
Only a few thais.

I repeat: Not a single foreigner in this hotel with 500 rooms.

I talk to people. This is the best way to learn. Anyway I knew the answer before I asked.

Times are tough but someone told me to remain positive. Stay positive even if life sucks.

Life sucks sometimes. I am off to dreamland now….

3 September 2014

Riviera Q and A

Riviera 1, Naklua soi 16
Riviera 2, Jomtien soi 13

Question: Is Jomtien soi 13 a worthy follow up location?
Answer: No, not in my opinion.

Question: Which project has the best architectural design?
Answer: Riviera 2, without a doubt.

Question: Will Riviera 2 be a fast selling project?
Answer: Let’s see, time will tell.

There might be one big problem: Jomtien 2nd road is not Wong Amat beach. It is two different worlds. Jomtien 2nd road has not taken off as expected, that is a bit worrying.

The Property Guru’s verdict is clear: This is a big gamble for the developer.

3 September 2014

Regarding The Riviera Jomtien. Certainly a nice project. However, I would have waited to see how well Nova’s new project Pacific Bay Jomtien is performing. Based on these sales numbers I would make my decision on whether to launch or not.

Now we have 2 developers testing the waters at the same time. 1500++ new units are on the Jomtien market.

Certainly exciting…..

2 September 2014

I do believe we are in the middle of a great depression. I walked along beach road today. I have never seen beach road so quiet before. I know this is the low season but there are just too many signs pointing in the wrong direction.

The farangs are gone, the end of visa runs has had an effect on the number of visitors to the city. There is still some activity in Soi Buakhao but not much at the beach.

It seems the Russians will not be allowed to escape the harsh winter back home, a 6-months stay seems to be out of the question because of the new rules. Why the authorities don’t want tourists to put money in Thailand is beyond my comprehension.

With this in mind I believe that under these circumstances the developers are taking a high risk launching a 1000+ unit build.

2 September 2014

Business minded people making a lot of money will often keep a low profile when there is a war waging or some kind of conflict in the sphere where they are operating.

Sometimes you gotta take a stand
Sometimes you gotta do what feels right

Then your friend will know whether you are a true friend or not.

I certainly would like to know who is a real friend and who is just hanging around for the ride.

Real friends are hard to find.

2 September 2014

Business minded people making a lot of money will often keep a low profile when there is a war waging or some kind of conflict in the sphere where they are operating.

This kind of people certainly have an opinion about the state of affairs but they choose wisely to stay totally out of any conflicts that are present.

They do so because any involvement or taking sides in an argument can upset business partners which might result in loss of business income.

Having an opinion is seldom good for business. If you do choose to have an opinion make sure to do your homework well and get the facts right. An opinion based on wrong information is wrong. There might be someone deliberately spreading wrongful information in order to create a state of chaos.

1 September 2014

Why don’t the Pattaya-based developers try their luck in Bangkok? I have often asked myself that question. Well, there is actually one local developer that is doing exactly that.

For unknown reasons this developer is keeping a low profile on this out-of-town / big city development. I have to admit it is quite impressive. If I was in charge of the project I would talk, talk, talk and keep talking about it for a very long time.

If you believe that developers are logical thinking people, think again. Don’t try to convince me otherwise. Over the years I have collected plenty of proof to state my case. Enough weird people around.

31 August 2014

Name calling is fun. It is the use of names to belittle or humiliate another person when having an argument of some kind or when somebody is unhappy with the current state of affairs. Name calling is the last resort of those without anything else to say in their defense.

I have been called a hypocrite and a traitor, I have been called a narcissist a few times and on two occasions I have been accused of not being unbiased.

The moderator will always be accused of not being unbiased, that is just how it is. Nobody can agree on everything. If you join a political party you are going to have to swallow a few camels every now and then.

Being narcissistic is part of the job description, most famous news anchor people have that personal trait.

A hypocrite, well, I can live with that description.

Being called names means that somebody has an opinion about me. If you think about it, it is actually an honour to be called names.

30 August 2014

When people don’t match
They need to go their separate ways
When people have different ideals and values
Different ways of thinking
Then it is time to move on
If I can look at myself in the mirror
And feel good
Then there is nothing more to discuss
People come and go all the time
That is a good thing
I wouldn’t want it any other way

30 August 2014

The reason there is such a division in the country is that practically all the money is spent on projects in Bangkok and nothing or very little is spent in other parts of the country, especially in the north-eastern part of the country.

We are very lucky that Pattaya is one of the few cities outside Bangkok where development and progress is taking place. Other parts of the country want and need investors that are willing to take a risk, more than anything they want their societies to progress. They want a piece of the cake, they want to be part of what is happening. They feel left alone while Bangkok gets all these mega projects, sky trains, shopping malls and high-rises.

I think some people have forgotten just how lucky they are living in a city like Pattaya, a city that is being developed quite rapidly.

We are lucky and we should be grateful.

We are lucky…..

30 August 2014

Readers with a negative attitude towards the Waterfront project will not be allowed to use MY facebook as a platform to make critical comments or to link to media or other websites that attack the project, spread false information or have ulterior motives. I am a friend of the Waterfront project and I want nothing to do with people trying to sabotage the project.

People that see things differently are recommended to use their OWN facebook to make such comments.

If you are looking to make trouble you will need to elsewhere.

29 August 2014

You can be nice to somebody for years
Invite them to parties
Give them VIP treatment
Support them
Help their business to grow
Be their best friend

Just know
All this doesn’t always mean they will be nice to you
Human nature is treacherous
Often they do not repay kindness
Without warning
When you least expect it
They can have a change of heart
If you are not careful
They might put a knife in your back
And try to destroy you

Dogs don’t bite the hand that feeds them
People sometimes do
The message is sad
Really depressing
My experience tells me
You can’t trust anyone
Time and time again
I get reminded of this

In times of trouble
You might learn friend from foe
My advice
Keep people at an arm’s length
You are wasting your time
Get a dog
At least they don’t bite

27 August 2014

Empires rise and fall. Most significantly is probably the fall of the roman empire but the fall of the British empire is a somewhat more recent event that most people can relate to. The whole western world seems to be next in line.

The reason is that governments are limiting people’s creativity. Taxes and regulations makes it almost impossible to start up new ventures. The public sector in these countries has grown rapidly in recent years and, to cut the story short, every job in the public sector has to be paid for by the taxes of the private sector.

High taxes makes it impossible for private companies to compete with other companies in Asia in particular. They mean well but they don’t understand the big picture. They don’t understand that they are digging their own graves, the western politicians are more focused on winning the next election.

Make room for creative people to succeed, don’t limit their chances of success.

23 August 2014

Advanced ancient philosophy holds the answers to most fundamental challenges that modern humans are facing today. Most people are happy to be alive yet they are not living in the moment, they are too busy thinking about the past or preparing for the future. It is up to each one of us, we are all blessed with freedom of choice, freedom of opportunity, freedom of determining our own destiny. Most of us have the ability to discover the freedom of wellbeing.

Being at peace feels good and things become much clearer. Then again, who has time for that? Everybody has a busy life to live, right?

Philosophy class dismissed.

22 August 2014

This has been a tough 7 days for me, not as tough as when my father died, but surely a terrible week. People are supposed to do the right thing and it does not matter which country they are in or what cultural background they have. There is a wrong and ugly way of doing things and there is a good way. I have witnessed hatefulness and absurd hysteria, a total lack of sanity. I was surprised to learn that there are some racist people out there. This was a terrible week for me. I wish I could press delete on what I have learned.

19 August 2014

There are times when I wish I did not know so much about human nature. Knowing too much is not the key to happiness.

I shield my daughter from anybody that can hurt her. That is why she is a happy child. One day she will see the real world and learn what people are capable of.

19 August 2014

Witch-hunts in medieval europe often involved mass hysteria. Mass hysteria or group hysteria is when a group of people collectively show obsessive and irrational behavior. Mass hysteria occurs when a group of people believe they are fighting for a cause that has been blown out of proportion or a cause that is non existent. A few leaders often have a bad influence on the crowd and this might result in a state of chaos.

Witch hysteria was common in europe about 500 years ago. Thousands of innocent people were convicted of witchcraft and burnt. Some people were even accused of witchcraft on account of bad weather. If you wanted to get rid of somebody all you had to do was to accuse them of practising witchcraft.

That was 500 years ago but in today’s world not much have changed. Believe it or not, the social media can cause people to show obsessive and irrational behavior. On facebook we can sometimes see people showing signs of mass hysteria. Their sole objective is to destroy the target at all cost. It is pointless to negociate with them or discuss a subject in order to find to a peaceful solution to a problem. Their minds are fixed, they are not open, they don’t want to listen to reason no matter how hard you try. Hysteric people are dangerous and should be handled with care.

18 August 2014

If you don’t like the cake then ask the baker to change the recipe before he mixes the ingredients.

Don’t complain 5 minutes before he is about to take the cake out of the owen.

18 August 2014

The New Pattaya Team was at lake Mabprachan yesterday. We noticed that there is not much water in the reservoir at the moment. Considering we are in the middle of the rainy season it is quite worrying. The lake is simply not supposed to look like this at this time of the year. I think this is a good story for the local newspapers to look into, perhaps ask the relevant authorities a few questions. 2014 has been extremely dry, we have not had the usual flooded streets.

17 August 2014

I could freak out
I could start a one man war against them
It would not bother me
The only problem is
I would be doing exactly what they want
Giving them publicity
And I might do more damage than good
It should be a time for celebration
They have spoiled it somewhat
I did not see this one coming
Never underestimate
The power of the social media
It can be used for both good and bad

17 August 2014

This evening we will talk about construction and human psychology. In the 90s there was talk about building a bridge between Sweden and Denmark. The politicians wanted the bridge but the population was against this huge project. Under normal circumstances the governments would have asked the people before investing such a large amount of public money, however in this case they decided against having a referendum. The politicians knew beforehand that about 70% of the voters would say no to this project.

There was there was concern about the environmental impact, concern that the bridge would change the water currents or destroy sea life. And most people felt that the money, about 200 billion baht, could be spent on other more important things such as schools and hospitals.

The politicians went ahead without asking the voters and the bridge was finally completed in July 2000. After that the sentiment changed and people ended up loving the bridge. The environment was not affected at all and all previous worries were quickly forgotten. Now the bridge stands as a symbol of national pride. Nobody, I do mean nobody, ever speaks bad about the bridge. Yet before the brigde was built 70% of the population was against the project. They did not want the damn bridge but they ended up loving it.

If you want progress you sometimes need visionary people to make tough decisions about investments. Everybody can’t possibly agree on everything. This story is meant as a little food for thought. I might add that I am well-versed in ancient art of writing between lines.

17 August 2014

When I was young I felt like I was immortal
Now I feel like the final countdown has started
I have aged a lot during the last two years
Time has done its part
Life itself has also taken its toll
People at their worst
Can cause a lot of damage
Depressive ramblings
On a sunday morning

16 August 2014

Sometimes silence is golden
I will wait for the storm to pass
It is not me they are after
It is something I care about
It is something I believe is good for the city

I take it personal
Even though I am not directly involved
I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the back
By somebody with a pain in the arse

I feel saddened by certain events
I feel saddened by certain reactions
I hope for the best
However in this country
You never know

I am a friend
I hope I am not the only one
In times of trouble
You have to know friend from foe

The best thing to do
Is to remain quiet
Let time heal the wounds
And pray it does not get out of control

15 August 2014

Tonight we will talk about negative comments on facebook and in the media in general. Over the years I have had a few posts that were well liked and seen by many viewers. Either posts with unusual content or a nice photo. While everyone seemed to be happy there was sometimes a single reader that felt compelled to write a negative comment, someone who tried to spoil the fun.

Being negative is the easiest thing. You can talk about the traffic near a project, you can say a building is not well designed, is too tall, has the wrong colour etc.

While 10,000 people seems to be happy with a project I am writing about there is often someone who is trying to spoil the fun. That single person often gets heard because the media loves scandals and controversial statements. It does not matter that he is just 1 out of 10,000 people, he will often get heard and make the headlines.

I won’t give space to comments that I find are unfair and unwarranted. There is a lot of people out there and everybody can’t possibly agree on everything. Unfair criticism has been dealt with in the past and I will continue to do so. It is best to ignore such comments because they don’t deserve to be heard.

Often it is someone seeking attention for the purpose of attention, it is someone that don’t care whether you agree with him not. It can be someone suffering from histrionic personality disorder.

15 August 2014

New property launch: Nova Group about to launch a new high-rise on Jomtien Second Road. For a long time I have known about Nova owing a plot of land there. Paul from Pattaya Mail has interviewed CEO Rony on several occasions and Nova CEO has mentioned this piece of information himself. I can’t remember the date of the interview, I think in late 2013.

Now we know what awaits us, more than 30 stories, more than 500 units.

Rony is an old hand, he has been in Pattaya for a long time. Some people even think of him as the founder of Pattaya. Whatever he is, he is not stupid. If he is launching a new project things may not be as bad as a self-proclaimed guru has lead us to believe.

This is going to be very exciting. This is Rony versus The Property Guru.

Ladies and gents, please place your bets. The stakes are higher than ever. The loser is bound to eat his own hat.

14 August 2014

Visibility is of the utmost importance for developers looking to survive in the digital age. If you are not visible then how are prospective customers going to learn about you and your projects?

Leadership is of the utmost importance for developers looking to survive the increased competition in the property market. There needs to be someone pulling the strings. There must be a driving force, someone with new ideas, someone showing the direction.

Driving around in Pattaya you will see a lot of roadside boards. This was needed in the past but not anymore. In the recent years we have witnessed a remarkable change in buyer behavior, there has been a shift away from print media toward the internet as people are more inclined to find their news on the internet, smartphones and other electronic devices.

13 August 2014

Pessimistic? On the contrary, I am convinced Asia and Pattaya is going to be just fine in the long run. We are in the right place. This is just a little turbulence on the journey. A new property boom may be just around the corner, perhaps starting in 2016. When all the existing condos are sold it will start all over again. Except perhaps for those projects in the wrong location. Then again, the wrong location today may be the right location tomorrow.

Pattaya is part of the new gold coast, this is more than just an opinion.

13 August 2014

COMMENTS: I discovered your newpattaya site yesterday. Interesting! I’ve been involved in property most of my life. I now live in Bkk and visited Jomtien /Pattaya etc for the first time last weekend. I can’t believe the amount of construction. It reminds me of the Costa del Sol, and we know what happened there. I’ve looked at endless condos in Bkk and have yet to see one that is really well-built and well-managed. Bangkok is also over-supplied, and they are still building.I’ve been tempted many times, but then the penny drops that I’ll probably find it very hard to get my money back. In my humble opinion, the development, in many cases, isn’t end-user led. I see way too many new buildings with virtually no lights on at night. Owners I’ve spoken to want crazy rents that the local market will never pay. And, Mr falang is well informed now, unless he/she has a generous housing allowance. All that said, I may buy as I’m XX and want a nest. Jomtien/Na Jomtien appeal, so I’m going to have a serious look around there. The Reflection development looks lovely, but have they really sold 90%, and what does the figure mean?


(1) I have yet to see a condo development that is really well-built and well-managed

(2) …but then the penny drops that I’ll probably find it very hard to get my money back

(3) In my humble opinion, the development, in many cases, isn’t end-user led

(4) I see way too many new buildings with virtually no lights on at night

(5) Owners I’ve spoken to want crazy rents that the local market will never pay

The condo market in BKK is weird to say the least. No lights on at night says it all, this is true both in Pattaya and in Bkk. You have found some truths that they don’t like we talk about. Things are not what they appear to be.

11 August 2014

Life has taught me
To stay in shape
To exercise
It all falls apart

Life has taught me
To be careful
When dealing with people
They keep dragging me down
When I least expect it

Life has taught me
To be suspicious
When dealing with people
Everybody wants something
I have learned my lessons well

If you find someone
Without ulterior motives
Hold on to that someone
As if your life depends on it
It is unlikely
You will ever be that lucky again

11 August 2014

I am not mother Theresa
I can’t save the world
I can’t make the world a better place
I can’t be everybody’s friend
I can look after my daughter
She has first priority
Today she has fever
Sorry guys
I can’t live up to your expectations
I am fully booked already

9 August 2014

Sometimes when I say that a project is progressing very slowly someone might say that the project is on schedule.

Whether the project is on schedule or not is of little interest to me. The developer can schedule completion to his liking with the 5 year validity of the EIA permit in mind.

7 August 2014

Doctors at famous hospitals in BKK, Thai Airways airplane pilots, lawyers, executives, business owners, thai people that have studied abroad, thai nationals currently living and working abroad.

These are the kind of people that have clicked like on my Magnolias Waterfront Residences facebook. We are talking high networth individuals.

I have noticed that the US is the preferred country where wealthy thai families send their children to study, not England or Australia. It is fun to see thai nationals with successful businesses abroad, there is actually a lot of them.

All this I know because of facebook. And now they know me. There is a word for it, it is called networking. These are not the kind of people that show up at networking events.

6 August 2014

We have passed 1,200,000 pageviews today.

6 August 2014

You may like it
You may hate it
But you have to agree
You get nothing like this
Anywhere else
No copy and paste
Always just my thoughts
And I have many of them
Stay tuned
More is coming
They will get to know us
Whether they like it or not

3 August 2014

We were in Bangkok to make a feasibility study of the ICONSIAM project. The conclusion is based on extensive investigation and research. The condominium part is going to work just fine, no doubt about that. However the shopping complex is unlikely to get a high customer flow. The nearest BTS station is simply too far away and it is naive to believe that people in great numbers are going to arrive by boat.

31 July 2014

My facebook for IconSiam and Magnolias Waterfront Residences is growing very fast with very interesting people following the posts.

If I can follow the project for 3 years, post amazing construction photos, photos that have newpatta.com written in the corner, then it will be very good for certain projects in Pattaya and for the website.

Do I need to say more? This is networking, exposure and PR at its finest. Of course I need to play my cards right. Whatever happens, I am sure I will have fun and I can’t wait to see the 70-storey skyscraper rise up. Basically it is all about having fun but there is a lot more to it.

This is the facebook for IconSiam and Magnolias Waterfront Residences.

30 July 2014

I am the anchorman
The news presenter
For that job you need someone
With a strong personality
With a charismatic personality
With a mysterious magnetism
Just know
It is just a role I play
A role I know how to play
A role I have to play
Because I am The Editor
Because I am The Guru
I do it
Not for myself
I do it for the website
The real me
Is rather boring
Just another guy
Don’t forget
It is just a role that I play
Someone has to do it
That someone is me
I have to make sure
That it never gets boring
It never will
Not as long as I am in charge

30 July 2014

HOT NEWS: A contractor working for a publicly listed company wants me to do PUBLIC RELATIONS on a weekly basis and he expects me to do it for free.

Why would a contractor want to do PR for a project that he does not own but is merely hired to build?

At least he tried, actually this kind of thing happens about twice a month so I am used to it, somebody wanting something. Usually it is the little guy that is asking.

Good guys in this business? Perhaps one or two, the rest……

27 July 2014

I say what is on my mind even when I am supposed to stay cool, go easy, relax a bit and control myself.
I must learn to take a deep breath and cool off. At least I am honest and I don’t pretend to smile when I am angry. I would never be a good diplomat.

27 July 2014

I will say this: It is fun knowing the buyers of apartments in the projects I am writing about.
I have contact with buyers in the low, mid and high end segment of the market.
I just got a new friend in one of the high profile projects, this guy is just as crazy as I am. Two crazy guys sharing the same interests.
I can’t deny that I am having fun. Life is good despite of all that is going on. All this because of facebook.
Facebook is an extremely powerful tool and I may just be scratching the surface.

27 July 2014

Very few new launches are expected this high season. That means it you have a good location and a decent product you just may end up as a winner.

There are still customers out there, surely not as many as in the past, however there are still customers looking for the right product.

Make your move when the other players are others are pulling back, when they are licking their wounds. Go against the crowd, that’s the key to success.

History has shown that a few smart people make loads of money when times are tough. It is about being a little bit smarter than the others.

26 July 2014

Facebook has gotten me some extremely important contacts over the years. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for that.

My mother always taught me to say thank you when I received something. My mother has helped to shape me as a person, however I am certain I did not quite turn out the way she had wished for.

26 July 2014

COMMENTS: Your facebook page is getting stronger and stronger, and there is some good conversation going on. You will be rewarded one day, I have no doubts.

Answer: Watching my daughter every day, not leaving her for a second, that is my reward.

One fine day she will get a life of her own and I will have my memories. 4 – 6 years is the best age in my opinion, it is really a fun age, when they get older the trouble often starts.

Anyway I will have to spend less time on the facebook and more on producing new articles. New articles is the key, always keep moving forward. Facebook is just a funny tool, however a tool that has gotten me some very important contacts.

I need to find the right balance between the use of facebook and producing new articles. As always in life, finding the right balance is important.

What I am passionate about today is often forgotten tomorrow. It is seldom there is something so important that it needs to be said.

If I make a mistake once in a while, and I will, I hope people will forgive me. Everyone is entitled to make a mistake, even the developers. Nobody is perfect, not even yours truly.

25 July 2014

Times are tough for the developers in Pattaya at the moment. If the conditions do not improve in the near future, if the next high season is not good, then developer bankruptcies are unavoidable.

A developer that goes down will bring a lot of people with him. He does not go down alone.

Believe it or not, there is panic in the industry.

Of course I might be a nutcase imagining things, if that is the case there is nothing to worry about.

25 July 2014

“I started a joke which started the whole world crying
But I didn’t see that the joke was on me, oh no
I started to cry which started the whole world laughing
Oh If I’d only seen that the joke was on me”

Like it or not, I am in a position to start something that can easily get out of control and end up backfiring.

Then the joke would be on me.

Some businesses could profit from it, others businesses might see a drop in revenue or go out of business.

One man’s death is another one’s bread. If it becomes clear who is able to deliver a good quality of construction and who is delivering a shitty quality, then we might soon see some changes in the industry.

The tough conditions we are witnessing at the moment might separate the winners from the losers in the near future.

One thing is certain: There is a lot at stake for a lot of people.

Another thing: The good guys don’t always win.

25 July 2014

When using prefabricated concrete components attention to detail is essential. Unless you use highly skilled workers in the whole construction process using prefabricated concrete components should be avoided. I do mean avoided at all cost.

Things can easily go wrong. At the moment I am witnessing something shocking right here in Pattaya.

Be careful when investing, go take a look at the construction sites, follow the projects on a regular basis.

I would say seek professional advice before investing, only I would not know who to refer you to. As far as I know Impartial property consultants properly does not exist at the moment. The dependency of the industry is preventing proper advice.

Be careful, you are on your own out there. I can only point you in the right direction. The wrong direction you have to figure out for yourself.

24 July 2014

I have a lot of stuff that needs to be done, I won’t be doing any of it tonight. Seeing what I saw today made me depressed. I can’t get anything done under these conditions. Developers chasing money at all cost is sucking the life out of me.

Create something outstanding and beautiful, then money will follow. No problem at all.

However, create something shitty and still make tons of money, that kind of pisses me off.

24 July 2014

I have two choices:

I can tell the stories that make everybody happy, get lots of likes. The “life-is-wonderful” kind of stories.

Then I can tell the dirty stories that don’t make anybody happy, including myself. These stories are no fun and very depressing.

The dirty stories are there and there is a lot of them. And it has nothing to do with sexy and naughty ladies.

24 July 2014

Construction is my life. It sounds a bit sad but it is true. I would go to the dark side of the moon if they were building something there.

Today I saw a project under construction that ought to be torn down immediately. The quality is amazingly poor, worst I have ever seen in Pattaya. Which project and which developer does not matter. I was shocked to see what I saw today.

Of course construction is business, however the desire to make quick money this way is disgusting. The hunt for money has gone too far. To this guy money is king. He does not give a shit about construction. Now I know that.

22 July 2014

I like architecture, I always have. Then someone please explain to me why there are so many new residential buildings that are not nice to look at. When I look at the renderings of some of the new projects I feel sad.

There is no point in naming names but there are many projects in Wong Amat with a design below what is to be expected for such a great location.

When a new project is revealed to the public there is a lot of talk behind the scenes. Practically everybody I have talked to agree with me.

The developers may be good businessmen but it appears that they in general don’t have a sense of beautiful architectural design.

22 July 2014

Are you having fun out there? I hope you can sense that I am having fun. The number of visitors are higher than ever, both on the facebook(s) and the website. I know there will be somebody out there expecting an email, if I don’t answer it is because I don’t have time on my hands. I am fully booked, I will be snowed under for the foreseeable future.

It is my own little niche, things are done in my own crazy style and I like it that way.

Now it is bedtime for someone, I will be back in an hour’s time.

Stay tuned.

22 July 2014

Be very careful when launching new projects at the moment. What happened to S-Beach Condo in Jomtien? Not a single banner anywhere. And what happened to Whale Marina Condo?

I could make a long list of names of projects that seem to have disappeared or postponed. If they exist they are keeping a very low profile.

I believe there is no room for the slightest mistake this time around. If the purchased land is very expensive, ++1 billion, then failing is not an option.

The stakes are higher than ever. A dangerous game.

22 July 2014

It is in the cards that the next high season will see very few new launches. It might be the worst high season ever in respect to new launches.

Basically this new mega project in Jomtien will be able to harvest all the fruits since the others have lost interest in launching new projects.

22 July 2014

MEGA PROJECT: A huge plot of land have been cleared in Jomtien.

Who, why, when and where and how much.

Want to know?

Ask nicely and and tell me who is the ONLY source of information. Then perhaps I might consider the request. Depends on what mood I am in. Feeling a little grumpy today.

22 July 2014

Sometimes, if you need to accomplish a difficult task, it helps tremendously if you join forces with the smartest people you can find.

The best minds were brought together to develop the first nuclear bomb. A scientific team led by J. Robert Oppenheimer, the Manhattan project brought together some of the top scientific minds of the day.

In any business, if you are aiming to become successful you should look for the most talented team you can find. It is best if most of the members are smarter than yourself.

21 July 2014

There is simply so much bullshit being said about construction in Pattaya. Let’s get the facts straight once and for all:

Centric Sea Pattaya comprises of three buildings, building A which is 44 stories tall, building B which is 32 stories tall and building C which is 7 stories tall. Three buildings that comprise of 999 units, similar to the number of units at The Riviera.

Centric Sea started construction in Q2 2013 and the project will be completed in Q4 2014.

One and a half years is what they need to complete such a rather huge project. 1.5 years. If SC Asset can do it so can the other developers.

Then you will hear somebody saying: Ahhmmm, you will need to wait 3 – 4 years if you want a quality job. You do want quality, right? Quality takes time and that is why you need to wait so long.

That is talking bullshit but people accept it as if they are brain dead. There are plenty of developers that like to drag out time and they have their reasons for doing so. However, quality is NOT one of the reasons.

It is a case of stupid people being fooled by someone smarter than themselves.

21 July 2014

People come and go all the time
That is how it is supposed to be
My aim is to attract new readers
Not to keep old ones
New blood is the key
To find people with a purchasing power
To find people willing to invest
Ask me to identify my target group
I will say wealthy people from Bangkok
Ask about the profile of people in CBRE’s national database
They will say high wealth individuals, past investors, purchasers, company directors and business owners
In other words
Wealthy people from Bangkok

21 July 2014

Three strikes and you’re out. That’s how it is in the US.
I am much tougher
One strike and you’re out. That’s my rule.
It is nothing personal, but I don’t have time to delete comments.
This is not an open forum.
If you are not happy with something, and there will ALWAYS be somebody who is not happy, then feel free to look for something better elsewhere.
People come and go all the time. That is how it is supposed to be. My aim is to attract new readers, not to keep old ones.

20 July 2014

I have so many stories to tell. I even have a few new projects in Pattaya.

Just know, I am the only person capable of doing it. All the magazines and all the newspapers in Pattaya will never be able to tell any of these stories.

It is not me against them. It is me against myself.

It sounds funny but I can actually decide when to release the news.

Coming soon. All in due time.

20 July 2014

COMMENTS: Is there a development you can recommend?

Answer: I focus on three things:

1) Transparency in the construction business. If a developer has nothing to hide he will agree with me on this and not feel threatened by it. On the other hand, if a developer is opposed to transparency you can be certain there is a reason for that. I believe Kingdom Property and Tulip Group has nothing to hide.

2) The quality of the build is important. And not having to replace things two years after having moved in.

3) I find that good customer care is extremely important. Unfortunately only a few developers take customer care seriously. I also believe that having a strong presence on the internet is increasingly important and there is no doubt that Tulip Group is leading the way in that respect.

In Pattaya basically only Tulip Group and Kingdom Property fits the criteria I have outlined.

The guy that has bought 5 units at Golden Tulip has seen the light. He has shown insight in this business. It is about separating the good apples from the rotten apples.

20 July 2014

Guess where, guess what and there may be a reward coming. Please don’t compare me to anybody as I would regard that as an insulting remark. Ok, maybe Leonardo Da Vinci but no other person currently alive.

Shopping mall under construction

19 July 2014

COMMENTS: Hi, today I was wondering what is your opinion on the impact the recent Visa/Visa-Run crackdown will have on the realestate market? As far as I know most of the Russians, Koreans, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and even Europeans who stay in Thailand long term are only on a standard tourist Visa with 30 or 90 days validity. Some might be on an ‘Education Visa’, but also here I have heard that the immigration is planning a crackdown on fake language schools who issue such Visa. Of course not the language schools are issuing the Visa, but they assit to get it – with a little help of their friends at the local immigration office. In my opinion this will have definitely a big impact on the condo market, not a major, but a big impact. A good percentage of customers may consider whether to buy or not, if they can’t be certain to be able to stay in Thailand like they did in the past. What do you think?

Answer: I have had the exact same thoughts. What I think? I think this is a very bad move from people that lack understanding of the situation. What is the point of buying a condominium if you are not allowed to stay in it for more than 2 months?

19 July 2014

Don’t forget there is a person behind the words. The Waterfront topping off article was written an evening after having returned from Bangkok. With one eye already closed and struggling to keep the other one open. I was extremely tired. When I am laughing you can’t see it and when I am writing with tears in my eyes you also have no idea. There is so much more than meets the eye.

19 July 2014

It is low season in Pattaya, hence I use these months to take a closer look at some projects in Bangkok. Because of that I might miss out on certain important events in Pattaya. There are some projects I need to look at so I am going to have to make some unpleasant choices once in a while. Bangkok is a huge city that covers a lot of land and now the developers are even starting to build outside of the outer ring road system, this does not make it any easier.

19 July 2014

COMMENTS: I left my contact numbers at the Jomtien Lumpini Park sales office in March 2014. I have not got any info after that.

I am interested in new apartments of 22 m2 or 26 m2. If you can offer me very good price, I am interested in buying TWO apartments in Lumpini Park, with sea view if possible.

I´m coming to Jomtien in the beginning of August and I would be glad to visit your sales personnel in charge.

Waiting for your quick response.

Answer: You are dealing with L.P.N., that is a tough nut to crack especially if you are a foreigner. I have hundreds of similar comments. LPN don’t work with agents so you will have to wait until you arrive in person. I personally don’t have time to solve that problem.

18 July 2014

Come into my magical world
Where anything can happen
Follow me
And I’ll show you wonderful places
It is not too late
We are at beginning of a great adventure
Tell me it is not possible
And I will prove you wrong
I hold the key
That can unlock a few secrets
Some secrets I will tell
And some secrets must remain hidden
It will be a great journey
You will love it
There is magic all around us
Only a few of us can see it
I see it every day
Believe it or not
As they say here
Up to you

17 July 2014

The 50th floor at Waterfront is now completed
Indeed a moment to remember
For some people the 17th July of 2014 is a special day
For others it is just another day
Whoever you are
Whatever you feel like
Waterfront can’t be ignored
Because it is a special building
It is a landmark building
It is a building that will be associated with Pattaya
It is a new symbol of the city
Pattaya City is slowly changing its face
Waterfront is destined to play a big role
Just like Central Festival Pattaya Beach does
It is a symbol of the new Pattaya
Think bars, girls and various shows
This is the old Pattaya
Think upscale hotels with amazing service
Think fine dining and luxury accommodation
This is the new Pattaya
Waterfront is adding another dimension to the city
It will attract a new kind of tourists
It will change the city’s skyline
Waterfront is breathing new life to Pattaya
Shaping the city
In a way that has never been done before
Finally something good to write home about
Whether we are owners or not
We can all be proud of Waterfront
This calls for a celebration
Sounds like cake and ice cream is on the menu
Perhaps champagne is more appropriate
Congratulations to us all

15 July 2014

And how did we do it?
We walked all the way
Well, at least one of us walked
Very tough
But when you are having fun
Everything becomes so easy
Lots of stories in the making
Just you wait and see

15 July 2014

If you want to know about the progress of the Green Line extension I do believe you only have one choice and that is newpattaya.com

As strangely as it sounds I have found absolutely no pictures on the internet concerning this subject. If we indeed are the only ones following the project it would suit me just fine.

Being unique is what we are all about. Doing what nobody else does, coming up with new ideas all the time, that’s us.

14 July 2014

What’s in a name? Apparently a lot. My facebook account for IconSiam has now gotten more than 100 likes in a short period of time. Of those likes I have picked out 8 – 10 names that I believe sound interesting and I have done a little research on those names.

My findings are as follows: If you belong to the high society in Thailand you will most likely have a name that reveals your social status.

Even foreigners have asked about Magnolias Waterfront Residences. A lot of indicators point to IconSiam as becoming hot property.

This project is starting to look exciting.

11 July 2014

IKEA is losing the battle for home furnishings in Thailand. Index Living Mall is simply a much too aggressive player, constantly expanding with new stores all over Thailand.

IKEA seems to be sleeping in class. The company is taking a wait-and-see approach which is leading to a dead end. While IKEA is in a dormant state Index living Mall is busy conquering new territories.

Next friday, 18 July 2014, Pattaya can boast of having two Index Living Malls.

IKEA needs a new company leadership.

11 July 2014

People from all walks of life keep telling me that this low season is one of the worst ever. Many businesses have run out of funds or are low on cash.

They all look forward to the next high season.

I don’t wish to sound overly negative but what if next high season does not come? There is no natural law that says high season is a sure thing.

Pattaya is hit much harder than Bangkok because we depend almost 100% on the tourists.

10 July 2014

If I were to launch a high-rise project in Jomtien I would try to get my hands on the Hvidsten plot of land (The Beach). It is probably worth much more than 1 billion baht, very expensive but it is indeed a wonderful plot of land.

It would not surprise me if someone were to build Riviera II on that plot of land. Who can afford land at these prices? Hvidsten bought the land for 500 – 600 million baht, now it can easily be worth 2 billion baht.

10 July 2014

To all developers: Please be diplomatic when dealing with customers. You don’t have to love them but it is a wise move to show them some respect. Please avoid comments of a provocative nature. What would be the point of making such comments anyway? A diplomat is a smart person that understands the complexity of the world and he knows how to handle people. The message is simple: Fighting gets you nowhere.

10 July 2014

In case you’re wondering
It’s fun being me
My life is an adventure
Always learning
Always having fun
Always seeing new places
Always following my intuition
Always going where the wind leads me

How lucky can one guy be?

10 July 2014

The New Pattaya Team has visited Nakhon Pathom Province. Why go there you may ask. This is where I have serious difficulties explaining my actions.

It is freaking far away
It costs a lot of money
It is in the middle of nowhere

Well, CPN is building a shopping mall out there. I guess I needed to know why they like this location.

I still don’t know why CPN has chosen this location.

Join me on my journeys and see places you will probably never see.

Stay tuned.

8 July 2014

My facebook for IconSiam and Magnolias Waterfront Residences has gotten likes from some of the absolute heavy weights in thai society, they are so famous that they are listed on Wikipedia.

This is totally unexpected and it means that I have to behave and avoid crazy comments.

Getting nervous here. I am getting a lot more attention than what is good for somebody like me.


7 July 2014

Prospective buyers of a condominium development aimed at the the premium end of the market in Bangkok are receiving this kind of standard e-mail messages from the developers sales team:

“The majority of the owners and residents are happy with their new homes. The unit transfers have gone very smoothly and to date, we have already transferred 88% of the units. However there are a small number of co-owners (called “ the vocal minority” ) who have pointed out certain flaws in their units and certain parts of the common areas. Most of the pictures posted on social media are outdated and almost all of the items have been repaired, with the rest scheduled to be fixed immediately.”

Have they lost their minds? Issuing a statement saying, “the majority of the condominium owners and residents are happy”, is clearly damaging the company. Writing like this is a big no-no, you simply must never do that. They are shooting themselves in the foot. This way of talking reveals there is a problem, actually this kind of message is a warning to prospective customers to stay away from the developer.

Fire the guy that wrote this immediately, he is hurting the company. It reveals a total lack of understanding of marketing related issues.

It is like saying, “keep your mouth shut and be happy because other people are not complaining”. They are waving a red rag to a bull and they are not even aware of it. This is stupid beyond belief.

One complaining customer at the the premium end of the market is one to many.

I am shocked.

7 July 2014

COMMENTS: You are a friend to many without even realizing it. It is a pleasure to wake up and read your website and facebook everyday. There is always some crazy comment that puts a smile on my face, even when I didn’t think it possible. You are not crazy, not even at times. It is just that telling the truth and throwing a bit of humour into it can sometimes be seen to be crazy. A lot of people don’t like telling the truth, and some can’t handle hearing or reading it.

Answer: 🙂

6 July 2014

What say you, jury?

We, the jury, find the defendant guilty as charged.

We, the jury, find the defendant guilty of travelling overseas for an extended period of time while he ought to be onsite at his own construction sites.

We, the jury, find the defendant guilty of negligence.

We, the jury, find the defendant guilty of showing lack of interest and lack of commitment towards his own projects.

We, the jury, find that other developers must take his place.

We, the jury, find the defendant guilty as charged, and assess his punishment at a BTH 500.000.000 fine.

The verdict cannot be appealed.

6 July 2014

A new shopping complex works wonders for a city. Just look at the impact that Central Festival Pattaya Beach has had on the city.

A mass transit station works wonders for the development industry. Just look at all the stations in Bangkok and notice what has been happening there during the last 10 years.

Now combine the two, a new shopping complex and an MRT station. Do you see the light?

The scary thing is that practically none of my readers have any idea of exactly where The Purple Line is being built and most have probably never even heard about Central WestGate.

Ok, I admit it, Bangyai is very far away from everything.

Stay with me and you will learn a thing or two. There are some people that know a lot and then there is The Guru that knows everything.

6 July 2014

Bangyai is in the middle of freaking nowhere. No tourists, just Thais. However, there will be a 10 Billion Baht Central complex in 2015 and the new purple line will open soon with a station next to the shopping center.

A new luxury Central Mall + an MRT station, does that ring any bells? It means residential high-rises will follow shortly, that is just how the story usually goes.

There is nothing better than living near a mega shopping complex that has a mass transit station connected to it.

Investors love this kind of project because they will make easy money in a short period of time. It is easy money, you just invest and wait a year or two, then you can collect a nice profit.

That is why I write about it.

6 July 2014

Yet another of the biggest listed developers from Bangkok have noticed our existence.

They already know us in Pattaya. I can guarantee that they will get to know us in Bangkok also.

I may turn up the volume in the near future. Expect the unexpected.

4 July 2014

I always try new ways, see what works and what doesn’t. It is called trial and error. Then I adapt to what works. Basically I have to give people what they want.

Act fast, seize the moment, that is what I am all about. If I am in the right mood I can be faster than my own shadow. Sometimes I become one with the internet, when that happens I am more machine than man.

There are these moments where we connect and become one, this happens only when nobody is there to disturb me.

4 July 2014

When I occasionally talk to people I mostly ask questions. I don’t learn anything from hearing myself talk. That is one big difference between the real me and the guy that you know. Things are not always what they appear to be.

4 July 2014

As some of you might know I am into luxury cars. Each time a luxury car passes by I not only look at the car but also try to get a glimpse at the person driving the car.

9 out of 10 times the driver is talking on the phone, I kid you not.

We can hereby conclude that owners of luxury cars are often talking on the phone.

I am on the phone 3 – 4 times per month, each phone call lasts less than 20 seconds and I am never on the phone while driving. Perhaps that explains why I don’t own a luxury car……

4 July 2014

I start a facebook page for a project either because there isn’t any or because I am not happy with the one developer is managing. I am not happy with MahaNakhon’s official facebook page. They have the money to buy millions of likes and do exactly what they want but not the imagination to make it interesting.

You can’t order someone to sit down at a desk and expect him to be creative. You need freedom in order to be creative.

Money can’t buy everything.

4 July 2014

Compare knowledge and imagination
Which is more important
Knowledge is a must
We need to know
What about experience?
Experience is also a must
Use trial and error
To find the best solution
Experience leads to knowledge
Experience and knowledge leads to wisdom
Experience may lead to success
What about Imagination and creativity?
Imagination is thinking about something
Creativity is doing something
Bringing new ideas to life
Some call it innovation
Use inspiration and imagination
And nothing is impossible
Artists need both
I need both
Living without imagination
I would be a robot
I would be dead
Let me keep my imagination
Let me stay alive
So many doors yet to open
So little time
I do feel
Nothing is impossible

3 July 2014

Haven’t you ever wanted to be part of something special? I feel like I am part of something special.

Many others are also part of the adventure. My motorcycle guy will come to Pattaya in October and stay for a long time. I will take credit for his work. The guy from down under is also a great provider of information. I steal the spotlight but sometimes there are others involved.

All my helpers have that in common that they are investing in property in Pattaya. So even if I do 99.9999% of all the work I do appreciate the help I get from others. Thanks folks.

3 July 2014

It seems so easy but it is not. It is the attention to all these little details that makes it difficult. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I will keep building and one day I will conquer the world.

2 July 2014

There is no doubt that the property market in Pattaya is weak at the moment. As a consequence – if the market remains weak for a longer period of time – I expect this will result in opening up many value opportunities which are not present when the market is strong.

However, this is bad news for most of us since the property market is the main engine driving growth in Pattya.

I hope that the opening of the Cartoon Network Amazone water park and the upcoming high season is going to change all this.

It is very quiet at the moment. Uncertainty is something most of us can do without.

1 July 2014

The girl’s hair is glowing, it has a mysterious reddish bronze color look. Her hair is embracing the buildings, protecting them and also giving them a unique look. This image captures modern elegance. I have said it before, I will say it again: I love it, a piece of art.

Tulip Group Art

30 June 2014

You need the internet in order to connect with prospective customers in counties all around the world. The internet is a networking place, now I have thousands of connections. It is stupid not to take advantage of this media.

30 June 2014

Gossip: Informed sources claim Riviera 2 might be on the way in Jomtien.

Comment: I have had the exact same feeling for a long time. You must strike when the iron is hot. I wonder whether it will be the same concept where investor buys a lot of units that end up on the market again.

I saw the news on their facebook last friday that The Riviera Wong Amat had received EIA approval. Apparently EIA was granted a month ago but they did not feel the need to tell us until now.

Amazingly weird stuff is going on, to tell or not to tell it don’t matter none, these guys are still making making tons of money.

This proves that you don’t always need a facebook to make money, keeping a low profile can also lead to success.

Actually some of the wealthiest developers in Pattaya are not active on the internet, they might not have discovered that is has been invented. Food for thought. There are other ways.

30 June 2014

The internet can be used for networking purposes. It is actually a wonderful tool. It is a shame that some people can’t see it.

30 June 2014

If you have your way with words you can build up expectations for a certain event or activity. Of course you need to be specialized in certain topics. Rule number one, what you do on your website must be promoted on social media.

Words can build up expectations, however words can also be used to crash the party. Handle words with care because they can be a devastating weapon in the wrong hands.

30 June 2014

I am observing that some projects seem to sail through the EIA process while others do not.

Matrix had problems getting EIA for The Vision, their following project, The Sky, sailed through easily.

My question: If you follow all the regulations can you assume that EIA approval is guaranteed? Is it really that simple? Are there some unwritten rules that also must be followed or is the process 100% transparent?

30 June 2014

The Riviera condominium in Wong Amat has received EIA approval.

29 June 2014

I can say that I have many private contacts to condo buyers, I know a lot of buyers at Waterfront, so many that I can’t remember the names of all of them. We talk from time to time.

Many of these buyers provide valuable insider information, information that is not publicly known.

Today a guy is considering an offer, I am awaiting his final decision on a condo purchase. It will be his third investment in Pattaya if he decides to go through with it. I personally recommended the investment he is considering. It is almost as exciting for me as it is for him. And he trusts me because I am not an agent, there is nothing in it for me. I told him, “go for it if you have the money”.

However, I am a bit jealous with these guys, they are investing and I am not. They are the ones that will park their cars and live their lives at Waterfront, not me.

I’m just a jealous guy…..

29 June 2014

COMMENTS: I have bought a unit at Golden Tulip, with all the photos and comments you have me thinking I should have bought a unit at Waterfront.

Answer: Golden Tulip will be a very nice project, you will be part of the Tulip Group family. Nothing to worry about, I believe they will take good care of their family members.

We only talk so much about Waterfront at the moment because it is about to reach its full height. Then things will cool down for a little while until completion in 6 months time and then there will probably be the biggest party ever in town. You never know.

I don’t know how they are going to celebrate the completion, I know as little as the rest of you. I know that the media will cover the event.

29 June 2014

Why this strategy? I just may have answered the question myself. Why am I talking about Waterfront all the time? Surely there are other interesting projects in Pattaya.

A possible explanation might be that they choose to do something without giving a reason and as a result people start to wonder.

Could it be a clever way to keep the interest up? Well, it is working on me. I am going crazy here, like I have nothing but Waterfront on my mind.

A campaign playing with people’s minds. I may have have lost it, gone totally bonkers as a result.

29 June 2014

I just talked with someone in a private message about Waterfront and Tulip Group. I would love to hear more about why Tulip have chosen this particular strategy where they focus 100% on delivering projects ahead of schedule.

Does anyone know whether there has been an interview where they explain this rather different approach to developing? There is a lot of why’s in my mind, especially looking at it from a financial point of view. I love that they show commitment but would like to hear more about why they do it this way.

Surely I can’t be the only one who is curious about this? I just might be the only one. Someone please explain a strategy that seems to be more good for the buyers than for the developer himself.

28 June 2014

Some people know the developers with a flawed reputation. Unfortunately there are also many people that don’t know anything at all. The industry’s best customers are the ignorant ones and there’s a lot of them out there. It is impossible to educate them all. They have to learn the hard way, learn from their own mistakes.

It is their money, they are adults who are responsible for their own affairs. I can’t hold people’s hands, however I can guide people in the right direction. They have to figure out the wrong direction for themselves.

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