TukCom Central Pattaya

Tuk Com Pattaya Klang or Tukcom Central Pattaya (ตึกคอม) will be the new IT mall in Pattaya. Construction has started a few months ago and I expect the place will be up and running in less than 1 year, this is a commercial building and for these guys time is money so they will work fast. The new TukCom will be located between Foodland and Soi Town in Town. This will be the second TukCom in Pattaya, the first one is located in South Pattaya in the gay part of town, the word gay can also mean merry and cheerful, I will leave it up to the reader to decide on how to interpret. TukCom is also on Facebook.

Hot news 11 September 2014:

TukCom Central Pattaya will be 7 or 8 stories tall. Behind that building will be a 17-storey hotel and behind the hotel will be an 8-storey parking lot. In other words, three projects:

• An IT mall
• A 17-storey hotel
• An 8-storey building for car parking

Furthermore I heard that TukCom in South Pattaya will be closing its doors and moving to Central Pattaya. That was a bit of a surprise since there is always a lot of activity in that part of town. On the other hand, the question is whether Pattaya is big enough to support two TukCom IT malls.

Published 6 May 2013

The photo was taken 6 May 2013

TukCom Pattaya Klang - 6 May 2013 - newpattaya.com

There will be a motor show in TukCom in Khon Kaen in May 2013. Wish I could be there.

Tuk Com Khon Kaen

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