The Green Living Boulevard

The Green Living Boulevard is an 8-storey development consisting of two buildings by developer BS Property. BS Property has in august 2012 launched The Green Living Condo that is a resort style eight-storey building with 125 units of various sizes. The Green Living Condo is located in the Nong Palai area near the railway line.

I know that PPA Architects or PPA Power Group Co., Ltd. has designed both The Green Living Boulevard and The Green Living Condo.

The Green Living Boulevard is located on Sukhumvit Road next to Underwater World Pattaya and near the entrance to the new Jomtien Second Road. The intersection of these two main roads is actually a prime location. So we have a good location, a good price and I know BS Property can build. This is the recipe for success. This is all that investors need to know. This is real value for money that you don’t see often these days.

As far as I know BS Property does not have a website. However, they do have a Facebook site where you can get some information.

Most people has never heard about BS Property and their projects because the company does not make much noise. I believe they do not need to spend much money on advertising as they have a good product at very good prices. My experience tells me that this will be a fast selling development.

Published 25 february 2013.

The Green Living Boulevard - 21 February 2013 -

The Green Living Boulevard

The Green Living Boulevard

The Green Living Boulevard

A photo taken 26 November 2013

The Green Living Boulevard - 26 November 2013 -

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