Thai Watsadu Pattaya

Thai Watsadu Pattaya, located on Sukhumvit Road, will be opening on 22 November 2013. So what is Thai Watsadu (ไทวัสดุ)? It is a more messy version of homeWorks, HomePro, Kanyong or Boonthavorn. It is a place where building contractors will feel at home. You can buy large quantities of various building materials.

The branch near Mega Bangna on Bangna Trad Road is not even air conditioned but it is a place I like to hang out. You will not find Grade A luxury tiles at Thai Watsadu, instead they focus on selling at a low price.

Thai Watsadu Pattaya has taken over the old Kanyong building. Sadly Kanyong left Pattaya, I already miss that place.

Published 15 November 2013

A photo taken 22 November 2013

Thai Watsadu - 22 November 2013 -

A photo taken 13 November 2013

Thai Watsadu - 13 November 2013 -

Thai Watsadu - 13 November 2013 -

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