Siam Royal View

Roland Steiner is the CEO of Siam Royal View. In Pattaya they have a large villa development on a prime location up on the hill on Khao Talo. When completed there will be a total of 240 high end luxury villas so it is a very large project.

The starting price will be somewhere in the region of 10 – 12 MB. Invest that money and you would get a 2 to 3-bedroom luxury villa up on the hill overlooking the skyline of Pattaya. You can’t miss it while driving up Khao Talo, there are 7 big elephants garding the property as you can see in the picture below. recommend this project.

Published 10 July 2012

Siam Royal View - 10 July 2012 -

Siam Royal View - 10 July 2012 -

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