Knightsbridge Central Pratumnak Pattaya

Another new project in Pattaya. Knightsbridge Central Pratumnak, 8 stories and 79 units. No, not Origin Co., although Origin’s project brands include Kensington, KnightsBridge, Notting Hill, Park, Park Origin etc.

This particular development is by Guy Van Harten, a guy that speaks Hebrew, been active in Pattaya for about 10 years time, worked for Heights Holdings, involved in Water’s Edge and Amaya Hill. Amaya Hill was taken over by Louis Lee’s company Palm Bay Group that was founded in 2018. As a result Amaya Hill changed name in 2018 to Palm Lakeside Villas. Ironically I do believe that Louis Lee, that used to be a custom house builder, was the builder of Amaya Hill. I could be wrong, as it was a long time ago. Guy’s father was the architect. I personally liked the design and the location but it was a bit pricey, starting at 7 million baht. I doubt any of this makes sense. I think Mr Guy was also involved in The Vineyard Villa project. These projects often have many partners involved and that makes it difficult to remember.

In a city where nobody talks you got some information. Those that do talk are magazines that print what they are told to print. Sad but that is the only way to survive.

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