Waterfront Pattaya Review

Waterfront Suites & Residences Pattaya is a stunning and iconic residential development with a hotel component. There are three things that characterize the Waterfront project. One is the location, the other is the views and finally the high quality of the product. You will find no better location, no views that compare to those you get here and no finer quality.

This will be a 50-storey two-tower development, the residential tower comprises 300 units and the hotel has 100 rooms.

We will take a look at the two showroom units at Bali Hai Pier, first the one-bedroom unit with a size of 75 sqm with an average price of 120,000 baht per square meter.

We notice the cooking equipment and the exhaust hood as part of the dinner table, that is very unusual. You can sit at the dinner table and watch somebody cooking at the same time, indeed very cosy.

In the living room there is a large glass wall with no windows that you can open, however if you need fresh air just open the door to the spacious balcony. The balcony is connected to both the living room and the bathroom. You will notice the 3.2 meter high ceilings which make the space seem that much bigger, it feels open and airy.

You will find a closet in the dressing room and bathroom which is in the same room, two in one, with access from both the bedroom and the living room.

There is some kind of magic glass wall that you can see through as long as the door is not closed. When you close the door to the shower area you can no longer see through the glass and you can shower in private.

Next we will take a look at the the one-bedroom duplex unit with a size of 84 sqm with an average price of 120,000 baht per square meter.

Downstairs there is a large living room and a beautiful kitchen that among other things has a wine cooler. There is a sliding glass door that separate the living room from the toilet and powder room. The shower is upstairs next to the bedroom.

The most important feature of the one-bedroom duplex unit is the 6 metre high ceiling. You will get the feeling that you are in a lobby of a 5-star hotel. This you have to see for yourself.

The one-bedroom duplex unit has a very spacious balcony with amazing views.

All the air conditioner compressors are hidden in a place where you can not see them, it has been done that way in order to make everything look more beautiful.

We notice the modern stairs leading to the bedroom and bathroom upstairs. You have the option of adding a glass banister if you focus on safety, the choice is yours. Also notice the stairs that are illuminated with special lighting.

Upstairs you will find the bedroom with the built-in TV in the wall. There are glass walls so you can enjoy the view of Pattaya Bay from the bedroom.

The glass wall separating the bedroom and bathroom has the same magical features as the the one-bedroom unit we talked about earlier. In the bathroom you will find two sinks, his and hers, a bathtub, a shower box and a toilet.

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