The Pattaya – Hua Hin ferry

The Pattaya – Hua Hin ferry. Come on, let’s talk. The Thai journalists never talk, simply because critical thought is not something they were taught in school.

Come on, there is so much to talk about. No? Not in the mood? Again? Too much to drink last night? Well, let me do the talking then. I guess it’ll be a one-man show as usual.

Analysis for beginners. The Pattaya – Hua Hin ferry. We must assume it is a big thing, right?

1) Then why don’t we see some real advertising for the project. Advertising on a global scale? Why don’t we see advertising addressing the end-users, the tourists? We must assume they want this ferry project to be a success, right?

At least they could show us a few pictures of the ferry, just so we know what kind of ferry we are getting. No? Why not? Because this is Thailand? No way, not that usual excuse, I am tired of hearing that one. They can do better than that.

2) They say there will be room for 150 passengers. 150 people! Many years ago I tried to count the number of passengers boarding the small fishing boats leaving for Koh Larn. I stopped counting when I reached a 100 people. I am sure there were at least 150 on board. So it is this kind of transportation vehicle we can expect?

3) 150 people is actually not a large number. Can we expect 120 Chinese + 30 Russians booking the ferry every single day? There will only be one departure per day.

4) Is it safe? Has the staff been trained properly? Is it an old or new boat?

5) Only a single company has applied for the job? Do you wonder why? Probably because they don’t expect to make big money on this. If we assume that don’t expect to make money, do you think the owners will open the big wallet and spend money on the right equipment?

6) Phone numbers, company website or facebook. How do we contact these guys? I mean there is only 6 weeks to the first departure.

I could keep asking questions. Honestly, I don’t see the point. This is Thailand. I guess I will just have to leave it at that.

Published 14 November 2016


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