The Pattaya Hua Hin Ferry Part 2

The Pattaya – Hua Hin Ferry. Save two hours and risk your life. Does that sound like a good deal? Personally I don’t have a death wish. The ferry can withstand waves up to only 2 metres. This clearly means the craft is not fit for purpose!

Why purchase 3 ferries that are clearly not suited for the job? It makes no sense! It all happened in such a hurry. Why? It was probably meant as a new year’s gift from the government to the people. Just like these new buses from Malaysia that turned out to be imported illegally from China! I would say that the public relations department has a problem. No new year’s gifts this year.

Cancellation of many trips, suspended service, ferry maintenance and crew training? Huh? Departure time changed? Huh? This operation has not been well prepared. TIT, as we often say when we need to explain the unexplainable.

The 105km trip is supposed to take less than two hours, but what is the point if the ferry can only handle waves of up to 2m? Really, the double decker can withstand waves up to only two metres!

Who needs an unreliable service? Who wants to take unnecessary risks? The confidence building exercise, if it ever existed, has gone wrong.

Is this a high-profile issue for the government? Why else would the navy assign a frigate to protect the ferry? With the complete failure of the high speed train projects throughout the country perhaps they need to avoid bad news?

Better than nothing? Obviously these ferries are more suited to transport passengers to Koh Larn!

Published 11 January 2017


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