The Key to Success in the World of Business

Success is not just about doing it the right way. It is doing it the right way and doing it at the right point in time. That is why it is called a window of opportunity. The window is usually open for a short period of time only, after which the window will close and the opportunity ceases to exist.

This is especially the case in the real estate business, you need to act when the opportunity and the right offer presents itself.

Some people say that success is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure. I don’t agree on that. It does not have to be hard work at all. Hard work can be outsourced very easily at a low cost. As the owner you get the ideas, you are the the boss but you hire smart people to do most of the work. Furthermore you don’t have to fail the first time. For some people it has been very hard work, for others it has been nothing but fun, a dream come true.

Success is more about being shrewd than being intelligent. So what is the difference between shrewd and intelligent?

If you are intelligent if you are able to learn easily, have a good memory and have a good understanding of how things work. Someone who is intelligent may have all the right ideas but he might be unable to start a profitable company if he lacks shrewdness.

You are shrewd is if you use knowledge or copy other people’s work and ideas for your own personal advantage. Shrewd is being smart but also tricky and even rude. Often they are not likeable persons but they won’t care about how you feel about them. Be cautious about people in general, they are often more shrewd than they would like you to believe. It is part of human nature, caused by a strong will to survive in a tough world.

Watch out for all the shrewd businessmen. There is a lot of them around in all kind of businesses. Chasing money is the main motive for doing things.

Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone. You have an insight into worldly matters gained from experience.

Finally we will look at the very few genius persons that exist in this world. What are the signs of a genius person, how to describe a genius? They don’t think like the masses, they don’t have the same interests as the masses.

They are truly unique persons that are able to do something that has never been done before. They are able to think thoughts that have never been thought before. They are superior beings, their minds operate on a higher level. They can be described as having an exceptionally high intelligence, as persons of extraordinary intellect. They are creative people that walk their own path in life.

There ain’t many of those around. It is highly unlikely you will ever meet a true genius in person.

Published 10 December 2014

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