The butterfly effect

The subject of today’s open forum: The butterfly effect.

Property and politics, there is no connection, is there? Dear oh dear, of course there is. Let me explain, it is all very simple: It is all connected. The political turbulence in Bangkok last year had a devastating effect on the property market in Bangkok. We all know that. People stopped buying, developers stopped launching new projects.

Ok, let’s take another example. Again, this is for clarifying purposes for those that don’t understand the big picture.

The Russian annexation of Crimea, now what has that got to do with the state of affairs of the property market in Pattaya?

Putin takes Crimea, the U.S. gets pissed off, tries to destabilize Russia, tries to generate a crisis that could possibly remove Putin from power. The U.S. plays the oil card in order to get the Russian ruble to collapse. The sharp decline of the ruble is the result of Western policy, there is no doubt about that. As a result the Russians stay home, they don’t travel abroad and they don’t invest in property in Pattaya anymore.

What happened in Crimea did indeed have a severe effect on life in Pattaya. This is known as the butterfly effect. Who would have thought that at the time of the invasion?

Why does the U.S. care so much about Iran? Iran has got plenty of oil and gas. The U.S. will take an interest in any country that has got that much oil and gas. That is another story. The point is that the effects of the Iran deal are unpredictable. In the end the U.S. will do what is best for the U.S.
I see the possibility of more butterfly effects.

Tip of the Day: Surround yourself with quality people and you will have a quality life. Sometimes the friends you have had in the past will have to be replaced with new friends that you trust more.

Published 6 April 2015

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