Thailand Taboos, examples and explanations.

Thailand Taboos, examples and explanations.

Why Pattaya? Why always Pattaya? Pattaya is a convenient scapegoat. Each time the subject of sex-tourism is featured in the both the local and international media, then the spotlight is destined to be on Pattaya.

They need a single city to take the blame instead of blaming the whole country. It is just so much easier to deal with a problem that is confined to a single city. Some people will still deny that the problem exists while others will claim they are working on solving the problem. Of course it is just a charade, a silly ritual played out by officials.

They have chosen to lay the sins of the people or the entire country on Pattaya. Sex-tourism? Blame Pattaya, blame the American soldiers in need of rest and relaxation, stationed at army bases in Thailand during the Vietnam war. Blame the foreigners, blame the expats for opening up bars.

Inside the world’s sex capital [The daily Mirror]

The focus will always be on Pattaya even though exactly the same thing is going on in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Samui, Phuket and even down in the south near the border to Malaysia.

In Bangkok alone there are thousands of places where girls offer services for wealthy Thais. There are plenty of very large massage parlours on both New Petchburi Road and Ratchadapisek Road. Go down all the sois along Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok and find even more of exactly the same thing.

Even in Hua Hin there is a red light district. Visit Soi Bintabaht or Soi Selakam or Phetkasem Road Soi 80 and find exactly the same.

On Koh Samui the places of interest are Chaweng Beach and Lamai Beach.

Even Koh Chang has a small red light district.

The problem, if it really is a problem, is nationwide. Then why is the focus always on Pattaya then?
Because admitting that the problem is nationwide is not acceptable because it will hurt the national pride. After all, Thailand is a proud nation. It is easier to let Pattaya have the honour of being known as the world’s sex capital than to admit that major cities in the entire country are dealing with exactly the same kind of problems.

Pattaya is nothing but a convenient scapegoat. Blame it on Pattaya, then the problem is confined. The national pride may have taken a hit, but it is a small hit that that people and the middle class in Bangkok can live with.

Published 27 February 2017

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