Thailand in a transition period

Comment: I have been reading this page for a while… there’s questionable statements, sensational claims and most of all wired analyzes and predictions. Why are you living in Pattaya, or even in Thailand? Go with the flow and appreciate what’s on that way.


Thanks! I simply love this kind of comment. Me! Me! Me! It is not about me, is it? Anyway why do you want to change me into something that I’m not? Go with the flow? But this is who I am, this is the way I have always been. I have always been different, I have never gone with the flow of the world. I like who I am, and I can look at myself in the mirror. I am not proud of myself but I enjoy being me.

I am truly enjoying your words because I want to know and learn to see the world through your eyes. This is where the internet comes in handy. In the past you could live in a place like Tierra del Fuego, also known as the end of the world, put your thoughts on paper and nobody would ever come to know what you were thinking. Now the world is just a click away, anybody can reach anybody. The internet is like a portal to a new dimension. We can reach out and actually be heard and noticed.

Questionable statements? Good, good, good. Exactly what I want. There are all sorts of weird analyzes and that is my way of doing things. No rules. Anything goes. I simply hate rules. Rules and regulations piss me off. Sadly these rules have absolutely nothing to do with doing the right thing.

More on questionable statements: The purpose of my words is not to explain the truth about worldly affairs. It is to make people think for themselves. I want people to be more than what they are. In my world critical thinking and creativity skills are essential. I hate the lies of people who claim to be the masters of the world. They are lying without conscience and getting away with it. There is a swamp that needs to be drained.

– Why are you living in Pattaya, or even in Thailand? What does it mean to be Thai? They used to be slaves, you know. They had masters to run their lives. Currently the country is in a transition period between “Old Thailand” and “New Thailand.” You can never be sure which you will find.

Be Thai or be gone? No, it doesn’t work like that. Corruption is not eternal. Nobody has to accept corruption. Nobody has to accept that the status quo can’t be changed.

Why Thailand? I have come to understand that many foreigners have indeed escaped their country of origin. They simply come to escape cold weather. The climate and the low cost of living are very important factors when choosing where to live. These expats play golf with other expats, not the locals. They socialize with other expats, seldom with the locals. They don’t bother to learn the language spoken in the country they call home. The expats certainly don’t want to behave like the Thais. They hang around people that understand their culture and way of thinking.

Me, me, me! Why I am the way I am? Well, there is the thing with people, we want more than just to survive. Some of us need to make a mark on the world. Look at the caves in Gibraltar, probably inhabited some 55,000 years ago, archaeologists have discovered a series of abstract engravings in the caves. They wanted to be noticed. They spent time on artwork. They did not have to do that in order to survive. Why do you think Ramses II needed all those inscriptions? We are still talking about him, aren’t we?

A desire to change the world, a need to be remembered, who knows. These guys didn’t go with the flow. If I were to go with the flow I wouldn’t be me. The famous talk-show hosts never go with the flow. There is a certain style when I do what I do. Like any host I try not to make it boring. What is the point if the audience falls asleep? There has to be a certain amount of entertainment.

Published 20 April 2017

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