Terminal 21 Pattaya making Pattaya a shopping destination

A statistical analysis of the 10-year cycle regarding the development of large sized shopping malls in Pattaya.

Sorry, I can’t help it, the university professor in me has something on his mind. We will do it with a glimpse in the eye and a sense of humor.

It seems that 10 years is the time it takes for history to repeat itself, the time it takes for Pattaya to be ready for yet another new large sized shopping mall.

It seems that Pattaya will get that very important second chance.

It seems that Pattaya will be reborn, exactly in the same way it happened when the Central Festival Pattaya Beach complex opened and changed the city forever.

Let’s do some time travel, lets go back in time to the 23rd of January 2009 at exactly 11.39 am. This was the time when the Central Festival Pattaya complex had the Grand Opening.

Before that we only had Royal Garden Plaza and Mike Shopping Mall, both malls too small to put Pattaya on the retail map. In January 2009 things changed dramatically for our little city, we suddenly got something to feel proud about. We were able to attract the large middle class from Bangkok.

So why am I sitting here today, friday the 3rd June 2016, feeling ecstatic while writing these words?

I am feeling ecstatic because it is happening again. A lot of bad stuff has happened in Pattaya during the last couple of years, a leading property developer has even pulled out of the local property market, they have cancelled their latest three projects. There is no need to name names, practically all the developers have gone through a very tough period of time. That is why being able to tell good news feels extra good.

A 10-year cycle? Please explain. Ok, it is like this. Terminal 21 Pattaya, a new large shopping mall, has just started construction. Thai Bauer has entered the site in North Pattaya where we will get a very large shopping mall and a hotel adjacent to it. The hoarding is up already and the land has been cleared. Let’s give them 2 – 3 years to complete this job, they should be able to do it in this time frame. That means The Grand Opening could take place in early 2019, about 10 years after Central Festival Pattaya Beach opened.

What does all this mean for Pattaya? It means Pattaya is undergoing a change. It means Pattaya is being transformed into a shopping destination.

This is what we all want, isn’t it? A new beginning. You know where you are reading about it, right?

We are proud to be of service and tell all the good news.

Naturally we are called newpattaya.com

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