Social behavior on the Internet

You don’t talk to strangers on the street. You don’t tap someone on the shoulder and say, ‘hey, let’s talk a little’. You don’t enter someone’s house and tell the owner how you feel about certain topics.

On the internet people behave differently, this can be observed on a global scale. On the internet people WILL enter your house, in this case your personal facebook, and they will engage in a conversation if they feel like it.

They GOD DAMN will post comments of an unwanted nature, and they are FULLY AWARE that these comments might upset the owner of the facebook. They do it anyway. They could not care less if these comments cause problems for the owner.

Some people just want to talk. They might have read an article that they find interesting and then they might want to have a conversation with the author. In that respect the internet is a cool place. The internet provides the opportunity to engage in a conversation with practically anybody, to reach people that previously could not be reached.

Naturally I can’t be an online chat room for the world. People from Nicaragua, Taiwan, France, from countries I have never even heard about have wanted to chat with me. Time issues and limited resources makes it impossible. Yet no one seems to understand this.

The internet has changed people’s social behavior.

“This is the emergency services, what can I assist you with?” Somehow people feel that I am always available and that I am just sitting here waiting for the next caller.

Of course I don’t have time to chat with strangers. However, make no mistake, if someone is approaching me and if I sense that the person is seriously interested in purchasing a property worth above 2 million baht, then I will throw what I have in my hands and focus on the matter.

So I only talk to people with money? Come on, that’s not nice. I know. But I am a VERY busy guy with absolutely no time for myself. I have to focus only on serious investors. I have to talk to customers that actually have an intention to invest.

I am able to recommend quality developments to prospective buyers. I won’t recommend any developments priced below the 2 million baht mark. That is not to say that you can’t make a profit by investing in a 1 million baht studio. Sure you can. I am just not the guy you want to talk with.

Speculators focus on profit. I focus on quality. If you are serious about investing in a quality product you are more than welcome to ask for advice.

Published 6 January 2015

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