Serenity EIA approved

15 March 2013: We will talk a little about Serenity on Wong Amat. We will do it a different way this time, we will do it my style and it will be good. You see, it is easy to convince the customers that you have a unique product if you speak from the heart. You probably know the joke about the good salesman who is able to sell sand in the desert. Well, you don’t need to be a good salesman to sell Serenity, you don’t need to exaggerate to sell this product. Just focus on a few strong selling points, that is all. If I were running a marketing company all I needed to do was to give a little push in the right direction and Serenity would sell itself.

I am not writing this positive article to help the developer, I am writing it to guide the investors. The investors need to know there is an opportunity to make money here, it is as simple as that. Land is a limited resource and plots like this one is very difficult to find. It is obvious that the location is close to optimum. But don’t just focus on the location, just as importantly you must also focus on the neighbourhood. This is a very good neighbourhood with The Palm and Baan Plai Haad raising the profile of the area. Nova Mirage with its beautiful traditional thai rooftop and the Wong Amat Tower also help to create the perfect neighbourhood. Yes, there is no denying I like Wong Amat more than I like Pratumnak. I think Wong Amat is a bit more high-class but the hills give Pratumnak a certain charm.

Considering the good location, the good neighbourhood and prices ranging from 1 – 4 million baht you have very good value for money. My experience tells me this should be a fast selling development. Read more here….


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