Pattaya – the world’s ultimate shopping destination

Let’s take a glimpse of what the immediate future holds for Pattaya with respect to attracting visitors. The stage is set for Pattaya to become a major shopping and retail destination. I believe this will result in attracting visitors in great numbers to the city.

Pattaya will deliver the most enjoyable shopping and dining experience you can imagine. At present Pattaya is known as a major nightlife destination but soon shopping will be one of the major reasons for visiting Pattaya. Pattaya will be known to the world, but for different reasons than in the past.

Pattaya is currently undergoing a transformation which will result in the city becoming more like Bangkok. As most of you know, Bangkok is a dream city and there is so much exciting stuff going on there. The tourists love Bangkok for many reasons, shopping is one of them. Many people feel that Bangkok is a concrete jungle that is filled with noise, heavy traffic, and air pollution. Despite of that, Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the word. The tourists love this concrete jungle. Ok, they have a few parks and the Chao Praya River, that’s about it if you want to look at something nice.

To our advantage, in Pattaya we have the sea and we have the fresh air. We have the Hilton Pattaya Hotel and we will soon get an M Gallery Hotel at Bali Hai Pier. We have Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort, Centara Grand Phratamnak, Siam @ Siam Design Hotel Pattaya. The list goes on.

We have the newly opened Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park, the even bigger Ramayana Water Park currently under construction. The upscale hotels and the water parks will attract a new kind of clientele to the city. All this is of course good for Pattaya and it will help pull the city in the right direction.

The turning point for Pattaya was the opening of the beautiful Central Festival Pattaya Beach complex. This shopping mall has had a tremendous impact on Pattaya. Now the middle and upper class from Bangkok have a place where they feel at home.

We have the old Royal Garden Plaza that recently has had a facelift and now looks rather nice. In North Pattaya we have The Bay Shopping Center that is scheduled to open in late 2015. This beachfront shopping mall is beautifully designed and it might end up attracting the right kind of visitors and tourists. If the owners are able to create a pleasant atmosphere then the word will spread quickly. The Bay Pattaya could end up being the new place in town, the place to be and be seen.

The visitors will be able to shop til they drop, they can move from one beachfront mall to another just like on Orchard Road in Singapore, perhaps one day connected by underground pathways.

I see Pattaya as being in the center of a strong growing south-east asian region. They can attract tourists in large numbers to Bangkok. I feel we have the opportunity to do the same in Pattaya.

Published 14 November 2014

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