Money Matters – Part 3

Money Matters, Part 3:

Yes, a good post, my dear Jason Rupp. I know how to write a good story and I am able to think for myself. After all, I am an old hand at this. A very old hand that has never been defeated in any games I have played.

You say this new media player has their plans not focused on Pattaya necessarily, but the whole of Thailand. Hence you conclude that Pattaya People isn’t the direct competitor.

I beg to differ. I most certainly believe that the main competitor in Thailand is none other than the Pattaya People Media Group. Let me explain why. I fear this will be somewhat lengthy and I did have other plans for this evening. But it is just so hard for me to resist a good discussion. Having studied at a university provides a good foundation for a logical debate. I like it a lot, hence I will spend some time writing a few words.

Let’s start with Hua Hin and Phuket. Charming places, indeed, I love these places, but compared to Pattaya there isn’t that much going on. Of course this may change 10 years in the future, things might be different then.

Chiang Mai could work, this is why Peter Malhotra established Chiang Mai Mail in 2002. The city has a relatively large english speaking community enabling his business to have been profitable for 14 years.

Bangkok? Are you crazy? I am quite certain that Peter Malhotra would never even dream of establishing the Bangkok Mail. Yes, there are plenty of foreigners in Bangkok but don’t count on the large Japanese expat community. The farangs that live there are spread out over a very large area. It most certainly would NOT work. There are simply too few foreigners compared to the size of the city.

Too many foreign companies have already either tried or are currently trying to break through in Bangkok. It is extremely difficult to be successful when operating an english language media outlet in Bangkok. There are already too many fish in the water and they are all doing the same. Forget about Bangkok unless your intended audience speak Thai.

What Pattaya is concerned, it is a whole different story. Basically we only have Mr Niels Colov and his Pattaya People Media Group. He is the only guy you will need to arm wrestle with if you wish to break through in Pattaya. Beat him and you’re in a very good position. Don’t forget that he is a man that started out with nothing and built up an entire media empire. He has proven that anything is possible if you work hard enough. He was here, he was there, he even had time to stop by at Crazy Dave’s restaurant in Soi Chaiyapoon more than 10 years ago.

I am afraid that this new media player will need to focus his plans on Pattaya whether he likes it or not. If my reasoning is correct, I am seldom wrong, it means that Pattaya People Media Group is the direct competitor. First this new media player will need to see if Pattaya is too big a mouthful for him to swallow. Only then might he move on to Bangkok. But NOT until Pattaya has been conquered.

The media battle will take place in Pattaya. There is no doubt in my mind that Pattaya will be the place for the final battleground. I believe that Mr Colov loves competition, I believe he is ready and willing to accept the challenge.

Let the fight begin!

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Money Matters, Part 3:Yes, a good post, my dear Jason Rupp. I know how to write a good story and I am able to think…

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