Money Matters – Part 2

Money Matters, Part 2:

The word on the street is that a foreigner with very deep pockets, some even say he has access to unlimited funds, has entered the local media business.

It is believed this individual has acquired an existing media platform which was expanded further last year by acquiring the largest foreign online media outlet in the whole of Southeast Asia.

YES indeed, largest in Southeast Asia! This in turn means we have to take this new player seriously.
Most certainly this will have an effect on existing media outlets like the Pattaya Mail and the Pattaya People Media Group. Perhaps not today, but viewed in the long term, it will.

What will this mean for the Pattaya People Media Group, the only truly cross media organization in Pattaya with Television, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines, Giant LED Screens, Moving advertising, Billboards, Internet Websites etc?

What will that mean for Pattaya Mail that keeps winning the “Best in the East” mass-media award?
This new player is ALSO involved in Television, Radio and Websites. We must conclude that the main competitor has to be the Pattaya People Media Group.

Money can buy you talent, money can buy you the most talented leaders, the best presenters, the best writers, the best informed staff and even the prettiest girls in the world. Money can buy you anything you like, this is why people in general are crazy about money.

I believe we have established the fact money matters. We have yet to figure out or predict the long term effects of this investment.

People that invest heavily in a project will want their money back sooner or later. A company with plenty of money in the bank can afford to wait for as long as it takes. It can buy its competitors or just slowly push them out of the market.

Please don’t downplay this issue. It is indeed serious business when large large amounts of money are at stake.

Which company will be the dominant media player in Pattaya in the long run? In the end, it really is all about market share…..

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Money Matters, Part 2:The word on the street is that a foreigner with very deep pockets, some even say he has access…

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