Marketing Exposure and The Rules of The Media Business

Today we will discuss the rules of the game in the world of print and online media. In the marketing world, exposure is of paramount importance. Without marketing exposure, campaigns would be non-existent.

Having a lot of customers is important if you are selling a product, having a lot of readers is important if you are selling advertising space. If you are running a magazine or a newspaper you will need to prove to the advertisers that you are able to reach a lot of their potential customers.

It is not enough that a magazine or newspaper can prove that is has a lot of readers, a marketing campaign will only be successful if it reaches the right target group. It would not make any sense for a developer to advertise in a teenage magazine, even if this magazine can prove it has the largest audience possible.

As a rule of thumb, in this business you don’t give referrals to competitors, you totally ignore their existence. Behind closed doors you may talk about your competitors, whilst in public you have to pretend like you have never heard of them.

This is a bit sad, but in a competitive market place you have to be selfish otherwise you would help a competitor to win and as a consequence make yourself lose. The key to being successful is to be either number one or number two in your business.

Have you ever seen The Nation referring to an article in The Bangkok Post? Or Pattaya Today speaking well of Pattaya Mail? Theoretically it could happen, however it is extremely unlikely. It is all about exposure. It is essential that you minimize customer exposure to a competitor’s service.

In other words: Keep your customers to yourself. If you do engage in a joint venture make sure it is in your company’s best interest.

These rules apply to the players in the media business. As usual I make my own rules whilst knowing it works somewhat differently in the real world. In the real world the tough and smart guys will always pull the long straw.

Producing unique articles, being different, let’s see whether that works or not. Damocles’ dangling sword will keep us sharp and focused and not relax until success is achieved.

Published 12 May 2014

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