Make Money Online

What????? You want to make money on the internet? Have you completely lost your mind?

It is simply not possible. You stand a bigger chance of having a breakthrough in the movie business in Hollywood rather than making money online.

You have a bigger chance of winning the first price in the lottery.

Let me explain how the internet works. You contact a service provider, AIS, DTAC or True, pay the monthly subscription fee and then you’re in.

Once you’re in – you’re in – and after that everything on the internet is FREE. It is yours for the taking.

You can watch Christina Aguilera’s latest music video a million times and you don’t need to pay even a single baht for it. It is absolutely FREE of charge. You don’t need to worry about how the music artists make a living. It is not your problem.

You can read the news in The Bangkok Post and The Nation every single day and again it is absolutely FREE.

You don’t need to worry about how the 50 journalists, the lawyers, accountants, web programmers, web designers or shareholders get paid. You don’t need to worry about how they pay the office rent.

Well, there is this annoying advertisement on the front page, you just click on the cross in the corner and it will go away. But this advertisement does not even cover 1% of the costs involved in running the business.

Then there is Google Adsense, at best you can hope to get some pocket money. It is nothing you can live on. Sorry guys.

Then who are the lucky ones? The service providers like AIS, DTAC or True, they all make loads of money on this. They provide access to the Holy Grail.

People travel and they book hotel rooms online. If you happen to own Agoda or Booking-dot-com or if you have invented Tripadvisor, then you are one of the few that have won the lottery.

Tripadvisor gets people to write reviews for free, they have the whole world working for them as content writers, people do this for free, and while they are there they often book a hotel room. This business model is pretty clever. Staff that work for free and even pay their employer. How about that?

Still want to make money online? Don’t you get it? People will read your articles, look at your YouTube videos, look at your amazing photos and they wouldn’t even for a second consider supporting you.

If you walk down a street and all the restaurants have a sign that says FREE FOOD or FREE BEER. Would you pay? Of course not.

Would I pay if The Bangkok Post started charging a fee for their service? Of course I wouldn’t.

Whatever you find on the internet is free. Make money on the internet? Yeah, if you are this one-in-a-million lucky bastard.

No, you stand a better chance of having a career in Hollywood.

Sorry guys, stop dreaming. If it is free, it is free.

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