Living Machines

Are we nothing but living machines running around doing stuff we’ve been programmed to do?

Warning! You may not like the answer to that question! I will tell you anyway. I think you need to know. I think you’re ready for the truth.

The things we like and enjoy, the situations we find ourselves in, well, the sad thing is that it is all very predictable. Basically we like and enjoy activities that are essential for our survival. Do we do these things by choice, or do we do them because we have been programmed to act in a certain way?

Let me explain:

1) We love food and we enjoy a good meal. We need to eat in order to survive.
2) We love sex. As a species, we need to reproduce in order to survive.
3) We love good company. We need a family, a network of people in order to survive.

Can’t we break free from those chains? It is difficult because we need to eat, most of us would like to have kids, and no matter how good we are at something, we can’t make it alone. Smart people hire other smart people.

Just understand that you don’t ALWAYS decide what you like. In most cases, these decisions were made for you before you were even born.

Break free and become a hermit? An evolutionary dead end.

What are we then? Us humans, we are nothing but biological robots that have evolved over time.

Where do high-rises come into the picture? Why do some people like tall buildings. The taller, the better. From a financial point of view it does not make sense to build these extremely tall structures. Basically the rent does not cover the cost of construction for these very tall skyscrapers. Yet they are being built because someone needs to make a point.

Time for a beer, eh?

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