Jet ski Scam

Tourist Warning: It makes me very sad to write this but a warning is indeed needed regarding the Jet Ski Scam taking place every day on Pattaya Beach. I am supposed to promote Pattaya on this site, not to scare people away. The local authorities are not capable or willing to do anything about it. It is such a shame when this kind of news is connected to Pattaya because it spreads very fast via the internet. It gives Pattaya a bad reputation in the eyes of the world and personally it makes me feel ashamed. It is the local mafia-run Jet ski Scam that has been here as long as I can remember (10 years+) and it is part of the old Pattaya. I sincerely hope that the New Pattaya I want will be able to fight the corruption that is the root cause of this problem.

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