FAQs when Buying Luxury Condos

When buying into a luxury condominium customers often ask the same kind of questions. Yesterday we talked about the importance of having great sea views, tonight we are going to talk about having great neighbours.

There are good neighbours, and then there are bad neighbours. How do you deal with annoying neighbours? You don’t, you move out.

There are some neighbours that are very noisy, who always have friends visiting, who drink and party often. Usually too many people will be living in these condos and they will make a lot of noise.

Then there are good neighbours that provide a tranquil environment. They live there in the condo right next to yours but you never hear them, they never turn up the volume on the sound system or slam the doors.

This is the kind of questions that are asked by potential buyers: What kind of people have bought into the project? How old are they? Do they have children? Are they Thai nationals or foreigners?

The customers want to know about the neighbours, simply because the wrong kind of neighbours can destroy the joy of living in their dream condo. Imagine a neighbour that turns on music every day, you might not hear the music itself but you feel the heavy base pulsating through your body. Same story every day. You might try to ask them to turn the bass down, they will say ‘yes’ and smile but ignore your request.

Having good neighbours is very important. The family background and people’s education and social status often separates the good neighbours from the bad. Of course there are exceptions, but good upbringing and good education often produces good neighbours.

Questions about the neighbours are most often asked when customers are buying luxury condominiums priced above 100,000 baht per square meter. Customers that buy condos priced below 2 MB will seldom bother to ask about the neighbours, they buy these condos because this is what the budget allows them to do.

Many Thais are used to a noisy environment and are not bothered by noise in the same way as people from the western world are. It is probably a cultural thing.

If you are looking for a tranquil environment you stand a better chance when you buy into a luxury development. The worst kind of neighbours are people that live in short-term rental apartments that can be booked on Agoda. Every two days new people will move in, then you have yourself a true nightmare. The “Agoda neighbours” won’t give you a quiet moment, you will want to sell your condo but nobody will want to buy.

Published 20 February 2014

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