Education should be about training the mind to think

Education should be about training the mind to think. The brain is like a hard drive that comes with a limited software package that allows only for very simple work. You have to install the software yourself or be guided by someone that operates on a higher level.

Currently education is all about memorising what others have said or written. Memorising facts just might be a waste of time but hopefully in time that will change.

Training of the mind to think, constantly trying to find the answers yourself, asking yourself the questions instead of always asking Google or finding the answers in textbooks.

There is nothing more boring that people that say and feel exactly the same as everybody else. There is nothing wrong with being inspired by others or recognize other people’s talents, but you must always question what they say. We have learned a new term recently, fake media, which suggests that the media can’t be trusted. It is not a job for the media to constantly attempt to unseat a newly elected president, nonetheless that is the case in the US. It shouldn’t be happening.

Trust yourself. In order to do that you must know yourself. And you must have a mind that has been trained to think. There’s so few of them out there. Not many, but there are some.

Jump off that bridge, you might feel lonely, but you will find some answers. Whether the answers will lead to happiness is another question. I once was a happy kid….

Published 21 February 2017

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