Editor’s Corner3

28 June 2014

Some people know the developers with a flawed reputation. Unfortunately there are also many people that don’t know anything at all. The industry’s best customers are the ignorant ones and there’s a lot of them out there. It is impossible to educate them all. They have to learn the hard way, learn from their own mistakes.

It is their money, they are adults who are responsible for their own affairs. I can’t hold people’s hands, however I can guide people in the right direction. They have to figure out the wrong direction for themselves.

28 June 2014

Bringing in a 1000 workers on a single project, now that is called commitment.

What do we call it when we see many sites with no workers at all. I could make a long list, show photos that prove it. Somehow I am not in the mood for that.

What is the opposite of commitment? Lack of commitment?

Someone is making history, someone is making a point. It is all happening at Waterfront @ Bali Hai Pier.

28 June 2014

Unbelievable construction news: 962 workers were onsite at Waterfront yesterday (27 June 2014).

A further 350 workers were busy at Centara Avenue. There are other projects in Pattaya with no workers at all, I kid you not. A possible explanation could be that all the workers are busy at Tulip Groups’ projects.

26 June 2014

If you have the right idea, if you are talented enough, if you have the will to push hard and never give up, if you have access to sufficient funds then there might be a way for a project to succeed. What I am trying to say is that success seldom comes easy. People who achieve outstanding success rarely do so at the first attempt. You need to work hard and there is little room for mistakes.

26 June 2014

I say what I feel
I mean what I say
Open up
And be yourself
There is nothing to fear
You should try it
You could learn something
About yourself

26 June 2014

I am spending a lot of time on this, actually all my free time. I bought a DVD in Tuk Com about 2 months ago, “The secret life of Walther Mitty”, I still haven’t had time to watch it.

I dream about hopping on a bus and go visit Chiang Mai. I would of course bring the little one with me.

It is my dream but Chiang Mai is so very far away. It could be great fun.

Doing what I do is tougher than it seems, it is like publishing a magazine, not once a month like others do but every day.

Can I go? Can I have some time off?

26 June 2014

Extremely interesting indeed:185 rajadamri is 85% sold, the interesting thing here is that no less than 80% were purchased by thai nationals, not foreigners as one might expect.

25 June 2014

Sometimes being the best comes with a price. But if there is no reward, would anybody care? The honour of being the best only matters to those that seek attention and recognition. The need for attention and recognition is often important for somebody with low self esteem.

Dear doctor, what is my diagnosis? Is there hope for me or have I reached the point of no return to sanity?

25 June 2014

Some people say I am the best in Pattaya. What a shame they don’t know that Bangkok is my real field of expertise.

Nobody knows Bangkok better that me. Believe it or not, up to you. The only competition is my daughter, she started much earlier than me, following me everywhere. She could beat me one day. I hope she will.

25 June 2014

Hot news on the 25th of June 2014: Concrete slab is completed for the 49th floor at Waterfront.

That means just 1 more floor to go. We have got to go and take a look today, and maybe have some ice cream to celebrate the event, he he……

25 June 2014

One man’s death is another man’s bread. There is an opening for delivering true luxury in the property market. An opportunity not to be missed.

Take a look at Centara Grand Phratamnak and be convinced that Tulip Group has got what it takes to deliver a luxury product.

I also have high hopes for Kingdom Property’s Southpoint, simply because the company is being lead by a guy with a spotless reputation in the construction industry, someone that I know takes customer care seriously.

Show the customers that you can deliver a flawless product and success will follow quickly. With so few developers left in the luxury market it ought to be easier than ever to achieve success.

25 June 2014

More than a year ago I learned that a riverside project in Bangkok was receiving a high number of complaints from buyers. A group was formed for the purpose of protecting their rights and getting the product they felt they had paid for.

At that time I did not want to get involved. I knew there will always be somebody that will complain, there will always be somebody that will never be happy no matter what is being done. With that in mind I did not bother to look into it thinking that the condominium management company would look into the complaints.

Now, a year later, the problems are still there, except things have gotten much worse. Now there is a “I-hate-developer-X” facebook account, now many more customers have joined the crusade against this particular developer. Yes, things have gotten totally out of control.

A lot of bad things have been said about this riverside development, it is all over the internet for everybody to see. But you have got to look for it in order to find it.

The problems did not go away as I first assumed would be the case, the problems have gotten much worse. It is no longer just that single person that you will never be able to please who is complaining. There are simply too many unhappy customers. Worst of all, the developer does not seem to take any of these problems seriously.

The conclusion is simple: If you want to have a reputation as a builder of luxury condominiums then you have to react intelligently.

No campaings can ever fix the mess that the developers has gotten himself into. It is a sad story that reveals that some people appear to be unfit for their positions.

One man’s death is another man’s bread. There is an opening for delivering true luxury in the market. An opportunity not to be missed.

25 June 2014

COMMENTS: The problems at XXX XXXXX has made me wonder whether the construction quality in Thailand is generally crappy.

Answer: I don’t want to go into that, but a lot of projects have substandard construction quality in Pattaya and in Thailand.

I am talking A LOT and it is not a happy story. I am saying there is room for a company that produces good quality.

In order fora company to look good we need to tell who is doing a bad job. I would rather not go down that path because there are too many that are doing a bad job.

In Pattaya there may be just 2 developers that do a proper job.

24 June 2014

Last saturday we got caught in the rain on Lat Phrao – Phaholyothin Road in Bangkok. It was really heavy rain so we ran for shelter inside Central Plaza Ladprao. Seeing a model of Waterfront on the ground floor was a bit of a surprise. Anyway the heavy rain forced us to abort the mission and return to base. Another day, another time.

23 June 2014

The worst mistake a developer can make is to ignore customer complaints on facebook. They should look into complaints, act very fast before it gets out of hand. Words are just words but when we see pictures of all the things that have gone wrong then it is too late. Then the respect for the company is gone, it will not be taken seriously anymore and the company’s brand will suffer.

The company will suffer tremendously from inexperienced leadership.

22 June 2014

Pace Development that is responsible for the MahaNakhon project understand marketing and the use the internet. Roadshows in major cities in Asia, good handling of the media etc. Good job.

Country Group Development responsible for the Landmark Waterfront project does not know that the internet has been invented. They know nothing about marketing, they know little about how to handle the media.

However Country Group is very good at investor relations, they already have the project financed by China EXIM Bank, in addition to that the contractor has injected 2 Billion baht in the project.

Both MahaNakhon and the Landmark Waterfront project will get built but for totally different reasons. Since Landmark Waterfront is considered a Chinese project it is likely that many wealthy Chinese nationals will invest in this project. So perhaps they don’t need much marketing to achieve success.

Just one question: Why not do everything to perfection? Why this sloppiness?

20 June 2014

In Pattaya we have our Waterfront project. In Bangkok they have just started building Landmark Waterfront.

I am not happy that they are stealing our name. They combine Landmark which is the name of another famous hotel on Sukhumvit Road and our Waterfront and then hope to get away with it.

Everybody knows The Landmark Hotel in Bangkok, everybody knows Waterfront in Pattaya. It is lack of imagination do what they do. I don’t like this way of combining two famous names. They remind me of copycats.

19 June 2014

Shocking news. Today I witnessed a large white brick falling from a high floor at a construction site in Wong Amat. The brick was inches from hitting a worker on his head. I saw the whole thing. First the worker had a nervous laughter, then he was looking to the right, to the left, looking up and looking at me. He stopped working. He knew this was a close call. He was not wearing a safety helmet.

It happened at the exact time when I was standing there looking at one particular worker. It was almost as if somebody had planned for me to see it. I did not need to see this. Thank God nothing happened to the guy. Just a few more inches and he would be dead.

18 June 2014

A reader was down in Bang Saray yesterday, he took a closer look at Cartoon Water Park. He was a bit worried whether or not they will be able to open next months as scheduled.

Whether you intend to use the water park or not does not matter. This entertainment park will benefit everybody that lives or works in Pattaya because it will attract a new type of customer that will spend a lot of money while they are visiting. Hotels, restaurants and developers will enjoy the fruits if this water park. Don’t underestimate the effect this venue will have on the region. It is very good for us all and we should all look forward to the day it opens.

18 June 2014

Swensen’s ice cream awaits. I know it is just a normal wednesday but we will celebrate that Waterfront has reached the 47th floor and some other important stuff. I would choose Secret Recipe as I am more into cakes but somebody else prefers ice cream.

18 June 2014

Have you ever wondered just how many workers are engaged in construction activities on the various construction sites? I certainly have but I have NEVER had any numbers. I do now. Yesterday no less than 454 day shift workers and 97 night shift workers were busy constructing Waterfront.

Yes, that many. A shockingly high number of workers. I would never have guessed this, not even come close.

18 June 2014

Great news from the rumor mill: A reliable source says Waterfront has reached the 47th floor.

From now on I recommend highlighting each time they add another floor. With only a few more floors remaining there should be a small celebration when another floor has been added. It only happens once in a lifetime that they build something like this so I recommend full exposure wholeheartedly. Doing so is good for marketing. This is something to be proud of.

However I don’t know how hard VKK is hit by workers leaving the country. Bad timing.

17 June 2014

Over the past year I have noticed a particular person clicking like on what can be characterized as controversial posts. He goes against the crowd, he does not seem to worry about what other people might think. It takes courage to do that.

People in general think about what friends, colleagues, family or perhaps the boss might think before clicking like on a controversial post.

It shows that he believes in himself, it shows he is man enough to have his own opinion. This is often the kind of person that either works for himself or holds a leader’s position.

Click like and I will tell you what kind of person you are.

17 June 2014

“So you are not in Bangkok today”. Said by somebody I met at a food court today. An unexpected funny comment that reveals we are dealing with a person with a great sense of humour. Also a comment that is food for thought. Anyway 1 point for that comment. Having a sense of humour is an important thing in my life.

Also the posts that contain no information at all, posts that are nothing but an old man’s ramblings do sometimes get read. For a minute I forgot that somebody out there know my whereabouts, they know because I often write about it on facebook.

“So you are not in Bangkok today”. A comment that gave me something to think about. A comment that left me speechless.

17 June 2014

Adverts in magazines look very nice but they reach practically nobody. They don’t even reach me and I am out every day, I never see these magazines anywhere. However, the developers like to have a copy of their favourite magazine on the table in the showroom or at their office, naturally they will choose the issue where their project is on the front page.

A complete waste of money but the developers will keep doing it the way they have always done. It is unlikely they will be moving away from print media anytime soon. Stubborn, old fashioned and slow to react to changes.

16 June 2014

The Riviera’s official facebook has posted on the 14th of feb, 11th of march and on the 6th of april this year. These 3 dates, that is all.

I would say this is an example of how NOT to run a facebook for a high profile project. However the project is selling well so why bother posting?

There are just some things I don’t understand and probably never will. If it was MY project I would post every evening. I would simply not be able to stop posting, I would not be able to stop talking about MY project.

Either people are weird or I am weird. Perhaps they believe silence is golden? I scratch my head…..

16 June 2014

To launch or not to launch, that is the question. So few are doing it, that suggests there may be unique chance to catch some of the buyers that are out there willing to invest.

However, I get this feeling that it will take time before business will be good again. I say wait, at least until we approach the next high season. October – November might be a good time to launch. The wait and see approach has never been the recipe for success. I would not gamble now, simply too risky….

16 June 2014

Pattaya is very quiet, has been for a long time, there are very few new launches at the moment. The Urban Attitude has been out there since February, I just haven’t bothered writing about it until now.

2014 is a very different year. It will take time to get business back to normal after a turbulent period. For many businesses 2014 will be a year of survival. I can relate to that. Indeed a tough year.

13 June 2014

For me personally it is not the HomePro that is interesting. It is the company that is building the store, a company that usually only gets involved in huge projects like bridges or universities. Not ITD but a similar company. And nobody knows what I am talking about. This is the life of a Guru, it means you are in a class of your own, it means nobody has got a clue as to what you are talking about.

This particular contractor has built one of the most famous hotels in Pattaya, they started construction of the hotel in 2006. With all these clues at least somebody should be able to figure it out. Nah, I think not…..

13 June 2014

The New Pattaya Team (NPT) has been in Bangkok. OMG, do I have some exciting news to report.

A few of you will know that I am not just a few steps ahead of the rest of you, I am often years ahead. That is just how it is.

How many of you know about a 29-storey project to be launched in Pattaya in July 2014? None of you and most of you make a living in this business. See my point? As the only person in the country I know these things.

I know the developer (Bangkok based), number of units and the price level, location etc.

I am thinking since knowledge is power I had better use this power. People that want to know what I know must sign up for a newsletter.

Power is to know what others do not know. If you are nice to me I will return the favour. I have had enough of copycats.

10 June 2014

The website was meant as a service for people that are not living in Pattaya, perhaps living and working in Australia or Norway. Then I thought they would like to see construction updates on a regular basis and follow the project they had bought into.

It is a fact is that many of my readers are actually living in Pattaya or Thailand, we are talking real estate agents, owners of magazines or newspapers, journalists, authors, developers both in Pattaya and Bangkok, people working for developers, property researchers, in other words people that are making a living in or out of the real estate and development industry.

The website and facebook was originally meant for condominium customers. I never expected the industry itself to jump aboard. Things don’t always go as planned.

10 June 2014

COMMENTS: Slow down. You don’t want to uncover all the failures in Pattaya. You really only want to investigate the ones your readers may ask you about, but then again, do that with caution, because none of them are paying you. Do not be vindictive, nor look for the root cause, just be objective and tell the truth without venom. Tell the truth with conviction, but do not die for it. There are enough fools in Pattaya who will stop at nothing to get in the way of someone who gets in the way. But see the controversy that you have bought up creates excitement and reader participation. You really just have to remain neutral, and don’t get caught up in, nor side with customers scorn. You have no side, your side is to tell the truth objectively, and without favour nor disfavour.

Answer: I got it 🙂

10 June 2014

Be careful with off-plan developments. Of course you might get a really good price if you are one of the early birds. But there are cases where a project has been launched in 2008 and still not completed in June 2014.

6 – 7 years is a long time to wait, it could be 6 – 7 years where you might have spent a lot of time worrying about your investment.

Do your homework well before investing in any business venture. This is exactly the problem, most customers DO NOT do any homework at all. They act impulsively, easily influenced by a good salesman.

10 June 2014

There are so many simple things I don’t understand. It takes but a few seconds to open up a facebook account and furthermore this service is absolutely free.

So why are there so many developers that do NOT do exactly that? Writing a few words every now and then about their own favourite project ought to be the easiest thing in the world.

So why don’t they do it? I just don’t get it. Sometimes I am wondering whether I am living in the same world as they are.

But ok, they are making money, I am not. Therefore, logically they must be right and I must be wrong.

9 June 2014

COMMENTS: Yes, you are a promoter of Pattaya, but above that, you are a bearer of pertinent information; the good, the bad, the sexy and the ugly…like you say, the truth isn’t always easy to hear, but the facts are what we all seek…we can get bullshit anywhere….in fact it’s already everywhere.

Anwer: 🙂

9 June 2014

Did you know that lower floor units at Waterfront were going for just over 4M a couple of years ago? If you had bought 10 units you could have retired and lived a very comfortable life.

What to do? Invent a time machine, go back and make the right decision. It is all about timing, knowing which project and which kind of unit there will be a demand for.

This was the case for Northshore, this is the case for Waterfront.

9 June 2014

Waterfront Suites & Residences Pattaya RE-SALE (foreign hold)

Waterfront at bargain prices, around 148,000 baht/m2. These are the best prices out there, I think we can all agree on that. Many units are selling at around 200,000 baht/m2.

– C-Type 2 Bedroom, 104 sqm, 30th floor (15,450,000)
– D-Type Duplex, 84 sqm, 33-34th floor (12,500,000)

Go for it while the offer is available. It is actually cheap especially considering the high floor. Low floor studios are selling at 200,000 baht/sqm.

Make the right decision, do it NOW.

8 June 2014

An Editor who is afraid to speak his mind is not an editor
He is a businessman
Does he have a choice?
Will the big money decide?
Often – but not always
There is hope
If you dare to challenge the system
Then we can change the status quo
Sometimes we all need a helping hand
There are people out there
Who share your goals
Follow your heart
Or it will die
It is not impossible
At the darkest hour
Help may be close at hand
And the good guys will win

8 June 2014

We have talked a little about Matrix Developments lately. To be honest, I find it more interesting to talk about the company that has been chosen as the main building contractor for a project than to talk about the developer. To continue the Matrix story, I believe they have made the perfect decision regarding the building contractor for CCR, City Center Residence.

Matrix have chosen Skyline Construction and that company has proven beyond a doubt that they can deliver great results. I like Skyline and I will follow any project that they are building.

Matrix have chosen wisely this time, thumbs up for that.

Personally I am wondering which contractor will get the contract to build Centara Grand Residence in Jomtien. I don’t know which company will get the job. It is not my decision and you could argue that it is none of my business. But I have my wishes and hopes.

7 June 2014

One of those days I could have done without
Don’t expect any action tonight
I am not in the mood for that
I am not invincible
Nobody said life would be easy
I have to do what is best for the princess
Even if it is not good for me

6 June 2014

It has been a crazy week with new problems almost on a daily basis. I often think about shutting my facebook down completely because of all these problems and then I might have a little privacy.

However, facebook is simply a much too powerful tool to ignore. I want my website and facebook to grow and it will be much more difficult to accomplish that task without using facebook. I am not looking for fame for personal reasons, I only want my website to grow.

My facebook, my website and myself are getting entangled into something new and unpredictable, an entity that is starting to have a life of its own. I react on public and private messages, on comments from my website, on emails and then things start to happen fast, often taking me in a direction that is beyond my control.

I normally go to bed around midnight but my readers can go on all night and often I wake up to 20+ notifications when I turn on the computer in the morning. Not all comments make me happy, once in a while I am forced to delete some weird comments. Facebook take more and more of my time, there is nothing I can do about that, however, I would not mind having 100K++ likes. I believe that will be possible in 5 years time.

5 June 2014

Rumors are good for neither a developer nor for the customers. So how do rumors arise and how can they be stopped?

You can only blame the developer. If there is lack of information or no information at all, if the developer does not understand the word ‘customer care’, then he has created the perfect recipe for rumors to arise.

Rumors arise because nobody knows exactly what is going on. They arise because the developer keeps quiet or pretends it is business as usual. Rumors are very damaging for any company in any kind of business. Rumors and bad leadership are often connected.

The occurrence of rumors should be given the highest priority and dealt with immediately. Rumors can destroy a company in no time. Brand building should be taken seriously, the same applies to rumors that can cause brand destruction which is the opposite of brand building.

Don’t just blame the developer, blame everybody that works for him. Rumors reveal that the leadership has a lack of understanding of basic human mechanisms.

Be professional at work, hire the right people for the right positions.

5 June 2014

There was this young man, he had new ideas, I loved the guy, loved his ideas, I believed in him.

Then there was another guy that turned out to be nothing but a thief. My problem is that I liked these guys, both very good with words, they seemed to be highly intelligent, polite and very convincing.

They both fooled me, fooled me big time. I have to stop being so naive all the time.

I have been naive. Why do I always attract the best con men there is in this business. These two guys plus another two I won’t talk about here, they all had me going for a while.

They come to me, that means I must have something they desire. They all have that in common that they are the little guys wanting to make it big. They want to make it big AT ALL COST.

I have learned that people that seem to possess entrepreneurship often are con artists in disguise.

I am not angry, just disappointed in people.

5 June 2014

The copycat that has been causing problems for me are Russians based in Bangkok. Russians with a past in Pattaya. Believe it or not, I actually helped to promote their new company about a year ago.

This is the thanks I get for helping someone FOR FREE.

Why do I always attract the wrong kind of people? I mean, this is not the first time something like this has happened to me. Are there any good people in this business, people with a conscience?

They steal because they can’t do the job themselves. I got screwed one more time, didn’t I. It won’t be the last…..

4 June 2014

Some people hang around with the intention of stealing my work. It has been like this since the beginning. I can ban these people but I will never be able to stop them from doing what they do.

They can’t do anything themselves so they do the only thing that can: Steal from others.

Information can be valuable, that’s why they follow people like myself. And there ain’t a damn thing I can do about it.

4 June 2014

I am very angry with XXXXXXX. I have noticed that they are stealing from me. There are projects where I am the only source of information, developer has no official website or online presence. There is just one guy writing about these projects, that’s me.

That is, until now when XXXXXXX is also writing about these projects. XXXXX and co don’t know shit about Pattaya, they have never been here, they don’t know shit about Bang Saray or anywhere else for that matter. They have never even looked at a single construction site.

They haven’t got a clue about anything. All they do is steal from other online sources, in this case they are stealing from me, using me and my work to make money.

I am very angry and I have a right to be. I am totally pissed off. I am feeling used here, much worse than when another guy copied my content.

This is serious, I can’t be friendly towards people that steal from me.

Stealing other people’s work is bad.

4 June 2014

Can a parent take credit for a positive and happy child that smiles a lot? And, on the contrary, can a parent be blamed if a kid ends up NOT smiling and NOT being happy? If the parents give love and attention is that enough to bring about a happy child?

Alex Oakins from neoThai.com and 2-thai.com got me thinking this morning. How much influence do parents have on their kids’ behavior and mental development? I know I can’t make my child be who I want, I learnt that from my mother. My mother had a handful of kids and I am certain that neither of us turned out quite the way she wanted.

I shield my daughter as much as I can from the bad things in the world. I just wonder whether she would be a different person if I did not look after her all the time.

I don’t know the answers to these questions but I am not taking any chances. Her well-being has first priority.

3 June 2014

The population in Pattaya taken into consideration there are simply to many residential projects under construction.

I hate to say it, but we need more people in Pattaya and we need more jobs that are not related to the tourism industry.

Pattaya must become more than just a tourist destination. We need a financial district where the top companies in the world can have head offices.

I see it happening one day, however the time frame is uncertain.

3 June 2014

Decco pattaya, Chic republic, new giant Index living mall, new giant HomePro, all situated along Sukhumvit Road.

I hate to say it but Pattaya does NOT have the sufficient population to support all these new malls and stores. This might be the case one day in the future – but not in 2014.

2 June 2014

Looking different doesn’t make you special. It is what you do that makes you special.

2 June 2014

Where some see difficulties
Others see opportunities
Nobody said it is going to be easy
But if you are having fun
If feels easy
Come to think of it
It is easy
At least for me

1 June 2014

In an increasingly competitive market many businesses are looking for partners or looking to form a strategic alliance or partnership in order to gain a competitive edge or just to boost the chances of success.

Any boosting that needs to be done I will do myself. Not looking for partners here.

1 June 2014

Real estate agents often speak the salesman’s language. These guys know a trick or two, after all talking is their business, that is how they make their money. If you meet an agent in a bar you would probably have a good time in his company, he will be able to entertain you and make you laugh. I have met a lot of agents and they all remind me of each other. I must admit that trust is not a word that I associate with agents. This is because they have to be very careful of what they say and how they say it. Just one wrong word and the customers might get nervous and run away, never to come back.

Don’t blame the agents, they do what they have to do to close the deal. But if you listen carefully when they speak you just might learn a trick or two.

31 May 2014

I advance one step at a time
I am going somewhere
But I don’t know exactly where
The basket is full of fruits
I only pick the ones I like

31 May 2014

Do you have people who disagree with you? Good. It means you’re walking your own path.

29 May 2014

Be humble
Be grateful
Never take anything for granted

I am not sure whether I am humble enough but I am truly grateful and I never take anything for granted. I have no choice but to take one day at a time.

29 May 2014

I have been visiting Bangkok. It is very safe, no soldiers, nothing unusual. When you read the newspapers you get the wrong picture. I said nothing unusual, that was not entirely correct correct. There are very few tourists in Bangkok, the hotels are empty. 50% discount on many hotels, cheaper than ever.

I would not bring my daughter if it was not safe. There is nothing to worry about. I have never seen Big C Rajadamri so quiet, even the Thais seem to have less money to spend these days.

27 May 2014

Do you know the story about The Emperor’s New Clothes? Everybody keeps silent, everybody follows the mainstream, nobody stands out except for a little child that cries out, “But he isn’t wearing anything at all!”

Tonight I will be the only one to say these words: “The building is grey, it is grey, it is freaking grey all over. It is totally depressing.”

Tonight the Property Guru is in the driver’s seat. Things will be set straight and there will be NOTHING more to argue about.

27 May 2014

The little one is sleeping. The Guru is in the driver’s seat. If you are looking for utterly predictable news then a real estate magazine is probably what you are looking for.

If you are looking for something totally unexpected then stay here. We are different and not scared to pick a fight.

Stay tuned. Something is cooking, something needs to be said. Gotta do some dishes first and prepare milk. We will be back.

27 May 2014

Beauty is universal. You know it instinctively when you see it. You don’t need to think about whether something is beautiful or not. If you feel you need time to make up your opinion, then you don’t have the real thing.

I guess you need to have some authority or have believe in yourself to have the courage to speak out. To be a bit technical, it is your brain that makes the decision. A perfect building has something to do with symmetry and use of the correct materials. I won’t go into that now.

I speak out and I am mostly right because I know what I am talking about.

27 May 2014

All of those years of studying science were nothing but preparation for managing Editor’s Corner and taking care of my daughter.

23 May 2014

Last evening my wife asked to borrow the keys to my motorbike. I gave her the house keys instead of the keys to my bike.

I am not myself, I am out of balance because of of the situation in Thailand. My daughter is a thai national. I am worried about her future in this country.

22 May 2014

There are people that understand me and people that don’t. I think very few people really understand me, perhaps only a handful of people know what I am made of and what I stand for.

In general people get me all wrong, they take my words literally when they are not supposed to.

22 May 2014

COMMENTS: hello mate,
How are you? I hope that all is well. Are they still building XXXXX and XXXXXXXX ???. I am not begging…..I am not asking for a free service…..In fact, I am only asking a question…..(But if you are up that way, well…You know), but I am not grovelling, expecting something for nothing, (I know how much you hate that) but I am appealing to your kind nature, good heart, and sweet soul, that if you are up XXXXXXX way, well, you get my drift…(See still not asking) Once again, hope you are well my friend.

Answer: This is how you make me do something for free. This is how a genius gets what he wants.

There are ways to handle me, ways that work and ways that don’t. Well this approach works really well.

“kind nature, good heart, and sweet soul”. This guy has got a sense of humour that I like.

I needed a good laugh today, thanks mate. I will see what I can do.

21 May 2014

Regarding knowledge about this thing called the internet I am actually one of the best in the world.

I don’t build world class condos and hotels but I am world class in my field. And this isn’t even my favourite field of expertise.

19 May 2014

I am the captain of my own ship
I use the wind to take me where I want to go
If there is a problem I will deal with it
It is all up to me
If something goes wrong
I will take full responsibility
I won’t blame others for my failures
Sometimes I attract the wrong kind of people
Then I need to be tough
The door is not open for anyone to enter
Life is like a game
If you are able to learn from your mistakes
If you have a positive mindset
Then you just might end up being good
At playing the game of life
Don’t wait for things to happen
Make them happen
There is only one way
Always forward

18 May 2014

Do you fancy living in a large condominium made up of small turnkey units with many people coming and going all the time?

Whenever I stay in a hotel, there is nothing better than when all the other rooms on my floor have no guests staying. I like quiet surroundings, that is why these 1000-unit builds we see all over Pattaya is not my cup of tea. People make noise, they slam the doors.

17 May 2014

The page counter reaching number 1,000,000 is an important milestone in my life. Just to warn you, this week I will be talking a lot about this. This is my “Big Bridge Lift” and it will be covered in detail.

I will not invite all the celebrities in town to a party at Centara Grand Pratumnak but this event will get maximum online exposure.

17 May 2014

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. If a competitor adds you as a page to watch it means he is worried about your growth, it means he is taking you seriously. It is not the page itself he will be watching, it is the statistics of the page.

If I sound paranoid it is only because I know the nature of human beings.

17 May 2014

Divide and conquer. I am seeing someone in Pattaya using this approach in order to gain power in the online world.

Interesting. There is something going on. Alliances are being made. Lines are being drawn.

They have money and money is power. But money can’t buy everything. Do they have what it takes? It is just the old faces that are getting worried.

16 May 2014

One fine day, out of nowhere, a new developer entered the local property market in Pattaya. The developer had earlier been active in the city doing joint ventures or developing under someone else’s brand.

As it turned out, this new company was better than the others at everything:

Image and brand building
Public relations
High visibility in both the print and online media
Strong online presence
Press releases
Often in the headlines
Luxury developer
Short build time

Sometimes I wonder how the old partners are feeling. This new guy comes along and he steals the spotlight simply because he has got a better team.

People are people, jealousy can arise especially if someone else used to be in the headlines and perhaps feel pushed aside. It can be hard to handle other people’s success.

I know that most of the local developers are friends, many have an Israeli background. I know nothing about what is going on behind the scenes but sometimes I find myself wondering how the others are handling the success of this developer.

It is never easy when a competitor that is doing everything better comes along, after all this is a business.

15 May 2014

Tulip Group might be entering the tough property market in Bangkok. I have long been waiting for one of our local developers to take that step. This will be extremely interesting to follow, this project will have my highest priority.

This is good news. I have to admit I love Bangkok, I feel at home there.

15 May 2014

Blogging is a very difficult discipline to master. More and more people, both developers, magazine owners and real estate agents are trying to set up a blog, most of them are unsuccessful in the attempt to do so.

Writing a few words is easy, however reaching out and connecting with the readers is NOT easy, actually it is close to impossible. As a result someone may have put a lot of effort into writing a post and sadly practically nobody will be reading it.

Blogging is a kind of marketing so you will need exposure, you will need people to read the blog and you will want these readers to return to read your blog. Without marketing exposure, the blog would be non-existent, without readers the blog would be a total waste of time and money.

14 May 2014

Today is my mother’s birthday. She is 79 years old today.

On this occasion I think back to when I was a child. I can’t remember being particularly grateful for all the hard work my parents did for us children.

I was just being a child and not thinking about how my parents were doing. I should have asked, “Hey, are you guys happy? Are us children giving you a hard time? Dad, how are things at work, do you have good colleges?”

I never asked my parents this kind of questions. I was too busy thinking about other stuff or probably not thinking at all.

I was very lucky having the parents I had. I did have very good parents. My father worked hard while my mother was home taking care of the home and us children. It was a safe environment and I had a happy childhood.

Unfortunately I did not fully understand how lucky I was until the day that I became a parent myself. Being parents is hard work, I know that now. It is a shame it had to take so long before I understood all this.

I know that my daughter will probably not be particularly grateful for everything that I do for her, she will just take it all for granted. She will never know about my worries and thoughts. Perhaps one day when she becomes a parent she might understand.

I never got to thank my parents properly. It is too late to thank my father but my mother is still alive. I am thinking I had better write her a letter before it is too late.

14 May 2014

The Central Embassy shopping mall was such a disappointment. In trying to give it a futuristic look something went wrong. There is no heart and soul, no warmth.

It makes me appreciate our own Central Festival Pattaya Beach complex so much more. Now I know how lucky we are. Making a good design is not as easy as it seems.

I will not be returning to that mall.

14 May 2014

There are some people that think it is cool to know me, but only through private channels. In public or on my facebook they pretend like they don’t know me.

People with such a weak character should not be wasting my time. I have no respect for such behaviour. Find someone else to bother.

It is not just one or two people I am talking about, I have lost count of how many there are.

It sounds weird, but I guess it takes courage to know me in public.

14 May 2014

I have great advertising skills but this particular field of expertise does not interest me much. Convincing customers to buy a product is something I would rather not do.

But I can do it and I am very good at it.

14 May 2014

Some of the information I possess about the property market is of a confidential nature, information that will be revealed when the time is right, if they decide to go through with the projects.

However, I can say that many developers have made detailed plans for future developments, land has been bought and developer is just waiting for the conditions to improve. Let is be no secret that the political unrest in Thailand is causing many good projects to be put on hold.

Let me give a glimpse of the future. Right next to Pattaya Posh on North Pattaya road there is an empty plot of land, plans to build condos have been made but they will not launch now. Probably after Pattaya Posh have been completed and after the conditions in Bangkok have improved.

13 May 2014

In most cases it misleading to talk about the number of units in a development that has been sold. Instead we should focus on the percentage of the total project value that has been sold.

12 May 2014

“Good quality expats”. Just three little words. I have to admit that I have never before seen these words put together in that order.

Do I qualify as a good quality expat? It was always my dream to become a quality expat.

Am I a quality expat or am I not? Not knowing bothers me so much that I can’t sleep at night. Who gets to decide on the matter?

I read these three little words in a local magazine lately and they did catch my attention.

To be or not to be a good quality expat.
That is the question.

11 May 2014

The Mall is coming to Pattaya, the city is simply too important to be ignored. Let it be no secret that The Mall Group and Central Group are arch-rivals. With that in mind it is extremely likely that The Mall Group will soon launch a huge shopping complex in Pattaya.

The Mall Group and Central Group are fighting in Bangkok. They will most certainly be bringing this fight to Pattaya. The Mall Group is in the offensive zone.

10 May 2014

Veranda Residence Pattaya, La Royale, Ocean Pacific, Nam Talay, Centara Grand Residence + hotel, Beach Front Jomtien Residence.

Do you get the picture? This is a part of town where things are happening fast. And they are happening fast for a reason.

In this area you will also find Venezian and The Feelture. Do the math, it is rather obvious.

9 May 2014

Every once in a while somebody offers me to buy leads, email addresses of potential customers. Two years ago I thought about it for a week or two, then I decided it was not my thing. Once in a while I might forward an email to an agent or a developer but I always do so for free. Part of me believe it is wrong to sell other peoples emails, especially since they did not ask for it. If somebody contacts me I want them to feel safe and not feel I am after their emails for profit. I am not saying that people that are in the business of selling emails are bad, I am just saying it is not right for me.

8 May 2014

In the developed countries there are people that earn a good salary, yet purchasing an apartment is not an option because of the high market prices.

In Thailand, and in Pattaya in particular, these people can fulfill the dream of owning a condominium. 20 years into the future this will most likely NOT be the case.

Act now before it is too late.

8 May 2014

COMMENTS: I actually like the small condos in Pattya, let me explain why. I live in ******* and I own an apartment in Pattaya that I rent out. In ****** I earn a good wage and live with my parents. There is a whole generation that live at home, and if you want to buy a house in ******* it costs over $500,000. The cheap condos gives you an opportunity to own something without getting a loan from the bank, yeah sure, we would like to own something bigger, but the fact is that I own it without a mortgage over my head, it has a bed and a bathroom and a balcony. I can shut the door at night and call it my own home, this is a big thing for my generation. It’s a hell of a lot better than the small bedroom at my parents house!

4 May 2014

I just woke up, I fell asleep myself while putting the little one to bed this evening. And she also fell asleep when we arrived at Central @ Beach at 4 o’clock today. I had to sit there and hold her until she was good and ready to wake up.

Not much else to do than sit down and look at people walking by. Feeling privileged about being her father. A lot of worries come with that job.

I have got to give her all my love and keep other children from hurting her. Some kids that are left to their own devices can have a negative effect on her. Kids copy each other’s behaviour, it is very easy to pick up bad habits.

I want her to keep smiling and be happy. Until now I have protected her but I can’t protect her forever. Some kids are violent and dangerous, I have seen them too often at various playparks at markets. Not all kids are given the love they need and then things go wrong.

3 May 2014

The other day I referred customer to a developer. I got a “thanks, we appreciate it”, they actually replied in a friendly manner. That was very unusual.

9 out of 10 developers don’t even bother to answer. I am glad to learn there are some good guys in this business.

That is why I try my best to stay out of it and don’t get involved. I guess most of them are not my kind of people.

A lone wolf walking his own path. It is tough at times, especially when considering all the other problems.

2 May 2014

Someone talked about the tricks that the brain plays on all of us. The brain is a clever thing. It not only creates the illusion that we are in charge, the brain creates the subjective sense of a unified self. The world we see ‘out there’ through our eyes is also just an illusion. The world is not ‘out there’, it is just the best model of the world that the brain is able to create, an interpretation that may be wrong. The brain receives light signals from the optic nerves, then it starts to interpret these signals and creates a world inside our minds. The world is not ‘out there’, worst case is that the world may just be a figment of our imagination.
This is a nice bedtime stories for adults. And now, I bid you goodnight.
The conclusion is: Never have an argument with an idiot or someone like me.

2 May 2014

The page view counter for newpattaya.com will reach number 1,000,000 in May 2014.

This is a pretty important milestones and is is done without hiring any so called SEO experts. May will be a fun month.

2 May 2014

Hello, you wouldn’t by any chance be Mr XXXXXX?
If I say that to somebody it means he has been deemed environmentally friendly to the environment. I am much worse than the guys at EIA. While the EIA approves one out of ten projects, I usually only approve one out of a hundred. Bringing me a lunch box full of goodies would not make any difference, it would not soften my stand.

1 May 2014

Today I met a guy that I have been thinking about lately. He just walked past me as if it was the most natural thing in the world. We talked a little, it was great to hear the voice of someone I only know from the internet.

A totally cool guy, a down to earth guy, not scary at all.

I meet him by coincidence but I was not surprised by that at all. It was almost as if I subconsciously was prepared for it to happen. There is some kind of strange magic in my life, sometimes when I think about something, it comes true.

A bit weird but I am used to it by now.

1 May 2014

In the world of SEO having broken links is a big no-no, avoid it at all cost. I just found out that all my Tulip Group project sites have been linking to a page that does not exist anymore, this is the old main entrance to their website:


The new one is just http://tulipgroup.co.th/ The old one has probably not been working for more than 1 year.

Conclusion: Maintain your website, keep all the links updated. All this takes time and it is much more fun to write about new projects.

There needs to be someone working on the SEO more or less full time if you have many pages.

30 April 2014

From a SEO point of view it is not wise to call a new project ‘Renaissance Pattaya’. The LK Renaissance Hotel in Pattaya will make it difficult for customers to find the project online. They have to include the word ‘condo’ or ‘condominium’ if they want to be found.

I know because I live and breathe on the internet. The net is my home.

30 April 2014

Talking about doing well on Google, there are ways to trick the system. It is all about the clicks. If you get a lot of clicks Google will believe you are very popular and a good writer and everybody loves you.

Google is a nothing but a program and as such it shows no signs of intelligence. A copycat can rank higher than the original author, I have seen it happen many times to me.

You can use sponsored links, it is not going to cost a fortune, then you will get the clicks and then you will get a high ranking. It does not matter whether the content is any good or totally sucks, if you get a lot of clicks you will do well on Google.

Even computer generated websites can do extremely well, naturally they will be totally boring but Google is not able to recognise that humans are not involved.

When you play chess against a computer even an expert will loose sometimes.

29 April 2014

I have something in common with the guys @ EIA. They have 300 projects at any time queuing up to receive EIA, I have in the range of a thousand projects waiting in line for a review.

The long waiting line, the high number of rejections will make some developers desperate or in a state of panic. This is a very powerful committee.

The developers are developing the country, in a way they are heroes because they are helping the economy. We should support them and not create hurdles for them. More manpower at the EIA office would speed up the process and the developers would have less to worry about. That would be good for the country.

Why don’t someone in charge make some changes to this system?

26 April 2014

Yeah, I admit it, I am trying to push the other developers to match the speed of construction we are seeing at Waterfront. It is a lot more fun whey I can see the progress after just one weeks work.

When progress is too slow I completely loose interest in a project. The developers need to show that they are committed to working hard and deliver results as fast as they can.

That is my opinion, I know I am talking to deaf ears. Life is short, I may not be alive in 30 years time. It would be a shame if the buyers are dead before the project is completed.

25 April 2014

A couple of weeks ago we talked about two new players each setting up a property booth in Carrefour, one was ORP and the other CBRE selling The Riviera. To follow up on that story: CBRE quickly left the mall but ORP is still holding the flag high.

Comment: Two property booths next to each other selling the same property, does that make any sense? I find it peculiar that both of these companies decided to set up a property booth exactly at the same time in a mall where they have never had a booth before. It must have been a joint decision between somebody, I am certain it was no coincidence.

My question: Why would somebody at ORP make a deal with somebody at CBRE about setting up a property booth?

If you see the world through my eyes you will see things you are not meant to see. They always leave traces that only smart people will be able to see. The funny thing is that they are not aware that they are leaving any traces.

99,999999% of the readers will think that I have definitely gone bonkers this time, only one or two will understand the language I speak.

25 April 2014

On the internet I am already playing with the big companies in Thailand at the moment.

I focus on being big on a global scale. I don’t see any of the local players as a threat. The time frame is 3 – 5 years, by then things should get interesting. It is a goal and I believe I have what it takes to achieve that goal. However, some luck is needed, that is something that is beyond my control.

25 April 2014

Long Beach, Sea Saran, Green Cascade, Island Life Condo @ Koh Chang, Baan Plai Had. This is some of the projects where Compass is responsible for the marketing and in some cases even managing the entire project.

I am noticing that business seems to be extremely good. I believe Compass has 3 or 4 directors, one of them is that guy from Warner Media Group (WMG). I invented that company name myself (WMG). When a company reaches a certain size you will need to include the word “Group” in the company name. Compass is growing fast, getting Sansiri as a client is undeniably an honour. It probably also means that Sansiri’s company PLUS is having problems selling Baan Plai Haad by themself. It could be interesting knowing the sales numbers for Baan Plai Haad.

24 April 2014

So I drove 250 km to Koh Chang, visited a nice condominium project that I already knew about from an earlier visit to the island. Guess who has been asked to handle the marketing for this project. If I say it is a Pattaya based company few will be surprised when I tell the name of the company.
Compass Real Estate Group will do the marketing in Pattaya for a project on Koh Chang.
First with the news again, ha ha ha.
I get the honour of telling the news, not the people involved. How about that. Kinda funny, I surely am enjoying it.

24 April 2014

Private Message: Please send me updated construction photos of The Palm.

Answer: Songkran has just ended and I was not in Pattaya during Songkran. I expect many workers went upcountry to celebrate the thai new year with their families.

Therefore I do not expect much has happened at the various construction sites during this period.

I have not abandoned The Palm, I will stay with the project until completion. I expect I have time for photo updates about once per month, that is the best I can do.

Others are more then welcome to send me photos of the project, I will happily post them here.

I fully understand that some buyers want daily updates, I would want so myself if I had bought an apartment. They are just looking after their investment.

I can say that I am totally stressed out, I have not even had time to email a good friend who has bought a unit at Serenity Pattaya. If you read these words: I hope you enjoyed your stay in Hua Hin. I feel at home in Hua Hin myself.

Everybody expects me to do the impossible. I am only human, please don’t forget that. My recent holiday in Koh Chang included visiting showrooms and construction sites on the island. If I want to know what is going on I need to make an effort to to be perfect. It is not as easy as it seems.

24 April 2014

When a new project is being launched the first and most important questions that customers need to ask themselves are:

Who is the developer?
What has he built in the past?
Is developer trustworthy, does he have a good reputation?

This is the experts way of looking at new property developments. However, many customers do not do their homework properly when investing in property for the first time. They have worked hard for their money but they do not seem to use an intelligent approach when buying property.

Many new projects don’t even give any information about who the developer is. The new trend is that real estate agents are being left in charge of the entire project, the agency will act on developers behalf in all matters concerning the project.

21 April 2014

The sweet island life has come to an abrupt end. No longer will there be breakfast on the beach. Lazy hours by the big pool is also a thing of the past.

It was good while it lasted. Returning to Pattaya was tough for my daughter, she enjoyed every minute of the holiday. All good things come to an end.

15 April 2014

I read an editorial in a local magazine. Here is a few words, out of context, but still surprising:
Why not print an honest review that criticises “the restaurant” (developer???). His answer is that producing a magazine in Pattaya is tough enough without making enemies on top of all the other problems.

I counted about 70 full-page advertisements from 50 different companies. If a single full-page costs 10K we are talking 700,000 baht per issue. Half price, 5000 B would mean 350,000 baht, either way an awful lot of money.

For that kind of money I fully understand that nobody is being criticised.

Then he says that this is what the reading public wants. I disagree with that, I think this what the advertisers want.

At least this guy deserves some credit for being honest about the way the system works. Nothing new under the sun.

15 April 2014

140,256 Baht per square meter and 142,019 baht per square meter. A project in Pattaya has these prices for a one-bedroom unit with a size of 31 sqm on the 34th and 38th floor respectively.

Which project? You will be very surprised when I tell you:

We are talking about Centric Sea Pattaya.

Even I did not expect the prices to be that high. Is the quality really that good or is it the location that is driving prices up?

12 April 2014

Private Message to The Phantom:

1) No, I do not sell emails, I do this because I love it, it has always been my dream.
2) The post you are looking for has been deleted. Nothing important.

Happy Songkran 2014 if you like getting wet for 10 days in a row. I will be escaping the madness in Pattaya.

12 April 2014

CBRE and ORP are new players in Carrefour, a shopping mall seem by many as a mall for the poor people. The rich folks hang around in places like Central @ Beach.

They will probably try it out for a month or two and see if it works. Height Holdings seem to believe in the place, they have been here for a long time, sponsoring a lot of property booths. CBRE and ORP are testing the waters at the moment. The rent in Carrefour is high so they will pull out if they don’t catch enough fish. The expenses are worthwhile if the yields are high enough.

We will know soon. This is an experiment that has my interest.

11 April 2014

Identity crisis
Who the hell am I
A thinker
A philosopher
Apparently not
Self respect
Thrown out the window
Total system failure
Possible causes
The heat
Age catching up
Nothing but excuses
Need time
To find myself again

11 April 2014

Do you like to have fun at other people’s expense? I certainly don’t. I did exactly that on my FB a few days ago. The last couple of days I have not felt good about myself.

I hurt somebody, it was not my intention, I was not thinking at all. I was trying to be funny and by doing so I hurt somebody’s feelings.

I apologize for that mistake. There is only one to blame, that is me. What I did was stupid and I was not even aware of it. That scares me.

To whom it may concern: I am sorry for writing a stupid post.

8 April 2014

I talk to people. Today I talked to a team that is building a new hotel in Pattaya. We all spoke in the Thai language. A guy that is scared of people can’t do what I do. Uninvited I entered the construction site and I got some great information.

Once in Bangkok I wanted to enter a construction site but there was a guard at the entrance. I waited until the guard left and then I entered. The worst that could have happened was that they would kick me out. If I got caught I would pretend to be a Russian that had gotten lost.

This sunday I entered The Mayfair showroom that is currently under construction. There were people present at the showroom and we also had a talk.

I talk to people, but I choose carefully who to talk to.

8 April 2014

A few thoughts on the 50% foreign quota system in Thailand.

Sales of new properties in Pattaya often come to a screeching halt once the 50% foreign quota is reached. This is the case for most developments but even more so for high-priced developments. The reason is arguable, but it is probably because if a foreigner spends that much money on a unit he will want the security of legally owning outright. The affect of foreign quota and the subsequent setting up a Thai Company to “work around the system” is a very interesting part of the industry. Many developments have resorted to providing Thai companies on the spot at the sales office to overcome this issue. For those who are used to doing business in Thailand, buying by Thai company may not be a deterrent, however, undoubtedly a considerable amount of foreigners have simply not bought because there was no foreign quota. Its impact on the industry is undeniable. The news about a crackdown on ownership of “fake” or “not active” companies is not exactly creating confidence in this system. Sadly this kind of news are in the media every 5 years or so and eventually no action takes place. The threat of being forced to sell your property, the sword hanging over your head will always be there when doing business in Thailand.

7 April 2014

If you follow me you will learn about projects in Rayong, Bang Saray, Pattaya, Laem Chabang, Sriracha, Bang Saen, Bangkok, Hua Hin and Khao Yai.

I visit all the sites that I write about. I have been advised about NOT to write about how good I am.

But I am good, so good that some people follow me only to steal my work and use it for business purposes. They make money off of my ideas and my work. Not so cool.

7 April 2014

2014 seems to belong to Waterfront and 2016 seems to belong to CGR. It has been reported that prices at Waterfront is skyrocketing at the moment, this comes as no surprise as the development is truly unique.

I know a good guy that has a few units for sale but only at the right price, we are talking prices in the range of 200,000 baht per sqm.

-Duplex on 33-34th floor
-2 BDR C-Type 30th floor

I adviced this guy NOT to sell. After the hotel opens later this year the prices will definitely increase, the units will be selling at prices earlier unheard of. It will be crazy. Waterfront is THE ONLY address in town at the moment. If you are somebody you will need to own a unit here. Living here is a privilege reserved for the few.

I will forward any requests to him. I am not receiving a percentage of the sale, I am helping this guy for free. However, I don’t believe I am doing him a favour. I would hold on to the units for another 5 – 6 years, then sell.

6 April 2014

Katy Perry’s music video “Dark Horse” has got 191 million views on YouTube since the release in 2013. I have got close to 1 million pageviews, that makes Kate Perry about 191 times more popular then my site about construction and development.

I would say I have succeeded in popularising a boring subject like construction. Obviously I can’t compete with Kate Perry or other famous music artists but I have more tricks up my sleeve.

6 April 2014

New Pattaya condo project. I can’t take the credit for bringing this project to ya’lls attention. Last night I was tipped off about this project, tipped off by a distinguished gentleman known as ‘the invisible hand’. While I am pretending to be somebody the same cannot be said about him. He is somebody. His identity shall remain undisclosed. We will talk more about the project later tonight, right now it is somebody’s bedtime.

6 April 2014

HOT NEWS: A unit at Waterfront was recently purchased for an incredible 246.000 baht per square meter while many others in the building are selling for 200.000 baht a square meter.

5 April 2014

How do you define magic events. Magic events is when something happens even though it is not supposed to happen because the probability of the event is close to zero. If an event has a probability of zero (0) that means that it cannot happen – it is completely impossible. Close to 0 means the event can happen but the chance of winning big in lottery is a million times higher.

I will tell you about a magic event, it happened yesterday.

I was driving from Bangkok to Pattaya, then I saw a huge billboard showing a new residential project.

Yesterday another guy was also driving from Bangkok to Pattaya, he also saw the same a huge billboard showing the new residential project.

I made a comment on my facebook about this new project.

The other guy also made a comment on my facebook about the same project.

In short: On the SAME day, two different guys living in Pattaya saw the same billboard while driving.

Most people don’t focus much on roadside ads, these two guys did.

They saw the billboard and they commented on the same facebook.

In Pattaya there is probably not more than a couple of hundred people that know my facebook.

Out of Pattaya’s 500.000 residents perhaps only a couple of hundred are aware of my facebook.

The event is so unlikely that is was not supposed to take place. It did, and it was a magic moment.

Out of the 200 readers, 2 had to be driving from Bangkok to Pattaya, notice the billboard and make a comment about it on the same facebook, on the same day.

There is magic in my life, there is more to life than meets the eyes. There is some weird connection here……

5 April 2014

I have gathered my strength again and I am ready for a little morning bragging. If you want to stay updated about construction and new projects in Thailand you will want to follow me.

It is NOT in the Bangkok Post or The Nation or the property portals in Bangkok where you will find the good stuff.

Why do I beat them all so easily? They have billions of baht and hundreds of staff.

The answer is simple:

They do it because they have to, because it is their job.

I do it for fun. Construction is my life.

4 April 2014

Yes, I am a wise guy
Been studying all my life
But that’s not why I am wise
I am wise
Because I have learned
That honesty is the foundation of wisdom

3 April 2014

Today we have witnessed that interaction between a manager of a facebook and some readers has resulted in the creation of new content. It has all happened practically instantly.

This is the way to do it, however it requires that the facebook manager is online more or less constantly. A quick response is what the customers want. It is tough but it can be done. Especially large companies should take well care of their facebooks.

3 April 2014

We have talked about predictable human behavior and I have a fine example of that. When a developers releases the sales numbers for a project with multiple buildings he will often NOT give us the correct information.

He will give us a percentage of sold units in certain buildings in the project, unfortunately this is NOT the percentage of the total number of units in the entire project.

Cheating? Well, that is one way of saying it. I would call it a non-transparent way of doing business as the customers do not know the truth. I have seen this technique used many times, many different developers do business this way. They simply make the truth look better than it is.

3 April 2014

Words from a reader:

There is no doubt about it: facebook now seems to be overtaking the associated website of a company, and if I am wrong about it, it will happen in less than 5 years time.

Any good customer liaison must be easy to get in contact with. Not being able to contact a company – especially when you have a problem – will make the customers angry.

Angry customers is the last thing a company wants, here facebook comes in extremely handy. More importantly, facebook is free and easy to use. On facebook, sending messages is very simple, this is not the case on websites.

I looked at a facebook belonging to an airline company, I had just booked a flight, later I saw that their whole timeline was full of complaints? If I hadn’t already booked I would not have done so after what I learned. This is like putting all your customer complaints in your shop window. Who would be stupid enough to do that??

3 April 2014

Maybe I am not human after all. I am totally unpredictable. Even friends have been surprised by my actions. They thought they would get special treatment just because they were friends. My only rule is, there are no rules.

No special treatment here, big or small, they all get the same treatment. Except my daughter, she gets special treatment.

Every warrior has a weak spot.

3 April 2014

A reader has informed me that more than 50% of the units at Arcadia Beach Resort by Heights Holdings has been sold. Make no mistake, 50% is a very good number in such a short period of time. Very good numbers indeed. Amazing.

As many of you will know, success breeds success, and as soon as this news hits the streets other customers will be wanting to buy. They will want to join the winning team or the winning project. This is predictable human behavior. I hate to say it, it actually makes me sad, but human behavior is 95 percent predictable.

3 April 2014

It has been proven that you can actually have a successful project without having any construction updates at all, with little or no customer care. It has been done that way many times in the past, and in the end it has turned out well for the developer. You might think, ‘why fix it if it ain’t broke’. To that I say: Evolution has proven that in the long run, the smarter guy will be amongst the winners. Why not at least try to do everything perfect the first time around?

2 April 2014

There was a Russian lady in Big C South Pattaya today, she was looking for her 5-year old son that she could not find.

She was screaming his name for 5 minutes, running around looking for him, getting more and more desperate. I saw the look in her eyes, she was panicking.

It was terrible to watch, something similar happened to me in Mega Bangna some time ago. Just look away for 5 seconds and the kids can run away. My daughter ran after some boys.

The Russian lady eventually found her son, she held him tight while crying.

2 April 2014

Ocean Residential Property has opened a property booth in Big C Extra. ORP usually hangs around at Central Festival Beach and Royal Garden Plaza.

Big C Extra, formerly Carrefour, is drowning in its own success. No parking available today at 12 o’clock, 20 people standing in line to pay for items, thank you, but no thank you.

My life is too short for standing in long lines, off I went as fast as possible. There is nothing worse than crowded malls.

However, I doubt that the property booths agree with me on this. I suspect they love crowded malls.

The more fish in the sea, the better the chance of a good catch.

1 April 2014

In Big C Extra, formerly Carrefour, there are 7 property booths that all sell Arcadia Beach Resort by Heights Holdings. They sell many different projects but the Arcadia project has been highlighted in all the booths. Why would so many booths choose to highlight the same project? Is there a logical explanation? We investigated and found some interesting answers.

Finding order in chaos is always fun. Listen carefully:

1) The 7 property booths all have the same owner, a thai person.
2) All 7 booths are sponsored by Heights Holdings
3) Heights Holdings pays half of the expenses
4) Big C Extra charges 100.000 baht per booth per month
5) Heights Holdings sponsors the booths with about 4 Million Baht per year.

Now we have a logical explanation as to why we see Arcadia here, there and everywhere in Carrefour. Heights Holdings are paying to get banners on the sides of the booths.

At first I thought Arcadia was a fast selling project and that was the reason why everybody were selling the project. That assumption was obviously wrong. These booths are sponsored by Heights Holdings.

There is one winner in this game: Big C Extra that earns more than 8 Million Baht per year by renting out a few square meters.

Conclusion: There is big money in the real estate sector in Pattaya. The developers each spend hundreds of millions of baht advertising for their projects.

1 April 2014

It is like a roller coaster, it goes up and down all the time. Sometimes they like me, sometimes they don’t.

When they like me I don’t really believe it, and when they don’t like me I never get any explanation as to why.

I am a sensitive guy, I can sense when something is wrong. But I never get to learn the reasons why somebody might be upset with me.

Being liked is only important for someone who has a social life. I don’t have a social life, I don’t want one.

I don’t meet anybody, nobody can schedule an appointment with me, so I don’t need to be liked.

Every now and then I wonder what is going on behind the scenes. There will always be gossiping going on, people in a group will influence each other and basically follow the leader.

I am not part of any group, thank Buddha for that.

I am a one-person army, I go 100% solo. I don’t care about being a property guru. All I care about is being my daughter’s father.

29 March 2014

It is about being in the know. It is about transparancy? Who gets to decide what kind of news gets released?

I am bestowed with that job. Not all truths are suited to be told to the public.

29 March 2014

Do I need to say that NOBODY, not even the developer has written about the new Infinity Condominium on the net?

Nobody, except yours truly of course. Anyway, that is how it usually is around here. The little smart guy has become the big smart guy.

Just doing a little self-promotion here.

29 March 2014

Happy? Yes
Healthy? Back problems
Wealthy? No
Secure? No
Worthy? Yes
Positive? Mostly
Blessed? More than most
Grateful? Yes
Beautiful? I would say handsome
Confident? To the extreme
Courageous? Either that or stupid
Excited about today? Always
Loved? Perhaps

28 March 2014

Good to see you again Phantom, you have been gone a long time. I thought you had left me for good. They all leave sooner or later and new readers enter the scene. I like having you around. I guess I like smart people. Stick around.

28 March 2014

COMMENTS: Amazing stuff, tells you people think you are the man to ask. Don’t blame them, as you say, only you know stuff nobody else knows! I am sure these developers (who they should be asking) would love to get their hands on these emails, just forward them 😉

Answer: No, I don’t blame people. Perhaps I sound upset but I am not. These people actually make me smile. Some of them have asked the developers and not gotten any answers. They come to me only when all else has failed. I am seen as the last resort.

I used to forward these emails to the developers in Pattaya but most of them do not answer. The developers do not like people that they cannot control. Independent news sources is something they can do without.

28 March 2014

NAME: XXXX, norwegian e-mail address, message sent from Thailand.

COMMENTS: I want more pictures and more info about the different condos. And price list and payment plan.


I get hundreds of this kind of emails. Many are from buyers that have bought condos and should be asking the developer these questions. Another buyer wanted to know the exact completion date of Amari Residences.

I wonder why they turn to me and NOT ask the developer. Naturally I am not in a position to answer questions about the date of completion. I keep repeating that generally I don’t have time to answer people, there are simply too many requests and my time is limited. Not to mention, there is nothing in it for me.

For some reason they think I am a guy with nothing better to do than to assist people from all over the world. Not even once has somebody felt the need to give something in return.

People are people. They want, they want, they want. And they want it for free.

24 March 2014

I have a couple of new projects to talk about, something is happening in Pattaya even though it seems to be rather quiet at the moment.

It is not quiet at all, the problem is that the only guy in the know is not well enough to write about these projects.

The thing is, if I don’t write about these new projects, nobody will. My health could be better but there is no one to replace me.

I guess you will have to wait for a while. Think about it, you actually only have me to rely upon.

24 March 2014

Bangkok Jomtien Hospital, how about that?

Most expats know Bangkok Pattaya Hospital on Sukhumvit Road in north Pattaya. Get ready for Bangkok Jomtien Hospital, also on Sukhumvit road but this time in South Pattaya.

It seems I am the only person in the know around here.

24 March 2014

It is tough for some people if they have gotten used to being in the spotlight and then later find themselves being sidelined.

Some people get high on attention. If they are not worshipped and adored by a loyal group of followers they will feel bored and lonely.

I wear many hats, now playing the psychologist game. Being in the know is a game I master to perfection.

24 March 2014

The developers who are in the spotlight at the moment are not the same as just a few years ago. We see new faces on the property scene. The ones that were often in the media, the ones who had earned a name in the industry, have been pushed in the background.

The developers that try to drag time out are only able to do so because of ignorant customers. When the customers come from all over the world it is very easy to keep them in the dark about the true state of affairs.

It is an uphill battle to keep customers informed, especially the impulsive buyers.

I know a guy who bought a unit at The Palm, I asked him why he chose that project.

His answer: It was an impulsive thing.

24 March 2014

The Palm Pattaya is reaching its full height. I count 45 or 46 floors that means they are almost there.

Earlier there was talk about topping off at Christmas 2013, that goal was not achieved. Manpower problems might have slowed down construction since august 2013.

It is a fact that most developers in Thailand are having problems finding qualified personnel due to labour shortage and many projects are affected by that.

I believe completion is scheduled for 2015 so there ought to be enough time.

23 March 2014

I have said it a few times already and I will say it again. Centric Sea is extremely important for the future development of Pattaya. It is not located in Wong Amat or Pratumnak, it is located on Second Road somewhere between Central Pattaya and North Pattaya.

This is a high-rise close to the beach situated in the very heart of Pattaya. This development is extremely good for for investment purposes. Prices starting at around only 2 MB makes this a perfect investment opportunity.

I have to admit that I like the thought of being able to move in soon and not having to wait 4 – 6 years which often is the case for many other local projects. They work very fast and it is always a pleasure to watch the progress taking place.

23 March 2014

There once was a guy who was not treated in a nice way. He was asked as to why he did not fight back.

His answer: I rise above such matters.

This was a divine answer that made me wish I was like that. If something is bothering me I need to get it out of my system. I need to learn to rise above matters that are not important. I still have much to learn. However, I know this is a difficult lesson to learn.

Rising above banalities sounds simple but in reality it is impossible for most humans.

21 March 2014

Waterfront Suites and Residences is in the spotlight at the moment. However, from a commercial point of view the project does not need all this publicity since the sales numbers are good and well above 80% has been sold.

We talk about Waterfront simply because it is a unique project and because it is going to make Pattaya famous in countries all over the world.

Waterfront is a symbol of the new Pattaya, it is a building that Pattaya and Thailand can be very proud of.

Waterfront will become the new face of Pattaya. It is of tremendous value to all of us and that is why we talk about it.

A certain Mr Papouchado and a Mr Kobi has a little something to do with all of this.

20 March 2014

A tough day. I have changed t-shirts 3 times today. It is very humid at the moment. I hope the developers understand that working efficiency drops when the temperature reaches 34 degrees. Everything is much easier when the temperatures are more humane.

The other day I was in a bus, the little one fell asleep and I had to carry her into a taxi. Dammit, back to square one. It seems my theory about heavy lifting was correct.

Then I was told that the big bridge lift was on 20 March between 10 and 15 o’clock, last night I found out that they actually started on 19 March. I would have liked to know that in advance, after all this is a big thing for me. I was not in town yesterday, not much I could have done about that.

Then I was told that today between 9 and 11 would be a good time to be present @ Bali Hai. Suffice to say that 14 – 16 would have been more accurate.

I have lots of photos from the big event @ Waterfront, I still haven’t had time to take a look, I hope they are good.

If there is a story to tell, I am your man. It will take some time, I have just put the little one to sleep. Honestly, I could do with some sleep myself for I am tired.

19 March 2014

Window technology has advanced much in the western world. In Thailand, even in the ultra luxury segment of the property market in Bangkok (above 200.000 baht/m2), the windows are generally of a rather poor quality. The developers do not seem to pay much attention to the quality of the windows. Don’t ask me why. However, it is a fact that high quality windows are very expensive and that may be part of the explanation.

17 March 2014

To do what I do you need to have unlimited belief in yourself. A few photos is not going to do the job. A strong minded person needs to be in charge. If you worry about what other people think then it will never work.

17 March 2014

Having me write about a project is good for marketing purposes. Having Bouygues Thai as the main building contractor is also good for marketing purposes. Both myself and Bouygues have that in common that we like perfection. It takes one to know one, it was love at first sight.

Bouygues adds value to Southpoint. It is very powerful having Bouygues at your contractor, it is actually an honour for a developer to be working with this company.

13 March 2014

A look to the future: City Garden Tower, Unixx and Waterfront will form a golden triangle. We have these 3 developments but more high-rises will soon rise in this triangle.

South Pattaya is going to become very hot. We will manage all this without the high speed trains. We live in exciting times, we are witnessing something very unusual. The ball is rolling by itself, it cannot be stopped.

12 March 2014

Please be advised that some of the opinions and statements on this facebook and the associated website may be of a sensitive or disturbing nature to some of the readers. Especially developers and agents may experience higher blood pressure upon reading the statements.

The material herein is for information purposes only and is subject to change without notice.

12 March 2014

Much ado about nothing, much fuss over gossip. I am the master of this game. If there is no story I can create one out of nothing.

Much ado about noting, listening to gossip, rumours, and overhearing is very much part of the game. Make no mistake, for me this is all a game, this is my way of entertaining myself.

I create my own fun. I can choose to look at a project from a positive angle or I can choose to look at it from a negative perspective.

A film critic may hate a movie that the audience loves, critics are not always right. I may not like the location of a project, the number of units etc, but the buyers might think differently, in fact they often do.

12 March 2014

A sneeze was all it took to bring me down. I probably have a slipped disc, the doctor gave me a shot of painkiller in my ass. I could not walk, not even sit down. Painkillers and muscle release pills are my best friends now.

All this probably because the little one constantly insists on being carried. If you want transparency in the property sector I guess HipFlat is the best option at the moment. My question: Do they have the guts to take the gloves off and make some serious noise? I think Denis is too nice for that and he probably knows it is not a smart move.

Anyway, they are all you have now.

11 March 2014

A booth in a shopping mall is the right place for real estate agents to go fishing for ignorant customers. I admit I do eavesdropping in the malls once in a while, I secretly listen to the private conversation of agents and customers.

The customers just walk in impulsively and they know NOTHING. It is scary, but they know absolutely nothing.

11 March 2014

Unfortunately is does not always pay off to play with open cards. Cheating and lying is very much part of the property business. The customers are mostly NOT informed about what is going on, they are not able to separate the good guys from the bad guys.

Often you will find that it is the bad guys that make the big money. They use the fact that customers mostly are ignorant. The best customers are often the ignorant ones.

11 March 2014

Bad marketing or anti-marketing in Pattaya. Apparently there is no limits as to the stupidity in marketing strategies used in Pattaya.

If you all over town, on Baht Busses, on roadside banners, everywhere sees that the starting price is 999,000 baht for a unit in a development, and later find out that this is NOT true, that you have been deceived, been misled.

When you find out that this price applies only to the WINNER of a lucky draw, the how would you feel?

I would feel cheated, I would feel misinformed, I would feel angry.

This is ANTI-MARKETING, you can use this strategy if you want to sabotage a project. Indeed very bad marketing that only might work as long as the truth stays hidden.

Apparently there is no limits as to the stupidity in marketing strategies used in Pattaya.

10 March 2014

Been jumping off that cliff all my life
Never had a safety net
Never had a Plan B
Still standing
Not steady
But standing
Lived my life to the fullest
Seen more places than most
Adventure in the blood
Fearless and fun
Most of all
Never giving up
Not knowing what tomorrow will bring
Taking chances
This is what I call living
Sometimes blessed
Sometimes cursed
This is who I am

10 March 2014

I am so much better than my opponents that even the good ones look like amateurs compared to me. The problem is that there isn’t any good ones around.

10 March 2014

FYI, it is very exciting times @ Waterfront at the moment. These weeks something very different is taking place. Bridging the two towers is a once in a lifetime experience. I doubt I will ever get to see something similar happening again.

10 March 2014

This headache of mine is making me a bit grumpy. I am angry with Noble Ploenchit. For the last year I have been staring down a hole with NO SIGN of PROGRESS at the site.

Bouygues Thai is the building contractor and that is a shame. This does not make Bouygues look good, this is not good for the resume. I am a fan of Bouygues but I do not know what is (not) going on @ Noble Ploenchit.

10 March 2014

I am having a bloody headache that is killing me. I found two property magazines, one guy copied the entire contents from his last edition. I guess he had some problems coming up with new stories, lol.
Normally these magazines are a TWoT (Total Waste…) but in the other magazine I did find some very interesting lines. I believe, that when they occasionally DO write something unusual they are not aware of it themselves.

10 March 2014

Miki Haim from Matrix in a magazine: “NO new launches in 2014 until we have made solid progress on the projects launched already”.

This is a very unusual statement from Matrix, they usually keep the cards close to the chest. A totally cool statement, the gods like people that talk like this.

Down to earth is good.

10 March 2014

A local developer in a magazine talking about the property bubble or over-supply of condos:

“I am wondering what all the fuss is about”

The gods are listening in, hearing every word you say. Normally such a statement will make the gods angry. The line that separates humans from gods has been crossed.

10 March 2014

The River is on the wrong side of the Chao Phraya River. So is Watermark Condominium, however I admit that The River has a somewhat better location.

Who decides whether a location is right or wrong? I do, the Property Guru himself will make that decision.

Charoen Nakorn Road is just not a hot place and it never will be. It is the wrong side of the river and the distance to the nearest BTS is too far for most people to walk. It is not up for discussion.

6 March 2014

The right location? Well, the CEO of Nova Group knows the correct answer to this question. The location of North Beach is perfect. It took some time before I realized this. For years I have been passing by this part of North Pattaya and I never expected anybody would build on this plot of land.

North Beach is not a beachfront development so why do I like it so much? Because Rony is the only one building in the area. Sometimes success follows if you go against the crowd and this is exactly what Rony is doing here.

It is right behind Dusit Thani, we are so close to Pattaya yet it is like we are in another place. If you are looking for exclusiveness then North Beach is what you want. Compare with The Riviera’s 1000 units to North Beach’s 200 units and you will understand. Having too many neighbours is never wise. If I compare North Beach to The Palm, I do believe I would chose North Beach.

North Pattaya behind Dusit Thani is a great and unique location, that is all there is to say about that.

Another perfect location is Pratumnak Soi 5 where Tulip Group is building Royal Tulip. This area is perfect for the same reasons mentioned above. Situated next to the newly opened Centara Grand Phratumnak hotel in a part of Pratumnak with few new residential projects close to the beach. Exclusive because of the low number of apartments available and because of the high quality of the build with prices well above 100.000 baht per square meter. Royal Tulip has even fewer units than North Beach and I believe both projects will appeal to the same kind of customers.

Two great projects, two great locations, North Beach and Royal Tulip.

6 March 2014

Excuse me, but I am having great fun. It is like I am writing a book and then some of my readers feel the need to take part and include a few chapters or make some adjustments.

Smiling here, having fun. It is almost like the internet is alive. I love it.

6 March 2014

Last night I talked about 2000 new apartments in Wong Amat, this number does not include Zire’s 480 units. I claimed that the right address was no longer Wong Amat.

So where is the right address?

Working on it, stay tuned.

6 March 2014

“On MY facebook MY opinion is what matter. I have no problem with deleting comments that I don’t want to look at.

However, if you talk to me in the right way and in the right tone of voice I may make room for contrary viewpoints.

If your comment makes me smile, even when you are telling me that I am wrong, then you stand a better chance of being heard.

I have had some private complaints about my post about Wong Amat. I must have hit a nerve, however I knew that in advance. I expected that someone would react. Prepare yourself for some very long comments about Wong Amat.”

Please click here: A reader in love with Wong Amat

5 March 2014

Wong Amat is losing its charm at the moment. The exclusiveness of Wong Amat is slowly disappearing.

I think I am the first person who has the guts to say that Wong Amat is simply getting too crowded. I am afraid that I am right. Let’s take a look at a few high profile projects in the area.

Naklua Soi 16 is a dead-end, there is only one way in and one way out. The road is narrow.

The Riviera is a 1000-unit build. Baan Plai Haad, The Palm and Serenity adds another 1000 units to the northern part of Wong Amat.

The right address is no longer Wong Amat.

So where will you find the right address? I may reveal this another day.

4 March 2014

17:40. We are at home, I have showered and have no intention of going out more today. Then I find out there is important activity at Waterfront.

18:07 I am at Waterfront taking pictures. I had been speed driving. See the photos later tonight.

Impulsive? Always.

Follow my heart? Always.

Crazy guy? Always.

I did what I had to do. I went to see Waterfront this evening. I am glad I did that.

4 March 2014

Drive carefully with the kid.

Today these words were said to me by a gentleman that I have never met before. He is the first person to ever say this to me.

It is on my mind every day, it is constantly on my mind when I drive around with my daughter.

The road is no place for a kid. Accidents happen all the time and it would be my fault if something were to happen to my daughter.

Drive carefully with the kid.

These are words that cannot be said often enough.

I thank the gentleman for his wise words.

2 March 2014

Happiness is not about getting that luxury car or condo, it is about giving love and getting love and having balance in your life.

28 February 2014

Many people have asked me about the source of my information. I may get a tip or two from others but generally I am my own source of information.
I seldom find anything interesting on the internet and I don’t subscribe to even a single facebook page.

28 February 2014

MahaNakhon insider information: Bouygues has changed the team that is building MahaNakhon. The old team was considered to be too slow. Now the A-Team is running the show at MahaNakhon and we are already seeing the results.

27 February 2014

I often look at people, especially foreigners that are living here. I seldom see them smile, basically they don’t look happy at all.
Living a life in Pattaya, one would think that was reason enough to smile and not look so serious.
I call these people ‘dead men walking’.
Lately I am turning into one of those ‘dead men walking’ myself. I realize that life could be a lot worse but it could also be a lot better.

27 February 2014

Pattaya City 2. A whole new city will be built in the greater Pattaya area. I have already said too much.

27 February 2014

New Tesco Lotus Mega Mall in Pattaya, located on the dark side! The dark side is the other side of Sukhumvit Road facing east.

I will not disclose the location, it is simply too early for the general public get this information. It is complicated because price of land in the area will be affected if I reveal the location.

I know this and a lot more. You have no idea of what the future in Pattaya will be like, I do.

This piece of information is far more important than you realize.

26 February 2014

In the old times the warlords were fighting among themselves to become rulers, become Emperors and Kings. What bothers is that I see proof that we have not evolved one bit, we are still primitive beings fighting for power and privileges. I would like to think that we have the potential to rise above the difficulties and work together for the benefit of the country. Education is the key to evolve, lack of education is part of the problem.

26 February 2014

Few people understand this
A village
Is turning into a city
In this very moment
It is exciting to watch
Pattaya is changing
Much faster than expected
Much more is coming
I am just waiting for the announcements

25 February 2014

Were properties in Singapore and Hong Kong ever cheap? One day, perhaps your own children will ask you the same question here in Pattaya: Daddy, were condos in Pattaya ever cheap?

25 February 2014

If I were to make a property magazine I do believe it would be a big hit. It would be very different from what is currently available. Somebody with a strong personality would be in charge.

It could be cool to shake up things. They all do it the same way. I guess it is the sponsors that want it to be boring.

“Don’t change the status quo, it works just fine when things are NOT out in the open”.

24 February 2014

I am seeing the use of precast concrete components used more and more often.
The Palm has recently started doing it, The Winner and also The Crest Sukhumvit 34 just to name a few.

It is a cheaper and faster way of building. But is it a better way of building? Call me old fashioned, but I prefer the old way of doing things.

24 February 2014

A property expert, yeah, to some degree. One fine day the little one will be a true expert. She is always with me and she always talks with the construction workers. And she remembers stuff, just like daddy do.

Last saturday we talked to the construction workers at The Crest Sukhumvit 34 in Bangkok, we were there during the lunch break. Pre-Built is the main contractor at The Crest, we will talk a lot more about that project later. I have some really nice photos.

24 February 2014

High prices in the property market in Pattaya? I think NOT!

Look at how things are in Singapore. A couple with jobs that pay a decent wage and finance from a bank will NOT be able to pay for the condo, even if they keep paying the bank until retirement.

In Singapore you need other financial sources like inheritance or parents helping out. That is what I call a bubble.

24 February 2014

Multi-unit investors always stay hidden, similar to black holes in the universe, we know they are there but we can’t see them.

A black hole absorbs matter and light and radiation.
A multi-unit investor absorbs condominiums.

If I said that an investor has bought more than 1000 units in Pattaya I would be joking, wouldn’t I?

22 February 2014

A tough day today, me and the little one has been in Bangkok today. I have the latest sales numbers for Veranda Residences, these numbers are indeed interesting.

They have sold some units, however only on certain floors. I do believe multi-unit investors are involved.

I can’t prove it, it looks suspicious, but it fits the pattern of multi-unit investors.

21 February 2014

YES, I was nice to Aurora today. During the last 2 years I have been nice to so many developers in Pattaya. 9 out of 10 never say a word, only a few appreciate it and might say a few words but they always forget quickly.

FYI, in the world in general it simply does not pay off to be nice.

It pays off to be shrewd, smart and to NOT let people take advantage of you.

21 February 2014

Important message to all agents in Pattaya: There is a lot money to be made if you work with Aurora Pratumnak.

The project is selling fast. This is a very agent-friendly company.

The project is good, the location is good, the prices are quite reasonable, especially when you consider the location. And they take very good care of the agents .

The sales and marketing manager is competent and he is good looking.

A win-win situation for both developer and agents. There is a bonus arrangement if you do a good job, contact the sales manager for all the details.

21 February 2014

Make it up as you go along
Make it fresh
Make it healthy
Make it fun
Make it crazy
Be alive
Just do what you love
They you can’t go all wrong

21 February 2014

Is it a good idea to boost and promote an message on facebook? YES, under the condition that you have an unusual message, that you offer prices well below the market prices. There are ALWAYS people on the lookout for a good deal, so even if you do not reach the right audience on facebook, you will reach someone that will want to pass on the message to the right person.

Boost, but only if the message out of the ordinary.

A new project with expected prices market prices will most likely not produce the desired result. You need a message with the wow-factor.

This is my personal opinion, of course I could be wrong but I am usually right.

21 February 2014

Boosting facebook posts by paying an amount to facebook, will this get the messages sent out to the right audience?

No, basically you are shooting blindfolded and you will most likely reach people that don’t have a dime left over at the end of the month.

If you take a closer look at the people that ‘click like’ on the promoted posts, you will get a clearer picture of the kind of persons you are actually reaching. Facebook often reveals the social status of the readers.

However, that being said there still is a good chance that this approach might be fruitful. It all depends on the message you are sending out.

21 February 2014

As mentioned, we are focusing on movements and trends in the property market. Another player we have noticed is ERE Real Estate. This is mainly an internet based company, they use facebook to sell condominiums. They do NOT have a lot of regular readers, however their trick is to boost their posts, they pay an amount to facebook, varying from somewhere between 150 baht to more than 1000 baht. Doing business this will get the messages sent out to a broader audience. But will you reach the right audience or the wrong?

Does this method work?

21 February 2014

We are focusing on movements and trends in the property market. Recently we have noticed that HipFlat.co.th has entered the property scene and the company is expected to make somewhat of an impact in its particular field of interest. I believe the company will have a rather dramatic effect due to its unique graphs AND due to the immense number of listings.

This begs the question: Does an immense number of listings always equal sales?

20 February 2014

Me and the little one were having breakfast at Tip’s Cafe today, I looked up and saw a big advertisement covering most of a building, it was an ad for Del Mare Bang Saray.

Sole Agent, CBRE.

God dammit baby, I thought I knew everything. I did not know that CBRE had been appointed sole agent for that project.

Well, I guess Porchland has more than enough funds to cover the costs associated with hiring that company.

Actually I don’t know how much CBRE charges for their services. I doubt they come cheap.

20 February 2014

I have said it a few times already: Thailand’s Property Guru’s primary occupation is being a babysitter and a housekeeper.

I don’t care about SEO services, my website has PageRank 0, I don’t do any tricks to improve the ranking.

Having great content is my only SEO. Being unique and standing out from the crowd is what I am all about.

I don’t fear competition, I know I can easily beat the best in the business with my hands tied behind my back.

20 February 2014

newpattaya is sitting there in his favorite sofa watching a good movie.

HipFlat comes along and says: “Can I sit in the sofa and watch the movie with you, please”.

newpattaya looks up, sees that this is a big guy that will insist on having a seat no matter what he says.

newpattaya: “Feel free, there is enough space for both of us”, he says while feeling a bit grumpy because he is not used to sharing.

Be that as it may, there was just one question on newpattaya’s mind:

Will HipFlat’s russian compatriots in Pattaya give them the same adult website backlinks that they have given newpattaya?

You never know, but somehow it is unlikely.

19 February 2014

When I write about a new project, what interests me the most is the price per square meter. Then I talk about a starting price per sqm or an average price per square meter.

Unfortunately, it is all very misleading. The views is what makes the big difference in the price achieved. Customers that invest a lot of money will want to have good views included in the package. Good sea views is what is the most desirable when buying a condo, river views or views of a park is also considered to be of great value but nothing beats a great sea view, especially sun set sea views.

Units on lower floors will often NOT have views that are worth writing home about. Hence, these units will seldom fetch good prices. Then there are units in the middle part of the building where there will be good views in certain directions and no views in other directions. Naturally these units will fetch better prices than units on the lower floors.

Finally we have units on the high floors with unobstructed sea views, these are the units that can easily be more than twice as expensive as units on the lower floors. The quality of the finishings may be exactly the same in every unit in the building, however the prices per square meter depends heavily on the views offered.

If another building is being constructed right in front of an existing building and hereby blocking the views or blocking part of the views, then this is considered a disaster for the owners or for the developer if he still has units for sale when the news about the new building hits the streets. This will reduce the value of the condominiums considerably and the owners will have made a bad investment.

If you tell me the prices per square meter for a condominium, I will ask on which floor and whether there are sea views or not.

A starting price tells us little about the real prices, low starting prices are usually used as bait to attract customers, it is solely used for advertising purposes. It is nothing more than a trick of the trade.

Sea views means everything, at least in Pattaya.

19 February 2014

It has been suggested that I expose myself too much on facebook. There is no doubt that is true and there probably is no point in continuing to do that.

But I am the kind of guy that, if I feel it I will say it, just get it out and over with and move on. I am not the kind of guy that keeps quiet just in order to keep up appearances.

I will say what’s on my mind even if there is a price to pay. That is not a wise move, because mostly there is a price to pay.

And if it is all just about real estate, I feel it would get boring. However, far from everybody that read my words is a friend.

There is a lot of talk about my person and not everything said is of a friendly nature. The more I expose myself, the more talk there will be.

I ask myself, what is the point? There is no point, is there?

18 February 2014

The Phantom of the Opera has never bothered me. He has been with me for a long time. He stays hidden, I don’t even know if it’s a “he” or a “she”. I like it that way.

I have reason to believe he is an investor. Why else would he follow the stock market closely. For an unknown reason he has also chosen to follow me closely.

I sense he is a friend. He is smart. I like smart people.

18 February 2014

In the beginning there is trust
Then little things comes to my attention
I take a closer look
Something starts to bother me
I loose interest
And then I loose trust
In the end
Everyone fails my tests
Except for one person
The little one
She always passes the tests
Always with top marks

17 February 2014

Entertain you?
I can do that
Make property and construction sound interesting?
I can do that too
Whatever you need
I am the guy you are looking for

English I speak
From a time long ago
I bid you goodnight
I must sleep now, for I am tired

17 February 2014

Is it a good idea to launch a project when a state of emergency has been declared in Bangkok?

You will need to have an extremely bright mind and be very wise to answer that question correctly.

There is not a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to this question.

The Property Guru has these personal characteristics mentioned above.

The answer is ‘YES’, because under certain conditions it is a good idea to launch a new project when a state of emergency has been declared in Bangkok. The state of emergency will reduce the customers’ desire to bring out the big wallet and purchase a condominium. A declared state of emergency means uncertainty and investors do not like uncertainty.

As a result of the state of emergency most developers will be reluctant to launch new projects. All this is very predictable, this is human behavior.

However, despite of the reduced demand there still is a demand. There is a demand but it is reduced. Since most developers have cancelled all the new launches there is practically no supply of new projects.

Take advantage of that and launch a new project when nobody else dares to do so. Sometimes success is achieved when you go against the crowd.

So the answer is ‘yes’, under the condition that the other developers will not launch. Then you will be the only one to meet the demand there is.

17 February 2014

Nakarasiri Lake View from Porchland, (the guys that have more money than they can ever spend), are offering a townhouse project at 1.95 MB. Two stories, two bedrooms and parking.

How much condo do you get for 1.95 MB? 28 sqm in a 500 or 1000 unit build.

The price is actually very attractive. You get so much more for your money. You get a house and land.

Nobody seems to want to know the location. It is a great location and there are great views of a lake.

17 February 2014

When I was young being ‘gay’ meant to be happy and cheerful. Now as times have changed it means something else. I am stuck in the past, life was better as in the good old days.

No, that’s wrong. The last 4 years have been the best in my life. But I have never had so many worries, not ever.

16 February 2014

A new guy comes to Pattaya with the intention of setting up a business. He immediately goes on facebook and tries to figure out who is hot and who is not. Friend requests are sent out and within a few weeks this newcomer has befriended all the VIP’s in town.

I have studied this behaviour as I find it extremely amusing. It is very predictable and all the newcomers always choose the same circle of ‘friends’. It is always the same few people that get the most friend requests.

There is system in chaos.

15 February 2014

All the projects I write about I have visited personally, not just one time but on a regular basis.

Most others that write about projects never bother to visit the construction site, they just copy and paste information from an online source.

15 February 2014

I have been bothered by agents on a regular basis since I started my website. I have had enough, I don’t want anything to do with either agents or former agents. I want them out of my life, they do me no good.

14 February 2014

It is time to explain a few things. There are some things I don’t want to be associated with, that means I will close a few doors every now and then. I did it in January 2014 and now also in February. It is not something I enjoy doing but being the person I am, I am left with little choice. This is not a smart move from a financial point of view but I have to stay true to myself.

All this is about collecting contact details where you get a customer to give his name, phone number and especially his email address. In January there was a guy that bought a large number of domains that look virtually identical to the developers official URL. Good SEO means he will steal most of the customers that would normally go to the developers website. When taking a closer look he did not claim to be the developer but instead he said he was the official affiliate partner of the developer.

He went through a lot of work only to get these email addresses that he would sell for a commission and perhaps if a deal went through there might be a bonus. This is business, but it is a non-transparent way of doing business as the customers do not know that this is somebody who is only collecting emails for commission. I did not want to be associated with this so I closed that door.

I still believe this guy will become very successful one day, he is a determined person, he wants to make it big. He was going to be a very important part of my network and I actually thought he was a cool guy. Non-transparent ways of doing business actually pays off, there is nothing anybody can do about that.

More or less the same story happened in February 2014, also a guy collecting email addresses for commission. He makes it look like he is selling condominiums, his website shows 1, 2 and 3-bedroom units at various prices and if a customer is interested in buying there are several contact forms. The customer does not know that this guy is not selling anything at all, but is solely interested in collecting the customers email address.

If he was truly honest he could put up a sign saying, “I am not an agent, I just want your email address so I can sell it to the highest bidder.” If he did that he would lose a lot of customers. He knows very well that he has to pretend to be a ‘real’ real estate agent.

This is purely business and many do it this way. What pisses me off is that this guy is constantly talking about bringing transparency to the real estate sector. How can he do that when what he is doing himself is not transparent at all?

I could have closed my eyes and pretend this is not such a big deal. For most people it is not, most people don’t care. For most people doing non-transparent business in this way is fully accepted. There is no doubt in my mind that this guy will become very successful one day and make 10s of millions of baht. He would be a very nice contact to have for most people. He is just not the right person for me so I am closing yet another door. Closing doors seems to be all that I am doing lately.

He is a former agent, that might explain a few things. I normally don’t get along with agents, we simply have very different ways of viewing the world.

Non-transparent ways of doing business actually pays off, that is just how it is. Alone again, naturally. Somehow I function best alone.

14 February 2014

If I could poison all the agents and get away with it, then my problem would be solved…..

14 February 2014

Dammit baby, facebook is needed. It’s a too powerful tool to give it up. It can’t be ignored even if I wish otherwise.

I want to apply some restrictions so it does not get out of control. But that is exactly my problem, facebook is out of my control.

Either I am in or I am out.

Dammit baby, I lost this fight. Sometimes failure is what is needed to change course.

I have got some figuring out to do….

13 February 2014

newpattaya.com has enjoyed a certain amount of popularity and certain business minded people have noticed this. I know for a fact that none less than 4 NEW property blogs will be following in my footsteps very soon. There may be even more planned that I am not aware of, but I know for certain about the 4 new blogs that are in the making.

Furthermore, I know that these guys subscribe to each and all of my posts on Facebook. They follow me closely, not because I am a nice and interesting person, they do so because every now and then I present unique information about the property sector. They are aware that I have some ideas that they can use to make their own business grow.

Basically I am working for these guys for FREE – they know that they can use me. They have a strong capital base, they can invest in the correct professional SEO services and come up with a nice layout.

There are predators all over, these 4 predators are all from Pattaya.

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