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14 February 2014

It is time to explain a few things. There are some things I don’t want to be associated with, that means I will close a few doors every now and then. I did it in January 2014 and now also in February. It is not something I enjoy doing but being the person I am, I am left with little choice. This is not a smart move from a financial point of view but I have to stay true to myself.

All this is about collecting contact details where you get a customer to give his name, phone number and especially his email address. In January there was a guy that bought a large number of domains that look virtually identical to the developers official URL. Good SEO means he will steal most of the customers that would normally go to the developers website. When taking a closer look he did not claim to be the developer but instead he said he was the official affiliate partner of the developer.

He went through a lot of work only to get these email addresses that he would sell for a commission and perhaps if a deal went through there might be a bonus. This is business, but it is a non-transparent way of doing business as the customers do not know that this is somebody who is only collecting emails for commission. I did not want to be associated with this so I closed that door.

I still believe this guy will become very successful one day, he is a determined person, he wants to make it big. He was going to be a very important part of my network and I actually thought he was a cool guy. Non-transparent ways of doing business actually pays off, there is nothing anybody can do about that.

More or less the same story happened in February 2014, also a guy collecting email addresses for commission. He makes it look like he is selling condominiums, his website shows 1, 2 and 3-bedroom units at various prices and if a customer is interested in buying there are several contact forms. The customer does not know that this guy is not selling anything at all, but is solely interested in collecting the customers email address.

If he was truly honest he could put up a sign saying, “I am not an agent, I just want your email address so I can sell it to the highest bidder.” If he did that he would lose a lot of customers. He knows very well that he has to pretend to be a ‘real’ real estate agent.

This is purely business and many do it this way. What pisses me off is that this guy is constantly talking about bringing transparency to the real estate sector. How can he do that when what he is doing himself is not transparent at all?

I could have closed my eyes and pretend this is not such a big deal. For most people it is not, most people don’t care. For most people doing non-transparent business in this way is fully accepted. There is no doubt in my mind that this guy will become very successful one day and make 10s of millions of baht. He would be a very nice contact to have for most people. He is just not the right person for me so I am closing yet another door. Closing doors seems to be all that I am doing lately.

He is a former agent, that might explain a few things. I normally don’t get along with agents, we simply have very different ways of viewing the world.

Non-transparent ways of doing business actually pays off, that is just how it is. Alone again, naturally. Somehow I function best alone.

14 February 2014

If I could poison all the agents and get away with it, then my problem would be solved…..

14 February 2014

Dammit baby, facebook is needed. It’s a too powerful tool to give it up. It can’t be ignored even if I wish otherwise.

I want to apply some restrictions so it does not get out of control. But that is exactly my problem, facebook is out of my control.

Either I am in or I am out.

Dammit baby, I lost this fight. Sometimes failure is what is needed to change course.

I have got some figuring out to do….

13 February 2014

newpattaya.com has enjoyed a certain amount of popularity and certain business minded people have noticed this. I know for a fact that none less than 4 NEW property blogs will be following in my footsteps very soon. There may be even more planned that I am not aware of, but I know for certain about the 4 new blogs that are in the making.

Furthermore, I know that these guys subscribe to each and all of my posts on Facebook. They follow me closely, not because I am a nice and interesting person, they do so because every now and then I present unique information about the property sector. They are aware that I have some ideas that they can use to make their own business grow.

Basically I am working for these guys for FREE – they know that they can use me. They have a strong capital base, they can invest in the correct professional SEO services and come up with a nice layout.

There are predators all over, these 4 predators are all from Pattaya.

12 February 2014

This new property blog that will be coming in April will be as expected. This guy is an agent, the rules dictates that he needs to have good relations with all the developers. He will not be able to take off the gloves because he depends on their support.

The dependency of the industry will put limits on what can be said. In the long run this is the kind of business that will survive.

12 February 2014

Last night I got harassed on the facebook, as expected from some people in the property sector. It was not the first time and it will not be the last.

This facebook is not a public chat room where anything can be said, I make the rules around here. Only people that can behave properly are welcome in my world.

This kind of thing does not happen often, perhaps 1 out of 10,000 people have bad manners, are drunk or perhaps having a bad day.

They must find another place to express themselves, I suggest using their own facebooks, however, I presume that will not be much fun for these guys. They wanted to show their friends how courageous they were, so it was actually kind of funny and comical.

11 February 2014

For me personally running this Facebook site is a complete waste of time. The people that read are mostly the the same bunch of guys and girls. It is people that are in some way active in the property business.

However, they stay mostly on the Facebook and seldom visit the website. They don’t click on the banners on the website AND they don’t support the website in any way.

In any business, if you are talking to customers that are not buying, then you are wasting your time.

If I am in a hole, then I must stop digging! When what I am doing is not producing any outcome at all, I must stop doing it.

The ship is sinking slowly and I am aware of it. It is not wise to continue wasting my time with the Facebook. I have been stuck in old habits, that needs to change.

11 February 2014

Talking about multi-unit investors, word on the street is that a few years ago a single investor bought the entire 26-storey tower at The Palm with the intention of reselling the units for profit.

I know for a fact that he bought a lot of units, however I don’t know whether he actually bought the entire tower.

Rumours will always flourish when information is not provided. Transparency is actually a good thing….

11 February 2014

This is a weird world. Why would a developer start talking about bulk investors (multi-unit investors) all of a sudden?

Words are my specialty, my words are what makes me unique. So let’s take a closer look at the words spoken by a developer in a monthly magazine that I found lying on a table in Big C yesterday.

Mr Developer: “This high season since December we have sold over THB 800 million worth of units in the project, mostly to single buyers and not bulk investors”.

Why start talking about bulk investors, especially since they have NOT invested? This statement opened my eyes and I decided to take a closer look at the WORDS spoken.

Since the launch in October the project has enjoyed sales worth 2.3 Billion. In other WORDS, most of the sales have taken place prior to the high season, actually sales worth 1.5 Billion. The interview does NOT mention whether any multi-unit investors have been involved in this time frame from October – November 2013.

It could be interesting to know, not that I have anything against bulk investors, my interest is purely of an academic nature. Bulk investors distort the true picture of the state of the property market and unless I know exactly which projects they are involved in, I will be misled into drawing the wrong conclusions.

I hate drawing the wrong conclusions and I hate being misled. I am an advocate for transparency in the property sector.

10 February 2014

A website that is growing fast and most likely has a bright future waiting just around the corner will often get lots of offers from various businesses that see an opportunity to profit from the success that the website is enjoying.

The proposals will include words like, “mutual benefits”, somehow they always like to use these two words. I have often seen these words, unfortunately it most often often translates to, “little or nothing”.

These guys come because they can see that you are growing fast and they want a piece of your cake.

9 February 2014

I don’t try to be the Property Guru
I just AM the Property Guru
And there is nothing anybody can do about it
I am using intelligence as a weapon
Winning without trying

9 February 2014

My balls hurt like crazy, well, not the balls themselves but the the skin on my balls is burning. I don’t wear underwear because the weather is too hot so when I walk too much it hurts terribly. The friction when the balls touch my legs is what causes the pain. Very painful, especially when I walk.

That is the price I have to pay for being me….

9 February 2014

Tell me I can’t do it and I will prove you wrong. Today I walked up where the trains will run in the future, high up on the Skytrain itself up in Nonthaburi. There are no rail tracks as of yet, I saw it myself.

You are not supposed to walk up there, if you do you have to be either crazy or not 100%. At least I am able to self diagnose what is wrong with me. I am working on solving the problem.

One day I will be normal, one day I will be just like the rest of you. It will happen the day when they lobotomy on me, just like they did on Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest….

7 February 2014

I am also a temple expert, I would not mind if you called me a multi talented genius. Today I let the condos take care of themselves and focused on temples instead. Me and the little one were near Sattahip and when I reached the main road I lost the orientation for a few minutes.
Where the hell am I, I asked myself.
My daughter pointed to a soi and said: Toys are that way (ของเล่นอยู่นี่)
It turned out that she was right, at the end of this soi there were toys to be found. We had been there before some time ago.

The point is, she knew exactly where we were and I did not. Smarter than daddy, not bad for someone just turned 4 years old. We were very far away from Pattaya. I am telling you, this baby is smart.

7 February 2014

Ha ha, I have been out all day, looking at temples. Everybody knows that temples bring good luck.

The website, NOT the FB, had 163 likes this morning, now this evening I can see there are 190 likes, that means 27 new likes today.

Either someone has bought these likes for me, ordered or asked friends to click like or it might be just a single individual that controls a lot of facebook accounts.

Of course a lot of likes is always good, however I can’t see who all these people are. Thanks anyway, whoever you are.

7 February 2014

The Russian face. There are thousands of Russians in Pattaya every day and I can easily spot them. Or rather, my brain is able to tell a Russian from, let’s say the typical tourist from northern europe. I don’t need to hear their voices, I can tell just by looking at the persons.

If you ask me how I can tell a Russian from others I am not able to. My brain is smarter than me. It must be something with the bone structure of the face, the nose or the eyes. They look a lot like europeans but they have some have some facial characteristics that make them look different. My brain knows what it is, I still don’t.

6 February 2014

I have just put the little one to sleep. I have to lay there next to her until she sleeps. She is very demanding, it’s either her way or no way. I guess I am like that too, my way or no way.

I could have fallen asleep myself, however, I have to stay sharp, as a new competition has arrived to town. It is called HipFlat.com, I was informed by the CEO, Mr Denis Nemtsev, during summer 2013 that Pattaya was included in their expansion plans. Last year Bangkok was their main focus.

HipFlat.com will undoubtedly steal some of my readers because they use sponsored links on Google to promote their business. I guess I have to live with that, since there is not much I can do about it. Anyway, attracting new readers is not one of my problems and I will do it without using sponsored links.

I have been promoting HipFlat since the beginning, and since the beginning I have been informed about the business model and how it works.

To be honest, I consider having good Russian connections an asset that might come in handy some day in the future, and these guys seem to be decent persons.

Stay tuned.

6 February 2014

To make things clear, a lot of those 500,000 + 250,000 engineers that graduate annually from China and India will invest in apartments in Pattaya. It is just a matter of time, it is 100% certain that they will come.

So please don’t sell an award winning condo development at 40,000 baht/m2, it is simply bordering on madness.

6 February 2014

I have just hung 45 pieces of clothes to dry. Before that I did some vacuuming, showered the little one and put powder on her. Watered the flowers and took care of a million other things.

One would think that the leading authority on construction and development would have a nanny or a caretaker (government) to handle such matters.

I am not whining, the little one was watching Pororo while I was busy. I could have spent the time better.

Perhaps I can have a shower myself now?

6 February 2014

If you can’t beat them, join them.

Sometimes the enemy is so powerful that you are left with little or no choice. In these cases, if you want to survive in a hostile environment, you have to choose the wrong path in life.

5 February 2014

Fake fake fake fake! These guys ought to be politicians.

There is no transparency in the property sector in Pattaya. Everybody likes to play the same game, the game known as the kiss-my-arse-game.

Journalist: How has sales been?
Agent: The numbers have picked up during this high season.

That’s it. No talk about the percentage of sold units. If the numbers were good the agent would tell us. By keeping quiet he is actually telling us that the numbers are bad. Sometimes when you say nothing you still provide a certain amount of information.

Why is it like this? Because the developer is one of the sponsors. You don’t want to upset the sponsor. If sponsor is not happy he will not be so generous. If everybody is happy there is more money to be picked up.

Fake fake fake fake! These guys ought to be politicians.

I have said this a couple of times before but I need to keep saying it. Everybody else is pretending that things are, “oh, so wonderful and it could not be better”. It is all a lie.

I am the only one telling the truth, at least part of the truth. But the developers are very powerful and they don’t want the true state of the property affairs to be revealed.

5 February 2014

It is not that history repeats itself or that I have become senile. New readers join all the time and they don’t know what has been said in the past. Some of them haven’t got a clue of what kind of person I am. Repeating stuff every now and then is not fun but unfortunately it is needed.

5 February 2014

Popular sites like newpattaya.com are witnessing an alarming increase in females and ladyboys engaging in some kind of secret and emotional affair with the site’s main writer.

In today’s world, with modern technology like the internet, a person looking for an affair doesn’t have to leave their home.

If your spouse is online more than usual then you have reason to be alarmed.

4 February 2014

If you do a good job I will write about it.
If you suck at it I may write about it or perhaps remain quiet.
A developer once asked me to write the kind of stories you see in The Nation Property Guide, nothing but kiss-ass stories, he would pay me good money.

I said no. I have a family to support, I am not wealthy in any way, I hardly keep my head above water, yet I turned him down.

He is a nice guy but he produces cheap condos at less than 1 MB, not the kind of condos that makes me clap my hands.

The point is, I said no to easy money. Tell me anybody in Pattaya that would do that.

No fake stuff from me. Since I don’t socialise with anybody I don’t need to give special treatment to anybody. I have never met Rony, Kobi, Miki Haim or any of the other guys. I probably never will.

Staying impartial will be impossible if I get too much involved. I hate fake people. There is too much fakeness in the world.

I will smile if there is a reason, I will NOT smile just to be polite.

Nice and naive? Not me, you’ve got the wrong guy.

Tough but fair, that’s me

4 February 2014

The property market in Pattaya is crazy at the moment. The problem is that only a few people know just how crazy the market is.
Nobody can name names, myself included. All I can say is that it is crazy.

3 February 2014

Bangkok was my first love. You know how it is, you never forget your first love.

And Pattaya; arrived on a thursday, left the following day, nothing for me. Yet here I am. But I still visit my first love as often as possible.

Some people love hardend concrete. Ain’t many of this kind around.

3 February 2014

You are talking to the guy that knows everything about construction in Bangkok. Every once in a while some nutcase comes along and thinks he is at my level.

There is nobody at my level. There never will be.

3 February 2014

I was in Bangkok yesterday. I saw the finest luxury that money can buy, luxury cars that I never see in the streets of Pattaya, luxury restaurants full of customers, luxury condominiums and serviced apartments of the highest standard.

I saw extremely wealthy people in great numbers.

The marketing of Pattaya’s residential projects is not targeted at this specific group of people. Millions of baht is spent on advertising in magazines like The Trader, various real estate magazines and a few local newspapers.

This local marketing will NOT reach people in Bangkok, not the middle class nor the upper class, hell, it does not even reach me and I really keep my eyes open regarding anything related to property and development.

This is brain dead marketing at its worst. We must forgive them for they know not what they do. This is what happens when you live in a closed world where the main objective is to make sure you don’t miss out on getting a beer down your neck as often as possible.

3 February 2014

A lot of land is being cleared in Pattaya at the moment. Large plots in North Pattaya. 3 plots on Pratumnak Hill and many plots alongside Jomtien Second road.

And an extremely large plot in South Pattaya not far from Big C.

Prepare yourself for A VERY ACTIVE 2014.

You know where you will read about all this when the time is right.

3 February 2014

Nothing but a bunch of gold diggers. If they can profit from it they will read it, if not, they won’t give a shit.

So who cares about The Base Rama 9? Very few people, I am afraid. I know the mindset of people.

There are times when I wish I was more naive than I am. Then I would be more happy.

3 February 2014

The Base Central Pattaya was launched 6 month earlier than Centric Sea Pattaya.

The Base has nothing to show at the construction site while Centric Sea Tower A (which is not yet released to the market) has reached the 20th floor.

I would say that Centric Sea and SC Asset is beating the shit out of Sansiri.

Way to go. This is one thing that this Thaksin-owned company does well.

3 February 2014

I have too many projects waiting in line and limited time so I will pick just a few. We have The Base right here in Central Pattaya by Sansiri so I thought we could look at The Base Rama 9. There is also the already completed The Base Sukhumvit 77 (foam in wall) and a few other The Bases under construction, also in Soi 77. The contractor is the well known RTH Construction Co.

What I know, nobody knows. Stay tuned.

3 February 2014

I have wounds on my feet for walking too much. I thought that Sukhumvit Soi 55, from New Petchaburi Road to Sukhumvit would be a piece of cake. It took me forever to walk that distance but I had been walking all day and I was tired.

We will look at some developments along Rama 9 road, this is one of the hot spots in Bangkok at the moment. I don’t think any of my readers know this, this is not a place where tourists come and some parts are not accessible on foot.

3 February 2014

Hot news: According to a reliable source, a Nova Group promotion has resulted in more then 30 units sold in just A SINGLE DAY.

The agent with the good deals and the good Nova connections is Emden real estate. Money in the pocket for both Emden and NOVA.

1 February 2014

No more Benzin 91. That is what my daughter keeps telling me every day. That means she has run out of petrol or out of gas. That in term means that I have to carry her. Somehow her petrol tank is always empty. Anyway the two of us took a closer look at Walking Street today. I always wondered where The Pier Disco Club was located. It is about 30 meters from Lucifer, on the same side of Walking Street. I never visit Walking Street. A friend asked me to accompany him on a tour through the city 2 years ago, otherwise I never visit this part of town. I was at Lucifer once 10 years ago, much too noisy for me, expensive drinks. I guess I could go if somebody would pay for my drinks. Why is it always only the ladies that get free drinks?

31 January 2014

Expect the unexpected in 2014. Things will not slow down. New players with deep pockets will be arriving.

31 January 2014

Whose side am I on? I will support the developers more than the buyers. If the developers do not make money there will be nothing for me to write about.

I am NOT the guy that will hold the investors’ hand and advise them on what to do and what not to do.

They buyers probably deserve somebody to look after their interests but that somebody is not me.

30 January 2014

The mixed-use projects nowadays are often hotel projects that have a small number of residential components. You will often find this kind of development in resort areas.

Hotel branded residences generally represent high-quality architecture and interior design, furthermore the location is likely to be highly desirable.

The owners will typically have access to a variety of hotel services and amenities that include housekeeping, room service, concierge and access to luxury spas, fitness centers, restaurants and bars.

30 January 2014

Centric Sea Pattaya has sold a lot of units recently. You can expect building A to be launched soon, that tower will be 44 stories tall with 451 units.

Centric Sea building B which will be 32 stories tall with 463 units is performing very well.

29 January 2014

I saw lots of new faces during my stay in Koh Chang, faces that I never see in Pattaya. Thousands of scandinavians, people with money to spend. Surprisingly many swedish voices were heard. Families with children.

This kind of tourist will never come to Pattaya and I understand the reasons for that. When sex is offered in public on the beach promenade is gives Pattaya a sleazy reputation.

That is a damn shame because we scare away a lot of educated people that might otherwise invest in the city.

29 January 2014

Most of the earth’s atmosphere (about 80%) is within 16 km of the surface of the earth. It will take me 10 – 15 minutes to travel this distance on my motorbike.

In other words: the atmospheric layer is very thin. Humankind is in the process of destroying this layer. It is not going to happen in my lifetime or in the next couple of generations time.

But rest assured, 2000 years from today earth will no longer have an atmosphere. The atmosphere has not always been there but somehow people take it for granted, they don’t know how fragile it is.

The sun will go supernova in about 5 billion years time but that is not what is going to kill us. Humanity is doomed because we are too greedy and agressive.

We are blinded by wealth. Some folks know this, they don’t care because they won’t be around by then.

Now ain’t that sad.

25 January 2014

I watch people, I try to understand people. Sometimes when I am out in the real world I feel like I am watching a play. Then I wonder why so many people choose to play the same role over and over again. After a while everything becomes so predictable and I lose interest.

People do have a choice, everybody don’t have to copy each other all the time.

25 January 2014

Humans are treacherous beings, they are designed this way.

25 January 2014

There is a lack of professionalism in Pattaya’s development industry. It is a fact that only a few developers take things seriously. Basically, most of them are amateurs. Even many of the listed companies from Bangkok haven’t got a clue about marketing.

25 January 2014

I am officially on holiday these days. I figure the time is right to relax for a few days since the developers hopefully understand that it is not wise to launch new projects at a time when Bangkok has been declared in a state of emergency.

However, as has been confirmed several times, developers do not always follow the path of logic. I know that Nova has a plot of land on Jomtien Second Road, I would just like to say that I am prepared mentally for anything unlikely to happen.

3 strikes and you’re out

21 January 2014

I know the agents are an important part of the development industry, they sell the condos that the developers build.

I know that many of my readers are agents. However, I must admit that many agents depress me. I simply don’t get along with most agents, sad to admit, but that’s just how it is.

Each time I have had contact with an agent it has ended badly. I have learned my lessons and I will avoid them at all cost.

20 January 2014

Standing at the crossroads again
Been here before
Too many times
Someone I know
Is on a path
Where I can’t follow
Closing a door again
I have to
It gives me no pleasure
But I have no choice
I am so tired of closing doors
So tired of being disappointed

19 January 2014

Good timing
Good marketing
A good location
A quality product
Reasonable prices
A reputable developer
This is the key to success

Please don’t forget the right timing, it is really important.

18 January 2014

You have no choice but to take the internet seriously. Last night, because of what I wrote about the Mustique condo, I had an inquiry from a gentleman in Germany. He wanted to know about the price lists and floor plans.

Because of what I wrote I reached a potential buyer that might otherwise never have known of Mustiques existence.

The internet is a very powerful tool. They only need 180 customers to achieve success. This ought to be possible by using all the tools in the box, one of the tools being the internet and the social media.

18 January 2014

I have been doing some soul searching today
Who am I to tell an old hand what to do
It has worked fine for him in the past
All his projects have done fine
He has made billions of baht

He has done it his way
He can build a showroom in just 4 – 6 weeks
While others will spend 8 months
He does not use the internet much
Creative marketing campaigns was never his thing
He lets the agents do the selling
Pays them a high commission
It has worked fine for him until now

Then I come along
Take it seriously
Focus on the little details
Everything must be perfect
Always improve what you do
Do your marketing well
Be creative
Renew yourself constantly
Have a visible presence on the net
Do facebook
Do this, do that
Don’t do this, don’t do that

The guy probably thinking
Why fix it if it ain’t broke

So who do I think I am
I think I am the future
I think I am right

18 January 2014

The BIG Question
How to ensure success?
Some will say
But we’ve always done it this way
Ignore them
Change is really hard
Be a confident decision maker
Opportunities pass quickly
Grab them quickly while you can
Don’t over analyze
Don’t overthink
It will destroy your happiness
Find out what you do best
Focus on that
Go Global, not Local
History shows that
Success often follows
If you go against the mainstream
Don’t listen to the experts
They are often wrong
Follow your own conviction
Do it your own way
When they say it’s crazy
When they say it’ll never work
You just might be doing it right
By all means
Let them laugh at you
When the project is completed
When success is a reality
Let’s see who gets the last laugh

17 January 2014

There are some condo projects under construction, the developer does not advertise for his projects at all, nobody writes about these projects, not even myself. Looks like these developers build for their own money, they keep an extremely low profile.

I have just been too busy to write about these projects. But they are right here in Pattaya. There is more out there than what I write about.

17 January 2014

Perhaps I had better quit while I am still on top
I have proven myself more times than I can remember
Perfect hit to the dome, dammit babe
I knock you out
With a TKO

17 January 2014

Did you know that the architect of Ocean Pacific already were working on the project in the beginning of 2013? Images of the condo were available in May 2013.

The developer knows a long time in advance before he chooses to tell us. And then there is one that often knows even before the developer

17 January 2014

Pirate real estate websites, that’s a new trend in Pattaya’s property world. Someone, typically an agent, will make a website for a new condo project while pretending to be the official website.

This is very a bad way of doing business, these guys are going to piss the developers off big-time. Some of the emails will go to the pirate website(s) and the customers are being kept in the dark, they are led to believe that they are dealing directly with the developer.

This is crossing the line, this is an unethical way of doing business. Readers and customers will not be able to separate the official website from the one belonging to the pirat.

Going ahead and making pirate websites displays a lack of common sense. This is a dishonest way of doing business, these guys are actually lying.

16 January 2014

Park 24 has two towers, a 46-storey tower and a smaller. The smallest tower only has 5 units left and the 46-storey tower has sold about 80% of the units.

A units with a size of 28 sqm costs about 4.4 MB, that is 157.000 baht per/m2.

Conclusion: Some projects in Bangkok are selling nicely AND they are selling at increasingly higher prices.

16 January 2014

Thai Bauer is doing the foundation works at The Lumpini 24. Thai Bauer is working for LPN, dammit babe, the world is changing too fast for me.

They sold 90% of the units during the first day, on 24 November 2013. Only two-bedroom units are left, these units are selling close to 200.000 baht per m2.

LPN selling units at 170.000 baht per m2, dammit baby, I never thought I would live to hear that.

The apartments are very nice, – but not the quality I expect from this price range. The 53 sqm two-bedroom unit is selling at 9 MB. At the moment prices start at 9 MB.

And the units come unfurnished.

16 January 2014

Been in Bangkok all day, had a look at the showroom at The Lumpini 24 + Park 24, I have the sales results, prices, all the good stuff. And lots of photos of MahaNakhon + 30 other projects. A great day.

Bangkok shutdown? Don’t believe what you read in the media, sadly the news is distorted. It is business as usual in Bangkok, at least today.

15 January 2014

My power comes from knowing the force that binds the universe together. Only the strongest mind will understand this. When you feel the power you will understand it.

15 January 2014

A reporter in town talking to Miki from Matrix in november 2013:

“Regarding the 1 million baht condos that you introduced a few years ago, well, those days are gone because of construction prices that have risen and now we have also got the minimum wage of 300 baht.”

No Sir, those days are not gone yet, in February 2014 you are still able to buy a condo at exactly 1 million baht. The project is called Lumpini Sea View Jomtien.

Careful what you say out there, I have an extraordinary memory that enables me to do what others can only dream of.

14 January 2014

I am beginning to understand what power and influence can do to a person. Power can be used to do more damage than good.
Please whisper in my ear if I ever start to misuse the power that I have. I want to know because I have a conscience.

14 January 2014

Imagining being in a position where you have total dominance of the media and the news being released.

Well, I am taking my daughter to play now. The weather is lovely cool outside and she needs to play with friends.

The story can wait until I feel like writing about it. I got the whole property world in my hands, no competition whatsoever.

And I am not selling newspapers so I might just choose to keep this little piece of information to myself.

14 January 2014

Call an ambulance immediately. I need to be admitted to a mental hospital now. Logical reasoning suggests it is not the world that has gone mad, it is my own personage.

Put me in a straight jacket so I can’t hurt myself. Obviously I am imagining things that have nothing to do with reality, I constantly keep seeing developers that are launching new projects. Of course this can’t be happening in a world where logic prevails.

I have gone crazy, that seems to be the only logical explanation. The two towers with 1200 units about to be released onto the market in Pattaya in February 2014 is of course just the fantasies of a lunatic.

Apart from that I’m doing just fine #$(@@@@!#$

13 January 2014

Ask yourself why there is these 12% commissions when buying a condo. Developer will pay these high commission percentages in order to buy agent loyalty.

Naturally the agent will try to maximise his income so he will do business with the developer that pays the most.

In a crowded market the agents can squeeze more money out of the developers. This is a consequence of the tough market conditions.

13 January 2014

Do you know that if you buy a 10 million baht condo in Pattaya, then 1 million baht of that money will end up in the agent’s pocket? 1 million baht for a single customer, for a couple of hours work. Is that fair?

I think that customers that are buying condominiums in Pattaya have a right to know just how much commission is being paid to agents at the moment. They have a right to know what happens to their money.

Some developers actually pay up to 12% of the value of the apartment to agents, some developers are literally giving away millions of baht to basically buy agent loyalty.

If the commission percentage offered by developer is less than 7 – 12% some agents might refuse to sell the property. This greedy approach is sadly a reality among certain agents in Pattaya.

These days the Pattaya property market is like playing Russian Roulette, at least for some developers that hand over millions of baht to agents.

This is a story for the consumers, they have a right to know what happens to their hard earned money.

13 January 2014

They all go to the pubs to watch football events live and it is all very exciting. Have a few beers in good company and find out which team will be declared the winner.

There is a much more interesting match being played out on the local property market. Here the stakes are much higher. ‘Game over’ can have severe consequences for the people involved.

Am I the only one watching this game? It feels like that 🙂

13 January 2014

I see North Beach by Nova Group as a direct response to Mustique by Kingdom Property, both developers targeting the same market segment well above 100.000 baht/m2 but with Nova Group offering slightly lower prices than Kingdom Property.

I see the Pattaya property market as a battlefield. I think it will get ugly. I see Nova changing from the ‘wait-and see’ attitude to a let’s-do-it way of handling things.

It is getting a little bit too exciting for me. The risk is increasing. Nova’s last launch was Serenity in July 2012, apparently they feel the time is right for launching new projects.

Or are they perhaps thinking, “hey, let’s do it before the others”, or “if they can launch, we can do it too”?

13 January 2014

I see the Pattaya property market as a battlefield.
I see Ocean Pacific as a direct response to The Riviera, both developers targeting the same market segment but with Nova Group offering slightly lower prices than Riviera Group.

13 January 2014

I don’t want to become that popular restaurant that everybody visits. I don’t want to be accepted in society, I actually hate the idea. I don’t seek to be recognised as an authority in construction and development.

People from the world of business will never understand this. For them construction is a business, for me it is fun. It is two colliding worlds, I understand their world but they don’t understand mine.

A researcher’s life is seldom fun, he must produce results and reports at all cost, it is expected of him as part of his job. The Ph.D’s employed at the universities live a very serious life. It is a world that I know very well, it is a world that I want no part of. Most of these guys don’t wake up in the morning with a smile on their faces.

Business is very serious. Only the best will survive. Politics in certain countries is also very serious because it involves business. Some people will actually burn a city in order to gain power.

My Facebook has been enjoying a certain amount of ‘success’ lately but for me personally this is not a success. It feels more like they are hugging me to death. Being liked does not mean anything to me. Being happy does. It was more fun for me in the early days when Sebastian was my only loyal reader that was commenting and liking.

Let Mr Derville from Raimon Land be the one that writes the reports that gets published in the Bangkok Post. I don’t want to be the one that gets quoted all the time because then I would have to be serious and look serious. It would kill the fun of doing what I do. Please let me continue be the crazy guy I have always been.

But they are never going to understand that. They don’t understand passion. Passion is if you choose to go all the way to Khao Yai to look at My Ozone Khao Yai by Nusasiri. There was absolutely no financial reward for going to a very remote part of Khao Yai, the location actually sucks, I went there because I wanted to do so. Seen through the eyes of a businessman going there was a total waste of time and money.

Likewise, visiting the failed project, The Colonial Kao Tao Hua Hin, must also be considered a total waste of time and money. However, for me personally it was great fun.

Becoming a business would kill the spontaneity that is the best part of it all. It would take the joy out of doing what I do. I would have to be serious and walk around pretending to be very important.

I am doing this a different way, I am doing it my way. Becoming popular and being liked is not a goal. Having fun and enjoying life is what matters to me.

12 January 2014

I will say it as it is: If you want to launch a new project now do so in Wong Amat. And make sure you have a damed fine plot of land.

It is not enough that you make everything almost perfect. It must be 100% perfect. There is no room for even the smallest error. Work only with the best and brightest.

This is my humble opinion.

11 January 2014

Sorry about the ramblings of an old man. Go ahead and laugh at me, it won’t bother me.

It is not me they like, it is him.

11 January 2014

Wisdom and authority comes with age, experience and consistency. If you have earned the respect and admiration of others they might follow your advice. They might follow the leader, not because they have to, but out of respect.

I have just witnessed that somebody out there is respected. I guess he has earned it. I guess he is liked by many.

I learn something new every day but this is rather unusual and unexpected. God dammit, they actually listen to him. Respect at its finest.

I can feel it from so far away. I can actually feel it. What is happening to me?

11 January 2014

Just returned from Bangkok. 3 out of 7 days this week I have not been in Pattaya. One of these days I’m gonna miss out on something important taking place because of my frequent absence.

BTW, don’t drive when you are tired. You will pay less attention to the traffic and react more slowly. Been there, done it – not smart!

11 January 2014

Many developers are control freaks, they need to control every aspect of their projects. This is understandable since we are often talking multi-billion baht projects. Henceforth they don’t want outsiders to get involved in the process as outsiders are beyond their control.

Mr Nigel and a few others are different. He is know as a great advocate for transparency in the Thailand development industry. He wants to keep the whole industry honest.

When you act like Mr Cornick you do so because you have nothing to hide. All the construction projects throughout his career has been of the highest standard. The guy actually listens to criticism which is a good personal characteristic to possess .

newpattaya.com is not easily liked because of the authors controversial nature and unpredictability, some would characterise the author as a loose cannon.

However, bringing transparency to the Thailand development industry is a common goal. Transparency is for those that have nothing to hide. Unfortunately there are a lot of developers that DO have something to hide.

Just because I don’t write about it does not mean I don’t know about it.

10 January 2014

Centric Sea has high-floor units for as little as 2.19 MB.
In Singapore you will need to pay somewhere between 15 – 20 MB for the same condo.

Try and imagine Pattaya in 2020. Can you do that?
Then try and imagine the condominium prices in 2020.

One thing is certain: If you invest now there is big money to be made in Pattaya. Of that there is no doubt.

10 January 2014

Good marketing is when you get people to open their eyes and say hey, what was that I just saw or read. You have to use a different approach than the others, you have to be intelligent and sometimes you have to make a lot of noise. The audience must get that wow feeling, which is a good feeling. And then you will sell your product.

If you really want to make something happen it is not all that difficult. Get the right smart people involved, they do exist.

10 January 2014

Photos like these are provided by the only pro in town. This is Southpoint by Kingdom Property. When they don’t do a good job with the photos I need to take over. That’s what I am doing here. I am proof that it can be done much better. The truth always hurts, nothing I can do about that.

Southpoint Pattaya Condominium - 10 January 2014 - newpattaya.com

10 January 2014

Guess who is the best informed person in Pattaya. God’s finest creation. Stay with me and I might throw a few bread crumbs to the hungry crowd.

10 January 2014

The owners of Grand Sole Hotel will build a new hotel tower next to Grand Sole Hotel. In short: A new huge hotel is coming on Second Road next to Centric Sea Pattaya.

9 January 2014

Of course there is a certain prestige in having a beachfront shopping mall. However, from a logical point of view the location of Central Festival Pattaya Beach is a disaster. Most people with common sense will stay away from Central Pattaya Road and Beach Road during the weekend and holidays.

People that are NOT customers park their cars in the mall.

It is no fun being stuck in traffic. The shopping mall could have a lot more paying customers if there was better access.

8 January 2014

Stuff is going on behind the scenes.
Some of the big guys are watching.
Who would think that I am the guy that seldom talks and don’t like attention.
Perhaps I had better get off the stage.

8 January 2014

Take one project and make it a success. Give it all your love and attention. When success is a reality you can build on that success. If you work on too many projects at the same time achieving success will be much more difficult.

Talking about success leads me to think about what success is. Some people say they have worked for success. But what is success? Who defines success?

Many people define success by money and by what money can buy. That is how it is in a materialistic world. Always striving after things that you can buy. Personally I like luxury cars but I don’t need to own these cars, it gives me pleasure just to look at them. Designer clothes? I could not care less.

Other people define success as living a balanced life. Success is if they enjoy their work and if it gives them an opportunity to spend time with their family.

Success can be achieving a goal, making a dream come true. If you do something that makes you happy, then what more do you want?

For me success is to be happy and live a balanced life.
Success is to watch my daughter grow up.
Success is to do what I want to do.
Success is daring to be different.
Success is to be creative.
Success is to be myself.

8 January 2014

I have been out of town today. I have returned with lots of photos and untold stories. It is tough when you have to report about the construction activity that goes on in 5 different provinces.

My readers only get to see the top of the iceberg, there is so much more below the surface.

8 January 2014

Sadly, most people disappoint me. I always find something wrong. When they tell me a lie something inside me dies and I lose interest. At least one guy has not let me down yet. Then again, I don’t know all that much about him. I know that he is extremely good at what he does and he is different from the rest.

8 January 2014

When you find someone who cares, return the favour tenfold. I owe somebody something. I would like to say that one day, when I get rich and powerful, I will return the favour.

However, since I don’t chase money and power it is unlikely that I will ever fit the description above. All I can say is that the good intention is there and I have a few ideas. I believe in the balance of things.

Hopefully one day I can return the favour.

8 January 2014

Sorry, I fell asleep while putting the little one to bed. I just woke up, still feeling tired. Wrong time to sleep, I have a long list with stuff that needs to be done.

It has been a great week for me. I owe somebody something.

6 January 2014

10 years ago I used to live in South Pattaya near the Big C Supercenter. It was just a 5-minute walk to Big C so it was very convenient for me. Almost every evening I had a pizza at Numero Uno, 90 baht for a pizza was good value for money. Numero Uno is gone now, there was never many customers, it was quiet when I read The Bangkok Post and The Nation while enjoying my pizza. Basically I had the place to myself.

Back then there was no homeWorks store, I believe that store opened in september 2006. More importantly, back then I did not have my daughter, I was a free man. I could travel around Asia, I could go see a movie whenever I wanted. Absolute freedom.

Then, in January 2010 my daughter came into my life. My whole life changed, even I changed as a person. I lost my freedom but I gained something much more valuable. In my eyes she is bigger than life.

For those of you out there that don’t have children I strongly advise you to get some. It is tough, it is hard work but it is a great reason to wake up in the morning.

The love you have for your child is unconditional. You will not truly understand that until you are a parent. You won’t know what it is like to be a father until you have tried it.

It is a wonderful feeling. I can pass something on to her but I can’t change her personality. She is who she is: daddy’s little girl.

5 January 2014

You don’t have to listen to me.
You don’t have to respect me.
But when the CEO of Raimon Land, Mr Johnson Tan says that everything points to the fact that there has to be some pause, well, then perhaps you ought to listen.
He is not just any banker.
And he is not stupid.

I think that some of the developers are learning a lesson at the moment.

When things don’t go their way they will look for someone to blame.
Just don’t blame me.
I am not the one that keeps launching new projects.

5 January 2014

The Grand Kingdom shopping mall is starting to look like wishful thinking. These water parks were supposed to attract millions of new tourists, now people are having doubt about the feasibility of the projects. Cartoon Network were supposed to open in June 2013, this did not happen. Development of the area has NOT taken off as expected, developers have been overly optimistic about their investment returns. The political instability is not exactly helping the situation.

5 January 2014

On the floor, next to my bed, lies a million newspapers and magazines. Most of them I have never had the time to read. On top of this pile of newspapers lies The Nation Property Guide with a photo of a certain Mr Cornick. For a couple of months his photo has been the first thing I saw when I got out of bed.

There is something about Mr Cornick that reminds me of my father. Not that he is a clone of him but there is something that makes me think of my father. This is a good thing, I like being reminded of my father. He is one of my weak spots.

He is gone now, I just hope the memory of him will not fade away.

5 January 2014

You have to physically (and mentally) be here in Pattaya if you want to make a reliable report. You can’t just sit in an office somewhere and read what the Bangkok Post writes, that approach will get you nowhere.

There is just one reliable source if you want to know what is happening in the greater Pattaya area.

5 January 2014

A report from Knight Frank Thailand suggests that locations from Jomtien to Na Jomtien are set to become major condominium development plots driven by new attractions such as:

1) Two water parks – Ramayana, the biggest water park in Southeast Asia and Cartoon Network Amazone, which according to Knight Frank both are due to open soon

2) The Grand Kingdom shopping mall by listed developer Nusasiri

This is a fine example of someone talking about something they know nothing about. Seriously, a bunch of freaking amateurs.

It is an open secret that Ramayana is in deep shit with no progress during 2013.

Cartoon Network Amazone has been under construction for almost 2 years and progress is extremely slow. In other parts of the world a water park can be completed in less than 6 month. These guys are NOT in a hurry.

And finally The Grand Kingdom shopping mall: It looks more like wishful thinking, Nusasiri has been talking about this for years. Not even a shovel in the ground yet.

Please Mr Frank: It would suit you well to do some research before you release a report.

4 January 2014

Sole agency means that only one estate agent has been instructed to handle the sale of the property. Commission becomes payable if the estate agent arranges the sale, but not necessarily if the seller arranges this himself.

Sole agency with a ‘sole selling rights’ agreement is different. Sole selling rights mean the estate agent is entitled to the agreed commission payments for any sale arranged, even if the estate agent has had no involvement.

4 January 2014

I am the Asian Mega Star anno 2014
I don’t know about you, but I am having fun
I am not bored with my own company
However, at times I wish I could switch off my brain
Always too many thoughts

4 January 2014

“If this is a sign of human intelligence, then I quit the club”

To be honest, I have quit the club a long time ago. Now I have my own club. There is just one member at the moment but I am constantly on the lookout for qualified candidates.

No luck so far….

4 January 2014

At Centric Sea you pay 70% of the total amount when they hand over the key. A great payment term, who could ask for more?

4 January 2014

Tell me, oh please tell me, why in the heck don’t the Bangkok developers use these wonderful payment terms as a slogan.

For Christ’s sake, this is something that separates their products from the local developer’s products.

Are they just plain stupid or what is going on? Why do they keep a low profile on something that clearly gives them an advantage in a competitive market? It does not make any sense.

Great marketing is all about telling the customers what separates you from your competitors.

These developers from Bangkok have super great payment terms. Then please tell the world about it.

If this is a sign of human intelligence, then I quit the club.

4 January 2014

Are you a foreigner and want to pay 90% on transfer when you buy a condo? No problem, COO South Pattaya, The Trust and Supalai Mare is what you are looking for.

These are practically no-risk investments. Investors will love these payment terms.

Like them or hate them, these developers from Bangkok have some payment terms that are not easy to match.

3 January 2014

Stars are shining bright above me
One fine day the magic will leave me
I am surprised I still have it
Blessed for now
But I know
Everything comes to an end
I will enjoy it
While it lasts

3 January 2014

Question: Which projects have a good location, which are considered to be a good investment?

A difficult question to answer. In my view you should investment in a project where the developer has a reputation for building quality. That is my personal opinion since quality will always last longer. But if you buy just for rental purposes then perhaps price matters more than quality?

Projects located in Central Pattaya and Wong Amat seems to be in demand at the moment.

2 January 2014

In case you want to know, the developer of The Colonial will try to relaunch at the same location. Same project but with a different name and a different marketing team.

Not now, he will wait for the economic conditions to improve. Why not, the Wan Vayla mega project in the same area is doing just fine.

Don’t get it? Ah, I see…. will explain later.

2 January 2014

Some people go to Hua Hin to relax.
Others go to Hua Hin to look at projects.
Not just to look at some of the projects.
But to look at ALL of the projects.

I don’t fear competition.
It is simply not possible to compete with me.
Yes, I am that much better.

2 January 2014

This website is unique because the author is unique.
Dammit babe, perfect hit to the dome. TKO.

2 January 2014

There are those out there that believe that if they read a book then they are at the same level as the author of the book.

When this kind of message arrives at my inbox I just press delete. It is nothing personal, it is just that my time is too precious to waste on nonsense. There is a lot of weird people in the world.

It happens a couple of times per month and I just think to myself, “get a life for Christ’s sake”.

2 January 2014

COMMENT: “Hi there, I love your website and news updates! Since the exchange rate is not bad for me I’m looking to invest about 1.5M – 2M into a studio or 1-bedroom in Pattaya center or Wongamat, have any advice on this? Best Regards and keep up the good work!

Answer: Ocean Residential Property might have units at The Riviera for resale at a good price. I don’t know the current price level. If not, I would go for Centric Sea @ 2.2 MB. It is best not to go below 2 MB, you know, you get what you pay for. If you go above 2 MB I would go for Golden Tulip Residence @ around 70.000 baht/m2.

1 January 2014

I am not that bad
Knock on my door
And I will open it
Give me your hand
And I will hold it
Trust me enough
To tell me the truth
Tell me a secret
And I will keep it
Show me your heart
And I will show you mine
I will give you two smiles
For the price of one
Treat me badly
And I will forgive you
Whatever you do
Good or bad
I won’t forget it

1 January 2014

Talking about big players, my friend The Phantom of The Opera is someone that chooses to be anonymous. He probably knows more that I do and I have no idea who he is.

The really big players often stay hidden, even some of the power investors chooses to stay out of the spotlight.

It is their choice and we must respect that.

1 January 2014

On 30 december 2013 a reader bought a unit at Centric Sea, a 27.5 sqm unit on the 27th floor at only 2.199 MB. He was considering Unixx but decided to go for Centric Sea. He stayed 3 hours at the sales office and during that time 4 units were sold.

Conclusion: Some projects do have customers.

1 January 2014

A few words about a person whom I have never meet, but I know he’s got what it takes to make it big. I think he has employee status at the moment but there is no doubt he ought to be the captain of his own business. He ought to cut the cord and enter the consulting business. As a consultant he will be able to earn 10 times more than what he does at the moment.

If he wants to join the league of legends he needs to have his own business. This guy has got the skills, he is well connected, probably the best connected person in Pattaya. He is well liked by most people.

At the moment he is the face of the company he works for, he is a very valuable asset to that company. The company needs this guy, without him it would be in serious trouble. Ok, the company would probably survive without him but nothing would be the same.

People with far less talent has got money rolling in. I respect this guy, he should be his own man. Believe me, I can spot talent a mile away, this guy’s talent is pretty obvious. There is no need for him to try harder, he just needs to have the balls to cross that bridge.

Who he is, well, that’s pretty obvious. There are not all that many talented people in this city of ours.

1 January 2014

Am I missing something? They keep launching and I don’t understand what is going on. Perhaps they are sane and I am insane? If I have gone mad I will probably not be aware of it myself. The property sector looks like very high-risk business at the moment.

31 December 2013

45,000 baht per sqm was normal 10 years ago. This price level does not belong in 2014.

How much do you think the contractors will demand for their work 3 – 4 years into the future when the 53-storey high-rise is supposed to be under construction?

Bordering on madness if you ask me.

31 December 2013

The developer of S-Beach Condo released about a 1000 units to the Jomtien market here in December 2013.

Prices starting at 1.8 MB for a 40-sqm unit near the beach in Na Jomtien gives us a price of 45,000 baht per sqm.

All factors taken into consideration this is very cheap.

We have a situation where the prices are pressed down. How is this going to end?

This is top story news and I am the only one talking about it.

30 December 2013

Can you handle the truth? Ok, then listen carefully. A developer that has been in the business for a long period of time will use a few tricks of the trade. He will lower the prices from 1.7 MB to 1.36 MB only for a few select units. By the time you read the advertisement these units have probably already been booked.

Often there will not be a general reduction in the prices, often this will just be a marketing trick. I call it false marketing if you know beforehand that the units are not available at the prices advertised. The developers often do not care whether the units are available or not, the advertising campaigns will focus on units that have been sold a long time ago.

Make no mistake, many of the developers are very shrewd businessmen, they know exactly what works and what doesn’t work.

30 December 2013

The property market in Pattaya is stone dead. There are simply too many projects on the market in Pattaya. If you can’t see that I feel sorry for you.

Yes, there will be a success story here and there. But in general the party is over. I agree with the CEO of Raimon Land, Mr Tan, that everything points to the fact that there has to be some pause.

It seems that Mr Johnson Tan is my only ally. We see eye to eye on this issue.

30 December 2013

The property market in Pattaya is stone dead. There is nothing to discuss, I am NOT wrong. Even a fool can see that the state of the Pattaya property market is in serious disarray.

The market is dead, I stand by my words. Yes, you can still find niche success stories where quality developers like Tulip Group are not affected by the crisis. But most other developers are.

In general the market is stone dead. And there is nothing anybody can do about that.

The developers do NOT lower the prices by 533,000 baht unless they are forced to do so.

There are simply too many projects on the market. The market is saturated.

30 December 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, you have just witnessed the power of the internet. You have witnessed real time interaction, you have received fresh information presented without delay. Newspapers, magazines and TV cannot do that.

It is very powerful, it is almost like touching the news. I believe this way of presenting the news is the future. For me this is very exciting, I hope to see more of that soon.

I can act fast, I don’t need a board meeting or to consult with others. Of course I need to be an expert in the field, then everything else will go smoothly.

30 December 2013

Tulip Group just sold an apartment at Centara Grand in Na Jomtien for a price of 150,000 baht per square metre. This happened during the last hour.

Conclusion: If Tulip can sell at these prices it means there is a market for luxury products in Pattaya. It also means that there probably is a market for Mr Cornick and his Mustique project in Wongamat. This is great news, a great way to end 2013.

Very exciting news

30 December 2013

Hot property news:

The property market is not dead after all, it is soft. There still is a demand for quality projects, the Centara Grand Residence project in Na Jomtien has sold 5 rooms valued at THB 100 Million in December.

Golden Tulip in Central Pattaya has had 14 deals in December, all sales to individuals, not multi-unit investors, at an average price of 78000 baht/sqm.

Source: The Vice President of Tulip Group Thailand

30 December 2013

It is amazing to watch just how many developers are out of touch with reality. It is just freaking amazing.

They must know, they do have friends and they do talk to each other. What is going on?

30 December 2013

If I told you that a new 50-storey project that I have not yet written about has reduced the prices from 2.4 MB to 1.8 MB, would you believe me?

There are many new projects that I for various reasons have not written about, that does not mean that I don’t know all about these projects.

All the information is gathered in one place: In my mind.

30 December 2013

I don’t think the developers are stupid, however I do think they are ignorant about the true state of affairs in the property market today. They should read my website, then they could learn a thing or two.

30 December 2013

The property market in Pattaya is dead. Only a few power investors are involved at the moment.

It is humiliating when the developers have to retreat from price levels decided before pre-launch. They offer condos at prices where nobody is buying and then they are forced to reduce the prices significantly. I see this happening increasingly in Pattaya. It has become a predictable trend. I think it is sad to watch.

Stay tuned.

29 December 2013

I notice stuff, I remember stuff and I am able to draw conclusions. And I work hard.

That is why I can do what I do. That is why I am an important source of information.

29 December 2013

I have learned that I need to be the captain on my own ship. My website is like my baby, it is a baby that I have grown very fond of, something that has become a part of me. I have put my heart and soul into the website so naturally there are strong feelings involved. Over the last two years I have had proposals that include changing the design of the website, giving it a more professional look and making the data more easily accessible.

Why would I want to do that? In order to become more mainstream? If that was my wish I would have done so a long time ago. Anyway, you don’t judge a book by its cover. If the story is interesting people will read the book anyway. This kind of details does not have my attention.

It has been suggested that I use Google AdSense on my website. I simply hate Google AdSense. There are rules about how many links you are allowed to have, rules about the content etc. I will never let these people decide how I design my website. They can go f*** themselves.

Other people will adjust to the rules in order to make a few bucks. I will never do that. I am the captain on my ship. If this ship goes down, I go down with it.

28 December 2013

Assume that I am just like the average person. Then how can you explain that I always know what nobody knows.

Yes, I am often the only source of new information. But why is it like that? What is it that makes me so special?

28 December 2013

If you want to catch a big fish, use a big lure. But you have to go fishing, you can’t expect the fish to come knocking on your door.

28 December 2013

The condominium market in Pattaya is turning into a buyers market. It is not just cheap talk, I can actually prove it.

I have little time today but I have a very good story. Don’t buy just yet, due to the high number of projects the prices will keep falling. The developers are hurting badly at the moment and many investors will be able to use that to their advantage and make a lot of good deals in 2014.

Stay tuned.

27 December 2013

This morning I stopped the motorbike and looked at a newly completed hotel. I was standing on the other side of the road, opposite the hotel, and then a security guard approached me.
– Please go take a look inside the hotel, he told me. There is a gym and many restaurants, you are very welcome to take a look.
– But I am not dressed properly, look I am wearing sandals and shorts. This is a special hotel with VIP guests, I can’t just walk in dressed like this.
The guard insisted that it was no problem. I was grateful for the offer but I stayed outside.

I have looked at many hotels under construction but this is the first time I have been invited to take a look inside.

This was a weird day. For me every day is an adventure. Some of the stories I tell my readers, others I keep for myself.

27 December 2013

I talked to a sales agent today. It was not planned, it was an impulsive decision. I had nothing to win or lose by doing it, but I was curious, I have had some questions for about a year’s time. I got all my questions answered, there was a logical explanation for everything I had been wondering about. The guy I talked to was an agent but his personal appearance reminded me more of that of a CEO. A clever guy, a smart guy, definitely an asset to the company he works for. Normally it takes me less than one minute to figure out what kind of person I am dealing with, in this case the code was easy to decipher. I am glad to learn there are smart people in Pattaya. I got some backstage information, nothing earth shattering, but still the kind of information that never becomes available to the public. Bank finance is taken care of and EIA is in the final stages. If this agent is selling I am buying. He convinced me and I am the skeptical type that wants to see proof before believing anything. There is no doubt that he is good at his job. And no doubt he has a good product. I am extremely busy so I don’t know whether I will find the time to write about it. Perhaps I will, perhaps not. For me it does not make any difference, I already have all the answers I need…..

27 December 2013

Don’t do what other people expect you to do. Follow your heart and dreams, listen to that inner voice of yours. If they try to pull you in another direction then just ignore them. Remember, they are not your friends, if they contact you it is because they want something from you. The benefits they offer are often non-existent. Don’t be naive, the world of business is very tough. Clap your hands only after the contract is signed. Remember, don’t sell yourself too cheap.

27 December 2013

Looking to be entertained? Then you have come to the right place. I can piss you off as many times as I want to, but you are not going to leave. You are not gonna wanna miss out on what’s coming. I know it and you know it.

Sorry folks, but I am all you have. Stay tuned.

27 December 2013

Most Facebook pages are totally boring, there is little or no activity. And when they do post, the information is not presented in an interesting way. By continuing in that style they will simply not engage their audiences and people will not return.

I scratch my head, I wonder what is going on in people’s heads. There needs to be a certain element of entertainment otherwise people will lose interest.

These guys are running a business, they need to pull themselves together. I guess they don’t know how to solve that problem, perhaps they are not even aware there is a problem.

What I am talking about is important because it is marketing. It is marketing at its finest and they probably don’t even know what I am talking about.

27 December 2013

I like high-end projects, that is why I like Tulip Group. Until now Tulip Group has had the high-end market in Pattaya more or less to itself achieving prices per sqm that few can match.

A new player is joining the high-end market in Pattaya with prices starting at 106.000 baht per square meter. I saw the showroom today and I am very impressed by the standard of quality.

26 December 2013

All the others are drinking, dancing and partying. For me it is business as usual. A new project is about to come to Pattaya, pre-sales will start in february 2014.

Somebody has got to write about it. Somebody who is not afraid of working during the Christmas holidays. There will always be somebody that stands out from the crowd.

25 December 2013 @ 8:30 in the morning

An internet friend of mine once told me he knows a lot more about me than I know about him. He said all the blogging revealed who I am as a person.

I say, to a certain degree, yes, but there is a lot more. I have lots of dark secrets, lots of skeletons in the closet. Let’s keep these closet doors closed.

24 December 2013

A Christmas Story

Once upon a time there was a developer. He was the hard working type, always working long hours. Developing property is a long term investment so part of his job was planning for the future, often he needed to look 2 – 3 years into the future. He needed to make plans so he was prepared to deal with the future.

Of course the developer needed his projects to become successful, he was developing large projects and a lot of money was at stake. Stressful situations and and worrying was part of his life.

The developer had a wife and kids, he knew that kids cost a lot money and that he was responsible for their well being until the day that they could stand on their own feet.

Most of the developers’ employees, the construction workers, seemed to be happier than he was. They had no stress at all. They lived in the moment and had no worries for tomorrow. They were happy because they did not focus on the future. They were living in the moment, living like there was no tomorrow.

The workers sang and danced the night when they got paid. They were satisfied with the salary they earned. Even the workers’ kids were very happy and enjoyed life, they were running around playing with bare feet.

The developer noticed this, he was thinking that money is not the key to happiness. He was thinking that some people put pressure on themselves for the kids and family.

In that moment the developer decided to change his life. He wanted to live a fuller and richer life, he wanted to realize the beauty in every moment. He knew that he only had one life and he did not want to live it the wrong way.

23 December 2013

This guy made me all emotional with his message. What he told me was right. I am living my life the wrong way.

He just knocked me in the head with a hammer. He knows the truth, I just did not expect to hear it now.

Words told by the right person can be very powerful. It is great when I get inspired by people, it does not happen often.

Thanks for telling me.

23 December 2013

I just got a message from a guy. A message that made me cry and laugh the same time. There were real tears in my eyes.

Somebody out there has seen the light. Somebody out there is very wise.

Respect. That was my present this Christmas. Not telling more.

23 December 2013

Happiness is more important than richness. However, if you have a family and children you want to give them only the best. The best cost a lot of money. Furthermore money will make life easier for your children, they can go to the right schools, go to the good hospitals when needed etc, all that cost a lot of money.

My daughter is spoiled, she has lots of toys. This Christmas I have bought 20 presents for her. The presents are lying under the Christmas tree, she is very excited about all these packages.

However, life is about finding the right balance, spend only what you need, don’t go shopping just because it is fun or you feel depressed.

With my daughter I have not found the right balance, she is totally spoiled. My mistake, my weak spot.

22 December 2013

Before I go to bed, let’s compare two projects in Wong Amat. The Riviera has 317 units sized between 27 – 31 sqm and 584 units sized between 35 – 50 sqm. In other words, there is a total of 901 units sized between 27 and 50 sqm.

Mustique Wong Amat has only a total of 180 units in a 50-storey tower, that is an average of only 3.6 units per floor.

The two projects attract a different kind of customer. Of course everybody (except investors) likes large sized units but the price reflects the size of the units. And normally the ROI is higher if investor buys smaller units.

A different kind of people, a different budget, a different kind of lifestyle.

22 December 2013

I know I am good, I know that in certain fields I am the absolute best there is. But I don’t have a fat bank account to prove it, and I probably never will. I don’t care whether people believe me or not.

22 December 2013

If you do something out of passion everything becomes so easy. You do it because you have always wanted to do it. It is your dream.

On the other hand, if it is a paid job, you have to sit down in an office and work on it from 9 to 5, then everything changes.

The good luck, the inspiration, the guiding spirits or guardian angels, whatever you call it, will leave you for another innocent and passionate guy.

The source of inspiration and the hunger for greed don’t go hand in hand.

Man’s ultimate demise often come from the hunger for greed, money and power.

Do what you love and money may follow, but money must never be the main objective.

The guiding spirits do not like greedy people. Neither do I.

22 December 2013

You, young friend who I came to pay a visit the other day, interacting with people of your caliber makes me feel honored. It is possible our paths in life will cross again.

Remember, I never pay anybody a visit. In you I see something I don’t see in myself. You have entrepreneurship in the blood and you are a fast learner.

22 December 2013 @ 02:00 am

In 2014 the entertainment value on this website will be off the charts. We are going to have big fun. A lot of good stuff is in the making. We will bring the future to Pattaya.
And we will bring Pattaya to Bangkok and the rest of the world.
Join me on the journey, learn a lot and have fun at the same time.

21 December 2013

I think The Phantom of The Opera lives in Pattaya. I think he is a CEO or a former CEO. Or someone with a long career in the business. A trader or perhaps a stock investor.

I will slowly find out more and more about this mysterious Phantom of the opera. There is only a handful of smart people of this caliber in Pattaya, it can’t be all that difficult to find him.

At the moment I can’t say the net is tightening and it is unlikely this guy will make a mistake…..

21 December 2013

While I was out I wrote a story about you, not on paper, in my mind, but I am too tired to tell it now. I have been doing garden work for 4 hours and I need to rest now. The short version:
Your projects do not need to become successful in order for you to impress me. You have already fully impressed me. You have passed all the tests. Practically nobody passes my tests. Well done, I am proud of you.

Whatever happens, in my eyes you are already a winner. You don’t need to prove anything more to me. You have already answered my questions the way I wanted you to.

I will support you in any way I can. I have a feeling you might be the new Bill Gates.

I hope the success that awaits you does not change you as a person.

20 December 2013

And happiness
Go hand in hand
Don’t stop talking
Don’t stop thinking
Don’t stop smiling
Don’t stop laughing
Always be yourself
Keep gaining knowledge
Knowledge is power
Be passionate about something
Then happiness will follow
Find your own way in life
Don’t copy others
Be yourself
Be true to yourself
Feel comfortable being you
Strength will rise
And nobody can hurt you

20 December 2013

In 2014 I will attract people that have real money to spend. I am talking about wealthy families in Bangkok, owners of medium to large sized businesses, the guys at EIA and jet ski operators. The way to attract this group of people is to write about what they are interested in. I know the neighbourhood they prefer to live in, I know the kind of properties are interested in, I know their way of thinking.

You will not reach this relatively small group of people by having big roadside advertisements. In order to reach this group you need successful and intelligent marketing which is practically non-existent in Thailand.

I will be able to reach this small group of people in about 6 – 12 months time, that is, if I am not disturbed which is usually the case. This little project offers no economic incentives for me. I just do it because I can. The method is bulletproof so failing is not an option. I will be a fun game.

20 December 2013

Someone told me about the importance of Facebook likes if I want my website to grow. I know all about it but I don’t use tricks in order to grow.

I have 300 – 400 backlinks from Russian adult sites, I could have them removed, I could pay a SEO company to have Google disregard these links. I know these links hurt my page but I don’t care.

I know I will grow anyway. I will grow because there is only one person that can do what I do.

Anyway growing is not the first priority. In 2014 I will be targeting a certain group of people. More about that later.

18 December 2013

All the friends
All the glamour
All the laughter
All the smiles
All the facebook likes
What is it worth
If it is all fake
Would you be happy
Knowing the truth
Perhaps you prefer
Living a lie
Oh, I forgot
It’s just marketing
Let’s pretend
That I don’t know
Let’s pretend
This never happened
After all
Ignorance is bliss

17 December 2013

Tonight is the night where Nigel Cornick and Kingdom Property will announce the name of the new ultra luxury high-rise in Wong Amat. It is happening at KU DÉ TA in Bangkok, an upmarket venue for the rich and successful. There will also be some winners, I believe somebody will win a trip to Australia’s gold coast. Dan Cheeseman, one of the locals, is among the candidates.

The right name is EXTREMELY important for such a high profile project. I am personally looking forward to learning which name they have chosen. Of course this is very exciting. I am sure we will talk a lot more about this.

17 December 2013

I was cured by smiling Russians. A weird story but I am also a weird person so there is no need to be surprised. Here is the story:

The little one was hungry so I took her to Big C Extra. I did not order any food for myself because I had no appetite. Even the water had a funny taste. Sitting in the food plaza and feeling cold is a first for me. I was more asleep than awake, feeling like someone who has got the flu.

The little one did not understand that daddy was sick, she wanted to go to the play park for kids. I was not able stand up so I brought a chair so I could sit down. While the little one was playing I noticed a Russian father taking photos of his 6-year old daughter. The Russian man was smiling while watching his daughter playing. I looked around and I saw even more Russians with children. The parents were all smiling. I realised that children can make even Russians smile. Naturally they love their children too. I sensed their joy and happiness as if it was all happening to me. I saw the world through their eyes and then I also started to smile.

I forgot all about being sick. At that moment in time I felt life returning to my body and soul. I was back on earth after being trapped in a dark place. I have no doubt that seeing the Russians smiling is what cured me.

If some of you out there are into alternative medicine I can highly recommend smiling Russians watching their children playing.

17 December 2013

An 18-year old girl who considers herself a VIP vip member of the household decided last evening to stay over at a friend’s house. She packed her stuff, received 200 baht and off she went. No problem, that means I don’t have to wake up early in the morning when it is time for school.

Last night I had severe diarrhea, I was not feeling well at all. Before going to bed at 1 o’clock in the morning I said to my wife:
– Make sure you turn your phone off, I don’t want she (the VIP) calls early in the morning telling us that she forgot something. I am not feeling well and I need to sleep a bit longer tomorrow.

Guess who called early in the morning telling us that she had forgotten to pack her school uniform. Guess who woke up with a need to vomit and feeling sick, guess who had to get on the bike and bring the girl her uniform.

However the weather was freezingly cold, I got what the thais call ‘skin chicken’. A little rainy, windy and feeling like autumn in Europe. That was the right right medicine for me, I felt very happy despite being sick.

I even started cleaning outside the house. But I need to take the day off. I can’t think clearly, can’t focus my thoughts. I feel shitty, my energy levels continue to drop.

My prediction was right. My wife asked me this morning: How did you know?

17 December 2013

Someone told me he had read that I wanted to meet a certain developer. I very much doubt that is the case. Instead, I try my utmost NOT to meet any developers at all. Not because I am shy but because when you meet somebody a bonding can take place. Male bonding refers to the establishment of relationships between men through shared interests. If I like somebody it becomes impossible to “be tough” and sometimes I need to take the gloves off. Also if I meet somebody they might start expecting things from me but I am much to busy for that kind of relationship. I simply don’t have time for that.

Words can hurt, but the pain is so much worse when the words come from somebody you like or consider your friend. If my wife yells at me it hurts much more than if a reader is not happy with what I do. Both my wife and some reader yell at me from time to time. They should understand that I work my ass off for them.

If a developer invited me on board his yacht or private jet I would be honoured but I would come up with a lame excuse not to go. Most people would happily jump on board that yacht, not me.

If there is a launch party for a project there will always be many people joining the party seeing it as an opportunity to make some kind of business. They are absolutely right but you won’t find me these places.

If you are weird I might consider meeting you. I like weird people, especially if they don’t have ulterior motives.

If you are an investor I will not meet you. I have meet a few developers, luckily for me they are all doing great jobs so there is no need for me to get tough with them.

I am in town every day but I am somebody that don’t get involved in networking events or parties. Generally I don’t meet people but there will always be exceptions to that rule.

Nobody can schedule an appoint with me, however there are a few good people that can. The ones that can know it.

15 December 2013

It is important to have dreams. However, for dreams to come true you often depend on the support from other people around you. Other people can help your business to grow. Then one day you may become so big that you don’t need anybody’s help anymore. And then it is time for you to help somebody else to grow. Believe me, they will be grateful for the help you give. They will want to return the favour when possible. It is called gratitude and it is powerful stuff.

I certainly owe somebody a favour.

15 December 2013

Writing in public can lead to problems. Sometimes when somebody is not happy with the direction I take they will make it clear to me. They are more happy if I do only what they wish. I am talking about people that I have never met. They have gotten used to things being a certain way and I should continue like that.

It does not work like that for me. I don’t know what tomorrow brings, that is what makes my life exciting. And I don’t write to please anybody in particular.

Keeping a distance works for me. I have been around long enough to know that friends and followers come and go.

I understand that keeping a low profile can mean less problems.

15 December 2013

When I was a child I loved the month of December. There were nicely decorated christmas trees all over. When night fall arrived I used to go for a walk just to look at the christmas decorations in the windows. Even going to school was more fun.

The month of December was just as cold as January but the feeling was very different. Time was flying quickly in December while January seemed to last forever.

I had a christmas calendar with chocolate, I had my own personal christmas candle lights. There were always good series and movies on TV, there were food and goodies in abundance.

And there were all the nice presents under the christmas tree. This time of the year there was that special christmas feeling. A good feeling that only children can fully understand.

Then, as an adult, I lost that special christmas feeling. It got even worse when I came to Thailand, the feeling totally vanished.

Now I have a daughter, this year she is old enough to understand that presents is part of christmas. I want to try to give her that special christmas feeling that I had when I was a child. However, I think it will be difficult.

Somehow christmas and 32 degrees and sunshine does not bring about that special feeling. I think it has to be cold outside.

I think my daughter will miss out on something that made my childhood special. It is summer all year in Thailand, we don’t have summer, autumn, winter and spring. We don’t need to celebrate that light is returning more and more every day and the days are getting longer.

15 December 2013

I like the passionate builder. But I have to be honest, I will most likely collide with bankers, speculators and investors. When I hear the word ‘investor’ I feel like chopping off a few heads.

However, I know these guys are needed, I know they keep some projects alive. I just wish we did not depend so much on them.

I also hate politicians, all politicians, no exceptions.

14 December 2013

It is embarrassing and humiliating for a developer when he throws a launch party for a project that has been on the market for a whole year. It is even worse when the local press pretends like this is a brand new product that has just been released to the market. This practice does happen and it puts shame on both parties.

They become a laughing stock when behaving like that. It leads to disrespect and it should not be allowed to happen. Everything becomes one big joke.

Don’t do it, it is stupid.

14 December 2013

Ask yourself
Who is honest
And who is not
Who has the guts
To tell the truth

People may think I am rude
I am not
I call a spade a spade
Once in a while
I step on a few toes
I speak my mind
I say what I see
A few may get hurt
Not my problem
From me
You get the real thing
Stay or leave
Up to you
No pretending
No ass-kissing
I will stay true to myself

Ask yourself
Who is honest
And who is not
Who has the guts
To tell the truth

13 December 2013

I can stay away from Hua Hin for a whole year and I won’t miss out on much.

If I stay away from Pattaya for just one week I am in deep trouble.

It does not make much sense to compare the two cities. However, by comparing the two cities the true state of Pattaya becomes more clear.

By comparing we can declare a winner.

13 December 2013

When I grew up the citizens in the Soviet Union were not allowed to leave the country. People got shot trying to cross the borders. Elite gymnastics defected to the West every now and then. And Soviet intelligence personnel also defected to the West. Nobody was allowed to travel abroad.

Now we have the reverse situation. The only people that travel abroad are Russian speaking people. People from western countries are suffering from government overspending, even financially healthy countries in the EU are being dragged down by indebted countries like Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland and the UK. The UK is in a worse state than the USA. Many people in these countries want to go on a holiday but they lack the funds to do so.

Now we are seeing Thailand on the path to becoming a heavily indebted country. Unfortunately the thai people don’t get involved in these matters. The question I ask myself is: Do they care? I think I know the answer to that question.

Now you know why we have so many Russians here.

12 December 2013

The political instability in Thailand is likely to have an effect on the proposed high speed train systems throughout the country. That is a shame because the growth of Pattaya will also be affected by this.

We need to look for another engine to ensure the growth of the businesses in Pattaya.

Anybody out there with a Plan B???

11 December 2013

I know Hua Hin better than the people that live there.

And please don’t argue with me. I have been to each and every one of all the construction sites. I have construction photos from all the sites. I even have construction photos from villa developments in very remote areas.

I know the failed projects.

I know the planned projects that are coming.

I know the planned projects that have been withdrawn or postponed.

I know the hot areas in Hua Hin.

I know the hot areas outside Hua Hin.

Don’t you ever doubt whether I am the right guy or not.

11 December 2013

Torn between two lovers. If I find the time I will give a full report about the property market in Hua Hin. I want nothing more than to do that.

But things take time and just covering the greater Pattaya area is a bit of a challenge for me.

I am not just torn between two lovers (or cities), I am torn between 5 or 6 lovers. I want to tell the whole story, not just 5% of the story.

Not having enough time stresses me out. There are some really amazing stories that may end up in the garbage can because of that.

If I don’t tell these stories nobody will.

11 December 2013

If you travel to Hua Hin hoping to find just 10% of the construction activity we have in Pattaya you will be very very disappointed.

There is practically nothing going on. Not even a single high-rise is under construction. Just a few low-rises are under construction.

“The Energy” has shown very little progress since my last visit in october 2012. The Trust Hua Hin is coming along nicely but it is just a low-rise.

11 December 2013

In Pattaya nobody talks, their lips are sealed. Sadly the same is the case in Hua Hin. We are going to change all that.

Do they have big projects that have failed in Hua Hin? Would you like to know about these projects?

Would you like to learn a few secrets that is not available on the internet or in the written media?

Then you have come to the right place. The Property Guru, the Marketing Guru and the Spin Doctor will take you on guide through the property jungle in Thailand.

11 December 2013

Would you like to know the true state of the property market in Hua Hin? Would you like to know some of the secrets that nobody talks about?

Stay with me and I will open a few closed doors. Things are NOT what they appear to be.

The property market in Pattaya is very weak, so how about the market in Hua Hin? I may give a few answers, answers that you will never be able to read in The Bangkok Post or The Nation.

In the days to come I will probably reveal a few secrets regarding the property market in both in Pattaya and in Hua Hin.

Stay tuned.

11 December 2013

Search and thou shall find
Ask, and it shall be given you
To him that knocketh it shall be opened
He that seeketh findeth

This is how the magic works for me. Even when on a holiday I can never fully relax. I can’t do it knowing there is work to be done.

11 December 2013

I have only one life to live and that means I will do some crazy stuff once in a while. That is who I am.

I drove to Hua Hin last wednesday. I was drawn there, I needed to go for reasons I can’t explain. The plan was that it would give me some time to relax and spend some time with my family.

While driving on Petchkasem Road on the way to Hua Hin a lot of beige coloured mercedes escorted by police past by.

I can come up with many reasons why going to Hua Hin was probably not a good idea under the current circumstances but I often choose to go ways that I am not supposed to go, even when I might end up paying a price that I can’t afford.

The trip was very rewarding. I have so many new stories to tell.

10 December 2013

As a spin doctor I am doing pretty good, I think I may have a good career ahead of me as a spin doctor. I certainly know how to interpret the state of affairs in a favorable way for the developers.

I have to learn not to stray too far from the truth and I need to be correctly informed. I need to have all the facts at hand otherwise my research will be misguided.

Always learning, hopefully growing as a person.

9 December 2013

As usual I speak what is on my mind and I must admit I am very sad to see there is practically no mentioning on the internet about a new Mega Project in Pattaya that has sold more than 50% of the 980 units in a matter of weeks. Almost a month ago the new two-tower Riviera project could report nearly 45% sold out in a very short period of time. At the end of November 2013 that number had reached more than 50%. The Pattaya Mail is writing about it and that was all I could find on the net.

This is really big headline news, this is the kind of news that can be used to knock out ones opponents. I was shocked when I learned that there still are extremely fast selling projects in Pattaya even in the end of 2013.

I knew that Wong Amat is a fantastic place to launch new projects but I have to admit I was worried when I learned that this is a mega project with a total of 980 units. Developer Winston Gale launched The Riviera in Q4 2013, a project that I personally see as two projects since there are two towers.

It takes balls to do what Winston Gale has done, launching a twin tower project when knowing that SC Asset’s Centric Sea did not perform particularly well and other developers have had low sales numbers.

The developer of The Riviera ought to be the talk of town, he ought to be carried through town in a celebratory procession. He did the impossible. He broke the trend in style and became a match winner. He has shown us all that if we have dreams, if we believe in our dreams, then there is still room for success.

This was amazing news and I should have written about it a month ago. I regret not doing so because this is the kind of news I will remember for a long time. A success story is what is needed these days, we don’t have many of them but they do happen. And this kind of story is so much more fun for me to tell.

9 December 2013

I left Pattaya and the internet for while, naturally I went to Hua Hin, I was there on the 5th of December 2013 on HM The King’s 86th birthday. Now I am back in Pattaya and as usual I speak what is on my mind. I heard someone on TV say something peculiar, the journalist said while interviewing someone, “You have been a good friend to us”, meaning financial transactions have taken place over the years. When I heard the words I was wondering whether it is possible to “buy” friends. In my world a friend is someone you can talk to anytime and ask for advice without having to pay. I suppose if money is involved the journalist might feel a need to be extra nice, at least that was the impression I got. However the ‘kiss-ass component’ was a little too obvious, I was thinking “hey mate, no need to overdo it” – but he was probably just playing the game. Talking about friends, personally just one or two friends is more than enough for me, I can’t handle more.

1 December 2013

– Why are you smiling all the time, the teacher asked.
– Don’t you know there is nothing to smile about?
I did not understand the teacher, I was too young. I was out in the schoolyard, I was not more then 7 or 8 years old and the teacher was accusing me of smiling too much.

I was just a happy a kid, happy to be alive. Nothing bad had ever happened to me. I lived a good life in a safe environment. Mother was always home when us kids came home from school. I had no reason not to smile. I still smile, perhaps not as much as when I was younger. But I smile more then other people. I don’t need a specific reason to smile, I am just happy to be alive.

I have noticed that my daughter is also smiling a lot. I hope she will keep smiling all the time. But I know that some people will try to take the smile away from her.

1 December 2013

I was in Tuk Com the other day, I was going to buy the Sleepy Hollow DVD. There were Russian speaking people all over. Not 98% or 99% but 100% of the tourists were Russian speaking people.

I walked the Wong Amat beach yesterday morning. Not 98% or 99% but 100% of the people on the beach were Russian speaking people.

I joke you not, there were nothing but Russians. Tuk Com would go bankrupt, Wong Amat would be totally empty if it were not for the Russians.

Like it or not, they keep the city going.

30 November 2013

Heights Holdings in attack mode, will be launching 3 new projects:

1) Arcadia Beach Suites Bali Hai
2) Arcadia Beach Residence Naklua
3) Arcadia Beach Club Koh Phangan

That was a bit of a surprise.

30 November 2013

Ass kissing or arse kissing is a well known phenomenon in all kinds of businesses. And it usually works.

The question is, does it help to kiss the spirits asses when asking for good luck? Usually there will be a nicely decorated table with an abundance of fruit, food, flowers, soft drinks and even whisky.

We are in Asia and the spirit world is part of people’s daily life. Does it help, can you bribe the spirits so they will like you, even if you have done a lot of bad deeds in the past?

If that is the case, then it does not matter whether you have a clean conscience or not. You can always pay your way out of it.

27 November 2013

Marketing of property in Pattaya is in a state of utter mess. The absence of marketing is a very big problem both for the developers and the buyers. The developers really need to pull themselves together. Let me explain the problem. There is a problem and I think I am the first person to notice it and discuss it.

There are projects that do not sell. It is irrelevant why they don’t sell, we just observe the state of affairs.

There are projects that sell, not fast but at least they sell, we are talking decent sales numbers.

Then there are the fast selling projects, we don’t see them often but they are present even in high season 2013.

So what is the big problem? The problem is that the customers are not able to separate between the projects that are in trouble and the projects that are doing well.

The developers do not inform when the sales numbers are low, that is understandable as it would hurt their business. However, what I do not understand, is that the developers do also not inform when the sales numbers are good, not even when they are very good.

Good sales numbers must be used for marketing purposes. At the moment the “good projects” are being dragged down by the “bad projects”. The customers haven’t got a clue, they are not informed of anything. This happens simply because of lack of professionalism in running the marketing business.

There, I said it, and it is true. In Pratumnak there is a new project that has sold 75% but nobody knows about it. That is madness, utter madness.

To make it clear: We need to know which projects are doing well and there is no reason to hide that piece of information.

27 November 2013

You might think that everything about the property market in Pattaya has been said by now. You couldn’t be more wrong. I am going to write a few words now. It is something that only I can say.

After you have read it you will say “Well, I could have said that too”. To that I will answer, “Fine, then why didn’t you?”

Being the first to write about certain problems is not easy. It is not enough to know all about the property market. You need to be able to draw conclusions. That is the difficult part. It is the thinking process itself that cause people problems.

27 November 2013

There are some projects where EIA has been approved a long time ago and developer has promised construction will start.

Developer has still not started construction, there is no activity at the site. One customers is happy he walked away. I would do the same.

This is not the way to do business.

27 November 2013

Some developers and investors have entered the Pattaya property market because their friends convinced them that the market was strong. They were told that there was easy money to be made. Now these investors are very disappointed.

The location is the key these days, the location is what matters. If the location is rubbish it will be difficult to sell a project. There are going to be a lot of disappointed people in Pattaya this high season.

26 November 2013

Some developers are not involved in the building process at all. They have outsourced everything down to the tiniest detail. The developer is the owner and investor, he is someone that might not even be in the country. He is not even responsible for hiring the building contractor. This kind of developer do exist, for him this is purely a business deal.

Then there is another type of developer, the passionate kind that gets involved in everything, even the tiniest little details. Following this kind of developer is a lot more fun for me. His mind is full of ideas, just like an artist he needs to create something unique. He gets involved because he wants to, he controls everything because he believes in himself. He believes he can do a great job, and all he tries to do is to make everything perfect. He does not want his condos to be the same as everyone else’s. He will spend all his time working hard to make his project perfect. His family and children will not see him much because he constantly is so busy. This kind of developer do exist, for him this is more passion than business.

Which kind of developer do you think I like?

26 November 2013

Too much power in the hands of a single person or a single company has proven never to be wise anywhere in the world. Just like in politics in Asia where it is not hard to imagine a single person trying very hard to amend the constitution, while on the surface pretending to make it more democratic, in reality the purpose is to achieve absolute power. Serving a need to become untouchable, serving a desire to secure one’s own position. Absolute power means you can get away with doing anything. This is about runaway power in the the hands of just a single person and that can be a nightmare.

In that respect politics and business it not that different. Many developers has entered the property business because it is a fast way of making a lot of money. If you are looking for fast money it is wise to be either a developer or a building contractor.

However, further down the food chain there is also a good chance of making big money. Some people will follow closely in the developers’ footsteps, they will be constantly in the developers’ sphere. Let me make a list so it will be totally clear just how many areas of doing business there are.

Real estate agents sell condos, commission from 5 – 10%
Web design companies offer their services
Magazines sell advertising space
Newspapers sell advertising space
Print media solutions
Arrange property auctions
Arrange property events
Make graphic design, big banner design
Run marketing campaigns, marketing solutions
Run a property blog
Manage the entire process, running showroom, marketing, run the sales process, manage contracts and payments etc.

Most people are just involved in a single of these fields of businesses, e.g. you run a real estate business and that’s it, however there are smart and greedy people that try to get a large piece of the money pie in each and every one of the above mentioned fields.

One party is paying for everything: the developer.

26 November 2013

Too much power in the hands of a single person or a single company has proven never to be wise anywhere in the world. Just like in politics in Asia where it is not hard to imagine a single person trying very hard to amend the constitution, while on the surface pretending to make it more democratic, in reality the purpose is to achieve absolute power. Serving a need to become untouchable, serving a desire to secure one’s own position. Absolute power means you can get away with doing anything. This is about runaway power in the the hands of just a single person and that can be a nightmare.

In that respect politics and business it not that different. Many developers has entered the property business because it is a fast way of making a lot of money. If you are looking for fast money it is wise to be either a developer or a building contractor.

However, further down the food chain there is also a good chance of making big money. Some people will follow closely in the developers’ footsteps, they will be constantly in the developers’ sphere. Let me make a list so it will be totally clear just how many areas of doing business there are.

Real estate agents sell condos, commission from 5 – 10%
Web design companies offer their services
Magazines sell advertising space
Newspapers sell advertising space
Print media solutions
Arrange property auctions
Arrange property events
Make graphic design, big banner design
Run marketing campaigns, marketing solutions
Run a property blog
Manage the entire process, running showroom, marketing, run the sales process, manage contracts and payments etc.

Most people are just involved in a single of these fields of businesses, e.g. you run a real estate business and that’s it, however there are smart and greedy people that try to get a large piece of the money pie in each and every one of the above mentioned fields.

One party is paying for everything: the developer.

26 November 2013

There is a new property blog in Pattaya. At least he calls it a blog but it has nothing to do with blogging. Blogging is personal, you write about your interests. You have opinions, you are passionate about a subject, that is why you have a blog.

You need to use sentences containing words like “I feel”, “I think”, you need to make it personal and draw conclusions. It must be your own blog and not written by a computer or staff.

It is not a new blogging site, it is just another property news site. Blogging is personal, you must dare to have an opinion.

This guy does not have any opinions, none whatsoever. He is in it for the money only and then he can not afford to have any opinions.

25 November 2013

Some developers are getting desperate. The booking fee is reduced from 50,000 baht to only 5000 baht. They don’t do that unless they have to.

Some do well, many others are in trouble. It is not enough to have low prices anymore. You also need to have a good location and be a respected developer.

25 November 2013

Old and tired
Energy levels below zero
A little melancholic
Yes, I have those days
When I don’t feel strong
When I feel lost
When I don’t know
Where I am headed
Whining again
I know
I will try
To get over it
To be strong
I have to be

25 November 2013

I went jogging today. For the first time in 6 month I think. Can’t remember. This year I have gone jogging less than 5 times. I simply have not had the time. I bought a DVD a long time ago, last year I think, I still have not had the free time to watch the movie. Always something comes up.

Whining again. I know. I will try to get over it.

25 November 2013

What is life worth
If I can’t relax
At least once in a while
2013 is ending
Long before it started
Gone with the wind
Did I live
Or did I just work
Work work work
Need a holiday
A week in Chiang Mai
Would be nice
I dream
Of getting away
Just for a while
But it is just a dream
Dreams are good
I won’t stop dreaming
You never know
Perhaps one day

24 November 2013

It sounds crazy but I often write about a project long before the developer goes online with information about the project.

I mean, it is his project, logically he ought to be the first. I think it is lack of professionalism.

These developers often act against their own interests, it is almost as if they don’t take it seriously. They make so many unnecessary mistakes.

24 November 2013

If information is not available online I will step in. That is my specialty, to do what nobody has done.

There is a lot of activity going on behind the scenes. I get a lot of requests from many different people. Last week somebody asked me about the location of Pattalet, that information is not available online.

It will be now, I will make sure of that.

24 November 2013

There is somebody out there, I call him the phantom of the opera, I have no idea who he is, but he knows a lot of stuff that most people do not.

This phantom is following me, he has been following me for a long time. Who is he? He wishes to remain hidden, I know that much.

I know he is in Thailand, most likely not a thai national, he probably lives in Bangkok.

Funny guy, smart guy, unusual guy.

24 November 2013

If I were to run a local newspaper I could beat even the big newspapers with a staff of 60 people. Single handedly I could beat them all and I would not even have to try that hard.

It is not that they suck (or is it?), it is just that I am that much better.

Now, I am not opening a newspaper any time soon so they can relax. I am just saying it would be so easy for me to stay on top of the news, not just the construction news.

I don’t know how I do it. But I do it. And they all know it. Stay tuned, something big is coming.

23 November 2013

The list of new projects include projects that went on the market in 2013. Many of these project have not been officially launched, for all I know the developers may choose have a big launch party some time in 2016. I don’t care about whether a project has be pre-launched, soft-launched, re-launched, unofficially launched or officially launched. If the units are on the market, that’s what counts. That and only that.

I don’t play these stupid time buying games.

23 November 2013

A new Makro store is under construction in North Pattaya, the store will have a size of 3000 sqm. The new Makro North Pattaya is located opposite Pattaya Posh Condominium. This will be the second Makro outlet in Pattaya.

22 November 2013

Thanya Building Co Ltd is the main contractor at The Vision. Most people don’t care who the contractor is, they just want their condo delivered on time.

However I care about who is constructing the buildings, I care about the details. In Pattaya VKK Construction is responsible for building an extremely large percentage of the current projects. They also build hotels for lesser known companies.

VKK has become extremely powerful, they almost have monopoly status regarding construction in Pattaya. They build for most other developers and they also build for themselves.

The money is rolling in, they have become double digit billionaires.

22 November 2013

In 2012 of all the launched condominium units, no more than 45% were sold. Presumably in 2013, of the 9854 units that went on the market no more than 30% has been sold.

What does that mean? It means that some of the developers will go down with a bang, they will go bankrupt. The banks will not finance a project unless 50% of the units have been sold.

That leaves us with the big question: Why do the developers keep launching projects despite of low sales numbers? In my world, what they are doing is not logical.

21 November 2013

It is likely we will get just a single water park, the Cartoon Network water park. Ramayana and Nusa water park looks more like wishful thinking, at least for the immediate future.

That will not be a problem, Cartoon Network WP is big enough to handle the demand. Give Pattaya and the region time to grow, then, if needed, more water parks can be built at a later stage.

There is no need to rush things, if something is bound to happen it will happen.

21 November 2013

Tomorrow is the prelaunch of Pattaya’s most prestigious resort residence.

Ok fine, you can get the “most prestigious” residence for just over 1 million baht. Ahmm, well…. here in Pattaya we can get away with saying anything, can’t we?

I am the best property Guru in the world, Porchland is the best developer, Matrix is Asia’s best developer and Heights Holdings offers the most prestigious residence at only 1.2 MB.

I told you, we can get away with it. No need to walk in too small shoes, it is painful. Just keep saying it, somebody will believe it sooner or later.

20 November 2013

Take chances
A lot of chances
By doing so
Things may happen
The future
Can be changed
The future
Is yours to make
You can
If only you want
You only have one life

20 November 2013

Hotel D’Acqua comprising 1200 units was originally offered to investors so ordinary people could become hotel owners.

However, this concept was not successful so Nusasiri decided to manage the hotel project alone and has returned the money to the investors.

20 November 2013

Do you know that the fast train system to Bangkok will run through the Nusa Chivani development separating phase 1 and 2 on one side and phase 3 on the other side?

Do you know 40% of the 88 houses in phase 1 have been sold? There is just 1 house left at 8 MB. The rest cost between 10 and 14 MB.

Now you know.

19 November 2013

Magic, guiding angels, poetry, property bubbles, new developments near and far. Rather innovative if you ask me.

Anyway, we had a great trip to Sriracha both today and yesterday. We is of course myself and the little princess. We leave home very early in the morning so we are back before 10 o’clock.

19 November 2013

It seems there is an untapped market for development in the area between Sriracha and Laem Chabang. I have recently talked about 3 new projects in that particular area, all projects launched in november 2013, Supalai Vista, Zen City Condo and Sea Hill Condo.

Follow the Property Guru on his journey through the property jungle in Thailand. Remember, there is just one expert, the others are just wannabes.

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