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19 May 2016

Why Thailand? We can find lots of stuff to complain about. Lack of infrastructure improvements, traffic congestion, garbage problems, poor water drainage systems, dirty beaches, corruption in the public sector, old fashioned schools etc.

So why Thailand? Why not one of the neighbouring countries?

Let’s take a look at things. You see, people have different reasons for choosing to live in Thailand.

1) We have a foreign guy running a small business here. Probably a bar, a restaurant or a hotel. The business concept is working, there is a recurrent stream of income. Basically he is happy because he is making money. He won’t complain too much. First and foremost he is a business man. He will pretend to be one of the blokes if it is good for business. Don’t trust him for a second. He is here for the money.

2) We have a foreigners that likes girls. If he is here to party he certainly has found the right place. If he is gay or into ladyboys he will believe he is in heaven. This guy is into the hanky panky stuff. He will prefer to keep the status quo. He is here to get laid.

3) We have a foreigner that likes food. He will have restaurants in abundance on all streets and in all the shopping malls. Fuji, MK, Sizzlers, Shabu Shi, The Pizza Company and many others are here to his convenience. None of the restaurants mentioned above can be found in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Finding a Burger King outlet in KL is close to mission impossible. There are very few. Anyway, this guy is here for the food.

So why Thailand? Is there the same expat community in the neighbouring countries? Are there the same business opportunities?
Are the girls in Malaysia as pretty as the Thai girls? Are the Malaysian girls and boys ready to party with the tourists the same way as in Thailand?
Can the neighbouring countries compete with the number of restaurants in Thailand?

Answer these questions and you might find some answers.

You choose Thailand by comparing with what is offered elsewhere. When buying a laptop you will look at the products available on the market.

So who is complaining? Some guys with too much time on their hands, often sitting in front of a computer screen.

That’ll be all for tonight. Class dismissed.

18 May 2016

Where were we? Oh yes, now I remember, we were talking about economic incentives. Something that motivates people to perform certain actions. But if we know in advance that a project is not financially viable, then why spend time on it? Perhaps it is best to forget all the reasons why it won’t work, do like Nike, and just go ahead and do it anyway? Do it because you like it?

Things take time and that is the main problem. Lack of time. Time and money are correlated. Time is money. Waste time and you waste potential earnings. It is all about money. The story of mankind is a story about money.

Is it possible to break all the rules and make it against all odds? Trump did, so why not?
The laundry is ready, gotta go get it and hang it to dry. Tomorrow after 4pm I will know if I got something for the money I spent today. Did you know that I hate waiting? This is something I can’t do myself so I have to depend on others.

Laundry, laundry, laundry, what a waste of time….

24 April 2016

What do you do when both sides have grave flaws and neither is worth admiring?
Then you are faced with ‘the lesser of two evils’ principle.

If you have to select from two unpleasant options, the one which is least harmful should be chosen.
However, if one side is acting in a too rough manner it will be beneficial to the opponents on the other side. This might push friends away and pave the way for the return of someone selfish with no good intentions towards the country.

Reading the newspapers these days it is obvious there is a reason to be worried. With so many serious problems that need to be fixed in this country we should not spend time solving self-inflicted problems.

Don’t be your own worst enemy, don’t make it harder than it has to be. Many of these problems are self-inflicted and not good for the country. Don’t be afraid of a two-letter word, don’t give the editors reason to attack you.

It is a worried friend telling you to be more wise.

3 April 2016

In this part of cyberspace that you are currently looking at we do not have access to unlimited funds.
However, we do have:

1) Access to unlimited information
2) Access to people with superior intellectual powers
3) Access to people with people with unlimited creativity

If you are here, you already know why you bother to read these words. Because this is different, this is something you are not used to.

We will be playing a role in cyberspace. How big, only the future will tell….

3 April 2016

Money Matters, Part 2:

The word on the street is that a foreigner with very deep pockets, some even say he has access to unlimited funds, has entered the local media business.

It is believed this individual has acquired an existing media platform which was expanded further last year by acquiring the largest foreign online media outlet in the whole of Southeast Asia.

YES indeed, largest in Southeast Asia! This in turn means we have to take this new player seriously.

Most certainly this will have an effect on existing media outlets like the Pattaya Mail and the Pattaya People Media Group. Perhaps not today, but viewed in the long term, it will.

What will this mean for the Pattaya People Media Group, the only truly cross media organization in Pattaya with Television, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines, Giant LED Screens, Moving advertising, Billboards, Internet Websites etc?

What will that mean for Pattaya Mail that keeps winning the “Best in the East” mass-media award?

This new player is ALSO involved in Television, Radio and Websites. We must conclude that the main competitor has to be the Pattaya People Media Group.

Money can buy you talent, money can buy you the most talented leaders, the best presenters, the best writers, the best informed staff and even the prettiest girls in the world. Money can buy you anything you like, this is why people in general are crazy about money.

I believe we have established the fact money matters. We have yet to figure out or predict the long term effects of this investment.

People that invest heavily in a project will want their money back sooner or later. A company with plenty of money in the bank can afford to wait for as long as it takes. It can buy its competitors or just slowly push them out of the market.

Please don’t downplay this issue. It is indeed serious business when large large amounts of money are at stake.

Which company will be the dominant media player in Pattaya in the long run? In the end, it really is all about market share…..

** Yet another exclusive report from newpattaya.com

3 April 2016

Money Matters, Part 1:

Being the serious headmaster that I am, often pretending to be holier-than-thou, and taking construction seriously, then these crazy announcements about the various changing opening dates for a certain water park are rather humiliating. If this were happening in Singapore the guy in charge of PR and project management would be fired instantly. Opening dates, early 2015, August 2015, November 2015, Jan 2016, Feb 2016, March 2016. Perhaps this is normal practice in Russia, I don’t know.

Regarding what is happening in the construction sector in Pattaya, then they fit the shoes perfectly. Things take forever to complete in this city. Lack of money is often the reason….
Money truly matters in this world, money can actually change the rules of the game…..

Wait for Part 2, this will be good….

2 April 2016

Question: My wife is always so busy and have no time for sex with me anymore. Any recommendations are most welcome.

Answer: Relax, there is nothing to worry about, just hang around the NewPattaya facebook, this will most certainly bring about meaning to your life. Furthermore you are free to visit the local 7-Eleven store anytime you wish. We will elaborate upon this matter in the days to come.

What more could you possibly ask for in your quest to fulfill your dreams and heart’s desires? Recent research has indicated that the combination of a nearby 7-Eleven and the newpattaya FB is guaranteed to produce a state of peaceful happiness.

I guarantee you that we don’t make up stories to boost ratings and viewers. Yeah, we all know there are plenty of fake people in a fake society. Sure, there are many fake friends around. But not here. We don’t make things up in the name of profit. This is the real deal…

Some will understand, others won’t have a clue. Funny, you never know for sure when people are joking and when they are serious, not even when things are totally absurd…..

Somehow, when big money is involved people tend to get very serious about things. Money or money-seeking opportunities will always have first priority in our lives. People will do anything for money. That is why you can never trust people. Money is number 1, especially in this part of the world….

What it all boils down to is that humans are not a trustworthy species. I hate being reminded of it so often…

PS: It you are living up there in Isaan you might have trouble finding that local 7-Eleven. And then, my friend, you’re fucked…

Question: My wife is always so busy and have no time for sex with me anymore. Any recommendations are most…

Posted by newpattaya.com on Friday, 1 April 2016

29 March 2016

Not a good day for me today
My seat got too hot
Events kind of got out of control
The story took a few twists that I did not expect
Despite not being involved
I somehow ended up in the centre of it all
I asked for it, didn’t I?

29 March 2016

– Stickman Bangkok
– George’s ThaiVisa
– Andrew Drummond
– and little NewPattaya

All of these sites are connected somehow. Of course some are bigger than others. But all standing out from the crowd.

Words in cyberspace. Don’t fear words. Why?

– Because there is no such thing as bad publicity
– The clever businessman knows how to turn bad publicity around and use it to his advantage
– Getting media coverage without paying for it. Pretty clever….

Don’t worry, things will cool down after a while. By then more people will be aware of the brand or product. Good for business….

29 March 2016

We live in a world full of assholes
Thailand seems to attract the worst of all nationalities
Don’t ever trust anybody
They are up to no good
The smiles are fake
If they approach you it is because the want something
Don’t believe their sweet talk
Suddenly it all makes sense
Yeah, it seems it really is that bad

28 March 2016

Songkran is not fun. Songkran is tyranny. Songkran is nothing less than hell on earth. WHAT gives people the right to throw buckets of cold water in the face of someone driving a motorcycle? It should NOT be allowed.

Hell, in Thailand it is perfectly legal and in Pattaya it is legal for a period of almost 10 days every year.

You know, many people don’t want to take part in any of the water splashing activities. The want to go to work, travel or go to the airport, do their daily shopping for groceries, go see a movie or just hang around at the shopping malls. Simply go about their daily business.

WHAT gives people the right to throw buckets of cold water on somebody that does not have the slightest desire to get wet? Documents might be destroyed, mobile phones and iPads likewise. Who cares, it is legal to hurt other people, right?

Yeah, drive a car and be safe. But what about those that don’t own a car? What about those that DON’T think it is fun to walk around in wet clothes all day. How many pairs of extra clothes do we need to bring when leaving home? For the whole family? Madness!!!

Songkran is not fun. Songkran is tyranny.

So what do I do? I leave Pattaya to get away from the madness. Every year!

It is a grave infringement of personality rights.

Solution: Either leave Thailand or stay at a resort by the beach. There is usually no water splashing on the beach. They need a road to have fun.

Koh Samet beach is safe but the road from the pier to the resorts is not.

Koh Chang is also not safe unless you stay at the resort. They go crazy on the main road. You will need a car if you plan to go out for dinner.

Get wet or not? It is actually not your decision. Money can buy you freedom, freedom from the Songkran nightmare.

What is the word I am looking for? Anarchy…. anarchy and chaos…

Songkran is not fun. Songkran is tyranny. Songkran is nothing less than hell on earth. WHAT gives people the right to…

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26 March 2016

We were spotted walking down Sukhumvit soi 22 in Bangkok yesterday. A young boy with his father shouted the name of my daughter.

That’s life for you. No, it is not me they like. It is The Princess.

I have always known that. My job is to keep her safe and to show her that life can be an adventure.

She does not like to visit construction sites. She likes to play with other kids.

Very few people like construction. People are focused on the end product. The building process is not interesting. Few care about who the main contractor is.

Don’t they understand that the main contractor is everything? Why can’t people be like me? What can I do to make them understand?

24 March 2016

More on thai politics. I know, this kind of post is extremely boring but we need to understand how things work. I will try to keep it short.

In Thailand we have a system where the winner takes it all. The winner, or the leader of the winning party literally takes all. In a way he becomes the owner of the country, he will actually be more powerful than the kings that ruled the country centuries ago.

The leader of the winning party can do as he pleases. Parliament does not play a role at all because no one will dare to speak against the PM. A strong leader will have no reason to fear rebellion because the party will often belong to him. The party is his personal property. Speaking against the leader is regarded as disrespectful behaviour. Do so and the action will have consequences.

We end up with a system where one person decides everything. He will have a mandate from the people to do anything he wants. Anything at all!

The PM will appoint the national chief of police and the leader of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI). This way he will control the police and prevent any cases from being brought against him. The PM will appoint the CEOs of all the state enterprises etc.

In theory the PM has the power to fire the Commander of the Royal Thai Army.

Independent agencies are being crippled in order for the PM to become untouchable. He will not just be above the law. The PM will be the law.

The voters won’t care what is happening. Throw in a few populist policies here and there and they won’t get in the way.

Think about it for a moment. We can’t even hire a metered taxi in a city like Pattaya. A small thing you might argue, however the point is that this kind of situation arises due the absence of political consciousness in society. Jet Ski scams? Who cares? Nobody. A big thing or a small. It does not matter, nobody cares. Nobody at all.

Political scandals don’t make any difference at all. Democracy is not supposed to work this way.
It is reform of society that is needed rather than just constitutional reform.

What is the point of writing the perfect constitution if the majority of the voters embrace corruption? Corruption is so widespread that it is taken for granted.

The cure for this madness? Severe punishment. But it won’t happen. It is not the thai way of doing things. The worst that can happen is that someone will be transferred to an inactive post.

Corruption has already won this battle.

More on thai politics. I know, this kind of post is extremely boring but we need to understand how things work. I will…

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23 March 2016

How to run a successful facebook?

You must be able to write articles and post relevant links.
You must be able to make yourself understood.
But that is not enough. People will get bored in no time.

You need to be the creative guy with all the ideas.
You need to have an extremely strong personality.
You need to be able to have your own opinion
You need to be an overall authority.
Knowledge is essential.
It won’t work if you don’t know what you are talking about.
It won’t hurt if you have a good sense of humour.

Basically you need to have a showrunner’s personality.
Yeah, it is all easier said than done.

The big secret? Everything in life is easy if you are having fun end enjoying yourself doing whatever you’re doing.

How to run a successful facebook?You must be able to write articles and post relevant links.You must be able to make…

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22 March 2016

ICONSIAM specialist? Take your pick. You have no idea of how big this is, or how big it is going to be in a few years time.
The most popular facebook in Thailand? Do you know which one it is? Actually it is the one belonging to the Siam Paragon shopping mall. Put two and two together and understand that I will be riding that horse….
• The Magnolias Waterfront Residences at IconSiam
• The Residences Mandarin Oriental Bangkok
• Takashimaya at ICONSIAM
• Chao Phraya River Developments
• The ultimate ICONSIAM feasibility study
• Iconic sky Tower Bangkok

22 March 2016

The one of whom we do not speak
He who must not be named
the Dark Lord
Lord Voldemort
You know, there is plenty of this kind of people in the neighbourhood. We talk about them and what they do, we do so in private but never in public.
Even if Lord Voldemort is officially retired his power remains intact. All it takes is a phone call from him. They will do as he says. They await his return….

22 March 2016

Want to know just how small a city like Pattaya is?
Well, this guy from Pattaya City Expats Club that was interviewing Khun Rugby in the video posted last night, I actually didn’t even know of his existence or Khun Rugby for that matter before last night.
Then today, when buying milk and bread at Big C I saw he was sitting there wearing earphones, enjoying something.

I was staring impolitely at him, walking back and forth a few times wondering whether it really was him or just a look-alike.

Strange eh? Posting a video of a stranger and then the next day he is there at the local mall.
Being famous must be hell on earth. All these people staring impolitely, who would ever want that?
No, it is better to keep a low profile and enjoy life under a palm tree.

Want to live the good life? Then stay far away from the spotlight. People won’t bother you if they don’t know you. Stay below the radar.

It can be dangerous to put your head above the trench line even for a second, especially in this part of the world….

Want to know just how small a city like Pattaya is?Well, this guy from Pattaya City Expats Club that was interviewing…

Posted by newpattaya.com on Tuesday, 22 March 2016

22 March 2016

– There is no elected government so there cannot be local elections.
So this might not be the big cleanup that many people have been hoping for. This is probably not the big rescue operation that was much needed.
This might be normal procedure due to the circumstances.
Oh god, how I hate being brought down to earth.
It was the use of article 44 that gave me hope.
I really had my hopes up there for a minute….

21 March 2016

Found it in The Pattaya Mail. There we have some of the answers regarding City Hall and the Mayor:
“But Rugby explained that all of this will disappear on 16 June 2016 when, by order of the National Council of Peace and Order, the elected officials and their staff will all be dismissed, replaced by appointed officials.”


Found it in The Pattaya Mail. There we have some of the answers regarding City Hall and the Mayor:”But Rugby explained…

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21 March 2016

There is an article out there on the net, very controversial to say the least. I know many of the so-called presented facts are not true.
However, parts of the article might be true, and if so, it means there will be big changes in Pattaya in the near future.
I am not sure if posting the link would get me in hot water. Not worth it….
This might be the story of the year 2016. This could be pretty big if you ask me…

There is an article out there on the net, very controversial to say the least. I know many of the so-called presented…

Posted by newpattaya.com on Sunday, 20 March 2016

20 March 2016

Hi… I just read some news y’all might be interested. Do you still remember Greenland Group? Two super large mega-projects in the Na Jomtien area? No activity there by the way….
Anyway Greenland Group holds a good portion of another company which has just defaulted on its debt, meaning they have failed to pay somebody they owe money, be it principal or interest.
The market is worried Greenland Group might default in the future too…..
If they were to go down we would have anoher Lehman Brothers scenario. But Greenland Group is too big to be allowed to fail. Then again, so were Lehman Brothers…..

Hi… I just read some news y’all might be interested. Do you still remember Greenland Group? Two super large…

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16 March 2016

You know, if a developer is getting too big and powerful in a small town like Pattaya, then there will be attempts to bring him down. It is a thing called jealousy….
Same story no matter what line of occupation you are in. People are people….

You know, if a developer is getting too big and powerful in a small town like Pattaya, then there will be attempts to…

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15 March 2016

Mass exodus underway?
The worst thing? It is knowing some good stuff and not feeling in the mood for writing about it. This feeling that things have changed, that things are not the same as they used to be.
The question is; Have things really changed or is it just me that has been here too long? Am I the one that has changed?
You know, when I go and explore other cities I am still my old self. It is clear that my feelings towards Pattaya has changed.
Pattaya used to be the centre of my universe. Now I feel nothing. Nothing at all.
Yeah, confession time…..

Mass exodus underway?The worst thing? It is knowing some good stuff and not feeling in the mood for writing about it….

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12 March 2016

In response to some questions:
What am I?
I am a Net Lord
A Net Lord is a lord of the internet
Net Lords are believed to posses an in depth understanding of the internet
However, little is known about these Net Lords
Some say they possess supernatural powers
They mostly operate behind the scenes
They adhere to a policy of non-interfering
When you meet one you will know
They are different

12 March 2016

I will focus more on unique architecture. There are some amazing buildings out there….

Posted by newpattaya.com on Friday, 11 March 2016

12 March 2016

A glimpse into the future….Something bigSomething uniqueSomething unexpectedSomething only The Guru can doYes, I can and I willWatch me

Posted by newpattaya.com on Friday, 11 March 2016

10 March 2016

Are you familiar with The Doctor from Doctor Who?
I am his biggest fan
Nobody knows his real name
We just refer to him as The Doctor
I would like to be like him
He travels through time and space in a blue box
Always exploring new worlds
He is a true inspiration
He operates on the highest level of integrity
You just have to love this guy
Sadly there will be no new episodes of Doctor Who in 2016
Except for the Christmas Special to be aired on 25 December
I would rather be The Doctor than The Guru

6 March 2016

Have you seen the future?Well, they have probably not heard of The Guru yet.Sooner or later they will.It may take a…

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6 March 2016

The future is near….It’s already here

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26 February 2016

Thank you for the music

24 February 2016

So, have you learned anything?
What, you are not sure?
Surely you must be mistaken
Don’t you know who I am?
I am the enlightened one
The smart ass
The guy that knows everything
I am The Guru
Surely just being around me makes you clever by osmosis

Don’t worry
It is not too late
You will see the light soon
It is all going according to plan
You see, there is a master plan
The Guru always had a master plan

So what is on the other side of the hill?
This is what I am talking about
Knowing stuff, this is the key
Expanding, conquering new territories

They may not like me
They may think I am too aggressive
They may think I am messing with their affairs

Not my problem
They will get to know me
Whether they like it or not
They are not safe from me

I am going after some big guys
Another country this time
I will play with them until I get bored
Then I will move on

To me it is just a game
It is a game where I set the rules

There are no boundaries
There is always a way
Just think unconventionally

24 February 2016

Thank you for the photos. Someone actually said those words to me last night. Surely he can’t be from around here.

Thais don’t behave like this. Neither do the foreigners that have settled down here. Behaving like that just doesn’t come natural to people in this part of the world.

Little words that mean a lot. Very unusual. I was very surprised.

About the pictures, well, somebody’s gotta do the job. The developers seldom take these things seriously. I have always wondered why.

Anyway the little experiment last evening brought in around 4000 viewers.

24 February 2016

Could you keep up with me tonight? This is me when I am sick, been sick for 2 weeks. Can’t seem to shake it off.
You should see me when I am well and not disturbed by anybody. We haven’t tried that yet.

23 February 2016

So, no Super Tower? Why not? Well, just look at the G Land Tower Rama 9. Progressing at a snail’s pace for the last many years.
AHA, perhaps financial uncertainty? You bet your ass. Well, if the G Tower is causing problems, well,……
You need money to build the Super Tower. Around 25 billion baht. And you need tenants with deep pockets. Probably looking to China, they always go to China in search of money.

23 February 2016

The Thais are getting fatter and fatter every year, especially the girls. I see it every day. It wasn’t like that 15 years ago. Back then I was wondering how everybody could be so thin. Did eat like birds, I often asked myself.
I believe that Asians are genetically predisposed for fatness. Fat Hawaiian mamas have existed for a long time. Somehow it is not much talked about.
Big Fat Momma by Smokie, I even bought the record myself. That was a long time ago.

20 February 2016

Amazing, eh? I can post something in the morning and if I check in late in the evening 500 people might have read my words. Quite a crowd, quite a bit of an audience in a country where few speak english well enough to understand what I say.

Same story almost every day for 5 years.

Don’t they ever get tired of me? I often ask myself that question. You know, sometimes I just shoot from the hip, write something without careful consideration of my words. Most of the time they will read it anyway.

Powerful? Not really. It just words and words are quickly forgotten.

I see myself as an entertainer, a guy hosting an online show. Looking at the number of people that have been watching the show over the years, in that respect it has been a success. A few breaks for commercials in the show would have been nice though.

I feel good hosting a show. I have never needed to try hard. I have had fun all the time.
Live your dreams. The only one stopping you is yourself. Or perhaps someone you care very much about.

18 February 2016

A large new mall in Pattaya will have a dramatic impact on the future development the city. These huge malls change everything, just look at the developments taking place in KL and Singapore. Further investments will follow each other in rapid succession.

When a huge amount of money is injected into the local economy in this way there will be obvious side effects.

A new mega mall is actually more important than a fast rail connection to Bangkok.
Before we had a choice between Central Festival @ Beach and Central Festival @ Beach – actually we only had one place to go.

It is not just good news, it is extremely good news for Pattaya. I am happy on Pattaya’s behalf. I want to see the city prosper, attracting both new businesses, new families and new tourists.
I know that most citizens in Pattaya don’t care about anything unless there is some kind of personal financial reward.

I know, it is a new concept to love your city, to get engaged in something if there is no personal profit. I can inform you that it is a good feeling to care about something without expecting anything in return.

It is actually allowed to be happy on someone else’s behalf, it is a very good feeling.
I would say the tide is turning. There is room for optimism. There’s room for growth, there is room for opportunity.

Ask yourself one question: How many is saying this?
I would say only one: The Guru. Pattaya’s own Guru. The guardian of the city.

18 February 2016

Terminal 21 Pattaya will start construction next week. Very surprising news. Other malls are often talked about for years before they finally pull themselves together and get to work.
Central Festival Pattaya Beach totally changed the face of Pattaya when it opened. Now history is about to repeat itself and Pattaya will get a second major attraction.
I never expected things to move this fast. This is wonderful news for Pattaya.

18 February 2016

So how is life in Pattaya? Pretty good actually.
Just avoid the obvious stuff that we all know can get us in trouble.

Let’s delve on the dos and don’ts in Pattaya:

1) Don’t play bridge. The local bridge club has existed since 1994, that’s about 22 years. There has been several international bridge competitions in Bangkok over the years but don’t let that lead you to believe it is safe. It is not!

Don’t play bridge.

2) If you are a developer then keep an eye on statues in the neighbourhood. If your project blocks part of the view for a statue, then god have mercy on your soul.
We have to protect the rights of these statues. Don’t forget to supply them with glasses as they get older as their vision fades with age.

3) I hear a foreign customer got beaten up by 5 baht bus drivers for negotiating the fare from Walking street to Jomtien.

Don’t negotiate the fare.

We all knew that, didn’t we? If not, then just take a baht-bus over a bridge leading to a condo in front of a statue. Then you’ll see.

18 February 2016

So what have I learned? I have learned that Thailand is a country where money talks. We all know that insider trading is a serious crime, so serious that the penalty is jail.
But not if you are protected by one of the biggest companies in Thailand. In this case the penalty is a slap on the wrist. It is the little crooks with no protection that end up in jail.
I have learned that the main reason for people to join politics is to get rich the easy way. They join politics for all the wrong reasons.

17 February 2016

I am not reporting about what is going on in Pattaya anymore. But I can say I believe Sands finally received the much awaited EIA approval a couple of months ago.

I also believe The Riviera Jomtien has reveived EIA approval, a project that dates back to 2014. It took a long time, it was probably not a walk in the park.

So they have EIA which is good. A construction permit issued by the local authorities usually follows automatically a couple of weeks later.

Or perhaps not? Well, in 99.999% of the cases the construction permit is no problem. Just make sure you have a good relationship with the one in charge.

Things that have nothing to do with the project might get in the way. An election might be one of those things.

So what does an election have to do with a construction permit? In most cases nothing but in one case everything. This is when there is no technical problem but instead there is a political problem.

12 February 2016

Thinking about renting out your apartment and make some money? Think twice. It has already started in Bangkok.

There has been many cases where the other residents did not want to see people coming and going as if the condominium was a hotel.

A condominium is not a hotel. As mentioned, it has already started in Bangkok. Residents seeing unfamiliar faces and unusual activity are reporting this to the management and action is taken.

The times are changing. What worked in the past will not work in the future.

It is very simple: A condominium is not a hotel. Paying some money to somebody to make the problem go away is not going to work anymore.

It can go both ways. Who knows what will happen after an election. Just be prepared for anything and understand that things can change in the blink of an eye.

Who wants to see their neighbours change twice a week? Not many. Who would complain? A lot of residents.

12 February 2016

Rental guarantees? Yes, many developers have that offer as part of a purchase.

First question:

What if nobody is renting and if the company issuing the rental guarantee has no money? Who is going to pay?

There are loads of empty apartments out there. Furthermore, most developers have no money left by now.

Second question:

Do you really believe in these rental guarantees? A guarantee is a guarantee, right?
What if a promise is broken? Take the case to court? No way, it will cost too much and take too long time.

Just be careful out there…..

Rental guarantees? Yes, many developers have that offer as part of a purchase.First question:What if nobody is…

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11 February 2016

We were visiting Wong Amat yesterday. You know, most people said that traffic would be terrible when all these new condos were completed. Squeaking car wheels when going up and down the car park etc.

Well, we stayed outside Family Mart for almost 1 hour. We saw no cars or motor cycles. We noticed that many of the apartments at Baan Plai Haad did not even have curtains.

And Serenity looked very quiet, the same goes for Wong Amat Tower.

Squeaking car tyres? No, I am afraid not. Not even a single car. Just some construction workers at The Palm.

I never imagined it would be that quiet, especially considering this is called the high season.

11 February 2016

Don’t underestimate the power of The Guru. It won’t have much to do with Pattaya but a new audience will come and join the activities and probably replace those interested purely in local affairs.
I will keep the name for sentimental reasons. After all it was here it all started. Rest assured it won’t be here it ends.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Expect the unexpected. Hang around if you want to learn something new.

I’ve always got something brewing in my brain. There is never a quiet moment up there.

The new guys will speak english. Good for me! The main obstacle here in Thailand is that 99.5% of the population is not able to read and understand simple english. The massive language barriers can’t be ignored.

10 February 2016

Have you ever wondered why it is always the same place you read about new malls, sheep farms and what is happening in and around Pattaya?

I have, and I have not found an answer to the question. I mean, I am not exactly the only news provider in town, am I? I would say a new mall in town is a rather big thing. They have an office and anybody can go and talk to them. I haven’t done so because I have other things to focus on.

I guess people will only do things if there is an added element of business included. Yes, I forgot that for a moment. People only do things if there is a profit to be made. We all need money, don’t we. Don’t underestimate the power of money.

Also don’t underestimate the power of someone simply having fun.

10 February 2016

The BMT Gold Line (monorail) will have a station in front of Icon Siam.
Why don’t I get one in front of my house?
So they will get their much needed station. You have my personal guarantee on this.
Not having a mass transit station was never an option.
Of course all this is just a mad man’s ramblings.

10 February 2016

Do you know what the rich people in the world fear more than anything. By rich I mean people that own hundreds of billions of US dollars.

They fear a revolution. They fear that the poor people will revolt against them and basically take away their money and power.

In theory this could happen. Just remember the French revolution and the Soviet revolution in 1917. It has happened before.

If democracy really worked to its full extent this could happen on a global scale. But various secret mechanisms have been put in place to prevent this from happening.

They have money. With money comes more power than the average individual is aware of. People on a global scale are fooled into believing that democracy gives them a say in important matters.
People don’t know. They don’t need to know. It is just another case of ignorance is bliss.
All this talk about conspiracy theories is not just mad people’s ramblings. This is what they want us to believe. And it works.

Because they not only have money and power. The tricky part is that they also possess intellectual superiority. Yeah, I hate to say it. They are smarter than us.

9 February 2016

A story about a wise man:

He wakes up at 4am every morning and spends one hour engaging in breathing exercises. He will be 89 years in the spring of 2016. He is still reading and keeping up to date on worldly affairs.

– What is the secret of a long and happy life, I asked.
– Avoid stress and worries, he answered.
– It is all up here, he explained, pointing to his head.
– You can learn to control your thinking and thus your immune system and health, he said.

We talked for about half an hour. He answered all my questions to perfection.

– I have a lovely daughter and I would like to have a long life so I can watch her grow up. What are my chances, I asked.

– You are smiling all the time, he said. This is a very good sign.
I was smiling for the rest of the day and the days that followed. I considered myself very lucky to have met such a wise individual.

My daughter has has enriched my life beyond belief. No doubt about that. But this wise man added another dimension to my enjoyment of life. He brought hope and partly changed my views on mankind. Now I know there are alternatives to this primitive barbarism I see too often in the world.

I have met one of them. Now I have to see if there are others like him out there.

Old man, we shall meet again. I will surprise you one fine day when you least expect it. I may have to travel very far but somehow I will come to you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. You touched something inside of me.

I had to write this story. It is important to me that I don’t forget. I know, to the rest of you it is probably not a big deal. Who cares about an old man?

4 February 2016

We met two elderly guys at McDonald’s at Central Festival about a week ago.

Both from Ireland, one of them was 73 years old. We got along well, there was this mutual understanding of things. For all I know they could be members of my family. There was something familiar about them. We probably share the same gene pool and the same mindset.

I have to admit that I get better along with older gentlemen. They are more relaxed and not trying to impress anybody. There is no hidden agenda.

The 73 year old is living in Da Nang in Vietnam. He has been in Asia for 19 years and comes to Pattaya every now and them. Originally he is from Ireland but he moved to the US.

What makes your life interesting, I asked.

He answered: – Travelling and meeting new people. I just met you and your daughter. That’s what life is all about.

So why am I writing about these guys all of a sudden? Because they are the same as me, as opposed to being different.

I find that Asians are very difficult or perhaps impossible to understand. There were times when I thought I understood them, only to be proven wrong later on.

I prefer honesty and straightforwardness. I like the concept of doing the right thing. Doing the right thing is not on the agenda in Asia.

I ask myself why and find no answer.

4 February 2016

My mother is 81 years old. What if she was arrested for playing bridge? What if she was held at the station for 12 hours?
That would be outrageous. That would be a scandal of such proportions that shouldn’t be allowed in civilized society.
If they can do this they can do anything. Another world, another way of thinking.
Are we really that different? I never thought it possible.
Now I know.

4 February 2016

Words of wisdom
Just be yourself
Don’t be afraid of gossip about yourself
Don’t be afraid of acting silly
Don’t be afraid of losing face
Just let them talk all they want
It doesn’t matter


Well, in 50 years time you will most likely be six feet under. So will all those that gossip about you.
Unless your deeds end up in the history books you will most certainly be forgotten. See the point?
Hey, wait a minute. I forgot the internet has been invented. Somebody may copy and save your embarrassing moments.

Hmmm…. need to think more. The internet is changing the rules of the game.
Well then: Don’t be yourself. Be who they want you to be. Be like everybody else. It’s best to play it safe.

Hell no: Don’t play it safe. Be who you are, and be proud of it.

20 January 2016

It’s over
It’s all over
I ain’t sailing no more
And what can I do?

There’s no point in checking in on this facebook anymore.
As some of you may have figured out, I have thrown in the towel some time ago.

There is no point in considering a comeback.
The concept never worked and was probably never intended to work.
What once was, is no more.
Nothing I can do about that.
I simply had too few friends.
I mean real friends, the kind that do more than just talk.

I can stand tall and say I did it my way.
I did it my way and unfortunately it was the wrong way.
What is the word I am looking for?
Ahh, a failed project, I believe I have used this description a few times before.
Kind of ironic, but at least I am honest about it.
All along I tried to be honest without crossing the line.

Knowing myself there will probably be some weird posts every now and then. Just know it will be nothing worth writing home about. No doubt I will eventually fade away, get caught up in something else.

Or will I? You know, I am not your average kind of guy. I am not sure where I go from here but I doubt it will be boring.

It has always been one day at a time. Now it is time for something else. Something that works in the real world.

A shame it did not work out. At times it felt like I had a good thing going. At least I had fun. But now it’s over. Actually it has been over for quite a while.

It’s over It’s all overI ain’t sailing no moreAnd what can I do?There’s no point in checking in on this facebook…

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5 January 2016

Asean, Asean Economic Community or AEC. Why won’t it work?

It is actually very simple. They are not ready for such a commitment. It is too big a mouthful for them to swallow.

If you are looking for a partner then make sure he is mentally stable. Make sure you can trust the person.

It is a fact that almost all the member countries have severe internal problems of their own to deal with. Corruption is widespread and accepted. Democracy does not work the way it is supposed to.

Democracy does not just mean the right to vote every 4 years, it also means that the voters have a duty to hold the politicians accountable. There is no accountability, no separation between right and wrong.
In many ways they are not ready. But who cares, if we can fool the whole world so that they all put their regional headquarter in Bangkok it will suit me just fine.

5 January 2016

When will the day of reckoning come for the real estate market?
The day of reckoning is here already!

Use your eyes. Look at the property booths at the shopping malls here in Pattaya. Start at Tesco South, move on to Royal Garden, then Central Festival Pattaya Beach, then Big C Extra and finally Tesco in North Pattaya.

One developer stands out clearly from the rest. Not that this particular developer is a favourite of mine. I am simply making an observation.

Slowly over the last 2 years the other developers have more or less disappeared from the malls. Some are still there but they are not very visible.

You know, having a property booth actually cost a lot of money, and if nobody is buying these condos then the developers will, sooner or later, be forced to stop sponsoring these booths.

BUT, as mentioned, there is one developer I see everywhere, probably having a 90% share of the total number of property booths in town. It is this Arcadia Condo from Heights Holdings.

A few years ago there was gossip about which developer would go down first. Back then many (everybody) told me that HH would not make it under these bad market conditions.

It seems they were wrong. HH is still around, and judging by the high number of property booths selling their Arcadia developments, well, this certainly make them look like the only winner in town.

Arcadia here, Arcadia there, Arcadia everywhere. Every day for more than 2 years. Even during these difficult times. They have an extremely visible presence in Pattaya.

2 January 2016

So what do the tourists do in Pattaya? They dine at Central Festival Pattaya beach.

This evening at 7 o’clock we wanted to get a quick meal at Santa Fe. Due to long queues of waiting customers we decided to leave the mall and get a bite to eat at Big C Pattaya Klang.

There were long queues in front of most restaurants on the 6th floor at Central Festival this evening.

The people that did not dine spent time at coffee shops, cafes or ice cream parlours.

Very few people visited the other shops at the mall.

What I am saying is that Pattaya is more a dining destination than a shopping destination.
Of course this may change in the future when we get the new Terminal 21 shopping complex.
I am also saying that there is need for expansion in this business, at least during the holidays. Some people don’t like waiting in line to dine.

29 December 2015

What????? You want to make money on the internet? Have you completely lost your mind?
It is simply not possible. You stand a bigger chance of having a breakthrough in the movie business in Hollywood rather than making money online.

You have a bigger chance of winning the first price in the lottery.

Let me explain how the internet works. You contact a service provider, AIS, DTAC or True, pay the monthly subscription fee and then you’re in.

Once you’re in – you’re in – and after that everything on the internet is FREE. It is yours for the taking.

You can watch Christina Aguilera’s latest music video a million times and you don’t need to pay even a single baht for it. It is absolutely FREE of charge. You don’t need to worry about how the music artists make a living. It is not your problem.

You can read the news in The Bangkok Post and The Nation every single day and again it is absolutely FREE.

You don’t need to worry about how the 50 journalists, the lawyers, accountants, web programmers, web designers or shareholders get paid. You don’t need to worry about how they pay the office rent.
Well, there is this annoying advertisement on the front page, you just click on the cross in the corner and it will go away. But this advertisement does not even cover 1% of the costs involved in running the business.

Then there is Google Adsense, at best you can hope to get some pocket money. It is nothing you can live on. Sorry guys.

Then who are the lucky ones? The service providers like AIS, DTAC or True, they all make loads of money on this. They provide access to the Holy Grail.

People travel and they book hotel rooms online. If you happen to own Agoda or Booking-dot-com or if you have invented Tripadvisor, then you are one of the few that have won the lottery.

Tripadvisor gets people to write reviews for free, they have the whole world working for them as content writers, people do this for free, and while they are there they often book a hotel room. This business model is pretty clever. Staff that work for free and even pay their employer. How about that?

Still want to make money online? Don’t you get it? People will read your articles, look at your YouTube videos, look at your amazing photos and they wouldn’t even for a second consider supporting you.

If you walk down a street and all the restaurants have a sign that says FREE FOOD or FREE BEER. Would you pay? Of course not.

Would I pay if The Bangkok Post started charging a fee for their service? Of course I wouldn’t.
Whatever you find on the internet is free. Make money on the internet? Yeah, if you are this one-in-a-million lucky bastard.

No, you stand a better chance of having a career in Hollywood.

Sorry guys, stop dreaming. If it is free, it is free.

29 December 2015

About 50 wealthy families in Bangkok have distorted the property market in Bangkok for the last decade. These families can easily buy more than a 1000 apartments each and just keep them empty or rent them out if they want to. No big deal for them.
That is why we see prices where even Thais with a good income find it hard to buy quality property.
Less than 1% of the population own more than 90% of the assets in the country. It is pretty amazing.

28 December 2015

Did you know that Bangkok’s property market collapsed in Q4 2015?
For some reason the developers just stopped launching new projects all of a sudden.
It is not talked about in the media. But I follow what is going on and I can see it very clearly.
Of course there is a reason why the media choose to keep a low profile. The developers don’t want this kind of news out because it will make prospective buyers nervous and think twice about investing in property. There is nothing worse than nervous investors.
The developers more or less own the online media. They don’t want the truth to be spoken.
What happened in Pattaya is also happening in Bangkok. Bangkok’s property bubble burst in Q4 2015. Of course niche developments might still do well but it is clear that things have changed dramatically.
A simple observation combined with the ability to draw conclusions. I have been expecting it for some time. I am surprised it took so long.

Did you know that Bangkok’s property market collapsed in Q4 2015?For some reason the developers just stopped launching…

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28 December 2015

The TAT expects Russian tourist arrivals will bounce back by the middle of 2016.
Comment: Well, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has to be overly optimistic, this is part of their job description. Nothing new there. I agree that the Russians will be back in Pattaya sooner or later. BUT I think it will take a little longer than just 6 months time.
PS: Nothing wrong with being optimistic in life. Who wants to live in a world with no hope for a better future?
You may like the Russians or not, but they have played a very important role in the development of the new Pattaya. I, for one, will welcome our Russian friends back.
(I am just after their money, he he he)

The TAT expects Russian tourist arrivals will bounce back by the middle of 2016.Comment: Well, the Tourism Authority…

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26 December 2015

If your are abroad and would like to stay informed about construction and new projects in Bangkok, then there is absolutely no problem. There are lots of facebooks and websites available. But these guys speak thai so it is best if you can read some basic thai.
If your are abroad and would like to stay informed about what is going on in Pattaya, then there are, as far as I know, not many options.
A bit worrying but not much I can do about that. Not cool for someone that like to stay informed. Of course there is a reason why I think about these things.

26 December 2015

We went jogging this morning
We went to a park with a small lake, just off Soi Siam
We brought loads of old bread
We fed two doves
Three turtles
And an unknown number of fish

So, is this just a silly post about feeding the fish on a saturday morning? No, there is more.
They have just started building a huge resort adjacent to this nice little park, by the way probably the best park in Pattaya.

This means that even though the developers are going through a tough time at the moment there are STILL people quietly investing in the background. By the way, these people are investing a fortune in the future of Pattaya. They believe in Pattaya.

They are keeping a low profile but they are active. I have to report about all this. If I don’t do it nobody else will. I need to know what is really going on.

I think we all need to know. I am happy to report the good news. It is right next to Supalai Bella Pattaya currently under construction. Stuff is happening in this part of town.
Few know about this. I have known about if for a couple of years.

25 December 2015

The end is near
Nothing is permanent in this world
Plan A never worked
I never had a Plan B
I did not play any Christmas songs this year and I did not buy any chocolate or cookies.
I have had this freaking headache for 3 days in a row now.
I have to keep up appearances so I don’t spoil Christmas for The Princess.
The captain goes down with the ship. I have hit too many big icebergs lately.

25 December 2015

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.
I don’t know who first said these words but I need to find another ending. Easier said than done….

24 December 2015

Looking to make money by renting your apartment out in Pattaya?
Well, I looked at Centric Sea Pattaya at 7pm on my way home and the building was completely dark, no lights to be seen. Perhaps 10 out of a 1000 windows had lights on.
7pm in the peak of the high season in a prime location. Well, some of the residents might be out for dinner but still not a good sign.
For some reason there are never any lights in the condo towers in town. This part of Pattaya should be called the dark side.

24 December 2015

Buy property in Pattaya or not? Well, if you have cash and need an apartment the time is right.
I was having a meal at this Subway outlet on Beach Road. I looked at the real estate agency right next door. They have a lot of offers on their windows so you don’t need to enter the shop.
I found a lot of really, really good offers. I don’t know whether these offers are for real or just bait to get customers to enter the shop.
I was thinking, wauw, almost too good to be true. I would personally buy if I had the money.
If you want to sell the time couldn’t be worse. Don’t sell unless you have to. Buy if you want to buy things look really good.
It is a buyer’s market at the moment…..

5 December 2015

Describe Pattaya if you can. Well, the thing is, Pattaya can be exactly what you want it to be. It is totally up to you, assuming that you have sufficient funds at hand.

You can buy a nice house in an estate on the Darkside, that is down Soi Siam Country Club, you can live there in peace and comfort if you choose to do so.

If you don’t like downtown Pattaya you can do your shopping at Central Plaza Rayong, a 30-minute drive from Pattaya. You can go places you like and avoid places you don’t like. It is actually very simple.

Of course you will need sufficient funds to be able to support this lifestyle. Expect to pay minimum 5 million baht for a decent house and 600,000 baht for a small car. An amount of 50,000 baht per month for expenses is enough to make life enjoyable for most people. Of course you will need a bigger budget if you plan to send your kids off to study at Regents International School.

If you want to party hard and love bar hopping it is probably the best place in the world for this. You can do this, or a combination of the above mentioned choice.

You can decide for yourself. Up to you, as the girls say here. You can make your dreams come true in Pattaya. You can even spend your life complaining about the status quo…. but there is not much point in that, is there? Things are the way they are, they way they have always been.

You can make your own choices. This is why Pattaya works. For the record, Pattaya is actually a pretty cool place to live.

3 December 2015

This was tonight’s show. All for now, I have to prepare for a new day tomorrow. The thing about Pattaya is that it is not a boring place. There is always something new to talk about. There will never come a time when all is said and done.

That is why I like Pattaya. This is my reason for being here. There is always something happening. I have never felt bored here. Never.

I felt bored in my country of origin. I felt safe there but it was terribly boring. Boring and uninspiring. Too many rules.

No, I don’t miss the place where I was born. I miss spring. I miss the changing seasons. Sometimes I miss the cool northwest winds.

Southeast Asia has a future. I don’t believe Europe has.

3 December 2015

What kind of people is it that decide to settle down in Pattaya. Well, according to the Thai media it is mostly drug dealers and wanted criminals. The scum of the earth so to speak.
Hell no, this is absolutely not true. Just because one or two out of a thousand foreign residents are rotten apples, it does not mean that the 998 other residents are.
Shame on the media, but hey, this is to be expected. Making this kind of headlines is popular. Scandals are useful to the media. And they have no scruples whatsoever about making things much worse than they are.
What about telling the truth for once? It is so difficult?
No, Pattaya is a popular hideout for international fugitives. It is all about sex and drugs. This is the picture the media want to paint. This way of writing will tarnish the reputation of Pattaya.
We don’t deserve this. It is not fair. Life is actually pretty normal here.

30 November 2015

Next stop England
I did not fit in in my country of origin
I did not fit in in Thailand
Then I went to Tuk Com and learned about Doctor Who
I learned about Peter Capaldi, David Tennant and Matt Smith
I had something in common with these guys
I recognized something of myself in these guys
I have travelled a lot
But I have never been to Britain
Could it be the right place for me?
Or will I be disappointed again?

30 November 2015

How the system works? The large listed developers pay for online exposure of their developments.

You see it clearly on the Bangkok based websites, they simply have to follow the money. A few weeks ago it was Raimon Land’s The Lofts Asoke project, they got 5 articles in just a few days from the same website.

These days it is Fragrant Group spending money to promote Circle 2.

There is no such thing as independent websites. One way or another they are owned by the property industry. Somebody has to pick up the bill. Not just pay for the expenses but also produce a healthy profit.

That’s life and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Exactly the same thing is happening for all the property magazines.

Be just a little critical of a developer and all doors will quickly be closed. They have to play the kiss arse game. They have no choice if they want to survive.

It is just business. Big money sets the agenda, kinda sad, but that’s how the game is played.
Independent websites? Yeah, if the guys doing it are millionaires doing it for fun. How many of these do you expect to find?

No, generally speaking, most people in the world have to play the kiss arse game. How cool is that?

Freedom is to have enough funds so you don’t have to kiss anybody’s arse.

Money makes the world go round…..

28 November 2015

Schools were off in October.
Then Loy Krathong and many schools invented a 3-day holiday.
Next weekend they take Friday 4th Dec – Monday 7 off.
10 December is constitution day.
They don’t celebrate Christmas but kids are not going to school.
Hell, the whole first week of January schools are closed for some reason.
Then, end of February the schools close until late May, a nice long 3 month period.
Long weekends spread gently over the year so life is not so hard. A long list of Buddhist holidays.
No, education is not something they take seriously in Thailand. Mai pen rai.
Education is important. Very important. But hey, we have the tourists, 30 million arrivals this year. Thank God for them, they keep the country alive.
It is their money that has built Bangkok and Pattaya. The money is coming from abroad. There is an endless list of hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya.
Be nice to the tourists…..

26 November 2015

If you’re in a hole, stop digging
That’s what they say
I don’t agree
I say
If you love digging
Then by all means, keep digging yourself a bigger hole
Even if you know there there is no pot of gold waiting
At the location you’re digging
That is exactly what I will do
That is what I have always done
I have my own reasons
I am not digging for gold
I just enjoy digging
I enjoy digging into all kind of stuff
I will find a way
If there is a will there is often a way

26 November 2015

I have nothing against real estate agents. But agents need to have a salesman’s personality, otherwise it is difficult to get the job done.

They need to push a sale through in a not always straightforward manner. During the last decade they have moved from the timeshare business to the real estate business, back again, all depending at how business were. At one point in time we had 5 – 6 timeshare companies operating in Pattaya. Big money were made.

These guys push hard to get a sale to go through.

If the customers get the feeling that even a tiny little thing is wrong, they will run and not look back.

In an agent’s world the setbacks or bad market conditions are just temporary, definitely never long lasting. They have to be very optimistic to survive in this business.
They can’t use words like, “I don’t know” or hesitate even the slightest. They are selling a product and they need to do so to put bread on the table. If they have no sales their business will need to close down.

They need to be optimistic even when there is no light at the end of the tunnel.
Want the truth? Then you know where to go. We are like Santa Claus, we just want to help everybody. We know all the little secrets and much more.

Could I be an agent? Oh yes, I could be the best agent in the world. It is about understanding the principles of human psychology. It is a combination of being a good actor, knowing a few tricks of the trade, looking trustworthy and saying the right things. It is about understanding people, knowing what they want to hear and knowing what they they don’t want to hear. Get the customer to believe that he is about to make the best deal of his life.

The truth: It sucks knowing too much. Yet I will never stop learning. This is the self destructive nature of humans….

25 November 2015

Farangs complain about this and that. At first they like it here but then, when they have settled down, they start complaining about this and that. Complaining about garbage on the streets, tour buses, bad infrastructure, terrible drain systems, incompetent and corrupt officials etc. There is a long list.

Personally I can live with all of the above. There are lots of places where I can go and enjoy life. It have lived a good life here, there is no doubt about that. I consider myself very lucky to have spent so much time in Pattaya. I actually like it here and I wouldn’t mind staying.

I can even live with my neighbours that I am not too fond of.

The real problem for me is my daughters upbringing and education. That is my my primary concern. I am convinced that this is not the right place for her.
I want her to be happy. I want her to have a mind of her own. I guess deep down I want her to be like myself.

Yeah, I complain from time to time. But, as mentioned, I can live with it. I think every day is fun. I enjoy life here. Despite all the little problems I think Pattaya is a good place to live.

The Asean community is coming, hopefully also the fast rail connections some time in the near future. Things will change in the years to come. I believe Pattaya has a great future.

I feel like it is my city. Of course I have to love my city.

Happy Loy Krathong.

24 November 2015

Pattaya will be ok in the long term. Those after girls and partying will go to the old part of town, downtown Pattaya.

Na Jomtien will probably be a bit more classy, probably more modern.
People will always come to Pattaya for various reasons. The Chinese are here in great numbers at the moment, these tourists may not be investing in property right here and now but in 5 – 10 years time they will.

The western retirees will keep coming because they will have friends here that speak their own language. Friends are actually important for retired people, it improves the quality of life. Friends from back home that laugh at the same jokes, understand sarcasm and irony. It is easier when you talk to someone with the same background, both social and educational background.

What goes up must come down. We are a bit down at the moment, no doubt about that.

There is little doubt that things will improve in the future. Those that are able to hold out for a bit longer will be rewarded. There will be casualties along the way, this is part of life.
The thai girls and young men are drawing a large number of tourists. Don’t argue with me on that, I am in town every day and I see exactly what is going on.

In the future shopping opportunities will probably attract a growing number of tourists.
Why Pattaya and why not Koh Chang that is a true tourist destination? Well, Pattaya’s proximity to Bangkok is the reason why. It is not because Pattaya is a luxury resort city, it most certainly is not. It is because it is easy and convenient to visit the city. Easy to come to, easy to leave. Maybe not a daytrip destination but one night at a hotel in Pattaya is no problem. You don’t go all the way to Koh Chang for just one night, it would be too much of a hassle.

Taking a break for about 3 years would not be such a bad idea. I believe in 3 – 4 years there will be something to talk about again. I doubt I would miss out on much in the following 2 years to come.

23 November 2015

What happened with Sixth Element Na Jomtien?
One tower was launched earlier this year, after that it has been rather quiet. What about the other 2 towers?
The year 2015 what Pattaya is concerned? Short description: Annus horribilis. A horrible year. The year when I stopped believing in Pattaya.
Developers that were big just a few years ago have vanished from the face of earth. They may still be there but they are keeping a very low profile. They are not in the media anymore.
Big real estate agencies have closed their business down, agents websites have disappeared. In the online world there are some new websites I have never heard of before.
Things can change in a blink of an eye
And indeed they have
Nothing is the same anymore
A new beginning is not in the cards

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