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21 November 2015

There is more than meets the eye…..
So many people let money become the most important thing in their lives
Unfortunately I can see the colour of people’s souls
We all have that ability
Let he who is without sin cast the first stone
We all know, don’t we?
We have always known
We all know what we are made of
We could be so much more
If only we wanted to
We will always choose money over happiness
Money can buy us things that we desire
It is just things
Just things
How can things be that important?

20 November 2015

We know Thai Bauer as a great foundation specialist. They work all over the world. They did the foundation works for Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia. In Malaysia they worked at JKG Tower in Kuala Lumpur.
Just some friday night small talk, stuff that I personally think is fun but stuff I know will only hold the interest of a limited audience.
Construction is very exciting.

20 November 2015

New 25-storey luxury hotel on 2nd Road in North pattaya, 500 rooms.
Here is the story. We noticed they were demolishing some buildings in North pattaya near the Dolphin Roundabout in North Pattaya.
Without hesitation we walked into the building to find an office. We were determined to get some answers. Search and thou shalt find works almost every time.
(NPT= New Pattaya Team)
NPT: Building something new?
Lady: Yes
NPT: Ahh, perhaps the much talked about Terminal 21
Lady: What Terminal?
NPT: You know, the famous shopping mall at BTS Asoke in Bangkok. They say we will get something similar here in Pattaya.
Lady: No, not a shopping mall here.
NPT; Has the land been sold?
Lady: No, it is the same owner
NPT: And the boss?
Lady: The boss stays in Bangkok
NPT: Then what are you building?
Lady: A 25-storey luxury hotel
NPT: Wow, fantastic news
Lady: Yes, 500 rooms
NPT: And the name of the hotel
Lady: It has not been decided yet
NPT: Absolutely wonderful news
Lady: Yes
Comment: Great news. This was where I expected they would build Terminal 21 Pattaya. But “21” refers to Sukhumvit soi 21 in Bangkok and I am not sure the name would make much sense here in Pattaya.
Anyway stuff is happening in Pattaya. And naturally the source of all the information is the same old one. Somehow we always find out about what is going on at an early stage. The trick is to have an observant personality and not be afraid to talk to people.

19 November 2015

It is not business as usual on this facebook at the moment.
I have to deal with certain irregularities of an unprecedented nature.

Buy hey, it is Christmas soon and not even the local mayoral election in May or June 2016 or any other things are going ruin this special time of the year.

We will be turning a new page soon, there are more fantastic chapters on the way. The secret is to find the stuff that dreams are made of.

Break out of the jail that so many people are living in and just maybe you will find the stuff that dreams are made of on your journey in life. Venturing into the unknown is risky business and people like playing it safe. Setbacks and failures are part of the journey, just get back up and keep fighting.

Sometimes when you mind says no, then just go ahead and do it anyway. Even if it is a crazy thing to do.

11 November 2015

I always say what is on my mind. I don’t care whether it is good for me or not, I will say it anyway.

But I have to be careful. There is an unwritten rule about having too much fun in life. Then they’ll just come and get me, drag me down to the mud that everyone else is stuck in. Stuck in an office or a shop until it gets dark. Uhh….. What a nightmare.

9 November 2015

T Peeragrich Co., Ltd.
A building contractor. They are currently building Del Mare Condo in Bang Saray. They have also built Cetus in Jomtien.
A look into my mind, the kind of thoughts I have:
– Where did they get the experience to build high-rises?
– What have they built before?
– Are they building in Bangkok?
They are quite good at what they do, no doubt about that. I just haven’t run into the company in the past. That is, until today.
They are doing something in Bangkok.The company has no web presence as far as I know.
Aren’t they aware that if they spend a few hours on a website or a facebook they might get more jobs? This way prospective customers will get a chance to learn about their company. It is called PR. They will make more money. We have to assume they do it for money, right?
Well, they are doing something in Bangkok also. Apparently they don’t have the need to tell anybody about what they do, so why should I?
Many other building contractors have the same attitude towards the internet.
I just don’t understand how people think. If you have a product you must put it on the internet. Well, apparently not….
I live in a strange world full of strange people. Perhaps I am the strange one, perhaps I am the one that has got it all wrong….

8 November 2015

I won’t send my daughter to a public school in Thailand.
Over my dead body.
Where she goes I have to follow.
Even if it means giving up all my dreams.
No doubt good for her.
No doubt NOT good for me.
Some dreams are so strong that they cannot easily be put aside.
If there is a way I have not discovered it yet.
Show me the path to follow.
The last chapters have yet to be written.

7 November 2015

If you love your child then don’t send him or her to a public or private school in Thailand. I would not even call it a school. It is a place where children are kept from 8 – 16 and nothing worth mentioning is taught.
I have no idea of the level at the international schools but some of them charge 50,000 USD per semester.
The public schools I know much too well. The children are wasting the best part of their lives. It is a scandal that should not be allowed.

28 October 2015

The saddest thing of all for Thailand? It is that we are about to enter 2016 and there is still no sign of any high-speed passenger train connection from Bangkok to Pattaya.

If the politicians and powers that be had the slightest interest in the development of the country they would have started construction a long time ago.

Certainly, the train connection itself, the huge investment will never be returned. The project itself is not feasible. Yes, in a way the money will be lost.

However, the side effects of the investment will be long-term and unpredictable. Anything could happen, most certainly everything would change. Hundreds of billions of baht would be invested in the property, hospitality and entertainment sectors.

Pattaya would become Thailand’s prime tourist destination. Just jump on a train and 30 – 40 minutes later people from Bangkok would be near the beach, enjoying life, relaxing as they enjoy the breeze from the sea.

The two largest cities in Thailand need to be connected by rail. They simply need to be connected. We are talking a distance of as little as 120 km. So why is it such a big problem? Why do they keep talking and do nothing?

It should have happened a long time ago. It is an investment in the future. I long for visionary leadership. They have been talking about it for more than a decade. Just do it. Do it for the country. Give the business society a helping hand.

28 October 2015

– Have you ever heard of Cardiff
– Well, kind of, I said
– It is in the south of Wales
– Do you know they have snow in Wales
– No, I didn’t
– I threw snowballs last time I was there. I also built a snowman

The young boy had the clearest British accent I have heard in a long time. Simply a beautiful accent. I never expected this from someone born and raised in Thailand.
These are the kind of things I remember. I write about things that matter to me. We have many hundreds of friends. I will try to remember his name. I always forget the names. They always look at me and say hello to an old friend. The problem is that we know so many people and sadly I forget most of them. It’s so embarrassing not being able to remember.
Young Anya from Khon Kaen is another friend of ours. Time will slowly erase her from my memory. Nothing I can do about that.

23 October 2015

I feel it, there is a healthy pulse in Sriracha. The blood is pumping, I feel the adrenaline rush. New project are popping up everywhere, new roadside banners every month.
This was how it used to be in Pattaya just a few years ago. They focus on industrial estates while Pattaya is dependant on tourism.
I have seen them, the japanese executives, when night comes they need to eat. Looking through the windows gives me more information than you would imagine. I have seen them, both at J-Park and Aeon Sriracha Shopping Center. There is a lot of them and they all have wifes and children.

23 October 2015

Why invest in Thailand? I will tell you why. Because it it makes good sense. Actually very good sense. Aeon Thailand has spent 300 million baht on the new 3-storey outdoor AEON Sriracha Shopping Center.
Ok, so how much is 300 million baht. It is only 8.3 million USD at an exchange rate of 36 baht to the dollar.
Believe it or not, you can actually build a rather large shopping mall for just over 8 million US dollars. In the US or Europe this amount of money would probably not even cover the lawyer costs and other administrative issues.
For AEON this is a very good investment. There is absolutely no doubt about that. If you are looking to buy a house in Beverly Hills in the US then 8 million USD won’t buy you much property.
It is a fact that lifestyle and shopping malls have become a very important place in people’s lives. They sleep at home, work at the office and enjoy life at the local lifestyle and community mall.

21 October 2015

You know, I have 5 more new condo projects from Sriracha. There is nothing on the internet about it, nothing in the media.
One day I will talk. Sriracha is mine for the taking. I will take the city and many others. I can do as I please, I will leave only bits and pieces for the large Bangkok based companies.
Good for me that the level is so low. They don’t know what is going on out there. They just sit at their offices and wait for an email or a facebook notification.
I don’t wait for someone to tell me. I will find it myself. A real shame I don’t live in Bangkok, then I would be able to shake things up a bit.

20 October 2015

It all started with Pattaya
Then Bang Saray
Then Laem Chabang
Then Sriracha
Then Rayong
Then Koh Chang
Then Bangkok
Then Hua Hin
Then Phuket
Then Chiang Mai
Then Khao Yai
Then Khon Kaen
Then Cambodia
Then Singapore

What started as a little thing is now a ginormous monster. This is what happens when you are curious about what is on the other side of the hill.

19 October 2015

My story is about a Guru and a Princess going on an adventure together. It is about always searching and discovering new things. It is about doing things we love.
The rules of the game are simple:
Search and thou shall find
Open your eyes and see what’s in front of you
Always be curious and able to explore
And most importantly
It is about loving being alive

19 October 2015

This internet thing of mine has gotten totally out of hand. I turn on the computer and see that there are more than 200 notifications. Of course I have to ignore most of these notifications.
Ah, another one asking for updated pictures for some project. Please do this, please do that. They are so focused on their own condo purchase that they seem to think I can do the impossible.
None of them have ever even considered returning the favour. I actually get to learn a lot about people doing this. People from all nations are more alike than you think.
How I would describe people? Strange selfish creations that always want something. Then I get cynical and think there are no idealists out there. Well there are, but we are talking one out of a million.
What is wrong with doing the right thing for no there reason than because it is the right thing? Doing the right thing is not part of Asian culture. There are practically no philosophers in the region anymore. There were plenty in the past but now it is all about money. They adore and worship money, more so than in other parts of the world.

19 October 2015

We are currently taking applications from individuals who wish to join the Guru apprentice program. The criteria for joining are extremely high, however, not to worry, since we are in Thailand a very large donation might open a few doors. This is normal practice, there is always room for rich people at the Guru University.

18 October 2015

We are pleased to announce that The Princess lost her first tooth this morning. The event took place at 07.30 am.
We are going to tell everybody. The girls at 7-Eleven, yeah, most of the staff are actually girls, not sure why, anybody we meet on our way will get the story, yes, we will tell the story whether they are interested or not. Of course they will want to know all about this.
A little tooth but a big thing. Pictures will be posted at a later time.

17 October 2015

We all know that the CP-Magnolia-Greenland Group project in Na Jomtien was postponed. The showroom was completed a long…

Posted by newpattaya.com on Saturday, 17 October 2015

17 October 2015

Insider information is one of the things that keep me excited. I get little pieces of the puzzle here and there and then hopefully I get a better idea of the whole picture. Then (in most cases, not all) it will be shared for everybody to see.

The latest and very important news comes from Projects Asia, they say most developers are currently buying land for future investment. They will then wait 2 to 5 years before starting construction and sales activities.

I feel we all need to know these things. Then we will have an idea of what to expect and we can prepare accordingly.

I have to admit that 2 – 5 years is not exactly what I was hoping for. Actually it is giving me a headache.

Today is saturday and we are going to have fun. Well, at least The Princess will have fun. I will just sit there and dwell on the past and ponder about the future.

Know this: The future is not fixed, it can be changed. Certain events can change everything in no time. I am thinking about the high speed trains from Bangkok and other very large investments.

Que sera sera, whatever will be will be, the future is not ours to see. Anyway, life would be rather boring if we knew everything in advance, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, big thanks to all the people that help with sharing information. When I was a child, my mother taught me to say thank you when someone gives me something. It is appreciated, it makes me feel alive.
I have the best mother I could ask for. Sadly I did not know that when I was younger. It took me a lifetime to understand. I had to be a parent myself first….

16 October 2015

Mixed reports. If you can read thai you would be somewhat worried. There is talk in the thai media that big Chinese and Hong Kong investors are cancelling or delaying a large number of projects in Thailand with only a few proceeding as planned.
They are citing economic slowdown and political instability as the main reasons for their actions. More worrying is that they are going to Malaysia instead.
The CP -Greenland project in Na Jomtien is expected to be launched next year.

16 October 2015

I have been informed that the Ocean 1 Tower project has been sold. Will the new Chinese owners go ahead with the original 91-storey project? This would be a dream come true.
This is important to me, it was the first thing on my mind when I woke up this morning.

I have been informed that the Ocean 1 Tower project has been sold. Will the new Chinese owners go ahead with the…

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2 October 2015

A few of my old readers might have noticed that there has been no activity on this facebook during the evenings for a very long time. 8pm – midnight used to be the prime time for me. It is not that I don’t want to but it is just not possible for me anymore. This is unfortunate, but as they say, there is a reason for everything.

30 September 2015

So just how powerful is the internet? I will tell you this. I can reach just about any person that I want to if he holds a position of some importance.
I don’t even need to know this guy’s phone number or e-mail address. If I keep at it, write about what this guy is doing, keep writing, then sooner or later I will get his attention.
If I don’t reach the person in question directly I will reach somebody in his network, a friend, a family member, an employee, a client or an associate. Sooner or later somebody will tell him.
The internet is where all information is stored. It is a network of networks. It is where I am king.

30 September 2015

The new generation actually feel physically ill or get depressed when their internet connection is down or the battery of the device they are using needs charging. Nothing worse than a dead battery.
A renowned company like Bouygues Thai ought to have an updated web presence. A list of their current projects, perhaps a few photos of construction progress. But no, dream on.
Nothing on the net. Absolutely nothing, except for some words about what they did in the 80s.
So few companies take the internet seriously.
So few people understand that the internet is the best way to reach out and promote their business.
Why is it like that? Laziness or ignorance? Scared of new technology? Perhaps they feel they will do just fine without a presence on the internet?
I talk a lot to myself and one of the words I say the most is also a question:
– WHY?

28 September 2015

To like or not to like.
I don’t like people that use facebook sites solely to promote their own business. These people will surf the internet and use their company facebook to click like on posts that they feel will give their company free exposure. They don’t care who says what, the whole purpose is to get free online advertising. These guys are not clicking like for real, they are selling a product.
The latest is that they will include the company phone number in their facebook name.
Many people put up with a lot of abuse and bad behavior online. It is a quite common problem. I have removed about 300 – 400 page likes on that account.

28 September 2015

A day in the life of a princess. Episode 1:

We woke up early sunday morning, 27 September 2015.
– What would you like to do today, I asked.
– I want to go to IKEA, the princess said.
– But it is so far away and we must spend many hours on getting there and returning home. Is it really worth it? Papa will be so tired.
– I understand, I want to go to IKEA.
Ok, off to IKEA we went. What did we see on the way? A sofa standing in the fast lane on the motorway. This was unexpected, then again this is Thailand. I did not have time to take a picture. It would have been quite a story. The story could have gone viral but not without a photo to prove it.
We had lunch at IKEA. Average swedish food at reasonable prices.
We saw a large teddy dog, very expensive, 590 baht.
– Daddy, I really like this teddy dog.
– Please daddy, if we don’t buy it I will never get it.
– I really really need it. Can we buy it?
So we bought it. Downstairs there were some free samples of chocolate.
– Daddy, this chocolate tastes so good, can we buy some? It is really, really good. I really really like it. I need it.
– But it is expensive and we just bought you a toy, didn’t we?
– Ok, how about if I share it with you. I will share with papa. I love papa.
So we bought the expensive Swedish chocolate. There was an offer, buy 2 and get 1 free. Price 260 baht.
We spent some time at IKEA having fun.
– What do you want to do next, I asked?
– I want to go to Central Chidlom.
– Why, I asked.
– Because they have some great toys on the 6th floor.
Off to Central Chidlom we went. No parking available. We tried Cental Embassy next door and found parking on a basement floor.
Central Embassy and Central Chidlom are connected, one mall has plenty of customers while the other is practically empty.
We went to the 6th floor, paid 40 baht and played for a couple of hours. In the meantime it started to rain heavily.
After that we went to Burger King at the Mercury Ville shopping mall opposite Central Chidlom. Then we went back to Pattaya.
This was a day in the life of a spoiled child. She is treated like a princess because she is a princess.

28 September 2015

In a weak market it is perfectly normal for construction to be slowed down. Things are EXTREMELY slow in Pattaya this year.

Why bother go take a look when things are more or less the same as they were 4 months ago? This is how I feel. A sad affair but a local thing. Construction activity in Bangkok is unchanged, full steam ahead as usual.

Last week I was pleasantly surprised though. I was considering taking a look at the affairs in Wong Amat. I almost didn’t go because I did not expect to see anything new.

I have to admit I have a new favourite project in Pattaya now. The building contractor is actually quite good. It just shows the importance of choosing the right contractor. This is not the place to save money.

More on this later, I have some health issues to attend to first.

22 September 2015

I have climbed many a mountain
Not just to reach the top
I needed to know what was on the other side
I always had a curious nature
There is so much to see out there
So much to learn
That is why I will always look outside the city walls
I still have many a story to tell
You know where I hang around

19 September 2015

Thanks to Robin and Amy for clicking like on many of my posts. Likes do unfortunately not mean money in my pocket but they give the impression that my facebook has some regular guests that enjoy what is served.

It tells people that pass by that the bar or the restaurant is not completely empty. You know how it is, it is difficult for an empty restaurant to attract new customers. So Amy and Robin are actually helping me more than they know. It is appreciated. Thanks guys.

The Guru is sending a smile.

19 September 2015

The word on the street is that Robinson is seeking a place in Na Jomtien.
It may be just talk but I actually believe this. Central Group that owns Robinson are not stupid, they are in this business to make money. There is money to be made in Na Jomtien. It is as simple as that.

19 September 2015

Why not build a casino in Pattaya a la Marina Bay Sands and only allow tourists to enter?
Thais have a problem with gambling, most people know about this particular problem. No Thais allowed, it is as simple as that, and the Chinese and Indians will be more than welcome to to gamble their money away inside the fancy halls.

Why not? The Chinese love gambling and Thailand needs the money. I see absolutely no reason not to do it. The casino would be meant for the tourists so there is no reason for the Thais to be upset.

It would be extremely good for Thailand. I personally hate gambling and understand the need to protect the Thais from such places. But how tourists choose to spend their money is fully up to them, it is none of my concerns.

I say let’s do it now. It is a good idea. Don’t start allowing some Thais to enter and keep others out. Keep them all out, it is for their own good.

19 September 2015

Central Festival Na Jomtien. It’s so obvious, the voices in my head keep screaming it out loud. I mean, the shopping centre practically begs to be built.

The Thais (and myself) want to avoid going to downtown Pattaya, that is unless they come here solely to pick up female companionship.

We are talking a 5 – 6 billion baht investment that could end up being the best investment ever.
You people at CPN, pull yourselves together. It is time for action. I am NOT wrong, not on this one. The Guru has spoken.

18 September 2015

Soi Siam Road was actually a very dangerous place wednesday night. River rafting was possible but it would not have been safe. The current was too strong and there were big waves.

We tried to go home but the water level was too high. Back to the railway road and look for another way home. Down two other roads, same story, we had to return to the railway road. We had to go all the way to soi Chayaporn Withi, a bit of a detour.

It took us 3 hours to reach home. I should have taken pictures but I had other things on my mind. Then I got sick again without really having recovered.

Sukhumvit Road was a nightmare. If there were a tunnel it would have been flooded with water. The forces of mother nature would have won this battle easily.

It was scary to be out there. Massive amounts of water. It was nature’s way of telling us who is in charge.

16 September 2015

Things are slow in Pattaya so why don’t the local developers try their luck in Bangkok or other parts of the country?
Well, it is not easy for foreigners to enter that market. A few Singaporean individuals are trying their best but it is not easy. Let’s take a look.
Capita Land of Singapore had a joint venture with TCC Group resulting in projects like Athenee Residence.
Frasers Centrepoint Homes of Singapore built The Pano.
Builtland and Pre-Built are also founded by a guy from Singapore.
Fragrant Group is also owned by a Singaporean.
Chewathai also has a Singaporean founder.
Raimon Land also has Singaporean owners and at present they launch 1 project every 3 years.
You can’t launch just a single project every 3 years when Ananda, Sansiri and a few others launch projects every month.
They are all trying hard but they are relatively small players in the real estate market. There is more to it than just going ahead and doing it.

12 September 2015

Ignorance is bliss.
Knowledge comes at a price.
My question:
Are ignorant people are more happy?
I just know that the more I learn the more depressed I get.
Despite of that I keep collecting information.

12 September 2015

We could be talking about the proposed fast railway connections, or we could be talking about any other project for that matter.

Let me explain how the system works:

Somebody in charge does not want a project to go ahead. Instead of telling the truth an artificial problem is constructed. Of course there is no problem so somebody has to make it look like there is a problem. Problem A is presented.

Ok, after some time problem A might find a solution.

Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, problem B is presented. It is the same story as with problem A, in reality there is no problem but they need to make it look like there is a problem.
After problem C, D and F have surfaced in a similar manner people ought to get suspicious and suspect a hidden agenda.

You might start to see a pattern in the events taking place. You might notice that the events are not naturally occurring and suspect there is a mastermind controlling what is taking place.

But no, not in Thailand. Explanations are never questioned even when they are completely absurd and have nothing to do with reality.

People smiling and on the surface pretending to be your friend can actually be busy working against you behind the scenes.

The need to come up with an explanation is extremely important in thai culture. A drug dealer caught by police might say something like this:

– My sick mother’s old uncle fell from the roof and broke both his legs and we needed money to pay for the hospital bill. That is why I was selling drugs. I did it to help him.

This kind of explanation would be in the police report and sometimes written in the media. A few foreigners might have themselves a good laugh but the Thais would not even raise an eyebrow. These absurd explanations are generally accepted and never questioned or commented upon.

However, if there is money involved, if some of the parties stand to lose money, then they will fight as if their life depend on it.

If they are not directly affected by what is happening they will ignore it.

This is not the place to be naive. Don’t expect to hear the truth. Nobody really cares about the truth. Expect a theatrical performance where people use very loud voices and pretend to be insulted when faced with the truth.

The truth is not welcome by most. Things work differently around here. That is just the way it is.

9 September 2015

As a group I love the British people, they taught me to always look on the bright side of life. They gave me Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Doctor Who and a lot of other crazy stuff.

Always look on the bright side of life, maintain a positive and optimistic way of thinking at all times.

This is the way forward, this is how the mind of a successful entrepreneur works.

However, we must not lose touch with reality. We all thought that these new water parks would change Pattaya forever. We thought they would end up as some of Asia’s leading tourist attractions.

This has just not happened. Cartoon Amazone Water Park has been open for almost one year now and the parking lot with the size of 10 football fields situated opposite the water park is completely empty, even during the weekends.

Building this parking lot was a huge miscalculation. But who could have known? These water parks has simply not had the predicted effect on the number of visitors to Pattaya.

We were all wrong and we have to admit it. What the future holds we can’t tell. We have reason to feel very disappointed as things have not gone according to plan.

We have Walking Street, the girls, the nightlife and plenty of golf courses. We have some huge water parks. The new Ramayana Water Park that will open in 2016 offers views of the most beautiful landscapes in Thailand. Why is this not enough?

People choose to settle down in Bang Yai, a remote part of Bangkok with absolutely nothing of interest. I just don’t get it.

In Pattaya we have the ocean, beaches, relatively fresh air, good hotels and restaurants.

Perhaps we need something else, something bigger? Perhaps a Warner Brothers park or Disneyland Pattaya?

8 September 2015

Things will change for the better sooner or later, most people will agree on that. But nobody knows if we are talking 6 months, 1, 2 or 5 years time before the tide begins to turn.
With the current government staying in power for at least 2 more years a stable environment is likely. Pattaya depend on tourism as the main source of income.
We need the tourists back. We need the kind that don’t arrive in tour group buses. These tour group tourists will scare away the quality tourists that spend money.
This is what happens when quantity is more important than quality.

7 September 2015

We have talked about The Bay Shopping Mall and Brighton Square which are both under construction in Pattaya.

newpattaya.com are covering the construction of these malls and we were the first to write about them.
BUT did you know there is a 3rd 3-storey mall under construction in Pattaya?

Well, it is true, jewelry, imported bags, even mattresses will be for sale in 2016. And the place will be huge!!!!!

Location? How badly do you want to know?

Be it as it may. But why is there ALWAYS only one person that seems to know about these things?
Because newpattaya.com is the place where nothing is impossible.
This is the place where reality and magic intertwine.

The question that never goes away:

Does The Guru have magical powers? To be continued…..

4 September 2015

Just be yourself
Show your true colors
Let down your defenses
Tell people how you feel inside
Tell people what you are made of
No need to worry about what they might say
It is your life to live
You make the decisions
I know, it is easier said than done
You must be strong
And not worry about gossiping
Not worry about losing a friendship
Tattoos and body piercings are so popular
They give you a certain tough look
But say nothing about who you really are
Don’t be afraid
They can’t hurt you
They might even respect you
Forget about keeping up appearances
Loosen the tie
Break all the rules
You should try it
It is pretty cool
I wouldn’t want it any other way

4 September 2015

Speaking in general terms, the PM button has been invented. Many words are spoken here and If there is a problem of some kind a private message is my preferred way of finding a solution. Speaking in an intelligent way and showing signs of good manners is the way to deal with me.

Of course there are other approaches, some people believe that an attack is the best form of defence. Well, the end result might be the same, a few bridges may be burnt or damaged beyond repair, who cares. Of course this may have been the original objective, there is no way of knowing that.

The thing is, I am blessed (or cursed) with a good memory. Once bitten, twice shy, I learn from my mistakes. I guess it is a natural mechanism. If someone has hurt you once, you tend to avoid that person, right? Who wants to go down a road if they know problems awaits?

I learn new things every day. The saddest lesson I have learnt in my life is that I don’t get along with people. As a consequence I deliberately avoid people and I only talk to strangers.

I would like to think that humans have the potential to be godlike creatures. But you might say I have lost faith in humanity. We could be creators of beautiful things yet we use our skills and talents on destruction and collecting papers with numbers on them.

The meaning of life is to have a lot of money in the bank so we can buy a lot of things. Buy stuff for the sake of buying stuff. Are we really that primitive?

Be glad you don’t see the world through my eyes.

2 September 2015

Still think I am just an ordinary guy?
If you are still suspicious, hang around and I will show you a thing or two.
Not that I need to convince anybody.
It is just that most people go through life not seeing what is right in front of their eyes.
There are so many doors out there that people don’t open.

2 September 2015

What???? They know this and they keep quiet about it. Why? Jesus Christ.
Well, now I know and you can be damn sure I am going to write about it.
Why keep good things a secret?
Are they betting on when I will find out?
Well, I always find out. I operate on a higher level.
I haven’t got a clue about what is going on in people’s minds. I honestly feel like a complete stranger on this planet.
If there is somebody out there listening, please take me home. Give me somebody to talk to.

31 August 2015

A clever guy? I am not so sure anymore.

Just now I tried to figure out how to assemble a kinder egg toy. After 10 minutes I gave up. I could not do it.

I left it on the table and let my daughter give it a try. I was singing a Christmas carol, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, my daughter told me to be quiet because she was working on solving the problem. I stopped singing.

5 minutes later she said to me: I am smart, I could do it.

The clever university professor was beaten by a 5-year old.
I honestly did not expect she would be able to do it.

30 August 2015

We’ve still got it. The developer has a facebook but there is no mentioning of this new project in Bang Saray.

Talk or no talk, I will find it anyway. No doubt about it, there is talent here on The Dark Side which is actually the bright side.

Wrestling with myself cause there ain’t no other people around.

25 August 2015

Once upon a time, in a faraway village, there lived a dragon by the beach. This particular dragon was accustomed to the good life and it was well connected in the small village.

The dragon held a strong position in the local community supported by the village strongman and other important individuals.

However, the dragon demanded human sacrifice and the villagers had no choice but to satisfy its needs. To appease the dragon, the village leaders agreed to select a certain group of visitors, then sacrificing some of these visitors to the dragon.

For some time this sacrificial offering to the dragon seemed to work fine and the villagers could lead a relatively safe life without fear of being eaten alive.

In return the dragon promised to keep the local villagers safe.

The greedy dragon ate more and more of the visitors with the consequence that its stomach got bigger and bigger. Each day the dragon demanded more and more human sacrifice.

This all happened a long time ago and as far as I know the village strongman and his partners are still feeding visitors to the dragon at the beach.

5 August 2015

Lack of things to talk about?
95% of the stories never gets to be told
I just don’t have the time
Well, come to think about it
It is not just a lack of time issue
Probably more a lack of money issue
Then again, same thing
You know what they say
Time is money

4 August 2015

Guru Stuff: Last year Pre-Built had already entered the construction site for The Trust North Pattaya. However the main building contractor is Construction Lines.
Pre-Built is out, I wonder what happened there. Normally Pre-Built is the main contractor for all The Trust condo projects all over the country.
Who cares which company is the main contractor? Probably very few. Who knows about it? All The Guru’s loyal readers know about it now.
You have to be a little bit nerdy to care about these things.

3 August 2015

There is this thing with words, they can actually hurt somebody. I haven’t counted all the words I have written over the years but there might be in the region of a couple of million of them.

It is a fact that some people are more sensitive to words than others. Words that can make one guy laugh can make another guy furious.

We passed 2.100.000 page views last week so there are quite a few readers out there. Different people react differently to words.

Out of this high number there are somebody that is angry with me probably because of something I have written. Well, I can’t really be sure, there might be other reasons. I just know that many doors have been closed and I never learned what the problem was.

Well, the facebook is here, there is also a PM button. If there is a line or two that somebody is not comfortable with then I will happily delete those words.

It is not important to me. What I write today is forgotten tomorrow. I don’t care about the past and I don’t always need to have it my way.

It could be a little thing that upsets somebody, like saying I don’t like 1000-unit builds. Well I don’t like 1000-unit builds, it gets much too crowded for my taste. I prefer developments with a limited number of residents.

Saying things like that can actually create problems. That is all it takes. I am a really smart guy but I am not a mind reader.

3 August 2015

I’ve got it all covered, Pattaya, Sriracha and even Bangkok. So I stick my head up and what do I get? Enemies and trouble. Don’t stick your head up, just stay low, at least in Pattaya.
They have successful companies in Bangkok doing something similar. They are supported and liked by the Thais.
Why is it so difficult for expats to do the same and be proud of another local guy?

27 July 2015

She is jumping and dancing wherever we go
She is always smiling and singing
She is a present from above
She is always full of ideas
She is a real Princess
She is my life
I am nobody
I am just her daddy

23 July 2015

I’m not a patient guy. If something needs to be done I will ask why didn’t we do it yesterday. Why waste valuable time? I don’t like to wait. I don’t like standing in line at Big C or Tesco. If I see the lines are too long I simply just leave and do my shopping another place. This is my style.
The Thai style is different. Mai pen rai, relax, what’s the hurry. We can do it later, tomorrow or next week. Chill out, it’s not a big deal. Don’t worry, whatever it is, life goes on. The sun will rise again tomorrow even if we drink all night.
The Thai style will mean less stress and less worries. It will probably reduce the risk of a heart attack or a nervous breakdown.
In a slow bureaucracy things can take forever to get done. Saturday next week is the 1st of August 2015.

23 July 2015

All these people
Sometimes I wonder who they are
I could walk past them and not know
I might have seen a picture or two
Have had a few lines of conversation
That’s all
I have never heard their voices
I actually know nothing about them
The strange thing
They seem to know all about me
They paint a picture of me in their minds
They create a person that is not real
Kinda scary

23 July 2015

Want to know the truth? Can you handle it? Well, the number of online property related searches for the Pattaya region has dropped significantly. I can see which keywords people use on Google and see what they are looking for.

My website is not not affected by this because I also write about Bangkok and other places.
If I had put all my eggs in the Pattaya basket, if I had focused on Pattaya only, then I would have lost 95% of my readers.

The local market conditions are very difficult at the moment. On a global scale people don’t want to read about Pattaya. Pattaya is not a hotspot in the online world.
That is why we need this fast rail connection to BKK.

23 July 2015

Written on a Bangkok based property forum, and I quote: “Project XXXX in Pattaya is now way behind schedule. What’s happened?”

Well, they are talking about project XXXX. They could be talking about 20 other projects. Construction is progressing so incredibly slowly that I don’t even bother go take a look anymore.
I don’t know the reason for this and it is wrong for me to start guessing.

An Australian based reader is glad that I have returned to Pattaya. I say, returned to what? I guess people that are not in town have no idea about the current status of the local affairs.
There is nothing to return to. Of course there is a project here and there with construction going on, perhaps 5 or so. It will take me less than 1 hour to cover them.

The thing is, many of the projects currently under construction should have been completed LAST YEAR, in 2014.

Pattaya is not the place to be for people that like construction, at least in 2015.
Now people living in Bangkok have started noticing that something is wrong. Oh yes, something is indeed very wrong.

22 July 2015

We are experiencing an economic slowdown in Thailand, stocks are down, many public and private investments are being stalled, people are not optimistic about the immediate future.
Still, they are launching new projects in Bangkok like never before.
Of course, real estate is a long-term business. I would have thought there would be some kind of psychological impact, but no, business as usual, full steam ahead.
Of course, these are all listed companies which means more accessible cash. Long term planning….

20 July 2015

If only I were able to take a sneak peek at the state of affairs, say 6 months into the future. Just to check out a few important issues and make sure the important things are in order.

Then I could return to the present and relax and feel good. It is difficult to chill out and relax with all the uncertainties involved at the moment.

Certain issues are destroying the quality of my life. Of course there are all the little problems, somehow there seem to be a lot more of those in 2015. But there is one overshadowing all others, this is the one that is killing me.

I am starting to believe in conspiracy theories. What ought to be crazy thoughts start to make sense to me. A whole lot of sense.

The pieces of the puzzle start to form a picture that I don’t like.

19 July 2015

When I was visiting Bangkok Snow Town a few weeks ago I was talking to a Thai gentleman. He said these words to me:

“With all the new skyscrapers, expensive cars and the Skytrain, if might be difficult for people to understand that Thailand is actually a 3rd world country”.

I fully agreed on this. With the high level of corruption and mafia activities it can be a very dangerous place for naive individuals.

Some years ago a new restaurant opened on Pattaya 3rd road, just across the street of another popular restaurant. The owner of the old venue was not happy and there was shooting with real guns. It seems the new restaurant was getting more customers and let’s just say that the new venue did not exactly generate new business for the old restaurant.

Again, many years ago, a phone shop opened just across the street of TukCom in South Pattaya, allegedly challenging the phone shops inside TukCom. There was shooting with real guns.

I did not see any of this personally, I read about it in the local press. Don’t ask me which newspaper, I can’t remember, I can’t even remember which year the incidents took place. But they were big stories at the time.

Sadly violence do happen, there are even stories in the national press that mayoral candidates kill opposing candidates before an election. The same stories during national elections.

If you affect someone’s business negatively they may have to kill you or somehow get rid of you. Be careful and keep a low profile. You might have an enemy that you are not even aware of.

Protect yourself and your family.

16 July 2015

Let’s evaluate the posts on this facebook today. They are a combination of personal thoughts and unique news. You simply don’t find this kind of news presentation anywhere else.

There have been many readers, many public and private discussions. Have we learned something today? Did we really need to spend time on reading these posts?

Well, if we compare with the last few days with no activity there is only this to say: News or no news, life goes on. I will personally be just as happy if I don’t read the Bangkok Post.

So what is the conclusion of these thoughts?

Well, it is always good to stay informed.

16 July 2015

How many out there knew about this destruction of information? Well, some people working for the developer must have known. But how many people not working for the developer have noticed this?
I will tell you: Not a single person.
This just explains once again that people operate on very different levels. Expect some good stuff in the future.
I can deliver what nobody can, it is 100% certain. I can do the the impossible. Well, at least until I run out of money which won’t be long. I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

16 July 2015

I have a sad story to tell about the massacre of information, about the destruction of information that ought to be available to the public. The burning of books, actions where a powerful individual for various reasons is trying to erase history is something to be taken seriously.
Destruction of valuable information has recently taken place in the online world of the internet. A certain Bangkok based developer have deliberately deleted all online newsletters and press releases prior to the year 2012.
It would seem that the target for this action is one of the former CEO’s of the company. All mentioning of this particular former CEO have systematically been erased from the company’s website. It is like this person never existed, like he never had anything to do with the company.
In doing so the company have deleted valuable information about price levels and important events that have taken place during the past 10 years. A whole database of information is no longer available to the public.
Perhaps it can be seen as payback for actions taken by the former CEO, perhaps it is some kind of revenge or vendetta on the former CEO. I don’t know for sure but I have my suspicions.
Whatever the reason is, the general public has been taken hostage because of this. Digging into the past have become extremely difficult, not impossible for me but for most others it is.

16 July 2015

I have information from real life that suggests that Sixth Element is doing well. Good signs actually, I am quite happy with what I hear, it seem that most of the units on the upper floors have been sold already. Seems that only units on lower floors are available.
They even have their own sales office in Hong Kong.

16 July 2015

I am going to write a few words about the massacre of information but I have to be very careful. I can not mention the developer in question and I will not allow my readers to do it on my facebook. It will cause problems for me.
It does not matter who is right or wrong. What matters is who has the money. In this part of the world having money makes all the difference.

16 July 2015

Been gone a few days. This certainly does not mean nothing has been happening. The problem is that if I don’t write about it nobody will talk about it. I am not even kidding. I notice stuff that others don’t, even when I am not functioning normally I am still operating on a different level.
I have a sad story about the massacre of information, the destruction of information that should be available. The burning of books, trying to erase history is very serious.

16 July 2015

Sixth Element had a property booth at Central Festival Pattaya Beach. After a few weeks they removed this booth. A high profile project like this, a ++10 billion baht project simply need to have a presence at Central Festival. If they don’t want to spend a relatively small amount of money on a permanent property booth I would say there is something wrong.

16 July 2015

Would I launch a project during these difficult times? I honestly don’t know. I don’t have enough information at hand to make such a decision.

I wrote about Seven Seas Côte d’Azur in November 2014. If I knew the sales numbers for that particular project I would have a much clearer picture of the current situation.

I actually don’t have this information at hand. This raises the question: Which percentage can be considered a reasonable percentage of sold units? After a year on the market Sansiri cancelled a project in BKK that had sold 30% of the units. 30% was not good enough for them.

Pattaya is a bit different. Personally I would consider 30% an acceptable number, far from ideal but it could be much worse.

Sometimes developers need to take risks in order to grow. Do nothing and there will be no profit. Do something and there might be a profit.

Nobody is launching at the moment so it might be the right time. It might be the wrong time.

16 July 2015

A new project to be launched in September 2015 in the Na Jomtien area. It is a low-rise project comprising of 1100 units, prices starting at around 70,000 baht per sqm.
Developer and project name is known but I will not mention these details in case they change their minds.
Anyway for publicity purposes a rendering of the project must be included to increase the public interest.

14 July 2015

I am doing things in slow motion at the moment. Not able to function normally. I think I will be back but I will need time for recovery. A little thing like doing the laundry seems like mission impossible.

12 July 2015

Next week’s property blog has been cancelled due to issues outside of my control.

It is not the time to be speaking in a wild impassioned way. There are a few out there loyally checking in every morning just to hear the latest news and the usual ramblings. I think not this week, but you never know, a good night’s sleep can do wonders for me.

9 July 2015

Come on, just admit it, this is where you get all the information about property in Pattaya and Bangkok. Not that there is much competition after The Condo Spy left us.
Kind of strange that we only have about 1300 likes after all these years. On the other hand this means we are more like a small club where many of us know each other.

Welcome to the local property pub. The usual stuff is on the menu, and, as you are well aware of, this particular bartender is always right.

8 July 2015

Brand recognition is very important.
Many clever businessmen want brand recognition for free.
If a customer clicks on their banner and buys their product, only then will they pay.
They will NOT pay for the millions that see their banner and don’t buy their product.
They want brand recognition for free.
Many fall for their trap.
Brand recognition is very important.
One day the customers might buy the product.
It is unlikely they will click on that banner you have, instead they will go directly to the provider of the product.
They will have gotten brand recognition or product awareness for free.

8 July 2015

It is not about getting readers
I couldn’t care less
Getting readers is for beginners
It is about brand recognition
It is about fighting Google’s monopoly
Just a single company decides the online game at the moment
That company is Google
Bill Gates became the world’s richest man because of Microsoft’s operating system monopoly status
Most people don’t enter Bangkok Post’s website through Google
They go directly to the website
People know the address
It is all about bypassing Google
Brand recognition is very important

6 July 2015

Today I was told that people are dangerous and deceitful. Unfortunately I fully agree with this. I know there are some good people in the world, the sad thing is that there seem to be very few of them around. It is true, in many cases you can judge people’s character by the company they keep. For various reasons like-minded people are drawn towards each other. Pattaya in particular seem to attract a certain type of person. What kind of message is this to pass on to anybody?

I am tired. In more that one way I am running out of fuel. The sparkle is gone, somehow it was lost along the way. Happiness is an overestimated value anyway so why care? If surviving is all that matters then what is the point? I am feeling blue more and more lately. I am off to dreamland.

6 July 2015

One in a million. That is how few people would consider returning the favour. During the last many years more people than I can count have come to me asking me to promote their specific product.

I would get “a like” and that’s it. You would be surprised to learn just how many people there are out there looking for free exposure of their product on the internet.

I have learned that there is just 1 out of a million with a decent behavior. I have the statistics to prove it.

3 July 2015

How do you know if a project will sell well?
You have to ask as many prospective buyers as possible beforehand.
Ask them discreetly if they might be interested.
A unique location and a unique product ought to do the trick.
Make some surveys first.
It is not easy.
Pace Development fought for MahaNakhon for many years before the numbers started to look good.
They held roadshows in Hong Kong and Singapore.
Many doubted that MahaNakhon would ever get built.
Sometimes you need to fight,
Sometimes things take time.

3 July 2015

I was looking at UNIXX the other day. I have to admit I am not exactly crazy about the design of the building.

I love it when I can stare at a building for hours, admiring the design and architecture. I can’t do that at Unixx.

Then I tell myself it is better than having nothing, it is good for the economy. I have to admit I will never get over that The Lofts Southshore was cancelled.

There are other projects where I feel like vomiting in a bucket. These are all projects that have used precast concrete elements in the building process. Things have clearly gone wrong and it is ugly to look at even after they have painted the concrete.

Sadly, these stop and stare moments are very rare. I miss this “wow” feeling that a beautifully designed building can give.

MahaNakhon don’t have this see-through facade that they promised in the original marketing material. It would have been much nicer.

All I am saying is there is room for extraordinarily designed buildings in Thailand. There is a lot of same-same design.

Why don’t someone design a building that we all go crazy about?Is it so difficult to be creative?

3 July 2015

Google can’t read.
Google don’t know if a combination of words makes sense or not.
Google don’t understand the meaning of words.
Google can’t separate quality from crap.
Google is simply not able to have an opinion about written content.

Google can look at keywords and correct spelling. I am sorry to inform you, but you need to be human in order to judge the content on a website.

You just can’t ask a computer to review a book.
Do you understand now?

The SEO companies pretend to be so scared of Panda and Penguin. We don’t need to be. The SEO companies love to talk about Panda and Penguin, this way they can scare the hell out of their customers. All the website owners will come running asking for the latest adjustments to make sure they get a good Google ranking.

What can Google do? Google can see if your website is designed for mobile devices or not. They will punish you if you don’t adapt to the mobile platform. Google can look at the design of the page, how you link to content on the web and other technical matters.

But Google can’t read or understand. Artificial intelligence is in its infancy. Perhaps one day, long after I have passed away. The minute the robots can think they won’t take our bullshit anymore. Terminator Genisys is in the movies these days……

My opinion, I know there are lots out there that disagree with me.

3 July 2015

Happiness is an overestimated value
Who needs it?
Every day thinking about buying that one-way ticket

2 July 2015

They say content is king. And they all repeat it like a mantra. It is actually bullshit. Google is not that advanced. Google is not even able to learn which article is the original article on which all other copycat articles are based.

Google simply sucks. Google is just a piece of programming. The program is not intelligent, it is very easily fooled.

At this day and age good SEO still matters, having good content certainly helps, but good SEO is a must. If you want to be successful you need both good SEO and have good content.

2 July 2015

I go against the mainstream, I always have. A project does not have to be new for me to write about it. If I like it I will write about it. In Bangkok things work differently. Each time a new project is launched all the online websites hurry to be the first to visit the showroom or sales office. Why? Because there is money in it and they want a piece of the pie. They are not driven by passion, for them it is just business. There is no money in writing about old projects, that is why nobody do it.

New projects, yes, this is where the money lies. There is a new player in the BKK online market and they have much better SEO than one old player in particular. The old player has noticed that they are being pushed down the Google list by this newcomer. Yes, there is big drama in BKK, all thai players, it is all about money. Very interesting to observe, a few insiders know what I am talking about. No, they don’t like competition, especially not if the new player is performing better on Google.

In the long run having good SEO matters. It does not matter who has the best content, what matters is who has the best SEO. If you are running an online business then hire the best SEO guy there is.

1 July 2015

I am a kind of living Central Intelligence Agency, all information available ends up in my little head.
Some people describe themselves as being a networker. I have gone to the next level, my network is so big that I have lost control with it. I see a name and I know I have talked to this person about something at some point in time but I seldom remember what we talked about.
I did not actively create this network, it happened as a side effect of my online activities.
I have lost control with my network and it is still growing by itself.

29 June 2015

There is stuff happening in and around Pattaya. Guess who is the only one reporting all the news.
I have just one simple question:

What would you all do without me?

I am chasing dragons on Rama III Road, keeping an eye what Raimon Land is doing on Asoke Road, keeping an eye on projects in Sriracha and Na Jomtien, even venturing off to Singapore once in a while. Reporting about the new shopping malls being built etc.

I guess I make a difference in the world after all. I carry a lot of weight on my shoulders.

29 June 2015

Most of us pinned our hopes on the planned fast rail connection to Bangkok. It seems we can forget all about that. We are forced to go new ways now. Necessity teaches the naked woman to spin. We have to be creative and come up with new ideas. We must see adversity as an opportunity to be constructive, then we can build a better future. This is not the time to throw in the towel, not just yet. We don’t need any fast trains anyway, do we? We don’t need help from the outside, we can solve the problems ourselves. Positive thinking is not enough, we need to take an active approach. Enough with all the talk, let’s do something. Don’t expect people to come knocking on our doors, we must open the doors ourselves and grab the opportunities. Let’s show them what we are made of. How is that for a pep talk?

25 June 2015

I wonder what they are thinking
Is The Guru a genius or just incredibly arrogant?
How come I am always ahead?
They want more proof
The will always want more proof
There’s magic in the air
You had better believe it
Goodnight and may you all sleep well

25 June 2015

Do you believe in magic?
There is the universe with all the stars and planets
There once were dinosaurs
There are people that can think
A least some of them
Perhaps it is all just a coincidence?
I tell you there is more
Just because you can’t see it
Doesn’t mean it isn’t there

25 June 2015

Most of you will have figured out by now that The Guru is not your average type of guy.

Would you believe me if I said a new shopping mall is currently under construction in Pattaya and I am not talking about The Bay?

Would you believe me if I said there will be a 26-storey hotel as part of the complex?

Well, it is true. The money flowing in from China ending up in Pattaya.
We are not outside of Pattaya, the complex is located in the city itself.

It is NOT the Bangkok Post or The Nation or any other media outlet that can decide when to tell this story.

newpattaya.com and The Guru will decide when the time is right.
Tonight might be the night.

Something is happening in town, actually more than I am allowed to talk about.
There is some kind of wonderful magic at work here. You have to believe me.

25 June 2015

Nobody is launching new projects in Pattaya in 2015, that much is clear. However, Sriracha seems to be booming, I am not sure as to why.

What do they have up there in Sriracha that we don’t have in Pattaya? Come on, seriously speaking, Sriracha is a rather boring place. The traffic along Sukhumvit Road in Sriracha is absolutely terrible and making a u turn is more or less impossible.

Well, they have all these industrial estates, many of them located on the other side of motorway 7. Obviously they are catering to the many japanese expats.

23 June 2015

Comment: You know, Guru, I can’t tell if you’re a genius or just incredibly arrogant.
Answer: Well, ah, on a good day, I’m both.

19 June 2015

There is a handful of people that are more or less glued to my facebook. They are daily visitors whether I post anything or not.

They have been on my top 10 list of most loyal visitors for many months.

The strange thing is that these people, my most loyal followers, don’t even have a name or any photos of themselves on their facebooks. They don’t interact with me in any way. They never comment or click like on anything.

They are there and I can see it. I just don’t know who they are or what they want.

Kind of scary, eh? Being watched and followed by a group of complete strangers.

My message: I know you are watching.

18 June 2015

Running a good facebook takes talent. 99.999% of all the facebooks I have come across I never return to visit at a later time.
Even the ones that have 500,000 likes or more are mostly completely boring.

18 June 2015

There are some developers in town that fit the following criteria:

– No online presence
– No press releases
– In general keep a low profile

One of them is even building hotels and business seems to be doing well. My point is NOT to convince them to start building an online presence, rather the opposite in fact, it is to explain the benefits of NOT having to deal with people that may or may not cause problems.

In some cases silence is golden. It is indeed difficult to have an argument with someone that simply keeps quiet all the time.

Sometimes all you say will be held against you or used against you. They wait for you to say something and then they will attack. They feed on your words, they need to argue for the sake of arguing.

Ok, when a developer runs a facebook he will have to deal with comments from both buyers and other readers. There is no problem as long as the comments are of a supportive and constructive nature. In these cases it is good PR for the developer. All is good.

However, there will always be somebody that wants to complain about something. Someone that might be impatient or not fully understand the process of building and the problems that may occur. This applies to both buyers and outsiders.

I love the internet and the potential it has to reach out to people. However, I have learned there are cases when the best medicine is to keep absolutely quiet, don’t talk to anybody, keep a low profile in the media. Keep the buyers informed regularly and keep this information confidential.

My advice if things are at risk of getting out of hand:

Shut the facebook down completely and focus on building. Then perhaps later reopen the facebook.

If facebook is the cause of problems then get rid of it. It is just not worth running the risk, is it?

16 June 2015

There has been another local facebook page about property in Pattaya, it popped up out of nowhere on 23 March 2015.

I did not promote the page because honestly I wasn’t sure whether they would attack my friends in the business. I did not know just how far they would go.

Suddenly last week, not sure which day, they disappeared and have not come back yet.

I fear that they may have been silenced somehow. They were taking a tough stand, aiming to reveal the truth about the local property sector.

They went much further than I could ever do. I would not be happy doing it the way they did. I can’t be that aggressive, it is against my nature.

However, for me personally it was good getting a second opinion. As long as only facts were presented it ought not to be a problem. But we can’t forget, this is Thailand, things work differently here.

Publishing gossip is different because gossip may or may not be true. There is a thin line to walk and you never really know when you have crossed that line.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions, I just hope they have not been threatened. I did read the page from time to time. While I was aware of most of what was said, there were a few details that were new to me.

I don’t like monopolies, not even my own. Diversity makes us smarter and keeps us sharper.

These words are not aimed at promoting them, it is about a fear I have that they may have been gagged. This would not be good.

Knowing how things work it would not surprise me.

15 June 2015

Currently I am not able to enjoy the good news when presented to me
I recognize there is a problem here
Somehow they got to me
You could say they have won even if they haven’t
Another recent incident where I saw how the system works paralyzed me
I have to play by the rules even when they are absurd to me
The bad experiences are remembered more than the good ones
Then everything looks dark
I must not forget there are always things to be grateful for in life
Why is it that the bad things often overshadow the good?
I have to try to keep a positive mind and remember all the good stuff
It is not all that bad
It could be much worse
There is so much to be grateful for
Always look on the bright side of life
I am sorry that I forget that sometimes

13 June 2015

It’s been a tough week
Total system failure once again
All happening at an increased frequency
This time caused by the absence of follow-up news
You could argue that I am overreacting
I would tend to agree on that
There has bee too many of those mini breakdowns lately
Perhaps time to be admitted to the closed ward?
Honestly I don’t know anymore

13 June 2015

Do not apply a bandage until you are injured.
I am guilty as charged.
This is exactly what I have been doing lately.
I have made predictions of the future based on events of the past.
Speculating that what has happened before is likely to happen again.
It does not necessarily have to be this way.
This is playing the game the wrong way.
For the winner nothing is impossible.
I can’t let myself be driven by fear.
Because then they will steal my life that I could be enjoying.
I have to stand up for what I believe in.
I won’t dance to their tune.
I know it is easier said than done.
I know the puzzle is complex.
I have knowledge of the delicate issues involved.
One thing is certain:
I can’t declare victory before the battle is won.

10 June 2015

I have got some absolutely amazing news for this evening. News that might shift the balance or shift the game in favour of a certain developer.

I have never heard about anything like this before. The offer is so good that I would personally be drawn in that direction if considering investing in property in Pattaya.
The offer is so good that I can hardly believe it is true.
We are talking about a game changer. This is big, this is amazing.

I have just one word to say: Waow

9 June 2015

Billy Bushby, you managed to find the four little words that I was looking for all the time, I needed them to conclude my article: Better late than never.

These are four little words that explain EXACTLY how I feel about things at the moment.

I don’t think Matrix is the best developer in town, far from, but projects like The Vision, CCR, Art On The Hill, Sunset Boulevard 2 and Amazon will all most likely be completed and handed over to the customers. At least I hope so. The Sky has probably been quietly shelved, nothing wrong with that. Given the state of affairs in the local development sector I feel there is only one thing to say: BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. Thanks for explaining to me how I feel. In my article I have NOT been focusing on the quality of the customer care. I have NOT been focusing on the quality of the build. I have looked at projects that might have another kind of problem. Some of these projects might never get to be built. I have NOT focused on delays or other minor issues. I have looked at whether there will be a completed product or not. Some things are more important than others. If waiting is the right medicine then so be it. Better late than never!

8 June 2015

There are two main events in June 2015:

1) The release of the new Terminator movie, Terminator Genisys, probably released on 25 June

2) newpattaya.com will celebrate reaching 2,000,000 page views

Two positive events on the same scale of importance, lol…

One small problem: I won’t be able to go to the cinemas and watch the movie. Guess I have to buy a copy in Tuk Com.

They can park their Mercedes and Bentleys. I can’t park The Princess anywhere. I just won’t do it.

8 June 2015

While I am at it I might as well be honest about it. There are some developers that are off the hook. I am not going to write one bad word about them. Here is the list and an explanation why. It is about having respect for what they have achieved in their professional lives. It has got nothing to do with what kind of persons they are as individuals. Whether I personally like them or dislike them is irrelevant.

• CEO Rony of Nova Group: He is Pattaya’s Grand Old Man. He started it all by seizing the right opportunities at the right moment.

• CEO Nigel of Kingdom: His achievements as the former CEO of Raimon Land are remarkable. He has earned a place in the history books for that.

• The senior management team at Tulip, Jason and Kobi, are currently in the process of changing Pattaya in a way it has never been done before. It is unbelievable what they are doing. They are showing us the future.

These developers are more or less untouchable. Waiting next in line is Winston of The Riviera Group. He does not yet have the same status as the above mentioned, but there is no doubt he will make a name for himself one day. I call him ‘the wall street guy’. I see him as a business man.

7 June 2015

You can look forward to Pattaya’s Property Bubble Part 20. The article is very extensive and there is still a lot of work to be done.
The story is in the making. Should be ready in a couple of days time.
This will be a story that you will never be able to read anywhere else. Only The Guru can tell this story.
It is not enough to be well informed. You need to be the very best informed in the business to write this article.
It is not easy being a good storyteller. I need to rephrase some lines here and there, rearrange stuff, delete and edit. Not as easy as it looks.

6 June 2015

In The Bangkok Post and The Nation they keep talking about the weak Baht. It just pisses me off. It makes me think of them as nothing but amateurs.

The Baht is not freaking weak. Weak baht? Are they crazy? The baht is supposed to be around 40 to the US dollar and 44 to the Euro. This is the level most of us have been used to for a very long time. 32 baht for a dollar is simply way too little. No, the baht continues to be very strong despite the crazy headlines in The Bangkok Post. These journalists in BKK have a very short memory. I guess they have never needed to get funds from abroad.

It is still only 36 baht for a Euro. Simply the wrong level, does not make any sense. With the high level of debt in Thailand the baht should not be so strong.

The baht is NOT weak just because it has been a little bit stronger a few months ago.
Getting your salary in thai baht is extremely good due to the STRENGTH of the thai baht.

The thai baht is STRONG. Not stronger than ever but very STRONG.

Subject is not up for discussion.

6 June 2015

Comment: We are waiting for your newest post in the topic property bubble.
It’s quite interesting what’s your newest forecast in this situation.
Best regards XX


I have already published it in my mind a long time ago but it is too depressing. And I will only be able to tell 50% of what I know.

One of these days I will have to sit down and write a few words but I don’t look forward to it. I like to present the good news. Presenting bad news does not give me any pleasure.

But it is coming. I can’t just close my eyes and pretend everything is fine when it is not. Been pushing it away for some time because it is not fun for me. I never imagined it would come to this.

There are two main issues that cause problems in Pattaya:

1) The weak market
2) The EIA committee or the tough EIA rules

5 June 2015

Who would have thought that Pattaya would conquer Bangkok and not the other way around?
We will, don’t you doubt it for a second. The force is very strong in Pattaya.
They all speak thai in BKK. The Asean Economic Community is just around the corner.
Ask yourself this: If our new friends want news in english then where will they go?
I’ve got it covered using only the left hand. Imagine what happens if I choose to use both hands.

5 June 2015

Any idea of how big newpattaya.com is? I have been asked by Sansiri PLC to remove the name of a certain fashion designer in an article of mine.
One thing is to have Matrix checking out what is happening here.It is a different game when the listed companies from BKK are looking over my shoulder.


3 June 2015

Do you believe in me?
You have to
The magic will only work as long as you believe
Believe hard enough and it will come true
The stronger the belief, the more powerful the magic
Children believe in Santa Claus
That’s more than enough to give Santa Claus life
If you believe in me
Everything is possible
There is magic in the universe
Call me crazy, but somehow I can sense it
In my words you will find my heart

3 June 2015

How is it possible to know everything about everything
How is it possible to be everywhere at the same time
That’s a job for God, isn’t it?

I am not God
I got hit below the belt
It is disgusting what some people can do to other people
People never cease to disappoint me
One thing is what they do to each other
Another thing is what they do to children
There are a lot of people with really black souls out there
I wonder how they can feel good about themselves

Be careful when you deal with human beings
Because they are not human at all
Money is the only God they worship

28 May 2015

So what is Central Plaza Rayong like? Which group is considered to be the main target group for the mall?

This is a mall for the average thai. This is not a place you will invite top level business partners for dinner. Central Festival Pattaya is more suited for that purpose.

No, we can’t compare with The Helix @ Emporium 2 or Groove @ Central World, Siam Paragon or even our own Central Festival. There is some good stuff for kids but there is a 48 km drive from Pattaya and not enough parking spaces.

The thais will love the mall. I didn’t see a McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway restaurant, A&W or Carl’s Jr. The average tourist will probably not feel at home at this mall.

In short: A mall for the average thai and the few farangs that have embraced the thai lifestyle. Personally I focus on the entertainment opportunities for kids and I could easily spend a few hours playing with the toys while spending a lot of money.

27 May 2015

MahaNakhon is a good example of just how different the rendering of the project, the artist’s impression, and the final product is.

The pixelated design had a rather dramatic effect when the first sketches of the project were presented years ago. We got the feeling there would be plenty of sky gardens, and more or less a see-through facade.

Reality is a little bit different than what I imagined. I have to be careful with my words as the design of the project is widely appreciated. I know, criticism is not welcome, especially among the hard-core construction nerds on various forums.

Conclusion: Good but it could be better. MahaNakhon is a landmark and we can be very proud of it.

I have my own page for the MahaNakhon project but I won’t post my opinion there. The followers will not like it. So much for freedom of speech. I am scared of their reaction. Talk about group pressure…. 🙂

26 May 2015

IDEO Q Ratchathewi, The Monument Sanam Pao, The Seasons Mall, Marque, Gallerie Rue De 39, EM 2, Noble Chitlom, The Stable, Central Embassy, Magnolias Rajadamri, Ashton Chula-Silom and a new Burger King. Just some of the new stories I have. All this is about Bangkok and not of much interest to the readers in Pattaya. Make no mistake, all this and much more is of interest to me.
How many of you out there know that the building behind The Monument Sanam Pao is a parking building for a new mall under construction? Who cares, I know, but attention to details is very important at this level of operations.

Knowing what other people don’t is my specialty.

25 May 2015

If I have questions why not go and ask directly? Been there, done it, didn’t work.

It is like this: Ask an ice cream seller if his ice creams are any good. He will tell you they are the best in the world.

He has no choice but to give you the only answer he is allowed to give.
If there is a problem they will tell you they’ve got it under control. The only answer you will ever get.

Go ask? Never again, you just get a load of BS.

25 May 2015

Been rather quiet for the last 3 evenings. I guess I was seeking shelter in a safe haven, in this case dreamland which seems to be my preferred place of escape. I have fallen asleep for 3 nights in a row while putting the princess to sleep. It wasn’t planned, I had bought fresh bread that won’t taste good the day after purchase. Good bread wasted! This engine needs bread to function properly, rice won’t do the trick.

Been under pressure for a long time, facing attacks on several fronts, some real while others of an imaginative nature. I guess a kind of defence mechanism, putting the system into a protective mode to prevent the core from breaking down.

System is not fully operational. Irregularities in the performance of duty is to be expected in the near future.

2015 has been the worst year of my life. Life is easier if you don’t care.

23 May 2015

A customer, an investor in a project in Pattaya asked the developer the following question on the facebook for the project:

“On last May the 3rd (2014) you said the pilling would start in a couple of weeks for project XXXX, but still I and a bunch of other buyers are waiting to see some action as to commence the construction as it was promised. I for one am getting worried. Please update us SOON…”
The developer responded by removing all the comments on Facebook and the buyer/investor was banned from the page and unable to leave any more comments on their page.

Comment: I am so sorry, there are some very bad people in this business. Naturally they can’t block or ban a customer like that, they are blocking an investor in the project.

22 May 2015

They were busy planting flowers at Skymark Galleria when I was there a few days ago. If you don’t have access to any information at all, then look at when they start to plant new flowers.
Flowers do send a very powerful message. Of course The Guru is able to communicate with both spirits and flowers.

The word is that the project will be launched on Saturday 30 May but I don’t see any banners or anything else in the media confirming this date.

If it was up to me I would wait until the next high season, late November or early December.

21 May 2015

Temporarily back from my break, I just learned the answer to a question that I ALWAYS wanted to know:
What is the price for one of those big billboards you see along roads and motorways?
About 500,000 per month.
I know a few guys in the industry but I have NEVER bother to ask them such trivial questions. Each time I see one I have wondered about the costs involved. Now I know. I figured maybe around 100,000 baht per month, seems I was totally wrong. It is closer to half a million baht per month.

Furthermore an insider says there are very few sales being generated in Pattaya from hoardings, billboards and exhibitions.

This is the kind of information I like. Thanks for that

21 May 2015

Taking a break
For real this time
Stressed out
Seeing ghosts
Believing in conspiracy theories
I know who they are
I know what they want
I know how they think
They really don’t care
I have had enough

21 May 2015

Message: Hi newpattaya, I am a member in different real estate groups on Facebook and also in some other forums. I receive so much advertisement daily from people and agents who desperately try to sell with huge discounts … Many of the units are re-sell and prices lower than developer prices. Some of the projects are not even finished and people try to get rid off their contracts and waive some of the money they have already paid. So how can the developers sell their remaining stock when you can get better units in the same project but at 20% cheaper price?

Comment: Correct, there is a problem here.It will only get worse.

20 May 2015

I just learned that there are some really great guys in town. I was told a real life story that knocked me off my feet, but did so in a good way.
A shame I am not allowed to share it. Not property related, nothing to do with me. A story about human kindness. A story that I will not forget.

19 May 2015

Not all of my posts have a professional standard
Thank God for that
I don’t want to be looked at as a professional
I am not looking for recognition
I don’t want to be famous
I most certainly don’t want to be known as a very serious guy
I don’t want my posts to be boring
So I try to add an element of entertainment
I don’t have to like a developer in order to recommend his projects
I try not to let personal feelings get involved

18 May 2015

Message: Stay cool and calm, its only business and construction, there are many more important things in life.

Comment: Very true. But for me it is construction 24 hours a day, I even dream about construction. I don’t separate between life and construction. Perhaps it best I learn how to switch off when things are tough? Have to admit that construction hasn’t brought me any happiness this year. Things have changed. I have changed. I never imagined it would get this bad. If I am not happy then what is the point of continuing?

18 May 2015

Why is progress so slow, why this why that? A lot of questions are asked. Questions that do not need to be asked.

If I want to make an extension to my house I will need money to build for. Either cash or a bank loan. If I don’t have the cash or am able to get a loan I can’t make the extension.

The same goes for the developers, they can only build if they have money. If no banks are involved they use the monthly installments to build for. That is why things take time.

No need to yell or complain, it does not help. If progress is slow it is because they have no money.

If you don’t know which developer involve banks in the process then blame yourself for not doing your homework.

NOT financing through banks is very risky business.

16 May 2015

Time to take a break
I often say this to myself
But the breaks never last long
My facebook may seems quiet at times
But I am always very busy doing something
I have this need to be active even when I don’t feel too good

15 May 2015

I know there is a monster under the bed
I can see something is wrong
I can sense the danger
I am worried
I don’t know what the monster wants
I don’t know how dangerous it is
I don’t know whether it can be reasoned with or not
Not knowing is killing me

12 May 2015

Wise words from a reader:

– The market in Pattaya will go on, maybe at a reduced pace, with less players, but it will go on. Maybe things just got too big too fast.
Turn off from the negative news and relax.

12 May 2015

Bad news about the property market in Pattaya comes to me almost on a daily basis.
Bad news that is shaking my confidence that things will eventually get better.
Bad news that will have widespread consequences for the industry.
Bad news that produces fear.
I am afraid we have not reached the bottom yet.
I am afraid that things will get much much worse.
Naturally I am affected by all this. My own posts make me depressed.
My posts will make some of my readers depressed.
I got tired of all this bad news, that’s why I ventured off to Singapore. I needed a breath of fresh air.
Just one piece of good news, that is all I ask for.
Been waiting and waiting, many times believing that tomorrow would be the day when the sun would finally shine again.
I don’t know how many more disappointments I can take.
Pattaya is a very sick patient that needs to be admitted to a hospital. I am not sure the patient can be saved anymore.
Things are much worse than what is publicly known.

11 May 2015

We have passed 1,900,000 page views this weekend. When we reach 2,000,000 there will be a small celebration, we will probably end up in Kidzoona on the 2nd floor in Royal Garden Plaza.

They charge 300 baht for kids to enter, 100 baht for adults, 60 baht for 2 pair of socks, a total of 460 thai baht to enter.

This is how we will celebrate.

Kidzoona is a new place in Pattaya for kids to enjoy, that is, if their parents bring a nice fat wallet.

– My daughter was happy this weekend
– The Scotsman in me was NOT

10 May 2015

Talking about bad news, there is some very bad news that has not hit the public yet. Naturally I can’t talk about it as I would be sued for publishing news that has not been officially confirmed by any parties involved.

All I can say is there will be a lot to talk about in a few months time. Somebody will find out sooner or later. We are talking about two different developers that I don’t know much about.

One of them just bought a brand new luxury car.

It is possible that they will keep a very low profile on this issue and not make any statements at all. I believe they hope this will blow away with the wind.

Keeping quiet and pretend nothing has happened seems to be the way of doing business in this town.

10 May 2015

MUST READ, important news!
Sixth Element Na Jomtien questionnaire by the New Pattaya Team:

Q: How many towers launched?
A: One tower

Q: How many units sold?
A: About 70%

Q: When will the next tower be launched
A: We have not set a date yet. Perhaps at the end of 2015

Q: Any news about the EIA approval
A: We are in the process of seeking EIA approval. We expect an answer in September 2015

Comment: The interesting part is the 70% sold units in the only tower that has been released onto the market. We were informed that on the day of launch, on the 28th March 2015, about 70% of the units were sold within 3 hours.

If the numbers are true – and I stress ‘IF’ – this means that not even a single unit has been sold since the launch.

This means that the market is DEAD!!!!

We knew that already, didn’t we? Bad news……

7 May 2015

Have I gone crazy? Quite frequently I find myself pondering that question. How can I love and be attached to a building?

It is just a building for Christ’s sake, it is not a living thing, I haven’t even bought into the project. Then how come I think about that project almost on a daily basis?

I conclude that it is possible that I am crazy, but damn it, I don’t want to change myself. I just have to live with it.

Perhaps I ought to mention that I get better along with buildings than with people.

The project that I love is located at Bali Hai Pier. When I love something (or somebody) I will scream it out loud:

I love Waterfront @ Bali Hai

7 May 2015

Looking at the Sky Habitat condominium launched in 2012 we learn that there is a starting price of around 25 million baht for a one-bedroom unit in a suburban area in Singapore.

This is food for thought when we compare with condominium prices in Thailand. For each condo you buy in Singapore you can buy 5, 6 or even 7 condos in Thailand.

Think about it:
“A starting price of around 25 million baht for a one-bedroom unit in the suburbs”. Not even near the city centre.

Watch and learn when things go crazy. Things have clearly gotten out of hand in Singapore.

4 May 2015

Regarding construction and development on Koh Chang I can inform that things take a little more time down there. There is a 240 km drive from Pattaya to Ao Thammachat car ferry, this is a long drive. First Rayong, then Klaeng, Chanthaburi and Trat.
Koh Chang do not have an airport like Samui and Phuket, there is a small one on the mainland but I have never seen any airplanes or tour buses for that matter.
Koh Chang is a quiet and peaceful place, it feels like time moves at a slower pace.

4 May 2015

The controlling matrix is somewhat unstable at the moment
Either that or in the process of falling apart
The angels above can’t protect me forever
Danger lurks around every corner

3 May 2015

When I was young I often took the morning train. I could never figure out why most people looked so miserable. I saw a grey and lifeless world filled with grey and lifeless people. Unhappy people that seemed to be more dead than alive.

My worst fear was to end up like them. Now, many years later I have started to understand some of the reasons why people acted this way. It was life, it was other people that did this to them.

When I look into the mirror I see a grumpy old man that never smiles anymore. I ended up like the people on the morning train – grey, lifeless and miserable.

I wasn’t always like that…..

1 May 2015

I think I will take an early weekend, get unplugged from the internet for a few days time.
Bad news, worries, pressure etc is not the kind of thing that keep me going. I just had a few days off during Songkran and I already feel like I need to escape again. Some things can suck the life out of me.

It is not good being too sensitive
It is not good taking things personal
Need to think about something else for a few days

30 April 2015

Walking on water
Learning everything there is to know
Is impossible for humans to do
The big question
Is The Guru human or not?

30 April 2015

Times change, and so must I
All through my life I have changed
Changed from one person into another
That is good as long as I change into something better
Now I am a father and The Guru
In the last century I was known as The Doctor
There are still some ladies out there that ask what happened to The Doctor
The Doctor is gone, never to return
That was another me, another time, another language, another subject
The same soul but a different person
Many persons that have a few things in common
These characters have always lived on the internet
They have been unique
Different people who were the best in their fields
Two worlds that are kept separate
Look closely and you will see bits and pieces

30 April 2015

A word from the co-editor from down under:

New high rises will come to Pattaya. There is no need to do anything drastic. It’s just that they will probably come from a different set of investors than we have seen in the past. So many of the previous developers were dreamers. They had some cash, and some cash backing, but they were completely reliant on sales and deposits to get these dreams off the ground.

We will see an influx of Chinese, and in time Indian corporations building stunning high rises with their own cash. No reliance on sales to get them out of the ground. China and India in their demographic is so close to Thailand, that their buyers will get far more use from their purchases, over and above the European who flies in every 6 or 12 months. These will represent attractive holiday homes/second homes.

India is touted to be the worlds third strongest economy by 2035. As the Indians always have, they will spread out, divide and conquer through immigration, bringing money, and businesses to Thailand.

Comment: An Aussie, an oracle from Delphi, loyal despite strange comments from a Guru that sometimes believes he can walk on water. What more can I ask for?

30 April 2015

Follow newpattaya.com and learn everything there is to know
We are a cornucopia of knowledge
Enjoy first class with us
Driving slow at the moment
Just wait until we change gear
Nobody will ever be able to match us

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