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30 April 2015

Follow newpattaya.com and learn everything there is to know
We are a cornucopia of knowledge
Enjoy first class with us
Driving slow at the moment
Just wait until we change gear
Nobody will ever be able to match us

29 April 2015

A Word from The Editor:

What I do, I do with the city’s interest at heart.
I have to look at what is best for Pattaya.
I look at the big, long-term economic picture more than the need of the citizens or each individual developer.

How I personally feel about the developers is irrelevant.
I have to look beyond the gossip and the mud throwing.
There is a lot of gossip in town, a lot of jealousy among the developers.
There even is fighting below the belt.
There have been attempts to make competing developers look bad, attempts to destroy their reputation.

I have to look beyond all that. What is best for Pattaya is that as many projects as possible reach completion.

How far would I go? Let’s say that a mafia guy were to develop a 60-storey tower in Pattaya. I might not like the guy at all but I would most likely support his project.

There are different reasons for entering the development industry. For some developers it is a pure business deal. They put X amount of dollars into a project and they expect a healthy profit. These guys will most likely never show up at the construction sites, they are in it for the money. Listed developers often belong to that category, the shareholders expect a quick profit.

Then there are developers that regularly show up at the construction sites and contribute value to his projects. This kind of developer is rare, he is more or less in love with his projects.

Guess which kind of developer I personally like? But it is not about what I like.

I care about Pattaya, I want to be proud of Pattaya. I want the city to enjoy a good reputation in the world. I am an individual who want the city to prosper.

I have a dream about a new Pattaya. I know that not all of my wishes will come true. Change is inevitable but the change in the mindset of people that I am looking for will probably not take place in my lifetime.

Prosperity is just around the corner but 2015 will most likely not be a good year. However, the new high speed rail link to Bangkok will most certainly bring dramatic changes to Pattaya and the whole region.

I am just waiting for them to sign the papers and start the construction.

This warrior’s heart is fighting for Pattaya. Gotta admit I often feel alone in this fight. Sadly everyone is looking out for themselves….

27 April 2015

Thought of the day:
– It is a shame to dwell on murky thoughts when there is such beauty in the country

27 April 2015

Can you handle the truth?
What does every oppressed peasant workforce need?
The illusion of hope.
Some silly story to get them through the day, lull them into docility and keep them working.

27 April 2015

Quote of the day:
I am not a hero. But if I pretend to be I might inspire others to be.

27 April 2015

The Riviera is a 100 times better than The Riviera.

This makes sense, right? Let me explain:

I had a look at a model of The Riviera Jomtien today. The design is actually awesome. It made me think about some projects in Singapore, we will talk more about these projects later.

The design is great, actually a 100 times better than the design of The Riviera Wongamat.
However the location of The Riviera Wong Amat is a 100 times better than the location of The Riviera Jomtien.

The design of the Jomtien project is out of the ordinary. I wonder who is the architect for the project.

I wonder why the marketing team is focusing on a lady and a car when they should be focusing on the unique design. They are keeping a very low profile.

This is such a strange world….

27 April 2015

There is a project on Pratumnak Hill that I am particularly interested in. I walked into the sales office and had a look at the showroom. I was told that EIA approval was in the final stages.

That was in the end of 2013.

In the end of March 2015 the project finally received the much needed EIA approval.
2012 – 2013 – 2014 – 2015, many years have gone by.

They have been struggling to get this freaking EIA approval probably since the project was launched in 2012.

Most other developers would have thrown in the towel a long time ago. This developer did not, they kept trying.

Most developers would have said it is not worth the hassle, there are simply too many obstacles to overcome. These guys from EIA are very difficult, they create hurdles and squeeze the life out of you when they ought to be there to assist and facilitate the process.

The developers have to really really want it not to give up. It must have been a very tough period of time for this particular developer.

The project is Onyx Residences Pattaya. I congratulate them for doing the impossible. Just hang in there and never give up.

Never give up no matter how hard it is
Victory is yours
Take it
Enjoy it

Well done! I wish you good luck during construction

26 April 2015

I find it strange that someone who is not just a few steps, but rather many light years ahead of the rest, is still relatively unknown.

Ok, there is a lot more notifications than I can handle but I have to admit I am behind the predicted schedule. Apparently being unique is not enough. The current strategy is working so I can’t complain.
The problem is that 99% of people in Thailand speak only thai and they haven’t got a clue what I am talking about. This puts a limit on the audience.

The language barrier…..

26 April 2015

Feeling like a spider building a web
Not just moving around on the web
I am actually creating a web
Building a network of fine threads
It is complex process
I am creating an entity of elements
An entity of which all the parts are interconnected
It is fun watching it grow
There is a buzzling atmosphere
Too many connections
Too much activity for me to handle
Almost getting a life of its own
Hope I am not creating a Frankenstein monster

25 April 2015

What I like about this facebook is its unpredictability. When I wake up in the morning I have no idea of how the day will unfold. All I know is that it will be a good day.
Of course I have plans and a never ending to-do list but I often end up doing something completely different than I expected.

– I will never do what people expect me to do
– I follow my own path in life
– I break out of the cocoon every day
– That’s what I call life

25 April 2015

People’s minds are molded by men they have never heard of
Somehow people prefer to stay inside the cocoon
They will never break out
Because of fears or weakness
Because they feel safe there

25 April 2015

There has been a few political remarks lately, mostly against corruption and not pro any particular party. I have got to admit that in my humble opinion the shoe sadly also does not fit the leader of the Democrats.

To round things off, and to look at things from a property point of view I have a bit of an unusual conclusion:

The last 10 years, from 2004 – 2014, with political instability, corruption, unhappiness, street rallies, grenades exploding etc, has been the most prosperous period in time ever in both Bangkok and Pattaya.

The politicians can’t take credit for that. In Bangkok the BTS and MRT systems have completely changed the skyline of the city.

What Pattaya is concerned it was Nova Group that started everything with the construction of Nova Mirage in Wong Amat in 2004. Raimon Land also launched Northshore in september 2004, that company has also played an important role in the development of the city.

From a property point of view there is no denying that it has been 10 extremely good years.
When we get the fast railway connection from Bangkok things will start happening again.

25 April 2015

Once the name Skymark Galleria Pattaya is confirmed officially we will see a lot of agents buying internet domains like the following:


Any combination of words that can trick Google into believing that these agents represent the developer.

Selling leads is a way of making a living. The bigger the project the more likely that there is money to be made. Many units in a project will increase the chance of catching a fish or a customer.

Buying a domain and setting up a website does not have to be a costly affair.

I found in the range of 10 websites, mostly Singaporian, pretending to be the official website for The Bay Cambodia.

Singaporian agents are likely to get involved here, they are a bit more advanced than what we are used to locally.

Now you know what is going to happen before it has happened. It is all very predictable. Like the Ferengi in Star Trek humans will do anything for money.

I believe they modeled the character of Ferengis after humans. Don’t tell anyone I said this as the whole of mankind would most certainly want to kick my ass if they knew.

This is another human characteristic, always wanting to settle a score, the need to revenge themselves upon an enemy. Moving away from the subject again, sorry bout it, happens for me all the time. Need to focus more…..

23 April 2015

Ever seen The Matrix?

The ones in power keep people in cocoons, keep them from seeing the real world. They need people as a source of energy in order to survive.

The secret of tyranny lies in keeping people ignorant. A few clever families, a few smart businessmen know how the system works. By keeping people ignorant they will be able to lead the good life at the expense of the people.

These guys need people, they feed on them, suck the energy from them. What they fear most of all is educated people. Educated people can think for themselves, they can’t be controlled. Educated people are not passive, they speak out when things are wrong.

The politicians want to keep the status quo. They need things to stay the same. Children’s entire lives are being wasted at the schools. They are being kept there like in a cocoon and they learn absolutely nothing.

I would say the kids are being brainwashed at the schools. This is my personal experience.

I have to admit that when I was studying I did not realize just how important having an education is. I learned that much later in life.

Reform the education system or have tyranny, corruption, grenades exploding and chaos.

Either Thailand is changing or we go back to the way things were.

Education must have first priority. Elections at present will mean a life in a cocoon and abuse of power. The old system that we know so well.

Go see The Matrix. Which do you prefer?

– Life in a cocoon
– Freedom to see the real world

23 April 2015

Often I say this to myself: “Keep your bloody mouth shut, talking about politics does not do you any good”.

I know. Talking about politics is the easiest way to make enemies. I read The Bangkok Post and The Nation, almost on a daily basis I learn there is someone famous involved in a corruption scandal.

99% of the time I actually do keep my mouth shut, wait a few days until I cool down.

Sometimes I talk about politics knowing it is not good for me. This is the kind of person I am. I say what is on my mind even if it means making some enemies.

Corruption makes me angry. It makes me angry because so many thais accept it as a natural part of life. Someone needs to explain to them that this is a very wrong way of thinking.

So what is corruption? Corruption is theft of public assets. They are stealing, not from an individual, but from the country itself. So who are “they”? Mostly someone in a high position employed by the public sector. Public and civil servants, permanent secretaries, politicians, bosses in the customs department, members of the law enforcement etc.

They enter these positions for all the wrong reasons. They do it because it is the easiest way gain personal wealth. They should be working for the country, instead they abuse their power and authority to enrich themselves and their friends.

I wish more Thais would care about Thailand. I wish I could somehow get them to open their eyes.

I think it is mission impossible.

23 April 2015

How do you establish a public culture of political debate in a country like Thailand?

I have thought about this for a long time. The “mai pen rai” or “never mind” attitude is everywhere in society.

Saying mai pen rai to everything is probably good for health reasons as it will keep the blood pressure at correct levels.

Where do they learn never to oppose oppose authorities, never to speak out loud? Where do they learn the mai pen rai attitude?

In the schools. Already when the kids are 3 – 4 years they are sent off to school and they stay there all day until the sun goes down.

The schools in Thailand scares me more than anything.

I think there have been 19 coups in Thailand since 1932, corruption is everywhere, recently we have learned that unscrupulous officials have issued land deeds to politicians in the Khao Yai national park etc.

At the moment things are being dealt with by a person that is not elected by the people.

Who is to blame for all the problems? The schools.

Who don’t want to change the schools? The politicians.

The wealthy thais and the politicians send their kids off to study in Australia, the UK and the US.
I can’t do anything about it so what better to say than MAI PEN RAI.

23 April 2015

I have always enjoyed reading hotel reviews and and recently I have focused on hotels being invaded by tour groups from China. I have especially looked at hotels in Chiang Mai, a city that due to the proximity to China receives a large number of visitors from that country.

I found an endless number of horror stories where non-chinese travellers had booked a room at these low-priced hotels. Unfriendly staff and staff that really couldn’t care less about the problems that guests might have are quite common to read about.

Why should they care, the guests from China will keep coming anyway. These hotels don’t need good reviews in order to make money.

This was Chiang Mai and the exact same thing is about to take place in Pattaya. We are talking many hundreds of tour group buses, possibly 500 buses on a daily basis in the very heart of Pattaya, transporting Chinese group tour tourists to various sites in the city.

In the past Pattaya was knows as a place where the single man could find female companionship (ladyboys and gays included) at a relatively good price.

Now Pattaya is turning into a Chinese tour group destination.

It is pointless discussing whether this is a good or a bad thing. You can’t prevent someone from chartering a plane, rent a tour bus and transport the tourists to Pattaya or any other destination.

Pattaya is entering a new phase, we could call it the Benidorm of Asia. The Chinese tour group tourists are here in great numbers already. We had better get used to it because there is nothing anybody can do to prevent it. The politicians can’t stop it even if they wanted to.

You try riding a motorbike behind these buses, you breathe in the exhaust emissions from these buses. Then you will know what you are dealing with. You won’t be safe driving a car, the exhaust emissions will easily enter your car.

I observe and I write what I see. I have never seen anything remotely like this. It is the exhaust emissions that bother me the most because the emissions will shorten my lifespan.

21 April 2015

All the developers in town are affected by both the 50% decline of the value of the Russian Ruble and the Euro which has lost 30% of its value against the Thai baht. Not all of the developers have put money aside for a rainy day. Not all of them will be able to withstand the crisis. Finally, none of us know how long the crisis will last. It is easy to say hold out and wait for better times to arrive. Some of them can’t wait for much longer. The dominoes could start to fall sooner than later.

21 April 2015

We have been offline for some time, sorry about that, it will hopefully be business as usual in a few days time.

Got some things to do at the moment not related to property. Anyway, just because I am quiet it does not mean there isn’t anything happening.

You know who is always first with the news, this is not about to change any time soon.

Stay tuned for a lot of good stuff, I promise you won’t be disappointed. It will be fun riding the emotional roller coaster once again, can’t wait……

13 April 2015

Don’t get too excited about this new motorway to Rayong and Mab Ta Phut. It involves land expropriation, many cases will definitely end up in court because the landowners feel they are offered too little money for their land. The court system is very slow, the project can be delayed for many years because of that. Some of you may remember this is exactly what happened when they were building the motorway 7 extension.

13 April 2015

I have been following the Greenland – CP – Magnolia project for 4 months now.

I wonder why some of the big media outlets in Bangkok haven’t picked up on the story yet.

I believe newpattaya.com is the only source of information regarding this super-sized development. Fine with me, good for me actually, I just wonder what is going on.

Schedule a god damn interview with someone in charge, make a story out of it. Jump-start the media machine. The time is now.

13 April 2015

Neglection of FACEBOOK and social media: What you see here is what Greenland – CP – Magnolia should be doing. They certainly have the money to do it but somehow it is not on the agenda. They are about to invest 10s of billions of baht. Why keep such a low profile?

I have talked about this many times before, is not just Greenland Group that neglects social media, this is the case for more 80% of the developers.


12 April 2015

The various developers will need to keep an eye on what the competitors are doing, progress, pricing, opening date of showroom etc.
They can relax. Rest assured we’ve got it covered. This engine runs 24 hours a day and has had surprisingly little down time. My back is bothering me again, nothing new there then. Time to charge the batteries soon.

12 April 2015

Greenland Group project:

– No official website
– No marketing
– No project name

In that respect there is some resemblance with The Number One project in Jomtien.
The difference is that Greenland Group is investing more than 100 million baht on the largest showroom ever. And the showroom is set to open on 15 May.

Why do they need to spend money on marketing when newpattaya.com is pulling the strings for free?

11 April 2015

Talking about The Number One Jomtien Pattaya I believe they might have postponed the project.

– There is absolutely no online information
– Absolutely no promotion of the project
– No official website

There was supposed to be a launch event in March, I am not sure whether it took place or not.
You just can’t plan to launch a 10 – 15 billion baht project and then not talk about it.

If I didn’t write about the project it would not exist. An event took place at the site in January, after that it has been very quiet.

My guess is that they have postponed the project.
Matrix might have some answers, what I am saying sounds very strange, I know.

11 April 2015

So we were in Carrefour (Big C Extra) today, found a local magazine and took a look.
Ahhh, they are writing about The Numer One Jomtien project, let’s read what they have to say.

Oh no, they have done a copy and paste of my article. Now that ain’t a nice thing to do. A magazine is a commercial thing, they should not be stealing other people’s stuff and profiting from it.

The minute they stated talking about I’ll Design Studio Co., Ltd. and Arun Chaiseri Consulting Engineers, that’s when I knew it.

This is Guru stuff and it is not available information. I am not just the primary source, I am the only source.

Scroll down to the bottom of my website where it clearly states:
“The material on newpattaya.com is not available for reproduction”.

Why is it that my problems always come from someone in Pattaya?

11 April 2015

The Guru has a confession to make. Of course I know the importance of location, pricing, quality & design, good views etc.

But I have totally underestimated the importance of great views. Lately I have started to realize and truly understand just how important an amazing view is in the selling process. The view can be a great and unique selling point. The view might be all you need, it might end up as the the convincing factor that will lead to a sale.

Simply show the prospective customers the view from a high floor. Just keep your mouth shut during the process and let the customers make their own opinion.

An amazing view is indeed powerful stuff. Much more powerful than I imagined.

This week we have looked at the view from The Cliff, The Palm and Centric Sea Pattaya.

These 3 developers should have focused much more on the view in their marketing material. They haven’t done that. That was a mistake.

If you have something unique you have to talk about it and show it.

The developers must focus on marketing that make the customers feel something. That “wow” feeling you get after seeing or hearing something you really like. Give the customers an experience they won’t forget. That’s what it is all about.

This was the marketing Guru speaking.

8 April 2015

Exclusive news story by newpattaya.com (again):

CP Group, Magnolia Quality Development and Greenland Group are presently active in a joint venture project in Pattaya.

We have the honour of presenting you with the date of the grand opening of the showroom in Na Jomtien.
On friday on the 15th of May 2015 the showroom will open.

It is fun when the little guy is beating all the conglomerates in Bangkok. I guess we are one of the big guys by now.

I still have no name for the project and no official webite. I have heard someone call it Coastal Resort Center Pattaya.

8 April 2015

Excuse me, didn’t we just celebrate Christmas and New Year? It seems like yesterday we welcomed in the New Year.

Then there was Children’s Day, Teachers’ day, Valentine’s day, Chinese New Year, Makha Bucha and Chakri Day was this monday. Then there are some long weekends every month for reasons I am not always aware. The Songkran festival is about to start. Most of us will be taking a few days off from the daily routines.

Time seems to be going faster and faster the older I get. Kind of scary.

Be careful out there. Many accidents will happen during the next week because of drunk driving. An outrageously high number of people will get killed in road accidents.

As for the water splashing I have to admit that I hate it more than anything. However, my daughter loves it. It is never about what I like, it is always about what my daughter likes.

Like it or not, this year I will have to take part in the water splashing. I must bring a towel and and some extra clothes so she will not catch a cold.

Why does it have to be a a bucket of water in the face while riding a motorbike? Why not gently sprinkle some water like they did in the past?

If you can’t change them or beat them, join them – or escape to somewhere else.

7 April 2015

Put your head above the trenches and be prepared for someone out there to take a shot at you. So do not put your head above the trench as it can be decidedly dangerous for your health.

I haven’t been shot at literally but over the years I have been called names, I have been verbally attacked. Comments like, who do you think you are, you are nothing but a fool, I could easily do what you do and I could even do it better.

Then there are those that have wanted me to make personal adjustments so I use the style that they prefer. Complete strangers have demanded that I change in order to serve their needs. How about that?

Don’t do this, don’t do that or I will slam the door hard when I leave.

Then there are those that just have bad manners. They make noise for the sake of making noise.

It is part of the game. If I put my head above the trench I will get some strange comments.
There are some very strange people out there. Actually more of them than I expected.

I am not thinking about something that has happened recently. I just read a line that made me remember things from the past:

Put your head above the trenches and expect to be shot at.

7 April 2015

People don’t necessarily watch Bill O’Reilly and The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News because because they agree with him. Of course not. After a hard day’s work people are looking to have a good laugh and to be entertained. This is where Bill O’Reilly comes into the picture, a fatherly Mr-know-it-all kind of person, and, more than that, a person with a constant flow of controversial statements on various political subjects.

People are not looking for solemn political comments, they are not looking for a politically correct debate. People are looking for unexpected statements that keep them awake and entertained.

Bill O’Reilly does exactly that, he does what a great anchor person is supposed to do. He is an entertainer more than a news presenter. He is a skilled anchor and he is paid accordingly.

3 April 2015

I have added 14,000 page views in a few days time. It is not bad considering the subject. I will do much better in the future.

I just have to avoid being swallowed by demons that keep haunting me……

3 April 2015

We all said that when the water parks were to open then things would be much better, we would attract millions of new visitors to Pattaya.

Well, Cartoon Network Amazone has been open for 6 months and not much (if anything) has changed for the better.

We tend to overestimate the effect of these water parks.

The really big investors like the the proposed high speed rail connection from Bangkok, they like infrastructure improvements. They don’t mind the water parks, water parks are always good for a city but they will not come before they are certain that we get the rail connection from Bangkok.

3 April 2015

In my life I have visited many different hotels. One hotel in particular has made a special impact on me. It is KC Grande Hotel on Koh Chang. The staff is very friendly. There is a gentleman there that helps the guests staying in the hillside section of the hotel cross the street. Always smiling, always very friendly. Standing there in the heat from early morning until late in the evening. He often got a 100 baht bill from me because of his attitude towards the work he is preforming. I doubt I would be smiling while standing there in the sun all day. Another employee that made an impression on me was one of the supervisors. Engaging in conversation with the guests, asking which route we arrived by, explaining that there are alternative routes. He was liked. I believe he has a past at Dusit Pattaya Hotel.

The secret is to make ordinary guests feel like they are something special. They manage that at KC Grande Resort. I often take a sneak peek at the name tags to learn which position the employees hold. When I see that the food and beverage manager is out there among the guests, smiling and keeping an eye on thing, then I smile. This is the right way to run a hotel.

There are 3 different pools, a rooftop pool, another with a big water slide and then a very large pool with a section for children. My daughter just loves the place. We can’t visit Koh Chang without staying at this resort. The breakfast is perfect and the scenery is amazing. Each time I go there I feel like a VIP. Best of all, my daughter loves the place.

Go there and discover thainess at its finest. It is a world of its own and the staff is friendlier than people out in the real world. It is a nice place to escape to when I need a break.

I visited the resort twice last year. When I really feel like I need a holiday this is where I would like to go. It is a long drive from Pattaya, 4 – 5 hours including the car ferry. It is worth it.

3 April 2015

Thank you very much @ Amy Centara Grand Phramnak for being so supportive for well over 1 year now. Clicking like on many of my posts, even some of the weird ones. I have often wondered what I have done to deserve this. Over the years many readers have found my facebook, they have commented and clicked like on some posts that they found interesting. They have stayed with me for a while and then they have moved on. It is fine with me, I know that is how it works. People don’t remember all the posts that they liked. They remember the single one or the few that they didn’t like. The day you move on – one day you will – that day will be a sad one.
A special thank-you-post to you for having stayed so long. Happy Songkran from myself and The Princess.

2 April 2015

There is a project in Pattaya with very little activity at the construction site, actually there have been few workers on site during the past many years. I have no idea as to why. A complete mystery to me.

The strange things is that Thai buyers have started to complain to me about this project. Thais practically NEVER complain, it is not in their nature to do so, if they do there is something that is really bothering them.

The point is NOT that progress is slow at a particular project, we see that all over town with few exceptions. Actually there is only one developer standing out.

The point is that even some Thais have had enough. Personally I find that extremely interesting.

My Songkran message to all Thais: Speak out if you are not happy with something. Don’t keep it bottled up inside. Don’t be so “Thai” all the time.

1 April 2015

Circle Sukhumvit 31, a 29-storey high-rise currently under construction by Fragrant Group has been ordered to halt construction temporarily.

The surrounding area has many old houses that have started cracking. A group of citizens complained to the developer who ignored the problems caused by the construction.

The developer will need to correct the problems before construction can be allowed to continue. Construction will be suspended until a solution is found.

31 March 2015

newpattaya.com is of course mainly about what is going on in Pattaya. Pattaya is at the heart of the operations.

That said, I will need to reach out to other cities in order to maintain a track of growth. Growing, reaching more readers is essential.

If I focus solely on Pattaya it will be difficult to maintain the status quo, that is unless I also include the nightlife activities that the city offers.

By also including other cities, Bangkok in particular, I will get more readers. Some of these readers might never visit Pattaya in the first place, now they get the opportunity to be informed about the new developments we have in our city.

I believe that reaching out is a win-win situation for Pattaya. Hopefully I can attract new investors. How far can I take it?

I need to look after the local readers while I at the same time also need to attract new readers. I need to bring new blood into the family, that is how we will survive in the long run.

I simply love the internet, this is where I feel at home. I believe the possibilities for growth is unlimited.

29 March 2015

We reached 1.800.000 page views this sunday. Sunday is the worst day of the week with regards to the number of visitors.

Sixth Element Na Jomtien was number 2 on the most wanted list this month.
Sometimes I give them what they want, I knew they wanted Sixth Element.

The numbers tell me what they want and what they don’t want. It is about analysing and monitoring the movements, the scientific approach.

Mostly I do what I want but the must do’s are also an important part of the show.

29 March 2015

If there is a problem with a local developer I might mention it or give a link to a thread on Thai Visa.

I don’t keep attacking a developer as if I have a score to settle. The ones that follow me closely will know where the problems are.

I focus on construction and progress, on all the new things that are happening in town.

Construction and destruction are part of life but they are two very different things.

I deal with construction and I have no desire to destroy any of the developers.

29 March 2015

Sixth Element Na Jomtien:

330 units in the “WOOD” tower was added to the market yesterday. According to Khun Suborvon Phempusri 60 – 70% was sold on the 28th March 2015, the day of launch.

Good or bad news? “GOOD” in the sense that it is better than 5 or 10%. On a personal note I was hoping for an announcement that the tower was fully sold in a few hours time.
I needed some good news to jump start the property engine, bring Pattaya and the region back on a path of growth.

The launch took place in Bangkok, it means there is always the posibility that “friends of the family” may have helped a little to make the numbers look good.

Sixth Element Na Jomtien is indeed a MEGA-project and considering the fact that there currently is a high degree of uncertainty in the property market, then I have to admit I have been worried. The current state of the market is not good.

I am a little bit relieved, not raising my arms in the air and jumping around. Waiting nervously for the launch of the next tower.

28 March 2015

Talking about Zire Wong Amat here are some facts:

Call it super luxury or a mid-range product, gossip all you want.
The fact is that the early investors have made a hell of a profit by buying into this development.
Raimon Land decided to dip a tier or two after the global financial crisis in 2008, they had a policy of shifting from foreign to Thai buyers.

Zire is a big success from a financial point of view. All other views does not really matter.
The right location can make the prices skyrocket. We see it in Bangkok close to the BTS and MRT stations, extremely high prices for an average quality development.

28 March 2015

Do you know that ZIRE Wong Amat is actually a mid-market development?
The unit prices started from 1.9 million baht or 47,500 baht per sqm.
You may like the design or not
You may call it a luxury development or cheap s***
The fact is that Zire is a low-priced, mid-market development in an extremely good location.

Source: Bangkok Post, 14 January 2011

27 March 2015

Got a lot to do
Not in the mood tonight
The numbers look good
Closing in on 1,800,000 page views
I feel more and more depressed lately
Seems to be developing into a chronic condition
I just don’t get along with people
I don’t like what they do and the way they think
My problem, not theirs
I know this particular problem can’t be fixed

24 March 2015

Regarding real estate and development there is a lot of things I know that are kept from the public. This is done for a reason.

Sometimes all a developer needs in order to solve a problem is TIME. Everything will be fine in the end if he gets the time he needs to work on the problem.

If people start talking we might start something that might get out of control, the snowball effect, and then it might ruin the chances of solving the problems.

While knowing the truth is good for the buyers it is not always good for the developers. Not everything needs to be said out loud especially if it is of a destructive nature.

There is a need for transparency in the industry, yes, most people will agree on that. But we have to be practical and it is not an ideal world.

What if this transparency will end up hurting a developer that has spent decades on building up a reputation. Is it fair to let a single mistake ruin the reputation of a developer?

If I say ‘foam in the wall’ I will be thinking of a certain developer from Bangkok. That was just one worker that did something wrong and the developer paid a very high price for that mistake.

Don’t start a witch hunt.

23 March 2015

The problem with an open forum is that certain individuals will often use it as a platform to attack another developer. It is easy to choose to see a development in a negative light.
I fear that someone will take advantage of the opportunity to speak uncensored.
It would be entertaining, yes certainly, but anybody could be the next target. Anybody.
Who decides what is fair and what is unfair?
Who decides when somebody is crossing the line?
Anything goes and then we will have chaos.

23 March 2015

Narrowing down the suspects: A media guy and a native english speaker.
And he is following newpattaya.com
The net is tightening around this guy.

23 March 2015

There is a new facebook in town. He/she wants to expose all the secrets in the construction industry in Pattaya.
He/she goes much further that I would ever go. I have a feeling it is someone I know. It is someone in the real estate business. He is talking about rumours, knows about various projects that have problems, he knows the cause of the problems.
An insider. He speaks english to perfection, I couldn’t find any grammatical errors.
Interesting for the buyers of condos, yes, but I am not going to promote that particular facebook. Rumors are one thing, knowing the facts is another.
Not my style and I won’t get involved because it could hurt the developers.
The facebook invites people to talk and discuss problems in the industry.
Digging up dirt on a developer is easy, I am not going down that road. A little thing could destroy a reputation.
Everybody makes mistakes.

22 March 2015

Real life, yesterday:

– I have been watching you for a long period of time
– You often look tired
– You look like you don’t have a life

Wauw. Somebody out there is watching me, having thoughts about me AND feel the need to inform me of the conclusions drawn from that study.

Comment: Tired, yes very true. No life? Well, that depends on how you define having a life. There is a lot of activity in my life, perhaps too much. Always busy. But:

– No fancy diners
– No Walking Street
– No thai massage
– No bars
– No nightlife
– No movies

None of the above is for me. But a lot of other interesting stuff.

21 March 2015

In Asia it is all about money, we do something in order to profit from it. Fine, we all have bills to pay, kids to send to school, mortgages to pay etc.

Personally I owe a 7-digit number of baht to a thai bank, it is not fun at all.
But can we please do something, just once in a while, because it is the right thing to do?
Money is important but it is not all about money. It is also about feeling good inside. It is also about smiling and being happy.

I have been wanting to clean up Pattaya beach and make it look like The French Riviera.
I have been wanting to clean up Bali Hai for a long time.
I have a dream about a better future. The ones that share my dream do not have the right to vote.
Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I was much happier when I did not know anything.

21 March 2015

Often I find myself thinking it is a shame that I am not running the show.

And sometimes I get the feeling that I am running the show after all.

I would be doing it for the right reasons. I would be doing it because I wanted to, not because I had to.

If you do what you love everything becomes so easy.

21 March 2015

I want to be proud of Pattaya. How can there be change when they look backwards? How can there be change when the remnants of a slave society is still an important part of thai culture?

21 March 2015

The Bay Pattaya has started construction. The official facebook for the project does NOT mention this important piece of information.

Aren’t we all so lucky that newpattaya.com is keeping an eye on things in our fair little city? There is no room for sloppiness, we joke around but we take things seriously.

It is amazing news so they ought to mention that they have started. Pssst! It is called marketing and publicity.

Personally I need some good news with all the scams taking place in Pattaya.

What a shame I am not running the show. Anyway, 31st December 2015 is the important date, give or take a few months.

18 March 2015

In the past I used to whine and complain if project progress was too slow. Many projects have taken a lot more than 5 years to complete. Years have gone by with little or no construction activity at various sites.

NOW I am not in a position to complain anymore. Now I am happy if they just don’t cancel the projects. Now I say it is better they build slow than withdraw from the market. Sadly a LOT of projects in Pattaya will NEVER get built.

17 March 2015

I wish I had not seen the Jet Ski Scam
I can’t shake the experience off
Something inside of me died
It is not supposed to be allowed to happen
I was witnessing evil in action
Nobody cared
People were acting as if they were watching a TV programme
Feeling amused and entertained
I have often seen the scam on YouTube
Seeing it happen right before my eyes was very different
The pictures in my mind will stay with me forever
Evil is among us
Evil thrives when the good do nothing
Feeling so sad for Pattaya
This is no place for families or children

17 March 2015

I would choose the project with the friendliest neighbours. You can change a dripping air conditioner, you can change your sink as often as you please. With a small amount of money you can decorate your apartment exactly the way you like.

No reasonable amount of money can make troublesome neighbors go away.

Personally I would focus mainly on the neighbours. Elderly neighbours that are well educated.
I would be looking for kind, thoughtful and considerate neighbours.

There is a lot of people that are just horrible. Been there too often….

17 March 2015

Here we go again:

“Fragrant Group proudly present Sixth Element Na Jomtien as the most luxurious project in Pattaya”.

The most luxurious???

This raises the question: Who is to decide on this?

There is no authority to deal with such issues. Of course we have various property award companies but they are know to produce…. ahemm…..to produce some rather strange results from time to time.

An independent expert would need to examine and compare not just the showrooms but the projects as a whole.

One thing is certain: Expect each of the three new super-sized projects to claim to be the most luxurious development in Pattaya.

16 March 2015

Dos and don’ts in marketing:

1) DON”T attack competitors. Don’t criticize. Don’t start a war. Don’t make your competitors look inferior to you as it might backfire and make you look arrogant.

2) DO compare your product to other products available but be fair. Tell your clients that you have a great product, explain to them what separates your product from other products on the market.

In real estate you should focus on a few important selling points which could be:

(a) Exclusiveness (limited number of units)
(b) Beachfront
(c) Design

Be open and honest and try to establish a trusting relationship with clients.

(3) DON’T try to save money by having a small marketing budget. Marketing is the only way to spread the word. You need to act fast if you want to stay in the spotlight.

Don’t expect big results with a small marketing budget.

15 March 2015

The three new super-sized projects in Na Jomtien will attract a lot of new prospective condominium buyers to Pattaya.

We will soon see a new naughty way of doing marketing. Other competing developers will put up roadside advertisements on the road leading to the newcomers’ sales offices.
They will try to steal the new customers by having advertisements displayed very close to the newcomers’ showrooms.

Is this a gentleman’s way of doing business? Definitely not!
This is the easy way of marketing a product.
I would say find ways to attract your own customers but of course in business things get dirty once in a while. It is easier to steal.

Exactly the same way that some people like to use a company name to click like on popular facebook posts in order to promote the company name and the products they offer. This is a way to attract readers to a commercial facebook site.

12 March 2015

For those that don’t know it:

These are indeed very unusual times
Pattaya seems to be going in a new direction
The course of the city’s history is about to be changed

Is Pattaya booming or about to boom? Can someone create a property boom by injecting funds? Can a troika of powerful developers induce a property boom?

These guys just might give rise to a boom, especially if the high-speed connection will be built.
Something is happening as we speak. This is extremely exciting times.

8 March 2015

Affirmative, Sixth Element Na Jomtien is indeed located on the plot of land behind Pinnacle Grand Jomtien Resort & Spa.

Things happen fast, now I have confirmation. Don’t trust everything you read, even in The BP.
This is NOT a beachfront property.

Dammit baby.

8 March 2015

If Sixth Element Na Jomtien is located on the plot of land behind Pinnacle Grand Jomtien Resort & Spa then this changes everything.
This is actually extremely good for Centara Grand Residence because the pricing is similar but CGR has 150 meter of true beachfront.
Which is better:

1) Beachfront property
2) Property 200 meter from the beach

I think we all know the answer……

8 March 2015

I am sorry to admit it but I don’t know the location of Sixth Element Na Jomtien. On February 11 we could read this in The Bangkok Post:

“Sixth Element Na Jomtien will stand on a 22-rai site with a 30-metre beachfront between Soi Na Jomtien 8 and Soi Na Jomtien 10”.

I am starting to have my doubts as to whether this is a beachfront property at all. No land has been cleared near the beach.
A large plot of land has been cleared but far away from the beach, furthermore there is a resort right in front of that plot.
Ask me of the location and I will not be able to answer. It bothers me that I do not know.
In a weeks time I will know but I would like to know today.
I have a feeling this is not a beachfront property. Just a feeling.

8 March 2015

Some thoughts from an educated specialist in the development industry regarding condo prices reaching 300,000 baht per sqm.

Look at the following factors:

– When perceived scarcity of ‘excellent’ locations increases
– When you have a prestigious neighborhood, eg Rajdamri
– When Improved infrastructure is planned
– When you have a cleaner, more prosperous and not purely tourist driven vision for the future, eg the kind currently shown in Na Jomtien
– When there is enough motivation for units to be sold as actual residential units rather than units purchased solely for speculative purposes

Then we might start to see these prices…

7 March 2015

They are selling a high number of super-luxury residences in Bangkok at the moment, prices at around around 300.000 baht per square meter.

My question:

Can we attract this kind of clientele to Pattaya?
If so, then how do we go about this task?

I see them as fish in the water, I know for sure they are there. I believe we can catch some of them it we use the right kind of bait. If a few of them start buying other will surely follow, this is group mentality. If Mr A owns a residence in a particular development then Mr B will need a similar residence.

I need them to invest in Pattaya, I am trying to figure out the best way to do that. They will come, it is just a matter of time….

7 March 2015

This is what it is all about. Search for Nimit Langsuan on Google. The online battle.
As such I don’t care much about Google. However, I need the buyers of residences at Nimit Langsuan and other high profile developments to know about newpattaya.com
People that can spend 30 million baht on an apartment is my target group.
Basically I am targeting the same people as CBRE.

Nimit Langsuan newpattaya

7 March 2015

There is no need to stress around all the time trying to stay updated on events that keep taking place.

Just relax, enjoy life.

Simply stay with us and we will do all the work for you, we will guide you safely on a daily basis, help you navigate through a complex world.

We will be serving the news on a silver platter.

Ain’t that a good offer…..

6 March 2015

My home, my castle, my private life. Well, I guess this is not the case. Google can enter as they please, they know exactly what I am doing.
Like it or nor, big brother is watching my every move.
Who else is watching? The US secret agencies, they have discovered my special talents and find me extremely intriguing.
This is not a conspiracy theory, they are actually watching.

6 March 2015

Centra Avenue Hotel Pattaya using online advertisements. Agoda must be paying. I wrote about this particular hotel yesterday, then today Google ads are showing me this.
I would say Google is invading my privacy, overstepping what should be allowed.
They know that my computer searched for Centra Avenue Hotel Pattaya yesterday and they are sending a Google ad specifically to my computer based on my browsing pattern.
Dammit baby, this is freaking scary. I should complain to Prayuth.

Centra Avenue Hotel Pattaya google ads

6 March 2015

We don’t visit local attractions like

– Pattaya Underwater World
– Nong Nooch botanical garden
– Pattaya Floating Market
– Mimosa
– Ripleys

The underwater world charges 500 baht for adults and 300 baht for children to enter. That would be 800 baht for me and my daughter. Naturally the price for thai nationals is cheaper but still rather expensive.

The double pricing system in Thailand is horribly bad. Add to this that the thai currency is about 30% stronger than just a year ago, this makes visiting these places EXTREMELY expensive.
I would like to take my daughter to visit all of these places but the entry prices are simply far beyond reasonable.

What a shame that all the local attractions are aimed at tour bus operators.
What a shame that double pricing is allowed.
Even at Khao Kheow Open Zoo they also practice double pricing.
Everybody is ripping tourists off.

4 March 2015

Hot areas near Pattaya: Sriracha and Na Jomtien.
Dead areas near Pattaya: Jomtien Second Road. The old saying, ‘build a road and condos will surely follow’, well it just has not happened yet. Nobody could have predicted that 3 years ago.
Jomtien 2nd road is simply not a fun place. There is no reason to go there. The area needs some kind of attraction in order to blossom.
It is more prestigious to have an address in Na Jomtien, Pratumnak or Wong Amat. People care about having the right address.
The developers are focusing is on Sriracha and Na Jomtien.

4 March 2015

Personally I believe newpattaya.com is the most valuable website in all of Thailand.
Simply because you learn something long before everybody else does.
That is why all the VIP’s in the industry follow us.
Even during sick leave we can still deliver unique stories.
Because you can never beat love and passion. It is simply not possible.

3 March 2015

A new cluster of high-rise buildings coming to an area in Sriracha. Good to know exactly where?
No, for most people it does not really matter much.
For a few investors that like to stay well informed this is ‘must know’ information.
More than one developer, 5 towers including a hotel.
Very strange that nobody is talking about it.
The is the new hot part of town. An undeveloped part of town.
Over and out.

2 March 2015

I will need to take some time off. I know I have said it many times before and I did not keep my word. I need to get strong again. I am afraid relaxing and focusing on myself is the right medicine

I will try to relax and enjoy life a bit. It is easier said than done as there is always something that comes up. Not really looking forward to a break since I need to stay on top of the news and I don’t like being unplugged.

I am trying to salvage what can be salvaged. Humans are more fragile than you think. Not just my body but also my mind might need some time off in order for me to live a balanced life.

You have no idea how many people out there that are pulling my arms and legs. I don’t remember their names. A network can get too big to handle. This facebook page does not allow for me to contact people privately unless they contact me first. People came to me first. Each and every single one came to me first.

Many see me as a light in the dark. I also need to see the light in the dark myself sometimes. Then where do I go?

Let’s see how long it lasts this time.

28 February 2015

Hot talk, is the light finally shining on the dark side?
Possible, not yet confirmed: Mike Group are planning a shopping mall on Khao Noi where the current market is and Central Group are planning a mega shopping mall plus 5 condos at Lake Mabrachan next to the new motorway extension, possibly called Central Lakeside.

28 February 2015

Weekend thoughts:

Someone told me this: “It’s not all about money (sure it helps) but having a great daughter is what counts.”

For many people life in Pattaya is about enjoying life, dining at fancy restaurants, talking with friends in favourite sports bars, going for a massage, watching the latest movie etc.

I don’t need or miss the freedom to do any of these things. I have been given the privilege and honour to look after my daughter. Being responsible my child’s well being is something I take seriously. The worst part is protecting her from children that are not given any love or taken well care of. There are many parents that love the whisky bottle more than their children.

I am constantly thinking what is best for her.

28 February 2015

Imagine a country where the politicians believe that a national election is a mandate from the people to be corrupt.

Imagine a country where an election is seen as an egoist struggle for personal privileges.

Imagine a country where scandals have no consequences.

Imagine a country where neither the people nor the prosecuting authorities react to scandals.

A mandate to be corrupt. Empowered by the people to do exactly what they want.

Democracy will only work if the people are mature enough to separate between good and bad.

Democracy will only work if the people truly care about the country they live in.

Democracy will only work if the people understand moral issues.

There will be no peace. They will keep fighting for personal privileges as they have always done.

Corruption is part of the system.

Not even a single elected politician has ever tried to fight corruption.

Not even the ones that pretend to be the good guys.

27 February 2015

The biggest mystery in Pattaya’s history is why a few clever businessmen has NOT seen the potential for opening a Foodland Supermarket or a Big C Extra on the eastern side of the railway line.
Most of the wealthy expats live on the eastern side of the railway and not even a single one of them want to go to Sukhumvit Road or Pattaya Klang to do their shopping.
Now even more relevant with the new nightmare project scheduled to last for the next 3 years.
Why not? There is a lot of money to be made. Instead we get more and more of these old style thai markets where meat is stored at 35 degrees in dirty surroundings.
Life could be so much easier, so much more hassle free….

27 February 2015

Expect to see a lot of abandoned developments in Pattaya in the near future.
Expect to see lots of cement skeletons and empty towers, abandoned due to the Russian financial crisis.
Expect something similar to what happened in Bangkok during the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis.
Unfortunately this is a likely scenario. Hell is about to break loose…

27 February 2015

Pratumnak: There is talk that the main building contractor for an almost completed project has left the site many weeks ago.
There isn’t a sound to be heard. It could be the result of Russians struggling to make installments.
Worrying times.

27 February 2015

With regards to the real estate business in Pattaya there is only one thing to say:
It is not nice anywhere these days.
Lots of doom and gloom out there.
Lots of lies and bullshit.
They keep on selling the dream even when for some it is clearly over.
A lot of the younger expats in the real estate game are leaving now.
No money to be earned.
They try like vultures to resell the Russian units and knock down prices.
So what now?
Hold out and wait for better times.

23 February 2015

Many of the developers about to launch new projects in Na Jomtien need information about the competing developers.

What are the competitors up to, price levels, sales numbers, quality etc.
Who do they turn to for information?

You know the answer.

Not just the developers but also most of the investors will be following us.
We are destined to grow. Many Chinese and Asian investors will learn about newpattaya.com

23 February 2015

Analysis: Greenland Group, Sixth Element, The Number One – Which company is leading the battle at the moment?

1) Greenland group has almost completed their showroom. It will be ready within weeks. I am not aware that any of the others are in the process of building a showroom.

1 point to Greenland Group.

2) Greenland Group still has no name for their project, the two competitors do. We must have a name, an outstanding name.

1 point subtracted for that.

Fragrant Group is actively advertising their project, both online and on huge roadside billboards. Fragrant Group understands the power of the internet. Fragrant Group has big banners in strategic important locations, both in Pattaya and in Bangkok.

1000 points to Fragrant Group for that.

Who is leading? Who is trying the hardest? Who is the smartest?

Answer: Fragrant Group.

Who will win the battle? The Chinese buyers will decide on that. The real battle is taking place abroad.

21 February 2015

It is a fact that we have a dominant position in the online market regarding serving the local news.
How come it is practically always newpattaya.com that is the primary source of information? Strange, very strange indeed….

19 February 2015

I love the Chinese invasion
They will not fail
They are not stupid
They will look after their money
Just relax
It will all be good
We will all benefit from this
Pattaya’s future looks good

19 February 2015

Hot issue: Will the Chinese investors succeed?
Indeed a very good question. These Chinese investors believe in the future of Pattaya. We now have 3 new super-sized projects about to be launched in the Na Jomtien area.
Why Na Jomtien? There is beachfront land available and the planned fast railway connection to Bangkok is believed to have a station nearby.
Why now? Why launch at a time when Pattaya is inactive? Is this a good time to launch? YES, if money is no problem, then you can afford to wait for the good times to arrive.
NO, don’t launch if you depend on bank loans to finance your projects. Developing projects in Pattaya has become the rich man’s game. These are all projects worth more than 10 Billion baht.
These are all foreign developers. Even Fragrant Group is foreign, a thai company but managed by a foreigner .

19 February 2015

Experienced developers in Bangkok that have never had any problems with getting an EIA approval suddenly don’t know what to do. They are so scared that they refuse to launch a new project until they have the EIA permit in hand.
Following the rules is NOT enough any longer. It has gotten totally out of hand. Of course there must be a set of rules and if you follow them strictly then approval should be no problem.

19 February 2015

One question: What will EIA say to these projects? They spend 1 billion baht on land and might not get that needed approval. I don’t believe EIA can go against these projects. IF they dared to say no then there would be no more Chinese projects in Thailand. Then the Chinese government would put pressure on the Thai government and EIA would lose face.
I don’t believe EIA will have a say in this matter. This is a matter of securing international investment. The rules are different for a big player like China. Too big to fail…..

18 February 2015

New project: Prices from 4.9 million baht for an apartment with a size of 39 square meter or 125,641 baht per square meter.
This price is interesting. 5 million as the starting price? And they want to sell 3000 units?
Hmmmmm, this sounds like mission impossible…..

18 February 2015

There is a Chinese property invasion going on in Pattaya these days. These are all super sized projects, the latest Chinese project to be launched adds 3000 units to the market. I will write about it soon. They will still need to sell 51% to Thais which is not going to be easy.
2015 will be an interesting year. Definitely not boring at the moment for someone like myself.

17 February 2015

In Harry Potter there is a character known as “The one of which we do not speak”.
In Pattaya there is a list of projects of which we do not speak.

14 February 2015

Some residents had complained about the Aspire Ngamwongwan condominium in Bangkok, they had taken the case to court. Yesterday, 13 february 2015, the court ruled that the EIA and the construction permit for the project was indeed correct and the construction is allowed to continue.
Certainly good news for Aspire Ngamwongwan. On a personal basis I have been worried about competitors hiring (bribing) locals to oppose the project. For money you can hire anybody in this country and then there would be chaos in the industry. I am truly relieved, I have been waiting nervously for the result due friday the 13th.

13 February 2015

In the battle about to take place in Na Jomtien there are actually 3 players:
1) Greenland Group
2) Fragrant Group
3) Tulip Group
Let’s not forget Centara Grand Residence Na jomtien. This project is much more elegantly designed than the Greenland Group project.
Let’s wait and see what Fragrant Group comes up with. This will be very exciting.
Construction of CGR is well underway. In a few months time I will be able to shoot pictures from outside of the site. It will be visible from a distance. Regarding following CGR rising up, there is no doubt that the year 2015 will be a great year. It is good to have something to look forward to.

12 February 2015

Many farangs end up marrying thai ladies, have a family with children.
The Russians mostly share the company of other Russians, they keep to themselves.
Indians abroad are very fond of other Indians.
How will the Chinese visitors behave? Will they embrace the thais and the (dwindling number of) farangs or stick to their own kind?
If you can’t beat them, join them. Knowing a few chinese words might come in handy.
How do you say ‘beautiful lady’ in Chinese?

12 February 2015

We have to get used to talking about our Chinese neighbours to the north. The newpattaya team visited Pattaya View Point yesterday. Guess what we saw up there. Hundreds and hundreds of Chinese visitors.
Best of all, there wasn’t anybody trying to create a negative atmosphere up there. It was like in the past, like in the good old days.
I like studying people. Some of the Chinese visitors actually have expensive cameras. They were not as thin as I expected, they are getting fatter, getting taller and heavier.
It is only natural that the Chinese and other Asian tourists are going to play an increasingly important role in Pattaya.

12 February 2015

Analysis, part 1:

It is no coincidence that both Fragrant Group and Greenland Group are both launching a 5-building mega project virtually at the same time, in March 2015.

Not just at the same time but also in the same part of town, in the Na Jomtien area.
Who would have thought that the battle for Pattaya will take place in Na Jomtien?
They are both targeting the Chinese investors, this is not where the problem lies. They have to launch the projects at the same time because they will be fighting for the customers from Bangkok.
One of the projects might end up being the investors’ darling. Unfortunately this might not necessarily be the best project. It will be the project with the best expected ROI. Don’t look for a nice design or quality of build, look for return on investment.
FACT: Fragrant Group offers the nicest beach.

12 February 2015

JWS Construction Company can be seen in Wong Amat these days. The company is building Ramayana water park. I have seen them in Hua Hin, I know they are currently building Bright Wongwian Yai in Bangkok. Mostly they build low-rise projects. An unusual player that I very seldom come across.

12 February 2015

What’s on in and around Pattaya during the next 3 years? I will tell you this: New players are entering Pattaya’s property scene and they have money in the bank.

It is Greenland Group versus Fragrant Group.

Two Mega projects, two Fragrant Group towers reaching 58 stories and Greenland Group topping off at 70 stories.

Greenland Group V Fragrant Group. Is there room for both? One backed by the Chinese government. How will these projects affect Pattaya?

For comments and analysis there is only one place to do. How the future will unfold is for no human to know. However, I will throw a few breadcrumbs for you.
Like the new players or not? Irrelevant. There are here and they plan to stay.

7 February 2015

Due to health problems there will be no or little online activity on this facebook in the immediate future.
A lot of stuff, mostly bad stuff, is going on in Pattaya these days. I just won’t be able to report it. Bad news is no fun anyway….

4 February 2015

The Peak Towers seems to have started construction after a break. There is activity at 1 Tower. There has been some talk in town as this is one of the Russian projects. How hard are the Russian developers hit by the currency crisis?

4 February 2015

1: Pain
2: Computer down
3: White screen of Death in WordPress
Things are not exactly working fine at the moment

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