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1 February 2015

Thailand: The fat cats can milk the fat cows as long as they hold the right positions in the public sector. Those who hold the right positions can be found in every village throughout the country. They can do pretty much what they want because the citizens remain passive. Believe it or not, the citizens actually remain passive even when highly illegal acts are carried out. When a population is passive there will always be certain individuals taking advantage of that. Democratic imbalance occurs when public opinion is absent from the process of governance. There is no public opinion in Thailand and that is why scandals makes no difference to people holding the right positions in the public sector.

1 February 2015

We were at Central Food Hall in the Central Festival Pattaya Beach Complex, time was about 4.45 pm and we notice a famous local developer doing some shopping.

We are in town every day and we NEVER run into any of these famous people that you often read about in the newspapers or magazines. I have always wondered where they do their shopping.

Well, today we saw one and he actually looked quite human. Then it was time to pay for the items and the developer in question actually chose the same cash register as the newpattaya team.

This was the first time we have seen this person in real life.

Actually I believe there was a second local developer also doing some shopping at the same time but this might be just a developer look alike.

And the point being? Well, these developers are more human that one would expect.

31 January 2015

Alien observer:

Distinguishing characteristics of humans
They are primitive creatures
They are greedy and untrustworthy
They are detrimental to their own existence
Don’t turn your back on any of them for a second
Contact with the species is not recommended

31 January 2015

The coming ASEAN means integration, this in turn means that there will be a need for an english language property portal for the greater Bangkok area.

We will be adapting to change and to a great future. There actually already is somebody that knows each and every development in the capital.

We will be ready to serve the new non-thai speaking guests. New investors are always welcome.

30 January 2015

Three evenings this week I have fallen asleep at 8 pm while putting The Princess to bed. It was not planned, I did not even brush my teeth. I was probably in dreamland before The Princess.

Something ain’t right, that’s for sure.

Right now the window of opportunity is open for someone to challenge The Guru. One man’s death is another man’s bread….

29 January 2015

“I was cheated out of 1 million Baht in commission”.

Very interesting words indeed. Let’s look at it:

1) It clearly states that an agent got cheated. This is not good.

– This could be a sign that the developer is in financial trouble.
– It is also possible that the developer feels that he does not need the agents, he can sell the projects himself.

2) The 1 million baht part. One million is a lot of money. This could be a sign that the agent commissions are too high. It is a fact that the agent commissions are a lot higher in Pattaya compared to Bangkok. Rates of 10 – 15% are not unusual in Pattaya. In Bangkok they get 2 – 3%.

Comment: That the developer makes a lot of money is no problem. It is his projects, he is the owner, he is the one who is in charge, he is the one taking a chance. It is also no problem that agents or marketing companies make a living out of working for the developers.

Making a living off of the industry is no problem, but for someone that is not a developer to be able to pocket millions of baht in no time, well, it could be a sign that the commissions paid have reached a too high level.

Want to make big money? Then feel free to start a developing business yourself. Don’t expect to become a millionaire by living off of the developers.

CBRE is doing it, they are making billions of baht without lifting a shovel. They have no visual presence on the internet, I never seen the company when browsing around on the net. All they have is a list of previous customers.

A precious list with names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Fine, they make money. But actually they make MORE money than the developers by working for them. Food for thought.

28 January 2015

The 36-storey VIO condo Tiwanon did not receive EIA approval. Now they are building an 8-storey condo at the location, already EIA approved. Same showroom, heheh.

These EIA guys have too much power. Things have gotten out of touch with reality.

Approve a project or not? At the discretion of the EIA team.

27 January 2015

The newpattaya team visited Bali Hai Pier yesterday. The Princess said very clearly to me: Go back, there is too many people today. I had to agree with that so we turned back.

We often visit Bali Hai Pier, especially during the cool season from November – January. We just love it out there. This season we have had some great days with fresh wind and big waves.

Yesterday was the first time ever that we had to return because it was too crowded. Mostly Russians and Chinese tour group tourists.

For some reason the tourists love visiting the island of Koh Larn. Ok, it is nice on the island and the water is definitely more clean compared to Pattaya beach. I just find it amazing that Pattaya’s main attraction is Koh Larn.

Given the high number of visitors a resort or entertainment park on the island might be a good idea.

26 January 2015

Wonder why the Jet Sci scams have been allowed to continue in Pattaya for decades? Something similar happened on a national level at Suvarnabhumi Airport in 2009. Back in 2009 they wanted 500,000 baht to let you get on your flight out of the country. The problems always occurred at the King Power duty free shop. Abhisit was in power, unable to do anything. At first they targeted Europeans, then when the news hit the media they shifted to target Indian and Asian tourists. In 2014 the extortion of tourists or shakedown took place at Thonglor.

Whether it is at the national airport, Thonglor or at Pattaya beach, the story is always the same: Tourists have to pay large amounts of money, we are talking a minimum of 100,000 baht.

These things are not fun to write about but talking about it the only way to improve the situation. It is noteworthy that PM Abhisit Vejjajiva was unable to do anything about it in 2009.


25 January 2015

Living in Pattaya and working in Bangkok. In 3 years time it will be possible. You just take the morning train at 7 am and then you will be at the office an hour later.

Knowing the corrupt thai bureaucracy, endless unmanaged and unnecessary committees, I am surprised to learn that a decision seems to have been made. The fast train connection might actually be a reality before the end of this decade.

Chinese efficiency is well known and admired. Thai efficiency….? Under normal circumstances the notorious thai bureaucracy would have delayed the project so that we would have to wait for at least another 10 years.

25 January 2015

5 questions:

Loyal and faithful? Only if you deserve it.
Kind? To my daughter, always, to others, not necessarily.
Tough? A lot tougher than people think.
A private person? Yes, very.
Available in real life? No.

24 January 2015

Now they call it “Chao Phraya Estate”, last year it was known as “Landmark Waterfront Bangkok”.

It was supposed to be Jumeirah Hotel Bangkok & Residences, now it is Four Seasons Private Residences at Chao Phraya River.

Confused? Things change all the time. Who is paying? You guessed it, the money is coming from China.

The Chinese are involved in the super luxury segment of the property market in Bangkok.

No money? No problem, find a Chinese partner.

24 January 2015

Words from a reader: I just hope Pattaya and the Thais don’t lose their culture and the laid back atmosphere. This is what kept me going back to Pattaya 2-4 times every year. No hussle like in any urban city. Unlike my own country Singapore where everything is so fast paced that I can’t enjoy my life.

Comment: The Thais are indeed a very unusual people. I think you have to be Thai to truly understand them. Change the Thais? Into what? To be and behave like people in the countries where we were born? That is what I escaped from.

It is no fun in either Japan or Malaysia. Thailand is home even if they act very crazy at times. Change the country too much and it might not be a fun place anymore.

23 January 2015

The new Pattaya? I hope it will be a retail paradise. Tourists will come for shopping and dining purposes.

Spoil yourself and visit Pattaya. After a long weeks hard work in Bangkok or Hong Kong go spend some relaxing days in Pattaya. Enjoy the good life.

23 January 2015

A glimpse into the future:

1) A financial district. We do not have one at the moment. We will get one soon. A financial district comprising of high-rise office buildings. Coming soon to Pattaya.

2) Multinational companies will be headquartered in Pattaya. The railway will make Pattaya a suburb to Bangkok, only a 40-minute ride away. Coming soon to Pattaya.

3) The Pattaya we know today will be a very different city 10 years from today. Changes you can’t imagine is going to take place.

4) Knowing that the railway is coming the big investors will join the party.

Believe it or not, I think there are very exciting times ahead. Somehow a railway has that effect. It will open up doors that have previously been closed.

23 January 2015

Simply put: The new railway will open the door to China. There is a hell of a lot of people up there. Many of them will like what they see in Pattaya.

Of course it is all about believing. Think about it, the railway to China, the ASEAN economic community and Pattaya being a luxury seaside resort in the heart of it all.

It can’t go wrong. I see it all very clearly. With a railway ready to open in 3 years time people will want to buy land and invest heavily in the region.

A lot of changes will take place during the next 5 years time. This is it, it will happen. Sometimes the future is ours to see.

Of course Prayuth needs to cancel his retirement otherwise it is back to square one.

23 January 2015

You had better prepare for a friendly Chinese invasion in the years to come as it can’t be stopped. In the past they came to Thailand as refugees or because they were poor looking for a better future. Now they will come to open businesses, work for Chinese companies and to serve the many Chinese visitors, exactly the same way that many Russians have settled down in Pattaya. The only difference is that the Chinese will settle down in all parts of Thailand and they will come in greater numbers.

The railway is coming, the Chinese will be in charge the same way they will be in charge of the 70-storey mega-project in Na Jomtien. Whenever a Thai company joins up with a chinese partner the main building contractor will be coming from China. These joint ventures are run with a strong Chinese influence.

22 January 2015

Words are just words
Please don’t underestimate the power of words
Words can be used for good or evil
Words can break your heart
Words can destroy you
Words can make you physically sick

Words can give you hope
Words can change your life
Words can make you believe
Words can make you do the impossible
Words can make you fall in love

Words can be used to hurt or to heal
Words can make you laugh or cry
Words can open doors as well as close them
Words can describe you as a person
Words can touch your heart and soul
Words are more powerful than anything

Please choose them wisely

22 January 2015

– Why is there no (facebook) movement, Stop the Jet Ski Scams in Pattaya?
– Why are the citizens of Pattaya NOT up in arms about the ongoing extortion of tourists?
– Why does nobody care about the image of Pattaya?
– Where is the voice of the good and law abiding citizens of Pattaya?
– Pattaya’s economy is based on tourists. We should treat them well. So why is it still happening in January 2015?

You might ask all these questions.
You might not like the answer.

20 January 2015

I hate being pessimistic but I am 100% certain that 2015 will be a very tough year for most businesses in Pattaya. When the big hotels don’t perform satisfactorily it will affect all of us. The whole food chain will be disrupted.

I am feeling a little bit depressed these days. Today at the food court at Central Festival Pattaya Beach 50% of the tables were left empty. During the low season there is normally more guests than what I saw today. We are in January, in the middle of high season and most of the Russians are gone.

Tens of billions of Baht will be lost because of this. The good citizens of Pattaya will most certainly feel the impact of Russia’s economic problems.

We have to prepare for some more bad news in the near future. Masters Residence and Imperial Twins Residence was just the beginning. It has already happened but the news has not hit the streets yet.

It is fairly certain that Pattaya will bounce back, the only question is when.

It is time to be strong and hold out for better times.

20 January 2015

Top news: A reader says Matrix Sunset Boulevard II at Pratumnak Soi 4 is still not ready to move in because they have built too high.

Comment: If this is true then it is very disturbing news. If they have not built according to the specifications there might be a problem.

I hope the authorities will be flexible on this issue, a slap on the wrist, a small fine and then we can move on.

Times are tough enough as it is. We don’t need more problems at the moment.

20 January 2015

Think Minor Group, think The Pizza Company, Thai Express, The Coffee Club, Ribs and Rumps, Riverside, Swensen’s, Sizzler, Dairy Queen and Burger King.

So what has that got to do with Pattaya?

Well, it all started here. From its founding in 1978 with a single beachfront resort in PATTAYA, Minor International Pcl (‘MINT’) is today one of the largest hospitality and leisure companies in the Asia Pacific region. They have over 100 hotels & resorts, 1,500 restaurants and 250 retail trading outlets.

So Avani Bangkok Riverside Hotel & Spa has indeed something to do with Pattaya. It is all connected but who cares about that when you are enjoying a pizza at The Pizza Company.

I like the Pizzas, last year they had a promotion lasting 3 – 4 months, 99 baht for a small pizza, 99 baht for spaghetti with ham and mushroom. Yummy!

Looking forward to the next promotion. I won’t pay more than 99 baht for a small pizza, rich or poor, that’s as far as I will go. They did have the newpattaya team as regular customers for a period of 3 – 4 months last year.

19 January 2015

Serve and protect
Dream on
It is about collecting
Collecting and keeping the harvest
Good guys or bad guys
You know the answer
The worst part?
Nobody cares
I repeat
Nobody cares

18 January 2015

Remarkable news:
Cartoon Network has the BIGGEST car parking lot available in Pattaya.
I have NEVER even seen a single vehicle parked here.
Please listen.
This is serious food for thought.
A miscalculation?
You bet your arse it is.

17 January 2015

Sansiri is supposed to be building something opposite Ocean Portofino, a waterpark and condominiums, hotels, houses and a resort. You are supposed to be able to see they are constructing the waterpark. It is supposed to be very very big, allegedly they have been working almost 3 years on the waterpark.

The newpattaya team visited this morning. We fine combed the area, took photos but found absolutely nothing.

No proof of activity on satellite photos, no trucks moving, no cars entering any area. The area is FLAT and visibility is good.

If there is a construction site somewhere there will always be a way to access the area. At least there would be a guard at the entrance to the site.

We found nothing. It is not often we come home empty handed.

15 January 2015

Pattaya – The Benidorm of Asia.

The Chinese tour group tourists are here in great numbers already. They have money to buy some fruit from the local fruit sellers at Bali Hai Pier. That’s about it.

They can’t afford to dine at the nice restaurants and they definitely can’t afford to invest in condominiums.

But remember this: Some of the major investors today once visited Thailand as backpackers. They had a good experience a long time ago and 10 years later they returned with money to invest.

A small percentage of the Chinese tour group tourists will become successful one day. They might return to invest heavily in Thailand some time in the future.

13 January 2015

A moment of truth. Why is it so easy for me to be the only Property Guru in all of Thailand?

You might not like the answer. It is a fact that nobody takes anything seriously in this country.

If you ask a simple question like which contractor is building Veranda Residence Pattaya nobody will be able to answer. You do a check on the internet and find absolutely nothing.

Nothing at all.

The Guru can inform that Nawarat Patanakarn Public Company Limited is the main building contractor for the project. It is very unusual to see Nawarat building condominiums, normally they focus on large government projects, probably around 70% of what they do is work for the government.

This is just one example but I could give you a whole list. It is VERY easy to stand out when there is no competition.

There actually is no competion. Everything is mine for the taking.

You can be damn sure that I will take everything.

13 January 2015

I will be serving the news when I feel like it
It is all up to me
I decide what to tell
And when to tell it

There should a law against being this powerful. Metaphorically speaking I am doing the foundation works at the moment so progress is only at 5%.

Can you imagine if I am allowed to go all the way and complete the project? Still 95% to go. It will take many years to complete. It might end of as a failed project, not because I don’t have the ability or knowledge but because a project like this needs funding.

Perhaps I should look north, to China, for funding. There is a hell of a lot of money up there. Whether we like it or not, the Chinese will have a say in what is going to happen in Pattaya.

13 January 2015

I have a sad example of Chinese tour group tourists invading and ruining a 5-star resort on Koh Samet.

I really don’t want to tell this story as it is totally depressing. But it has happened because the owner wanted to make more money.

He had a simple choice:

1) A few tourists paying the full amount
2) Allowing Chinese tour group tourists paying far less but come in great numbers

The Chines tour group tourists create a VERY different atmosphere. Suddenly a 5-star resort feeling has been dumped down the drain.

13 January 2015

Hot topic: Chinese invasion of Pattaya

Controversial statements are reserved for yours truly, this policy is normally strictly enforced. However, there are no rules without exceptions.

According to Konrad Al, by the way a controversial gentleman, the 70-storey development in Pattaya will be the Benidorm of Asia. Konrad Al: The concept is to build cheap and stack high. Chinese tourists that are likely to be on a tight budget will create congestion, use up valuable resources and lower the overall enjoyment of Pattaya for westerners – cue abuse!!


It has become clear that the Chinese are running this show. The same old story, money buys you influence and power. Louix Van den Bergh said: “I was at the showroom and it is very big, two floors, amazing . BUT all material is delivered from CHINA”.

Will Chinese tour group tourists be invading Pattaya? This is the big question. A controversial question, however an important question.

13 January 2015

Believing in yourself is the only option. If you don’t believe in yourself you might as well throw in the towel.

Around here we believe in ourselves. We have to. Of course all things in proportion. We are working on that part, lol….

13 January 2015

How to become a brilliant news anchor?

The secret is not to be able to spot a good story. Anybody can do that. It is the ability to create a good story and take things in a direction preferred by the news anchor.

This is easier said than done. On a global scale only a handful of people have this ability.

I am in the mood for some action. Just watch how it is done and see how the story unfolds, that is if I am not disturbed.

12 January 2015

Are you a believer yet?
Need more proof?
Look back at the last 3 years
Do you still think it is a coincidence?
After all that has happened
Always the same guy
You are still sceptical
It was just luck
Nothing else
Anybody could do it
That is what you think
Fine with me

12 January 2015

You had better stay close to me
Tonight is going to one of those nights you will remember
You will be in the company of The Property Guru
My IQ is off the charts
I will be serving the news when I feel like it
It is all up to me
I decide what to tell
And when to tell it
You will stay
You don’t want to miss out on this

12 January 2015

Whoa, suddenly I have got a much clearer picture of who is in charge of the 70-storey Pattaya project.

They have been selling the project in China since 6 December 2014.

It is the Chinese that are running this show. The same old story, money buys you influence and power.

12 January 2015

How long did high season last this year?
5 – 10 days between Christmas and New Year?
Was that it?
I am driving around the city and I am telling you this:
Things have changed
The malls and streets are pretty much empty from monday – friday.
It is NOT supposed to be this way.
Sorry guys, this is not good news.

12 January 2015

Regarding the 70-storey in Pattaya: They have been building the showroom since October 2014, yet the developers have chosen NOT to talk to the media about it. This is a rather unusual way of doing business.

Was it supposed to be a surprise?
If so, did newpattaya.com spoil the surprise?

Just curious here. There is a reason for everything. Perhaps they forgot they are operating in my backyard, encroaching on my territory.

We don’t sleep in the class around here.

11 January 2015

Ok, let me explain: How to compare Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 with Central Festival Pattaya Beach?

Simply look at the elevators they have installed. We have got the deluxe edition in Pattaya while Central Grand Rama 9 has got some cheap charlie elevators. Likewise Central Plaza Chonburi has got some rather shitty elevators.

If they save on the elevators you can be damn sure they will save on other things.

If you go to the bathroom at Central Embassy you will be able to press 15 different buttons while you are sitting down. You will need a masters degree in engineering to figure out how to use the toilets there.

They know exactly how much they want to spend. You get what you pay for and sometimes you get something you will never use even once. Just because something is expensive does not mean it is the best choice.

People don’t know it, but they are lucky to have Central Festival Pattaya Beach.

9 January 2015

We are about to get a new clean and classy area in the part of Pattaya known as Na Jomtien.

It is a fact that Na Jomtien will be a hotbed of growth in the near future. A Thai developer is coming with a 40-storey tower, JW Marriott and Pullman are also coming.

Tulip Group made the correct decision in 2011 when they decided to launch Centara Grand Residence in Na Jomtien. Someone has to go first and lead the way.

More than any area Na Jomtien will see dramatic changes in the near future.

Is it obvious? Yes, I believe so. The upper middle and upper class prefer a clean area away from the bars and nightlife. They need a more quiet and family friendly area.

It had to happen sooner or later.

9 January 2015

I am a storyteller and I know how to dramatize a story. I do my best to make it sound interesting.

I have to admit that my hands were not shaking when I wrote the story about the 70-storey tower yesterday. It was just a way of saying that it is exciting times at the moment.

A building is just a building and Ban Amphur is far away from Pattaya. Has Pattaya been saved? No, of course it is not that easy.

I am the main driving force behind all the articles, however this particular article showcased the importance of networking and teamwork. Everybody needs a helping hand once in a while.

As Joe Cocker would say, I get by with a little help from my friends. One particular friend is the reason you are reading all these articles.

I actually do get by with a little help from just a single friend.

Some might think that life is easy when you become “famous” and get the attention of some of the VIP’s in Bangkok. This is not always the case.

5 January 2015

You’re losing it old buddy
I often say that to myself
Struggling to maintain sanity
People are driving me crazy
Gotta keep the distance
Only one safe place
The garden of Eden
The Princess lives there
Unaware of people’s treacherous nature

4 January 2015

I already have a good grip on the property market in Chiang Mai. Because of what I have done prospective buyers of property in Chiang Mai will get a chance to learn about property in Pattaya.

Believe it or not, it is actually good for the developers in Pattaya that I write about projects in Chiang Mai.

I am spreading the word as only a professional online entrepreneur can do. I know what I do and why I do it.

I have done it because it is good for Pattaya and I am the only one that have the knowledge to do it.

4 January 2015

99% of the requests I have had over the years have been about condos ranging from 1.1 – 1.5 million baht. 1.6 MB seems to be the upper limit. These requests have come mainly from foreigners, not thais.

What good does that do me when the condos I recommend start at 2.5 MB?

Recently they have come to me because they are worried about their investment. They feel that a particular developer is acting in a weird manner. All I can do is agree with that point of view.

3 January 2015

We have it in us to be God-like creatures
We could be different
If only we wanted
We could have beautiful minds
But for some unknown reason
We choose another path
A beautiful mind is but a dream
Perhaps one day
No, dreaming again
Our dreams are what makes us unique
If there is a beautiful mind
I have yet to find it
It can’t exist in this world
Because when they find it
They will want to destroy it
This is their nature

2 January 2015

Comment: Happy New Year New Pattaya, you have been a good mentor to me in 2014. Looking forward to 2015. Thank You.

Answer: A mentor? How can I be a mentor? I am practically bankrupt. If anything, I have been a good example of how NOT to do things.

I have reached a very high number of high profile individuals, most of whose names you will never see click like on my facebook posts. They stay hidden but they are there.

I have a good product, many people enjoy following me. But I have too little support. Nice words don’t put bread on the table.

From an economic point of view doing this has been a disaster. Looking at 2015 it is clear there will be some bills that I will not be able to pay.

This January I have bills totalling 34,000 THB. This amount does not include food, petrol, milk for the Princess, clothes etc.

I have learned not to talk to people just for the sake of talking. There has to be some mutual benefit otherwise I am just digging a hole.

Don’t be too friendly to strangers . A lot of people will be taking advantage of that.

A mentor?
A failure is more a accurate description.

31 December 2014

HomePro opened yet another new mega store on Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya on the 26th of December 2014.

On the 2nd of October 2014 another new HomePro maga store opened just 20 km from Pattaya, alongside motorway Nr 7 leading to Bangkok.

IKEA still has just a single store in Thailand. HomePro and Index Living Mall are well managed companies, constantly investing and expanding.

I wish IKEA would join the race and not just stand on the sidelines.

Why not open an IKEA store in Pattaya. We have hundreds of thousands of expats living here with a healthy purchasing power.

New hotels are coming to Pattaya in great numbers. IKEA needs to pull itself together. This wait and see approach leads to nowhere.

30 December 2014

You can’t write an article based on gossip and talk on private channels. You need solid proof of what has happened.

1) Was the land bought by the developer?
2) Has the developer even sent in an EIA application?
3) Was it a deliberate scam from the beginning or did EIA get in the way?

I don’t know the answers to these questions. I know things have ended badly, many investors have probably lost a lot of money.

Is it bad for the industry? No, not really. It will not be talked much about, the industry keeps quiet and there is still plenty of fish in the sea. It is very easy to deceive and defraud innocent and naive buyers into parting with their hard earned money.

The bad guys don’t need to fear social media. We reach practically nobody. This is not the first time this has happened, it won’t be the last time. As we all know, the justice system in Thailand is weak.

When nobody talks it will be as if it never happened. It will soon be forgotten. A couple of hundred investors might have learned a lesson. They will never forget. However, millions of future prospective buyers will never know what happened.

29 December 2014

Talking about receiving EIA, The Mayfair on Pratumnak also received EIA a couple of months ago.

I don’t understand why it has to be so difficult to get that stupid approval. Foundation works need to be done, then a building needs to be constructed. All buildings more or less look like each other.

What is all the fuss about? If I had it my way I would send EIA off to hell. They cause nothing but problems.

29 December 2014

Thai Bauer active at Onyx Residences? After 2.5 years they finally made it? Exactly when did they get EIA approval?

A strange world, strange things happen. Looks like they are in business. What a surprise. Now I have to take them seriously.

Great news. Unexpected news. No doubt the project is great.

29 December 2014

Private conversation:

Myself: My problems are far from over but I have bought myself some time.

Friend from down under: You will be fine….a little poorer, a little confused by what has happened, but stronger. I wish you well, and you and I both know you will be ok. You always have been, and you will continue to be. Things will frustrate you, things will get you down, some days ice cream and cake won’t do the job, but you will persevere. You have a reason, and that reason is more than many men have. The apple of your eye. You will win.

Comment: It can go both ways. You were absolutely right about one thing: The apple of my eye.

I never expected such a little thing would end up being my reason to exist. Those that don’t have children will never understand. Some that do have children still don’t understand. If the parents have money they will hire a nanny to take care of the little ones and later they are sent off to boarding school.

What is wrong with people? I don’t like what I see. Often I get the feeling that I have ended up on the wrong planet.

The lone wolf again….

Happy new year. Thanks for the encouraging words… spoken like a friend.

26 December 2014

A lone wolf
Call it destiny
It was always like that
One captain
No compromises
My way or no way
Never done before
Never knowing what you get
That’s what makes it fun
Make no mistake
It will be interesting
The best is yet to come

25 December 2014

So what is a friend? Someone you meet at the pub and have a few drinks with? No, that is most likely just an acquaintance.

A friend is someone that has proven it on several occasions. It is in times of trouble you get a chance to find out who is a true friend and who is just a hanagaround. When you really need help and support the hangarounds won’t have time for you.

Hangarounds want something from you. It is always about what you can do for them. They would never dream of returning the favour.

I won’t waste my life on hangarounds. My life is simply too short for that. I have been cleaning things up lately because things had gotten too messy.

Too many people were stealing my time. There was always somebody that wanted something and they kept coming in increasingly large numbers. Asking all kinds of questions, none of them even for a second considering that I might be busy with something important.

Can you please advice me on this or that. Ok, let’s say I do it, let’s say I spend my precious time answering all these people that I don’t know. What would be in it for me? Absolutely nothing. I would be wasting my time.

They have been approaching me as if I was their friend. I am not. I can’t possible be there for hundreds or thousands of strangers. They might think they know me but I don’t know them.

Of all the thousands of people that I have met during the last couple of years there is just a single person who has not let me down. He does not need me for anything. He has never asked for anything. He has been there for me in times of trouble.

I will most likely never be able to return the favours. I think he knows that already.

I call him my friend.
The only friend I have.
The only friend I need.

Merry Xmas and thanks for everything. May 2015 bring you happiness.

25 December 2014

I have been cleaning things up
Things had gotten messy
Too many hangarounds were stealing my time
Who goes and who stays?
They all go
Except for this one guy
I call him my friend
He is unique

22 December 2014

I generally don’t encourage comments. Comments can be fun and make a facebook interesting. Comments surely attract more readers. The Thai Visa forum is a very good example of that.

BUT comments take my precious time. As my time is limited I want to spend as little time on facebook as possible.

I use facebook as a portal for newpattaya.com, as a front page for the website.

With thousands of readers there will always be somebody disagreeing with me on something. That is all fine but I don’t have time to start an argument or to police what gets posted.

22 December 2014

With the slightest sign of trouble I do what I have to do to make sure it never happens again.

It is not that I am particularly bothered by it BUT I don’t have time to deal with weird comments or weird people.

My life, my facebook. If decide what I want to read and who I want hanging around.

Kinda funny, every 2 – 3 months I have to repeat the same message.

21 December 2014

I want my money back. This is a line we will probably hear a lot in the future. But it does not make any sense to talk like that

Money has been spent on buying land, advertisements, brochures, architects, lawyers, staff, property booths, offices, showroom, EIA etc.

I have to admit that if a developer runs away to Cebu in the Philippines with 50 million baht in his pocket then I would not make a big story about that. Good for him. Not my problem.

I do NOT have sympathy for investors the do NOT do their homework. Choose a developer with a good reputation. It is not all that difficult.

If you like to gamble with your money it is all up to you. Don’t start whining if you lose. All along you have known there is a risk involved.

All investments carry risk – some more than others.

21 December 2014

Magazines are free, paid for by advertisements. Local newspapers charge 30 baht while they ought to be available for free. Imagine they sell 1000 copies per issue, this is actually a lot for a small farang village like Pattaya or Chiang Mai.

1000 copies would make 30,000 baht. Do you think this amount can cover salary to the editorial staff, foreign journalists, printing costs etc?

Of course not. The newspapers are run mainly by selling advertisements. They don’t need volume to survive. All they need is to have good relationships with successful local businesses.

“We are one big family and we all love each other.” This approach actually works. You will want to present the good and happy news, the family-friendly news. Stay away from scandals.

Local restaurants and hotels do not want to be associated with a newspaper that focuses mainly on road accidents, corrupt police, drug problems, robberies, assault and rape. All this is part of Pattaya , we all know this, but this is not what the average expat want to read about. This is bad news that will leave any normally functioning individual in a depressed state of mind. Don’t go down this road.

Play the happy family card. It works.

Just another lesson in real life.

20 December 2014

During the last week I have been invited to see one showroom and to check out the latest construction progress at a development.

All I can say is that things take time and my time is limited. When you want exposure in a magazine you have to pay for an advertisement also, it is part of the deal. The advertisement will pay for the cost of running the magazine, salary to the staff and profit for the owner. Nobody can live on love and water alone.

We all have bills to pay, some of us have very high bills. If you can’t pay your bills you will go bankrupt. Free services do not exist, in the end someone has to pick up the bill.

18 December 2014

Have you ever wondered how I do it?
I am talking about knowing stuff long before most other people do
I have thought about it
I have not been able to come up with an answer
I have gotten used to it by now
Something doesn’t add up
I have studied probability theory
The really deep stuff
From a logical point of view
This should not be happening
It defies all logic
It is scary being me
Then again
Life is a miracle
The Princess is a miracle
So why not?

16 December 2014

Started out with nothing and ended up as the leading authority regarding property development.

I have done a damn fine job while fighting demons along the way.

I have been extremely lucky. I feel as if a guardian angel has watched over me.

Just know this: If I had kept quiet practically NOBODY would know what is really going on in town. You would have had the shiny version of reality, nothing else.

It is tough to handle all the affairs single-handedly while somebody else needs my attention. Tired eyes and too little sleep is part of the deal. I look worn out. It is very tough being a Guru.

Bad news is not fun for anybody but somebody has to provide correct information. Somebody has to challenge the mainstream media.

Now I would like to celebrate Christmas in peace. No more drama for me for a little while. I have had my share.

I hope 2015 will be a good year.

15 December 2014

Example: Let’s say I have 2 units for sale. The 2 units are owned by my company called A.

I open up another company called B. I decide that company B is going to buy one of the units owned by company A.

Money changes from my left hand to my right hand.

I call the newspapers, tell them 50% of my units have been sold. At the same time I put an advertisement in the newspapers, this way everybody is happy.

Has my unit been sold? Technically and legally it has.

In reality it has not been sold as it still belongs to me. It is still on the market.

This trick has been practised in Pattaya. In pursuit of success the means justify the ends.

15 December 2014

Almost 4000 units have been launched within one year under the Arcadia brand. Beat that if you can!

No doubt this is serious headline stuff. No developer has ever pulled such a stunt in Pattaya.

The agents get good commission rates, why should they care? Many of my readers are agents. REM also mentioned the new HH launch, everything seemed perfectly normal to the dear ‘journalist’. That is always the case in all these magazines.

This is exactly Pattaya’s main problem. NOBODY is ever talking about anything important because of the dependency of the industry.

Pattaya is NOT booming at the moment. We all know that. Why on earth would anyone launch such a high number of units in a time of crisis?

As the only one I say the emperor is not wearing any clothes. Everybody else seem to believe the emperor is wearing the finest, best suit of clothes.

Do we really have to go through life keeping quiet all the time? Kind of sad. We’re nothing but slaves.

14 December 2014

Question: Would you advise me to invest in project A or B?

Answer: I know a few of the developers projects that are not selling well. I like development A, I like the contractor.

However I don’t know whether the financial status of the developer in question is good or not. I don’t know whether they are close to the edge. I simply don’t have all the answers. Bankruptcy might be knocking on the door soon but I do NOT have access to the financial details of all the companies. I know that the local property market is EXTREMELY dangerous right now.

My advise: Be careful with projects that are not completed. There are two developers in town with money in the bank, I know they are capable of handling a crisis. The others? I seriously doubt it.

13 December 2014

2014 has been a turbulent year for Pattaya. Whenever there has been an issue of some kind it has always ended up on my table.

It has been an interesting year, however some of the drama I could have done without.

I have done my best to make construction seem entertaining and I feel I have succeeded with that task. One thing is certain, I am not a boring kind of person. I have an opinion about everything.

Say what you want, but don’t tell me that the developers in Pattaya are boring. Following them has been very entertaining for me.

I have got to admit that sometimes I get the feeling that I am living in a madhouse. That’s ok, I love the movie ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’.

Crazy people can be fun. I will stop doing this the day I am not having fun anymore.

13 December 2014

December 2014 could be the first month during the last 8 years without a single new project being launched.

December is normally a very busy month what new projects is concerned. Of course HH might launch Arcadia Na Jomtien with 8949 units, but if we only look at developers with common sense there might not be even a single new project for me to write about.

Food for thought.

13 December 2014

The work of a great news anchor is to tell the stories that have not been told before.

Letterman and Jay Leno can do it.

I am convinced we have somebody in Pattaya that is doing it as we speak.

12 December 2014

Systematic lying can pay off
Same procedure as last year
They paint a glamorous picture
Get the media to support the lies
99% of the customers will never know
They are stupid and naive
Unfamiliar with tricky businessmen
Especially people from Bangkok
Being told this is a success
They will jump onboard
Despite a bad location
Not suspecting foul play
All logic is abandoned
Simply following the crowd
In pursuit of success
The means justify the ends

12 December 2014

The property market in Pattaya is all smoke and mirrors right now. There are lies everywhere and some people give the impression that things are good. I can confirm that things are NOT good.

For obvious reasons the newspapers DO NOT ask any unwanted questions.

Do not always believe what you read, not even here. The story told is sometimes not the truth. Sometimes the truth is for the select few and it has to be that way. It has always been done that way, same thing all over the world.

Talk about a secret society and you might be on to something. That’s as far as I can go.

Secrets and Lies by Mike Leigh. Almost 20 years ago, time flies.

12 December 2014

When the USA and Russia are engaging in a psychological war the good citizens of Pattaya will most certainly feel the impact.

Just remember where you read these words for THE FIRST TIME.

Many others will write about all this later. Somebody has to be the first.

12 December 2014

There are strong indicators that we are headed towards a new cold war. The fact is that we might be there already.

The Russians are not going to forgive or forget anytime soon what the US have done to their economy. All means except direct force are used, relations are frozen. Psychological warfare is taking place. In a war between losers the winner will be China.

No matter how this turns out, China will end up as the winner. Because of this war we are approaching a new world order sooner than expected.

All thanks to the butterfly effect or in this case the Ukrainian effect.

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