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12 December 2014

The property market in Pattaya is all smoke and mirrors right now. There are lies everywhere and some people give the impression that things are good. I can confirm that things are NOT good.

For obvious reasons the newspapers DO NOT ask any unwanted questions.

Do not always believe what you read, not even here. The story told is sometimes not the truth. Sometimes the truth is for the select few and it has to be that way. It has always been done that way, same thing all over the world.

Talk about a secret society and you might be on to something. That’s as far as I can go.

Secrets and Lies by Mike Leigh. Almost 20 years ago, time flies.

12 December 2014

When the USA and Russia are engaging in a psychological war the good citizens of Pattaya will most certainly feel the impact.

Just remember where you read these words for THE FIRST TIME.

Many others will write about all this later. Somebody has to be the first.

12 December 2014

There are strong indicators that we are headed towards a new cold war. The fact is that we might be there already.

The Russians are not going to forgive or forget anytime soon what the US have done to their economy. All means except direct force are used, relations are frozen. Psychological warfare is taking place. In a war between losers the winner will be China.

No matter how this turns out, China will end up as the winner. Because of this war we are approaching a new world order sooner than expected.

All thanks to the butterfly effect or in this case the Ukrainian effect.

11 December 2014

Doing this
You would think I learn about construction
Partially true
I learn much more about people
My worst fears are confirmed
Constantly confirmed
Just a few questions
Why do people behave the way they do?
Why are they so alike?
Why are they so predictable?
Why are they always so disappointing?
It is sad
And freaking scary

11 December 2014

The Russian Rubel has lost exactly 34,5% of its value during the last year, during the last week 4,2%, during the last month 15,5%, during the last 3 months 29,3%.

When the Rubel is worth less it means that the Russian buyers suddenly have to pay a lot more when investing abroad.

You don’t need to be particularly smart to figure out that this is extremely bad news for Pattaya. Believe me, there will be a price to pay. Tough times ahead for the citizens of Pattaya, much tougher than people are aware of.

7 December 2014

Want to be my friend? Then use double brick walls or make an effort to reduce any disturbing noises from neighbouring units.

Thais can be very noisy. My best neighbours have been older retired people from the UK and the US.

Doors slamming by themselves when people come and go is also very common, even for brand new expensive doors.

If I were a developer a lot of things would be done differently. There is room for improvement.

3 December 2014

I needed luck
It was given to me
Where am I now?
I am set back to where I was 10 years ago
Call that luck?
The alternative was not an option
No option at all
Starting all over again
Starting from scratch
Too old?
Probably, but I have no choice
Blessed and cursed
Mostly blessed
I don’t wish this for my worst enemy
It nearly crushed me inside
I have paid a big price
A lot more to pay in the future
I know in my heart
I was extremely lucky
Being lucky is relative
It depends on the circumstances
Something bad can seem good
If the alternative is much worse

2 December 2014

When you are lucky
You must appreciate it
Don’t ever take things for granted
Be grateful every day
Today is the big day
It is going to be a busy day
I hope for some kind of normalcy

1 December 2014

There is always somebody who wants to test how far they can go. Well, they are messing with the wrong person. If I see something that I don’t like I will remove it immediately.

Three strikes and you’re out. That’s in the US.
One strike and you’re out. That’s the policy around here.

1 December 2014

Do they see what I see?
I seriously doubt it
Do they think what I think?
I am certain they don’t
Happy to be different
Happy to be me
Almost destroyed
Given a rare second chance
I might rise from the ashes
I will embrace the future
I have what it takes
Let’s see what happens

1 December 2014

Respect is earned
Not many people can say
This is my dream
I am the project owner
They must feel proud
Very proud
Some people are creating dreams
I give the people involved some respect
It is well deserved

1 December 2014

I woke up early this morning. I could not sleep. I will write a few words about what is on my mind.

Waterfront has been on my mind for the last many months, especially since the end of August 2014. Why should I care, you might ask. I have not bought an apartment at Waterfront but still I care extremely much about the development.

The answer is simple. I care about Pattaya. I believe that Waterfront will bring Pattaya into the future. Waterfront is a symbol of the new Pattaya. In Wongamat we have projects like The Palm, in Na Jomtien we have Centara Grand Residence. Both of these projects are very important for Pattaya but they are outside of the city center.

In the heart of the city we only have Waterfront. Waterfront will attract a new kind of visitors to our city. Waterfront will be an icon for Pattaya, a symbol for the city.

In Bangkok projects like IconSiam, MahaNakhon and The Super Tower are extremely important, bringing the future that city. These projects are something that the citizens of Bangkok can be proud of. I know they are.

The design of Waterfront is stunningly amazing. It is the best projects ever. It was love at first sight and the love is growing stronger every day.

I know in my heart that Waterfront is good for Pattaya. The project includes an M Gallery hotel which will provide hundreds of jobs for the locals. In this world there is nothing more important than having a job.

1st of december 2014. This is how I feel this morning. Fingers crossed.

30 November 2014

It’s been a tough last few months for me
I have felt a weird pain in my stomach
I hope the tide has turned
I hope things are going to be a lot better
Anything is possible
If only I believe

26 November 2014

If you don’t care, you don’t care
You can’t force people to care
A lot of people don’t care
We can’t change the mindset of people
It is as simple as that

25 November 2014

My little secret
A strong desire to be part of unfolding the future
Driven by passion and enthusiasm
Always moving forward
Being relentless and persistent
Perhaps the key to being successful
Whatever that means

24 November 2014

High commissions and agents deals prevent customers being shown real value. Some of the agents sell their arses to the highest bidder. I don’t blame them, they gotta put bread on the table one way or another. Naturally they will try to maximize their income.

You can’t live on love and water alone. It is a shame that money matters that much. Then who can you trust

22 November 2014

There are simply too many umbrellas at Bang Saen Beach. Nobody will dare to even try to remove them. There are at least 10 times more umbrellas compared to the number we have in Pattaya.

The umbrellas are here to stay. They simply can’t be removed by anybody. Let me explain why. The ones that use these umbrellas are Thai nationals. During the weekends the number of visitors to the beach can easily pass 10,000 people.

The thai women come to the beach to eat thai food
The thai men come for the same reason but they also bring a whisky bottle along
The thai children will go for a swim

Thais DO NOT like to sit in the sun. They need these umbrellas in order to feel comfortable while they eat and drink. This is the Thai way of having a day out.

Remove these umbrellas and you will feel the rage of more than 100,000 thais. These people will tell their friends and all hell will break loose.

Whoever is in power today will not want to upset that many people. Removing them in Bang Saen is taboo.

In Pattaya the umbrellas could easily be removed. Many of the users are foreigners and nobody cares about how they might feel about anything. The clientele matters…..

Now you all know that. Class dismissed.

22 November 2014

If things were normal projects like Unixx and Southpoint would have been sold out a long time ago.

Unixx because the location is one of the best in Pattaya. Simply nothing less than a dream location. Southpoint because the building contractor is Bouygues and the location is great.

When there are units available in these two projects then why would anybody even consider buying a condo along Jomtien 2nd road?

I just don’t get it. Something doesn’t add up…..

22 November 2014

These poems come alive when I am feeling blue. I gotta talk to somebody once in a while so I have these conversations with myself. Nothing unusual, this is how I am.

I have a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. I need to solve some big problems that somebody else has created.

22 November 2014

Construction news on a saturday night
You might say, get a life
You would be right
Not much of a life
I am just a caretaker
My little princess needs me
So I keep telling myself
I wonder if she would be the same person
If I wasn’t around
I hope I have made a difference

21 November 2014

My posts are NOT to be taken as an endorsement of projects that I mention or write about. My posts are NOT a public approval or support for someone or something.

Sometimes I have information regarding a project, information that is of a nature that if published by me, could land me in big legal trouble.

I get absolutely no financial support from any investors or buyers of condominiums and I DO NOT intend to hold people’s hands.

The investors are not children, they are grown ups with money that they want to invest.

There are bad investments out there, thousands of people have come to me thinking I have nothing better to do with my life than to offer FREE advice in private to the whole world.

I write about new developments, be it hotels, condos or water parks etc. I do not have time on my hands to give FREE advice in private to that many people.

There may be a need for such a service but is has to be supported by the buyers of condominiums, not by the developers. Over the years I have learnt people would never dream of paying a consultant for advice, they would rather take their chances.

It is their choice, their mistakes. They will never learn, they will keep investing with developers with absolutely NO history of delivering. They will buy this low quality shoebox condo because this is what their budget allows, tempted by this 1-million baht offer.

There are developers that are close to bankruptcy and there are developers with a healthy financial background. There are developers that are proud of what they are doing and there are developers that are in the business for no other reason than to make money. There are those that care and those that couldn’t care less.

All investments carry risk. Follow me and you might learn something. But don’t ask me for a private report. I do NOT deliver such a service.

18 November 2014

Keep quiet or talk? I have thought about it. There are pro’s and con’s of talking.

It is a sad day for the industry, a sad day for the people who blindly handed over their deposits. But in saying that, a good day for the developers with a good history of delivering.

It once again sends home the message. Only deal with companies that have a sound and proven track record, and who are financially robust. There are many developers in Pattaya who would never even think of treating their customers in such a way, and there are other so called “developers” who will take deposits, promise the world, and then run. How many times have we seen it before? And I thought it was a thing of the past.

It has happened again. For legal reasons I can’t name the name of the project just yet.

It is an 8-storey development where the owners are doing a runner.

17 November 2014

Been out of town today, looking at construction of course, but nothing that will interest the readers from Pattaya. It is projects that I needed to look at myself but I will probably not put the pictures on facebook. Projects of little interest to anybody unless you live in these areas, projects for thais only (and for me).

This evening I saw some new names on facebook and an old name that has been missed. I fear we do not see eye to eye on the powers that be. I for one have had a change of heart and I am not the only one.

Then some bad news, the agents know about it but keep quiet. I am thinking I will keep quiet too in order not to ruin the high season. It is tough enough as it is.

15 November 2014

To all those that worry about Pattaya’s reputation: New generations are coming all the time. The don’t know or even care about what has happened in the past. Like it or not, us old guys are slowly being replaced. In 12 years time it will be people like my daughter that goes shopping and enjoys everything that the city has to offer.

The future belongs to the young. If there are shopping opportunities, world class water parks, high end hotels and restaurants, then they will come to visit or live in Pattaya.

Perhaps they will come to Na Jomtien. As far as I know there aren’t any go-go bars there.

Too many people believe in the future of Pattaya, that is why they are building all those hotels. I don’t think they are wrong.

14 November 2014

All along the plan was to constantly conquer new territories, working to expand without boundaries.

It would not have been all that difficult, actually it would have been mostly fun. However, this kind of thing requires a certain amount of capital. Even if I win the first battle, which will take place in a couple of weeks time, then I won’t be able to move about as I have done in the past. Even with luck involved it will be more of a challenge for me to me to keep the dream alive.

It is my dream and I will keep fighting despite of many hurdles in the way of success. A lot of doors have been closed. It is tough starting from scratch. There is no time to lick the wounds.

13 November 2014

The Guru is under enormous pressure these days
I am at one of those important crossroads of life
Other people will make the decisions
One day at a time
Wish me luck

13 November 2014

Cartoon Network Amazone opened in October 2014. There were practically no customers on a typical thursday. I wonder whether things are more busy during the weekends.

People in general (of course myself NOT included) tend to overestimate the importance of these water parks. Changes usually occur gradually over a period of time. We just have to wait patiently and let time do the job. Many small streams will make one big river. Cartoon Water park is one of those important streams.

13 November 2014

IMPORTANT: If the condominium tower in soi Khao Noi gets EIA approval then you had better hurry. Chokchai usually has very reasonable prices.

A lot of farangs live in that part of Pattaya. This is one project to watch out for if you are looking to make quick money. Buy cheap and sell for a nice profit.

13 November 2014

How about a 17-storey condominium tower in Soi Khao Noi? I did not know they were allowed to go this tall on the hill. Chokchai Group is planning a mega project and they have brought in heavy equipment as we speak.

Just a mid-rise but it will look tall on the hill. Who’d have thought that? Somehow I figured that 8 floors would be the maximum.

Remember where you read about it first: newpattaya.com

(PS: I don’t check other sources before I claim to be the first with a piece of news but usually they sleep in the class or are busy enjoying a beer or two)

12 November 2014

The main building contractor for the Venetian condo project in Na Jomtien is Poseidon Associate Group.

This is a new player in Pattaya. Actually Poseidon Group is both a developer and a building contractor. Poseidon Group is about to launch its own residential project in Wongamat.

VKK sits on a very large percentage of the construction market in Pattaya, building both hotels and condominiums. It is nice to see a new player entering the scene.

VKK (Porchland Group) and Poseidon Group have that in common that they work for themselves and for other developers. In Bangkok Fragrant Group has its own construction company.

Normally the buyers of condominiums don’t care about these things. This kind of thing is only for people that take the business seriously.

I don’t know anybody that does that.

10 November 2014

When I reach the end of the path I have to stop
The right words can open up a magic door
The wrong words will make my world crumble
I will be destroyed
Sometimes choosing the right words really matter

10 November 2014

Is it not nice to see something new for the first time? Nobody can possible be first with the news all the time. However, I have a proven record spanning many years that leaves no doubt as to who is on top of the news.

I can easily beat companies with a staff of 50 or more. I see no one as a threat. Somebody out there is not happy. Following me is a choice, removing somebody is my choice.

10 November 2014

You can actually make good money by simply copying and pasting and NOT knowing what you are talking about. No pride, no honour, no interest whatsoever. There are a lot in this business that don’t give a shit. They are just chasing money.

4 November 2014

A new thai player is entering Pattaya’s property scene
As usual I know all about it
People operate on different levels
The question is
Are any of you out there a little bit curious
If you are in the know
If you have access to unique information about something
If you know what other people don’t
Then it could be an advantage if you need to make a wise decision
Highly paid property researchers follow me
I kid you not, they fu**ing follow me
They do so because they know that I know
They know I am the best in the business
I know I do their job for free
That kinda sucks
Being the best doesn’t always pay off
Sadly cheating often does

31 October 2014

Bangkok is a dream city and there is so much exciting stuff going on there at the moment.

However, Pattaya is currently undergoing a transformation which I will talk about in a couple of days time. YES, the nightlife will also be a part of the city in the future, BUT something else will draw visitors in great numbers to our city. I am not talking about the water parks which of course also will help pull Pattaya in the right direction.

Without going into details, all I will say at the moment is that Pattaya will become more like Bangkok in the near future. The difference is that we have the sea while they have the Chao Praya River, we have the fresh air while they have to deal with pollution from all kind of sources.

The tourists love Bangkok, it is one of the most visited cities in the word. I am going to make sure that they will fall crazy in love with Pattaya. If they can do it, we can do it better.

I will be promoting Pattaya in a slightly different way soon. The changes are real and not just on paper. Stay tuned, we are very much in the game…

30 October 2014

If you are struck by lightning everything changes.
There are real dangers which you cannot possibly guard yourself against.
There were always these worries that were making life tough.
There are little problems, medium sized problems, big problems and then problems that are so big that they are not supposed to happen.
What now?

29 October 2014

I was in Carrefour (Big C Extra) yesterday, no car parking available on a tuesday, long lines at the cash registers as if it was a weekend or a long holiday. This must be high season, I thought to myself. Then I went to Big C in South Pattaya which was rather quiet. The Tesco Lotus mall on Sukhumvit had the usual number of Russians, definitely no sight of high season here but clearly more customers compared to the nearby Big C center. The two outlets are situated less than 1000 meters from each other, yet most of the customers prefer to do their shopping at Tesco Lotus. Personally I feel more at home at Big C.

What I am trying to say is that there are some locations that are better than others at attracting customers. The old Carrefour or Big C Extra has a location that works well and the majority of foreign customers are not Russians.

How do you know in advance which location is good for a mall? This is a question that is not easy to answer. I believe that Big C in South Pattaya, which has always been rather quiet, will get more busy in the future. Both Unicca condominium and The Trust Condo are about to be completed and The Grass Condo is progressing fast, all three developments within walking distance of Big C. A lot is going on in that area and I believe this will be a very important part of town within a few years time.

It is not easy to predict which location the customers like, it may vary from nationality to nationality. Easy access and ample parking must be considered an advantage.

29 October 2014

Marina Bayfront Sriracha is one of those few developments that investors ought to keep an eye on. The location is great and the tower looks nice.

I don’t know much about the history of the developer or the price level of the units for that matter. The facebook for the project has 57 likes and only 3 visits, this is definitely not good.

It seems the developer is not doing much to promote this great project.

Despite of this The Guru recommends this project. It ought to be a good investment. If the management for the project can pull themselves together I believe this project could sell itself.

27 October 2014

Friends of Editor’s Corner will have noticed that the Editor does not speak much these days, you could say the project has come to a standstill. When a development has no construction activity there is a reason for that. Sometimes unexpected things happen in life, things that have consequences both for the activity at construction sites and for the ones that write about construction. I still try but there is no denying that things have changed. The Editor has changed and there might not be a way back to the way things were.

25 October 2014

The have to find another name for the new mall than just “The Bay” as it is simply too neutral to bring out the right feelings. The word beachfront needs to be added. When you have a beachfront mall, which is a rare and unique thing, then you must use such a word to maximize the effect of the location and induce a positive mood in the customers.

They will not just be going to a mall, they will be going to a beachfront mall. Actually it does make a hell of a difference. And that dear reader is understanding the mind of the customers. We use such techniques for brand building and advertising purposes. The name should be The Bay Beachfront Plaza.

It needed to be said, then again, they will not listen because then a big consultancy company or somebody else would lose face.

21 October 2014

I went down soi Nova today, actually I go down that soi almost every day. There is a lot of construction going on in that soi, hotels and serviced apartments.

The way I see it there are 2 main inner city locations with a lot of interesting construction activity, one is Soi Nova and the other is Soi Tulip behind The Avenue.

Soi Nova is close to Centric Sea while Soi Tulip is close to The Base Central Pattaya.

It is amazing to be witnessing all the changes that are taking place these days. I can never really get used to it. It is so unlike from the place where I grew up. I clearly remember when they built Nova Hotel & Spa Pattaya in 2010. To me it feels like I was watching the workers yesterday. Almost 5 years have passed.

20 October 2014

My matrix is somewhat unstable at the moment. Some soul searching may be needed to fix the problem. In the meantime I wish I had someone to refer you to…..

19 October 2014

Going to bed now. I do have a sense of humor and I often sit here giggling at myself. I don’t want to spend my life being too serious. So just relax and don’t over analyze what is being said.

19 October 2014

No, I did not miss it one bit
But if I want to grow
And I do need to grow
Then there is no other way
That is my dilemma

I will provide 3 things:

1) Information
2) Be a source of inspiration
3) Add a bit of entertainment to keep people awake

Stay tuned…..

19 October 2014

What would you do without me?
Was it fun being kept in the dark for 2 weeks?
Not to worry
The light in your life has returned
Full speed ahead
We’ve got a lot of catching up to do
As the highlander says
There can be only one
Guess who that is

19 October 2014

They all write about this super tall high rise and they all just copy from the press release. Nobody talks about Siam Condominium Rama 9, an old 17-storey residential condominium built in 1985 that looks like s***. There will be few meters between The Super Tower and this old condominium.

This is what separates The Guru from the rest. At least there is one person that knows what he is talking about. I guess people are operating on different levels of understanding…..

Some buildings ought to be leveled…..

18 October 2014

Is it possible to bring back the dead?
Can the flame burn as strong as before?
I am fueled by emotion and enthusiasm
Let’s see what happens
One thing is certain
I go where the wind takes me
The Guru will soon be back in town
A new adventure awaits

PS: Don’t take it personally if I don’t answer all the PM’s, there are simply too many of them. I have read all the messages. Thanks for all the thoughts and encouraging words.

1 October 2014

Circle Thonglor versus MahaNakhon. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Which building will be the tallest?

Tall buildings are good, the taller the better. This is really good stuff. Ask me why and I will probably not be able to explain why. Let me think about it for a while…..

29 September 2014


New Pattaya: I am tired of being in the spotlight all the time and I don’t enjoy it. If I was offered a well paid job I would take it and I would stay away from all the attention.

I am tired of people, I am tired of Pattaya.


Now……What you talking about……giving up…….The end…..
You can’t do that, you have a loyal following that you have built up, and you have people that like your work. You have to remember that what you have achieved isn’t easy, and has required a lot of work on your behalf. And you have done a good job. Revisit what it was that got you started, and revisit your reasons.

1. You love construction. It interests you, and you are a keen observer.

2. You love sharing it with people, and you are proud of what you do and what you have achieved.

3. You do a great job.

4. You may have come close to, but you haven’t crossed the line in your reporting of he facts.

5. This is now a part of your daily life, and you appear to love it.

6. YOU ARE “The new Pattaya” You have cult following. You are as much a part of the scene as any developer or would be agent.

Get a grip on it and soldier on. Yes, tired of people and tired of Pattaya. We all get like that. We all get sick of what forms part of our daily life because it becomes boring, repetitious, and sometimes downright annoying. You have built a great brand and a great online presence.

Anyway, chin up, shake it off, and get on with doing what you love.

25 September 2014

In certain countries some developers use a pyramid scheme to finance projects. The deposits from newly launched projects are being spent to complete earlier projects that was launched many years ago.

In other words, to prevent the pyramid scheme from collapsing the developer is forced to continuously to keep launching new projects.

The pyramid scheme can continue as long as there are people willing to invest in the new projects that are being launched.

In times of economic recession the pyramid will eventually collapse.

If the last project goes down it will affect all the other projects like a domino effect.

25 September 2014

Hallelujah, praise the lord, today we have learned about another mega-development in Jomtien comprising 1200 units. Now we have a total of about 3200 units dumped on the Jomtien property market in less than 4 weeks.

Didn’t I tell you guys NOT to all launch at the same time? Didn’t I tell you to take it easy?

Did you not read my article about the property launches along the BTS Sukhumvit line in Bangkok during the last 15 years? I explained it so even a child would understand.

The developers launched SLOWLY and patiently over a period of 15 years.

Jesus Christ, I was not mentally prepared for this. By all means, they are all nice projects and I like the chinese theme for the latest launch by HH.

Just one question: Have you all gone mad? 3200 units??????

Is there a property boom going on that I have not heard of?

Good luck and God bless you all……

24 September 2014

I love the internet because there is an endless amount of information available anytime I need it. Some of my best moments have been when I was online.

Call it a love affair, call it madness, call it anything you like. I love the internet, we always get along and never have any arguments.

Chaos and anarchy is widespread on the net. But it is beautiful. And it is constantly changing me. It is like there is a wireless connection to my brain.

22 September 2014

Question: May I ask your opinion on City Garden Tower? I heard somebody saying it is a wonderful project, prime location, good deal, good quality.

Answer: I am not always right. If I was right all the time I would be a billionaire by now. Unfortunately that is NOT the case.
YES, it is a good project
YES, the location is great
YES, probably an ok quality
YES, probably a good deal
And YES, I like the design and the project in general.
Before I invest I will always take a very close look at how many units have been sold. More than 60% sold will make me happy. Remember, they can only build if enough buyers invest in the project. They use your money to build for. So if the sales numbers are good I would go ahead and invest. I don’t have access to the numbers of units sold.

22 September 2014

COMMENT: It is a pity that the Bangkok developers have taken a step back, other than their existing projects. They added some confidence to the whole scene down there. It may appear to them that for the time being, the shine is disappearing from the Pattaya market.

Answer: I know and I agree with your thoughts. Once bitten twice shy. They can’t use the shareholders’ money on high risk investments. Off-plan projects for non-listed developers is different, they are not held accountable for anything.

The problem is that we see many locations which are not primary locations. Primary locations still exist in Pattaya but the prices for land has risen to very high levels.

21 September 2014

Pattaya cannot be compared to Spain. There is a big difference. Pattaya has a future and in just 5 years time we will be in 2020. In the short term it doesn’t look good but real estate is a long term business. Pattaya will bounce back, the city simply cannot loose. We are in a pause phase at the moment but that is just temporarily. This is not Spain or Europe, this is Southeast Asia, we have China on top of us and India to the left.

21 September 2014

The Orient Resort & Spa is actually a nice project. In my humble opinion it is one of the best new projects I have seen in a long time. A little bit different, a connection to the past, a classy style. I believe this is the recipe for success.
Logically there ought to be a demand for this kind of product. Thumbs up for The Orient Resort & Spa. A nice surprise.

21 September 2014

Why they do it? The answer is simple. The rewards are endless. It is so much more rewarding than robbing a bank.
2000 units times an an average price of 3MB, that gives us 6000 million baht.

Yes, I said 6000 million baht. Let’s put the construction costs at 3500 million baht, that still leaves about 2,5 billion baht to deposit in the bank.

A profit of 2500 million baht where much of the work is outsourced. They can travel, they don’t need to be in the country or just lay back and enjoy it.

20 September 2014

One thing is certain. Some projects will make it, others will go down with a bang. FYI, going down with a bang an ironic remark. In Pattaya projects just silently disappear, there is never any official statement or explanation from the developer. The developers and all the agents just never mention these projects ever again. Officially these projects never existed.

Matthew 12:39.
Thou shalt not mention the failed projects, do so and thou shalt be condemned. Say 20 holy Mary’s. Amen.

17 September 2014

I heard on the grapevine that Nova will launch another residential project in November. Another big local developer will be a partner in this project.

Why do the local developers keep launching projects when the Bangkok based developers seem to have lost interest?

17 September 2014

Die and go to heaven
Die and go to paradise
That’s how the story goes
You’ve got it all wrong
You are already in paradise
And you don’t even know it
Earth seen from space
Is a blue planet
A planet full of water
A planet full of life
A planet full of human beings
Perhaps the only planet with life
The earth itself is a miracle
Life is a miracle
Humans are a miracle
Sadly humans are also flawed in nature
They are self-destructive in nature
They are arrogant and ignorant
They are not natural to this planet
They possess unbelievably great powers
Their power equals the power of nature
Humans have thoughts
They have ideas
They are creative
They can write words
Words that can inspire you
They can write great poetry
Only humans can create art
Humans can discover mathematical theories
And apply them to solve engineering problems
The power of the human mind is amazing
The power of love is stronger than anything else
Humans are powerful god-like beings
They can do anything they want
They can create paradise on earth
If only they want to
Sadly they forget how blessed they are
They have freedom to make choices
Sadly they will choose the wrong path to walk
I wish they could see the light
I wish they will understand where they are
They are in paradise

16 September 2014

The Illuminati means enlightened people. Of course, some people will always be more enlightened than others. An enlightened person has nothing to prove to anyone and he has great inner strength. He is a born leader. He is curious and constantly learning.

You can use your enlightenment or knowledge of something either to achieve spiritual enlightenment or let yourself be driven by greed to accumulate money and power.

Bill Gates, the richest person on the planet may be around for another 25 years or so. All his wealth cannot keep death at bay. Think about that for a second.

Set yourself free and choose the right path in life. It is easier said than done. However, you just might find the place where dreams are born.

16 September 2014

Behind The Avenue on Second Road no less than 4 new hotels will open within the next couple of years. Centara Avenue Residences and Golden Tulip Hotel and Residence will result in the whole area changing dramatically.

It is no secret that The Avenue Mall has suffered since the opening in 2007. Many shops have closed their doors. It is likely that the many new developments in the area will breathe new life to The Avenue Mall.

16 September 2014

Talking about Soi Buakhao, this part of Pattaya has changed a lot during the last 10 years. Now it is starting to look like a longer version of the infamous Soi 6. Now there is nothing but massage shops and girlie bars.

There is a supply, that means there must be a demand. We passed by yesterday, thousands of ladies looking for company. But no customers. It must be tough for the girls at the moment. The lads can pick up some babes, probably cheaper than ever….. Lots of supply but little demand, prices go down….

15 September 2014

This evening we have been in Khon Kaen, Samut Prakan and near Bang Saray. We certainly do get around. Way past my bedtime.

Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel but that is unfortunately not an option. I gotta do what I gotta do whether I like it or not.

14 September 2014

Forgive and forget
Yes surely, all the little things
Everybody can make a mistake
No problem
It is a different story
If you have hurt me so badly
Then there’s just one thing to say
Once bitten, twice shy
Forget all about next year

13 September 2014

We take it for granted that we see the world as it actually is, but in fact, we do not. Our perception of the world is the brain’s best guess at what is actually happening, based on the information it receives through the senses.

13 September 2014

Three inventions that have transformed the world: the compass, gunpowder and the internet.

12 September 2014

After this, how can you expect anybody to take you seriously?

12 September 2014

I think an alien species has dumped me on this planet to punish me. This is the only possible explanation I can find.

These humans are crazy, I am glad I am not one of them.

Calling intergalactic space control, I need you to pick me up immediately. Come in, space control. This is an emergency. Do you read me? Hmmm, that’s strange. They don’t answer….

12 September 2014

Amari Residences beats Waterfront and The Palm.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you may all clap your hands.

And no, this is not a bad joke.

12 September 2014

People keep a low profile, that is why nobody is talking whenever there is an issue of some kind. It is best not to talk or have any opinion at all. Having an opinion can cause a loss of business opportunities so it is best to stay neutral and avoid upsetting anyone. Just wait for the storm to pass and hope it will all be forgotten soon.

This way of behaving may be the norm but it is totally fake. When everybody is pretending, when everybody is so scared all the time, then what is the point? Then who can you trust?

They live their lives only saying what is expected of them because they are scared of the consequences.

Being fake is good for business. The rules must be obeyed. I say F*** the rules. Say what is on your mind if you believe in it. If you stand alone with your point of view, then so be it.

People will clap their hands if everybody else is doing it.

You need character to stand up.

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