A big thing or a small
The winner takes it all
Is it a small thing?
It is on TV
On the frontpage of the newspapers
In the editor’s column
They are supposed to put the country first
They are supposed to set a good example
A good leader must always look beyond the needs and interests of friends and family
A good leader must have the maturity do the right thing for the country
What now?
Forget about it because the others are worse?
The others are much worse, no doubt about that
It is not a perfect world
I know that nobody is perfect
I just didn’t know it was this bad
I was hoping they were different
Wrong is wrong no matter how you look at it
Nobody can be allowed to jump the line
It is not a small thing
There are no heroes in this world
Why is it so difficult to do the right thing?
Why is it so difficult to love your country?
Ah, personal pride, of course
Yes, always so afraid of losing face
Losing face is not acceptable in Thailand
People from all levels are desperate to save face at all cost
Yes, save face, even at the cost of the country’s survival
I feel disillusioned with it all
I guess I needed a hero
What now?
It’s back down to earth again
I have realised that things will never change
I have realised that deep down they are all alike

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