Democracy versus Dictatorship

Democracy is generally believed to be the best form of government as the power in a democratic government comes from the people. The majority will rule, meaning the party that gets more than 50% of the votes will win the election. However, while the majority of a population is represented, there is always going to be a large portion of the population that is not.

Freedom is a huge aspect of democracy. Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to worship. Freedom to grow and pursue personal dreams and goals. Living and doing what you want as opposed to living in an atmosphere of fear.

Democracies are considered good because they are the foundation for growth in the arts, sciences, literature, invention, and innovations of every kind. Democracies provide opportunities for improvement society.

The very thing that gives a democracy its greatest strength is also its biggest weakness: the people. History has shown that an ignorant population or a population that is not well educated will often vote for the wrong kind of persons. It is easy for corrupt leaders to control an ignorant population.

This scenario will provide the opportunity for an unscrupulous person to gain power which in turn can lead to parliamentary dictatorship and loss of freedom.

A dictatorship, on the other hand, is a form of government where all the power is granted to one individual. The people have no say whatsoever. The people are not allowed to make any changes to the political system. There is no freedom of speech, no freedom of assembly, and ordinary people can get into trouble for criticizing the government. There are strict rules for the press on how to address certain sensitive issues. As a result you will see massive internet surveillance in order to oppress free speech. In a dictatorship repression of opponents is the only way to maintain power.

You could argue that democracy is freedom from oppression. In a dictatorship you will often see human rights violations which few will argue is a good thing.

Why all this control of society? Why media censorship? The coup makers have committed an illegal act. Staging a coup is dangerous as it can lead to bloodshed or civil war. The coup makers can be hanged for treason. It is not a silly game, that is why the government do not want too many ideas from people that don’t agree with what they are doing. Basically the purpose of censorship is to prevent an uprising or rebellion. There is censorship in order to protect the coup makers.

Ok, we have talked a little about democracy versus dictatorship. Democracy is good and dictatorship is bad, right? No, I am afraid it is not as simple as that.

If you want wealth and prosperity in abundance, if you are looking for the highest growth rates in the world, then you are wrong to believe that this is happening in a country that adheres to democratic principles. The economic miracle has taken place in China. A country with no freedom of speech, no freedom of the press, and no freedom to elect the leaders. Believe it or not, in China of all places.

Isn’t that a paradox? We have talked about how great democracy is and how bad dictatorship is. In China there is no freedom of speech, no freedom of the press and no freedom of assembly, yet there are growth rates well beyond what democratic countries can produce.

Isn’t that food for thought? If democracy is so good then why is the economy in the democratic countries so bad? If you’re looking for wealth and prosperity then it would seem that having a democracy is not necessary to produce the desired outcome.

Freedom is overrated. I hate to say it but democracy is not always the best form of government.

Published 20 February 2017

Comment by Andre Machielsen:

Thanks for having the courage for honestly questioning the un popular question. I Personally believe in a BENEVOLENT dictator, especially in a country where not everybody is educated to the same level. BTW I think Prayuth fits the “benevolent” bill. Ponder on this ==== Millions of words have been written about democracy, its blessings and its failings but little changes because all our destinies lie in the hands of the few people who control the Financial, gold, silver and all the precious metal markets. Control the source and you control all. In the future, in our increasingly polluted world, even the water we drink and finally the air we breathe, will come under their democratic control.
Democracy as we all realise by now, is so wonderful. Therefore these straightforward questions must be asked.

“Why do governments only rarely or never use referendums (referendums are ‘democratically’ prohibited in Germany) on important matters and allow the majority to make the decisions that affect their lives?”

“Why is democracy not used in the military system anywhere in the world? We know that the military uses the utmost dictatorial form of control in order to maximise its efficiency. Hence, if democracy does not work in the most efficient form of existence, in the military, why should it work in our daily lives?”

“Why is democracy never used in the corporate business system, which is the financial engine of the world and especially the democratic system?”

“Why do businesses of all styles and sizes have bosses running them, and not their employees having a say in the management by using a democratic vote?”

Test: Ask any voter, in any democratic country, about his or her own democratic system the simple question. “How many seats does your Parliament hold?” and wait for the answer.
Answer: The vast majority of the population has no idea at all.
Democracy is a clever scam that persuades the many, that by having a right to vote for who is elected to represent them, that they hold the keys of power. In reality its real purpose is to give the power to the few for the sole benefit of the few. Thus the few have the protection of the many that voted for their elected representative.

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