Buying facebook likes is stupid

You are a developer, you decide to pay 1 baht per new facebook like, you spend 5000 baht and instantly receive 5000 new likes.

Ok, you think all is good, except for one tiny little thing: The people that clicked like on your facebook DO NOT read your new posts, they do not participate in the activities on your facebook. Most likely they are not even able to read english.

The people that comment and click like on new posts are the same 20 – 30 people that have always supported your facebook. It is friends and family, colleagues, staff and some customers that have already bought a unit.

In other words you will have spent 5000 baht on NOTHING. That is stupid, it is lack of respect for money.

Ok, you do it because you want to make it look like your facebook is very popular. Fine, but the true followers are not stupid. They will know it is totally fake and you will end up looking like a fool.

New followers do not care whether you have a lot of likes or not, they join your facebook if you have interesting content. And that, dear reader, is the difficult part. There are no shortcuts, there is a lot of hard work involved. Money can buy you likes, but not the RIGHT kind of likes, not the high quality likes. You are simply reaching the wrong group of people, people that do not belong to the target group that you are looking for.

It means nothing if you have a million likes if you don’t have interesting content. Having great content is the key to success, not having a lot of likes. But even if you do have great content it takes time, often years, to build up the number of quality likes. A quality like is made by someone that takes a genuine interest in the subject you are talking about – once he has found your facebook he will most likely stick around. Make sure you offer a service or information that is not available elsewhere. There is a big difference between a facebook like that you can buy and a quality like which you can’t buy. One is worthless for your business, the other is most likely not.

Published 18 May 2014

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