Buy a condominium in Thailand and get a 20 year visa

Buy a condominium in Pattaya for 3 million baht and get a 20 year visa. How about that, it sounds pretty amazing, eh?

Nigel Cornick and his Kingdom Property has negotiated a unique deal with Thailand Elite or Thai Elite Card. Get a 20 year visa, it almost sounds too good to be true. What is this all about? First of all it is a carefully planned campaign involving the partners to the program.

It is well planned publicity designed to attract the public’s attention to the products that Kingdom Property offers, in this case units at the Southpoint development on Pratumnak Hill. There is no doubt that it works.

Nigel Cornick has negotiated the package with Thailand Elite. They mainly focus on the visa part rather than spa packages and golf.

Basically all the units at Southpoint come with a visa. They are actually offering a great product ensuring affordable long stay linked to purchasing property.

The big question: How did Nigel manage to pull this off? He must be well connected with friends in the right places.

Coming up with a new idea like this is in itself quite an achievement. You need to have an extremely creative mind or perhaps be inspired by Malaysia’s My Second Home (MM2H) Program. Either way you need to be well informed about what kind of products are available in other countries in the region. Being the first to see the potential in a product, and know how to grow that seed, this requires someone with unusual skills.

While getting the idea is difficult enough, implementing the idea so you end up with a basic product is equally hard. First of all it requires good negotiating skills, years of experience and a vast personal network. It is not easy to pull something like this off.

They offer a product that is needed, they offer a long-stay solution for foreign investors. Unless you have a business visa, retirement visa or a marriage visa you are not permitted to stay in the country for an extended period of time.

Indeed, Mr Cornick has shown capability of thinking out of the box coming up with a product like this.

Of course it is just advertising but it is advertising at a completely different level than what we are used to seeing. So much different from the stupid iPhone or free gold offers that we normally see in the business.

If you offer a 20 year visa as part of the purchase of a condo you will get the attention you deserve.

Mr Cornick has been through ups and downs throughout his career. Don’t count him out just yet. It would seem he can do the impossible.

Finally I would like to know whether this 20-year visa requires a certain amount of money deposited in a thai bank account. Normally you are required to prove you have access to a certain amount of funds or a relatively high monthly income in order to get a long-term visa.

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Published 13 June 2015

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