Blogging For Beginners

This is a beginners guide to blogging, read and learn all about the rules of this particular game. Blogging is a very difficult discipline to master. More and more people, both developers, magazine owners and real estate agents are trying to set up a blog, however most of them are unsuccessful in the attempt to do so.

Writing a few words is easy, however reaching out and connecting with the readers is NOT easy, actually it is close to impossible. As a result someone will have put a lot of effort into writing a post and sadly practically nobody will be reading it.

Blogging is a kind of marketing so you will need exposure, you will need people to read your blog and you will want these readers to want to return to read your blog. You will need a high bounce-back rate. Without marketing exposure, the blog would be non-existent, without any readers the blog would be a total waste of time and money.

When starting a blog that you want to become successful you will not just be looking for a person with good journalistic skills, you will need an expert in the field of entertaining.

Yes, being serious is good, however if you are too serious people in general will lose interest and they will not be returning to read the blog. When writing a thesis paper you need a serious approach, I know, I come from this world, however when blogging you need a more relaxed approach to keep the interest up.

You need a person with the qualities of a good news anchor, these qualities include the following:

• Experience – You need to be an old hand in the field you are talking about.

• You need to know everything, stuff that has happened in the past, stuff that is happening now and have an idea of what the future will be like.

• You need to have unlimited confidence in yourself, you do not necessarily need to be the best, you need to BELIEVE you are the best. Of course, being and believing are two different things.

• You need to be able to interact with the audience so it is not just all a one way communication. The readers must feel they are part of it all. Successful blogging is very much about interacting with the readers.

• Every now and then you need a punchline to keep the readers from getting bored. You could learn a thing or two from Suthep or Chalerm, two men that often say crazy things just to keep the interest up. They have not gone mad, they are just playing the media game.

• You need someone who is presentable, extremely intelligent, has good general knowledge and excellent language skills. And you need someone who can entertain.

Where do you find such a person? Chances are you don’t. And that, dear students, was all for today’s lesson. See you in class another day.

Published 15 may 2014

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