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16 March 2013: I received this email from a gifted reader, he writes about Bang Saray much better than I could ever do. It is not my words, it is his words. Just words but these words smile made me smile and giggle so much. Man, I just kept smiling while reading, I probably will all day. A great way to wake up. Almost 8 o’clock in the morning and the others are still sleeping upstairs. My inbox is full with 96 new comments since last night.

I simply have to put this masterpiece on my website. If you are not happy with that just tell me. Funny that words can have that effect on people. Thank you, Sir. I know my readers will love it.

Hi New Pattaya team, it’s me again 🙂

Today I finished work a little bit earlier than usual and therefore had some more time, which – I have to admit – I originally wanted to dedicate to my wife. But when I came home I found out that my wife went shopping with her friends – Thepprasit Market! I guess I don’t have to say anything more 🙂

So I had won a few hours time for myself, which I spent mainly reading some of your older articles. I found that you are a big fan of Bang Saray. I have to say, that I am a big fan of this small fishing village as well.

There are many reasons why I like that village:

1. The beach is very clean (except if there has been a storm the night before – that would wash up a lot of garbage from Pattaya and the Islands). I have a feeling, that the local business owners in Bang Saray (mainly the restaurant owners) have their staff cleaning up the beach every morning before they open their businesses. I have no proof for that, but I cannot imagine any other reason, why this beach is so much cleaner than Jomtien beach, I don’t even dare to compare it to Pattaya beach. Maybe something the New Pattaya team can investigate 🙂

2. Almost zero sun shades/umrellas which are an eyesore in Pattaya and Jomtien. The beach is completely covered by Palm Trees which form hundreds of natural sun shades. Only very, very rarely the restaurant owners would put up their sun shades/umrellas. Usually only when it starts raining.

3. No tourists! Believe it or not, Bang Saray beach is free of tourists. The usual guests of Bang Saray beach are Thai families. Of course you can also see Farangs there, but they are usually residents and married to Thai (like me).

4. The prices in Bang Saray! Due to the visitors of Bang Saray are mainly Thai, the prices at the restaurants, the jet ski rentals (REMARK: SCAM FREE), banana boats etc. are very moderate (and no double pricing at all!). The highest bill I ever had was 1,800 THB at Ben’s Seafood, but that was for 6 adults including beer, coke, water, 5-6 main dishes (such as fresh crab (something like 12 pcs), prawns (something like 15 pcs), a bowl of fresh mussles on ice, fresh fish baked in a salty crust etc.). We spent a whole Sunday afternoon (appr. 3 hrs) there, just eating, drinking, enjoying a fresh breeze and the beautiful sea. This is something you cannot do in Jomtien or Pattaya.

5. Silence. Bang Saray beach has a very narrow beach road with just one lane in each direction. There are no parallel streets, no streets crossing, no Soi’s, no hotels, no taxis (no Baht Taxis, no motorbike Taxis) … on one site of the beach road you have the beach, on the other side of the road are the restaurants – that’s it. The restaurants serve their food right on the beach. They will put a sort of blanket on the beach, put a small table on top and here you are … your dining table for the day/afternoon. The only noise which you will hear from time to time is the engine of a motorbike or the jingle of the ice cream vendor.

6. NOW MY INSIDER TIP to all those who are married to Thai ladies! You probably know and have experience the problem yourself: Thais usually don’t like to go to the beach. Main reason being the sun and the fact that they prefer a white skin over the slightest complexion. BUT, you also know, that Thais love food. Especially Seafood. So now add one and one and et voila: Bang Saray beach is the solution. Beatiful beach, plenty of shade, amazingly good Seafood, no tourist and reasonable prices! My tip for all: Try Ben’s Seafood which would be the very first ‘restaurant’ on the left, when you are heading from ‘Le Beach Home’ village towards Bang Saray pier or ‘Talay Sawan’ village. Very friendly staff, always fresh Seafood (catch of the day), nice and clean beach and good prices. But be warned: The kitchen is Thai style and more street-vendor-like (self build kitchen with gas cookers). You cannot compare equipment, chefs and cleanliness with Western standards!

Best regards, XXXXXXXXX

Why Bang Baray beach is so clean? Well, the New Pattaya team know a lot of stuff. There are 7 people wearing green uniforms cleaning the beach on a regular basis, probably sent out by the local authorities.

Bang Saray Beach - 20 September 2012 -

Bang Saray Beach - 20 September 2012 -

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