Airbus coming to Pattaya U-Tapao

Asia is growing and so is Pattaya. Airbus is coming to Pattaya and they’re bringing a bag full of money. In the range of 20 Billion Baht to be more precise. That’s a lot of money. In comparison, the amount spent on building the new terminal was around 600 million baht.

U-Tapao and Pattaya will become a fully fledged aviation hub for the whole Southeast Asian region. We are talking about the development of a major maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility at U-Tapao International Airport. This will be the aircraft maintenance centre for the whole Asia-Pacific region!

Having Airbus on board is important. What Pattaya has to offer is the geographical location. Pattaya is the natural centre of the region. This agreement promises a bright future for Pattaya.

40% of the passenger planes that Airbus produces are in Asia and they will require maintenance and repair services. This will take place 50 km from the centre of Pattaya.

Ok, it is “just” a memorandum of understanding and a joint venture development. But most of the funds will probably come from Airbus so there should be no problem. This project is likely to succeed!

Published 8 march 2017

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