A Reader’s Take on Wong Amat

This is a reader’s take on Wong Amat:

I just cant see it being any different now that all of the high end developers are making their way to the Northern Tip.

The Wong Amat peninsula. The beginning of “The New Pattaya”.

There comes a time in the development of a relatively young town such as Pattaya when real change occurs and is appreciated. It is no longer the vision of a developer, or a pipe dream of the residents, but a reality that is spewing forth like volcano that has woken from a long sleep. We have witnessed unprecedented growth and investment in this once sleepy fishing village that proves it is no longer a town that relies on silver poles and all night revelry for its continued growth, prosperity and sustainability.

Those of us that have had a long relationship with Pattaya have seen it grow in ways that could not have been imagined just years ago. We have all seen the change. It is unabated, and it is relentless. If you visit but once a year, the town becomes somewhat unrecognisable. The horizons change, the architecture, the structure, colours, materials, designs, the mood. The streets we knew are no longer the same. The faces have changed. And as we have grown up, so has Pattaya. No longer is she a lusty adolescent dancing the night away, but instead a beautiful young woman about to blossom.

This modern day gentrification is happening all over Pattaya but none is more defining than the beachside area known as Wong Amat. The Wong Amat beach strip is fast becoming the epitome of what a true luxury beach resort should be. Wong Amat beach has long been regarded as the best in the Pattaya, and was a closely guarded secret of the individuals lucky enough to live there. Well it is a secret no more. Wong Amat has arrived. Luxury developments are rising from the ground quicker than the eye can blink. The northern tip and ultimately Wong Amat Soi 16 will soon be known as the address of choice.

The names of the developments give you an insight into what Wong Amats future holds. “The Riviera”, this is an apt name for a leading development in an area that will ultimately become known as Pattaya’s Riviera strip. “The Palm” an iconic building with a beautiful beach front position on the northern tip, palms gently swaying in the Gulfs sea breezes. “Serenity” a name that captures the feel of this very special enclave. “Baan Plai Haad” your home by the sea. “Mustique” an exotic island retreat. The list goes on, and will continue on until the last available piece of land worth developing has gone. Wong Amat is definitely the shining star in “The New Pattaya”

Soi 16 will see a resurgence like none other before in Pattaya’s short history. With the high end developments being built we will see the beautification of the shop houses and streetscape. Designer boutiques will appear, high end high service restaurants will cater to many of the occupants that don’t want to journey into tinsel town for the night. It is no secret that many of Bangkoks elite have chosen to call Wong Amat their second home. It may sound audacious, but the strip will ultimately become a street paved with gold. Nowhere in Pattaya can come close to offering an investor or a home maker the privileged life and experience that Wong Amat can offer.

Published 23 January 2014

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