Tsix5 Hotel

The Tsix5 hotel has 78 rooms. It is located in the Naklua area close to The Zign Hotel. At Tsix5 they cherish notable times of the year for celebrations throughout its 365 days. Every life moment is time-driven and the concept of the hotel was inspired by this very element: time.

The theme of time and celebrations is demonstrated through various colours of guestrooms representing an all-year-round’s festive moments.

Tsix5 was touched by the ‘graphicterior’ design where the work of 2D graphic was stretched to enhance space with numerical digits, alphabets and other universal time indicators. Read more on their website. You will get a room at this hotel for only US$ 55 with breakfast included if you book here.

TSix5 Hotel Pattaya - newpattaya.com

TSix5 Hotel Pattaya - newpattaya.com

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