London’s changing skyline

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London Calling! Why not take a look at things in London? What happened with the property market in London after Brexit? Wouldn’t you like to know? We are able to tell you all about it. It is quite an interesting story.

Let’s focus on projects under construction or about to start construction. I’ll tell you this, they depend heavily on foreign investments.

– Spire London will be the tallest residential building in Western Europe. Developed by Greenland Group from China. Full speed ahead despite Brexit!

– 1 Undershaft is a 73-storey office development in London’s financial district. The project is being developed by Singapore-based developer Aroland Holdings. Full speed ahead despite Brexit!

– 22 Bishopsgate is an office development that will be 278 m tall. The project is being developed by AXA Real Estate, headquartered in France. Full speed ahead despite Brexit!

What can we conclude? Well, the ones that develop properties are still worried about Brexit. Nobody knows exactly what kind of deal they can get with the EU. Some people say that London is still London. There is no doubt the devaluation of the pound has made it cheaper for foreigners to enter the market. And there is talk that the banking sector is slowly being replaced by high tech internet companies.

Things could be better but construction has not stopped. These decisions have been made by foreign investors. What happens to Britain is actually not up to the British people. Large multinational companies are making the decisions.

London’s future depends on the rest of the world. That’s kind of scary. Closing the door on the world is not an option.

London Aerial Footage filmed by Jason Hawkes, music by Jack Cook

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