Welcome to a page about development projects in London. Below you will find a list of some exciting new developments there.

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London development projects

The Shard LondonThe Shard is a 72-storey mixed-use tower located beside London Bridge Station on the south bank of the river Thames. The Shard is the tallest building in Western Europe, standing 310 meters tall.
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1 Undershaft1 Undershaft is a 73-storey office development in London’s financial district. It is a rectangular tower that will rise to a height of 295 meter.
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22 Bishopsgate22 Bishopsgate is an office development that will be 278 m (912 ft) and 62 storeys tall. The tower is located at the center of a cluster of high-rises in London’s financial district. The project is designed by PLP Architects.
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Spire LondonSpire London is a 67-storey residential development located near near Canary Wharf in the London Docklands. Spire London will stand at 235m (771ft) high, making it the tallest residential building in Western Europe.
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The Leadenhall BuildingThe Leadenhall Building, also known as The Cheese Grater, is a 51-storey office tower that rises to a height of 225 metres (738 feet).
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One Nine ElmsOne Nine Elms is a mixed-use development by Wanda Group. The project comprises two towers, 43 and 58 stories respectively with a total of 487 units.
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Heron TowerHeron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate or Salesforce Tower is a 230 meter tall office building in London’s financial district.
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Heron TowerThe Gherkin is an office tower that stands 41 stories tall and has a height of 180 meter. The buildings official name is 30 St Mary Axe, but as usual in London they nickname their towers.
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100 Bishopsgate is a 40-storey mixed-use commercial development with a height of 172m ( 564 ft). The 100 Bishopsgate Tower provides just over 83,000 sqm of lettable space.
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52 Lime Street, also known as The Scalpel, is a 35-storey office tower with a height of 192m (630 ft).
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One New ChangeOne New Change is a new mixed-use, retail and office development in the City of London. One New Change opened its doors to the public on 28 October 2010.
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The Atlas BuildingThe Atlas Building is a slender 40-storey residential tower with a height of 134m. Rocket Investments is the private development company behind The Atlas Building. The building is designed by MAKE Architects.
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Newfoundland TowerNewfoundland Tower is a 60-storey residential tower housing over 560 apartments. This is a 230-metre high tower located at Canary Wharf. This is the first residential development within the Canary Wharf Estate.
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20 Fenchurch Street20 Fenchurch Street is a a 37-storey mixed-use tower located in London’s financial district. The tower ascends to a height of 160 meters (525 feet) and its curved profile makes it a distinctive addition to the skyline.
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1. 22 Bishopsgate | 278m | U/C
2. Landmark Pinnacle | 233m | U/C
3. Newfoundland Tower | 220m | U/C
4. One Park Drive | 204m | U/C
5. One Nine Elms Tower 1 | 200m | U/C
6. 52 Lime Street | 192m | U/C
7. Wardian London Tower 1 | 183m | U/C
8. 100 Bishopsgate | 172m | U/C
9. Wardian London Tower 2 | 170m | U/C
10. One Blackfriars | 163m | U/C
11. One Nine Elms Tower 2 | 161m | U/C
12. Principal Place | 161m | U/C
13. 250 City Road Tower 1 | 155m | U/C
14. Baltimore Wharf | 150m | T/O
15. Wood Wharf A3 | 150m | U/C
16. Highpoint | 149m | U/C
17. 1 Bank Street | 147m | U/C
18. Harbour Central A | 145m | U/C
19. Manhattan Loft Gardens | 143m | U/C
20. 250 City Road Tower 2 | 137m | U/C
21. Heron Plaza | 135m | U/C
22. The Atlas Building | 134m | U/C
23. Two Fifty One | 134m | U/C
24. Nine Elms Point | 126m | U/C
25. Novotel Canary Wharf | 124m | T/O
26. Chelsea Waterfront | 122m | U/C
27. Harbour Central C | 122m | U/C
28. Stratosphere | 122m | U/C
29. SkyGardens Nine Elms | 120m | T/O
30. The Ram Quarter | 116m | U/C
31. 261 City Road Lexicon | 115m | T/O
32. East Village T3 | 113m | U/C
33. Capital Towers | 112m | T/O
34. Dollar Bay Tower | 109m | T/O
35. Imperial West | 105m | U/C
36. Upper Riverside | 104m | U/C
37. Stratford Central | 103m | U/C
38. One Angel Court | 101m | T/O
39. East Village T5 | 100m | U/C

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