Koh Chang

In my life I have visited many different hotels. One hotel in particular has made a special impact on me. It is KC Grande Hotel on Koh Chang. The staff is very friendly. There is a gentleman there that helps the guests staying in the hillside section of the hotel cross the street. Always smiling, always very friendly. Standing there in the heat from early morning until late in the evening. He often got a 100 baht bill from me because of his attitude towards the work he is preforming. I doubt I would be smiling while standing there in the sun all day. Another employee that made an impression on me was one of the supervisors. Engaging in conversation with the guests, asking which route we arrived by, explaining that there are alternative routes. He was liked. I believe he has a past at Dusit Pattaya Hotel.

The secret is to make ordinary guests feel like they are something special. They manage that at KC Grand Resort. I often take a sneak peek at the name tags to learn which position the employees hold. When I see that the food and beverage manager is out there among the guests, smiling and keeping an eye on thing, then I smile. This is the right way to run a hotel.

There are 3 different pools, a rooftop pool, another with a big water slide and then a very large pool with a section for children. My daughter just loves the place. We can’t visit Koh Chang without staying at this resort. The breakfast is perfect and the scenery is amazing. Each time I go there I feel like a VIP. Best of all, my daughter loves the place.

Go there and discover thainess at its finest. It is a world of its own and the staff is friendlier than people out in the real world. It is a nice place to escape to when I need a break.

I visited the resort twice last year. When I really feel like I need a holiday this is where I would like to go. It is a long drive from Pattaya, 4 – 5 hours including the car ferry. It is worth it.

KC Grande Resort & Spa

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