Bang Saen

Bang Saen is located near Chonburi and about 40 km from Pattaya. Only a half hour’s drive if there is little traffic.

Bang Saen is known for its long beach. Many Thais come here during the weekend to relax and get some fresh wind from the sea. You will not see many foreigners here. However I must say that the food they sell at the beach is quite expensive, almost double the normal rates. That surprised me. There are a lot of food stalls near the beach so you will not leave hungry. Read more about Bang Saen Beach here.

If you are in the Bang Saen area I suggest you also visit Ang Sila that is located nearby. Ang Sila is also famous for its stone-ware pottery that is sold along the road. Ang Sila is well known for its granite products. A lot of Thai tourists come here to eat at one of the many seafood restaurants along the sea. There is the big sea food market, there is the new and very big Naja Chinese Temple also. Absolutely worth a visit.

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