Hans Christian Andersen Adventure Tower and Park

The Hans Christian Andersen Adventure Tower with a height of 280 m and the adjacent Public Park in Nordhavn, Copenhagen, just might, if we are extremely lucky, be a dream about to come true. The final decision rests with city hall. Now before you get your hopes up, let me tell you that Denmark is a country where it in general is difficult to get permission to build anything taller than a height 20 m so perhaps we had better not get carried away just because a certain group of (influential?) people are talking about it. However, the developer has launched a website for the project so perhaps all hope is not lost despite a very difficult political environment and a population unable to adapt to change. I hate to say it but the Danes always look towards the past, not towards the future. That does not mean they are bad people, just extremely annoying to live with. Anyway the project’s website has been up and running since 26 April 2017.

• The H.C. Andersen Adventure Tower and Park’s official WEBSITE
• HCA Adventure Tower’s official FACEBOOK

SLA is involved in the design of the 75.000 m2 Hans Christian Andersen Park Projekt in Nordhavn.

The HCA Adventure Tower project involves a 30,000 m2 amusement park + a 35,000 m2 free public park, both of which will be designed by SLA. The project also involves student housing, infrastructure, retail and Scandinavia’s highest tower designed by BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group. The project is expected to open in 2027.

“The new Hans Christian Andersen amusement park and free public park will be a park for the whole of Copenhagen. Imagine how the tree-tops will create a single green roof for the whole area. An oasis where people can rest on the grass, enjoy the amusements, eat in the restaurants, appreciate nature, experience wildlife and take in the view of the tower, the harbor and the seascape. The park will create a better microclimate in terms of wind, weather and warmth, and it will safeguard the climate of the nearby neighborhoods. It will be a park that gives a lot of value back to the city in terms of nature, biological diversity, economy, social capital, sustainability and aesthetics,” says SLA partner Rasmus Astrup​.


• Developer: Kurt Immanuel Pedersen
• Developer: John Christensen

In the news:

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Published 27 June 2017


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