Ferring Domicile Scanport

Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S are building a new domicile at the Scanport development located between National Aquarium Denmark and Copenhagen Airport.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S is currently located in Ørestad and they will remain there until the new domicile is completed in 2019. Construction started the 5th September 2016. The 6-storey building will have a height of 44 meters.

Architectural Firm: Fosters & Partners

Fosters + Partners is known for the development called 30 St Mary Axe in London’s financial district.

Online information:

Magasinet KBH – (A great article written in Danish though)
Ferring Tower Copenhagen

Published 30 August 2016

Ferring Domicile Scanport

Ferring Domicile Scanport Map

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