Dear Diary. Today saturday 11 August the sun was shining and the sky was blue. So what better to do than go take a look at what they are doing at the W-Tower in Wong Amat. Of course I brought my little 2-year old daughter along as usual. So we are sitting there on the stairs opposite the W tower, I am having a good time relaxing, she is messing with some flowers. Oh no, time to change her diaper again. I told her not to do bad stuff when we are far away from the bathroom. I asked the security officer in the building next to the W-Tower if we could use the bathroom, no problem, the nice man said. Off to Carrefour, oh no, change diaper one more time. As I am about to pay for the goods I smell that things have gone wrong for the third time in a row.

Listen baby, I brought 2 diapers as usual and I have used them already. Now we must go home and you will not be wearing a diaper, got it? Kau jai ka, Papa.



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