Property Report for Chiang Mai

There are many areas of interest in Chiang Mai, one is the Huay Kaew road area to the north west of the old town, then there is the Chang Klan road area and the famous Nimman Haemin area.

It is a fact that many expats have settled in Chiang Mai. Foreigners prefer to invest in condominiums because of the restrictions on owning land in Thailand. This in turn means that new condominiums are constantly being built in the city.

Sadly the majority of apartments in cities like Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai are studio units. Studio units are ok if you are single and don’t need much space. However, a studio unit is not a good choice if you have a family or need to work at home. These studio units are indeed very small.

Many apartments do NOT have a nice balcony, many are small in size and there isn’t even a kitchen. This is because Thais generally prefer to eat out. Many people dine at the local noodle shop, at a mobile device placed on the street or in front of the local 7 Eleven. Why bother cooking at home if a meal is available at 30 – 40 baht?

There are a lot of local developers in Chiang Mai, we can mention a few:

Quality Condominium
The Laguna Home
Punna Group

The local developers have recently been joined by Bangkok-based developers like Supalai and Sansiri.

///////Hillside 4
///////Twin Peaks Chiang Mai

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